First Confession

First Confession

First Confession – Hairflows

This story is a real life account. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did experiencing it.

This happened when I was a teenager about 8 years ago. I was 15 and still busy with my studies and hanging around with my buddies and drinking beer and generally having a good time. Dating had never been that much fun. But I was still looking for that one special girl who would come into my life and I could tell her about myself.

I had discovered my fetish for haircutting when I was much younger and accompanied my elder sister (who is much older than I) to the hairdressers. She would take me along if mom ever left her in charge of babysitting me when she was away.

I would watch fascinated as the hairdressers would do their bit of magic. Or that’s how things appeared to me.

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I still remember that first trip when I watched this girl (about 15 years old) getting her long black hair chopped to a short bob. Her hair was tied into a ponytail and hung way past her butt. She was accompanied by a battleaxe of a mother who looked stern enough to make Hitler look like Tweety.

The hairdresser led the girl to his chair, and on the instructions of the mother chopped off the girl’s ponytail near the nape. The girl was obviously not happy and looked close to tears and looked with pleading eyes towards her mother who didn’t look too concerned.

He then led the girl into the shampooing chair and washed her hair. She was led back into the cutting chair, a cape was draped onto her shoulders and I watched in fascination as the hairdresser proceeded to section her hair and 3-inch strips of wet hair started to plop onto her shoulders and slid on down to the floor.

I felt this buzzing in my ears and around my face, especially around the eyes every time I watched a haircut in progress. Boy, I would get really turned on.

But it wasn’t until I reached college that I yearned to meet a girl to whom I could confess my desires of haircutting and what it did to me. Little did I know that my dreams would come true very soon.

I got to know a girl through another friend who had recently joined that year. She was pretty in a wholesome sort of way, and really cool to hang out with. She had a great sense of humor and could get us laughing our asses off at the touch of a button. Susan and I got real close and started to hang out together every opportunity we got.

One day I got a call from her and she sounded real excited over the phone. She told me that her best friend was coming down from the US the following weekend. She hadn’t seen her friend Belinda in years and was really looking forward to meeting her. She invited me over for the following weekend so I could meet her friend too.

So the following weekend I took myself over to Susan’s place and rang the doorbell. Imagine my shock and delight at the sight that greeted me at the door instead of Susan.

There before me was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my entire 15 years of existence. She was close to my height (which is 6 feet), had long copper red hair that hung past her shoulders like a silken blanket, and had the greenest green eyes, deeper than any ocean.

She smiled and said, “Hi. You must be Adam. I’m Belinda. Come on in, Susan’s a little busy, so I answered the door instead.”

I stepped in and as I walked past her, I smelt her perfume and the sweet smelling shampoo in her hair as she swung it out of the way and BANG! I was in love.

We sat beside each other on the couch and started to talk about stuff and as we continued talking I couldn’t keep my eyes off her hair and her face and most of all I liked her even unwavering gaze straight into my eyes.

We were joined by Susan a little later and I wished she had taken a little longer to do whatever it was that she had been busy with so I could have had Belinda to myself a little longer.

We chatted for a while and then decide to go out for a drink. We piled into my BMW convertible and sped off to the best tavern in town. We ordered our drinks and proceeded to get cosy. As the evening wore on I discovered that Belinda was enjoying my company as much as I was enjoying hers. We danced, me taking turns with Belinda and Susan and later the three of us jumping into the thick of it together.

I hadn’t had this much fun in a long time, but alas it was soon time to leave as Billy (what I soon got round to calling her) was tired from her long plane trip.

I dropped the girls home and left reluctantly for my own.

We continued to hang out for the next few days until I mustered the courage to ask her out on a real date.

She agreed and I picked her up that evening. She looked ravishing in a short black tight dress that showed off her long silken legs, and her hair swept into a tight chignon, showing the nape of her neck.

We had dinner and I invited her over to my apartment which I was sharing with my childhood buddy Steve. My folks had moved away when my father’s company transferred him to another city and I decided to stick around to finish my studies.

Steve was out celebrating his recent victory in the chess tournament and we had the place to ourselves.

