Fantasy Come True

Fantasy Come True

A Fantasy Come True

My fantasy would be to go into a restaurant and see two lovely looking women around 23 years of age. One of them would have long thick brown hair, hanging to just above her waist. It would be wavy having been in thick braids all night. She would have no bangs, and all her hair would be one length. The other woman would have straight blond hair, hanging to the middle of her back. She would have bangs cut straight across at about one half inch above her pencil thin plucked eyebrows. They would welcome my advances and I would leave the restaurant with them. We would go to their apartment and have drinks. When we were well on our way to feeling drunk, I would suggest we go to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, I would remove my clothes and the women would