Billy got comfortable on the couch and I sat close to her as we talked. I complimented her on her beautiful eyes and her long legs and more than generously complimented the way she had done her hair for the evening. At that point of time, she pulled on the clasp in her hair and it cascaded down. On impulse I reached towards her and kissed her full on the mouth thinking to myself too late that I could be making a mistake and to my surprise she started to kiss me right back.

We continued to kiss for a long time till she pulled back and told me that she was very attracted to me from the first time she set eyes on me at Susan’s (believe me, this is all true). I told her how I felt the same.

And before I could stop myself I started to tell her about my fetish. I told her how it started and how I felt when I watched a woman’s haircut and my fantasies to cut a woman’s hair.

There it was, my guilty secret out in the open. She had been listening intently to me nodding her head as I spoke and I wasn’t sure how she would react.

She just stood up from the couch, kicked off her 6-inch heels and asked me to take her to my room. My heart was threatening to burst, the rate at which it was beating. I led her to my room and she went and sat on the bed, beckoning me to join her, which I did. She then held my face with her hands and kissed me softly on the lips. And what she told me sent the room spinning in front of my eyes. She told me that she had the same desires from the time that she could remember and she would be really happy if I would cut her hair into a hairstyle that she had been dying to take for a long time.

I couldn’t believe my good fortune. I rushed to the closet and pulled out my hairdressing kit. I placed it onto the bed and sitting next to her I started to kiss her and we started to undress each other. When we were fully undressed, I pulled her to her feet and pulled her close into a tight embrace feeling her breasts crushing against my chest. I sucked on her nipples and licked her all over. I then led her to the bathroom where I proceeded to wet her hair.

Then back into the room, where I placed a stool and she sat down like an obedient child. I draped the cape around her and started to comb out the tangles in her hair. I placed the comb down and opened my kit. I pulled out the gleaming scissors, a tail comb, hair sectioning clips and a set of clippers.

She took a deep breath as she watched me pull out the equipment. I walked around her to face her and asked her what was the haircut she desired. She asked me to hand over her handbag and she pulled out a photograph from inside and handed it over to me. I had a look and boy oh boy was I excited! She had handed me a picture of Louise Brooks! She wanted the same haircut that I myself was a big fan of!

I wasted no more time. I started to section her hair in the back and front. I moved around to the front and pulled out a section of bangs and cut off more than a foot of her hair, which plopped into her lap. She smiled up at me. I trimmed the bangs a little more till they reached almost halfway up her forehead.

Then I moved to the back and took the first section at the nape and snipped it off near the hairline. I took up the clippers and using the clipper over comb technique, started to blend the hair on the neckline, cutting it short till her ear lobes. I then pulled down another section all the way around her head and established the perimeter of the haircut. I cut this layer short till her earlobes. I then proceeded to pull down successive layers and cut them to the already established length. A foot and a half of hair kept falling to my feet as I proceeded through the haircut. I then applied styling mousse and blow-dried her hair to a sleek finish. By now, she was dying to have a look at her new self as there was no mirror for her to look into. I went into the bathroom and pulled off the mirror on the wall and brought it in front of her. She looked delighted at the transformation! Like a redheaded Louise Brooks only much more beautiful! I pulled off the cape and she rushed into my arms thanking me profusely for the new look and kissing me.

She then looked at me and said that it wasn’t over yet. It was my turn and I happily jumped onto the stool. She pulled the cape on my shoulders and fastened it. She then came around and stood in front of me and asked me how I wanted my new look. I told her I would be happy with whatever she chose and she said ok.

She pushed my head all the way down till my chin rested on my chest and I heard her click on the clippers. She placed the clippers firmly on my neck and pushed them all the way up my head and over the crown. She continued to clipper my hair on the back and then the sides. She then walked around to face me and ran the clippers from front to back reducing my hair to nothing. When she was done, we both raced to the bathroom and jumped into the shower and started to make love in the bathtub and continued a night-long session on the bed, the carpet, on the dining table and almost every place in the apartment. We continued to see each other for a long time till she discovered that she didn’t want her fetish to take control of her life and wanted to date other more “normal” people.

I was of course heartbroken, but to this day I have no regrets, I had the most beautiful moments of my life with a very beautiful woman and Billy, if you’re reading this, I would like you to know that I still love you very much even though we are far away from each other. Thank you for those special moments.



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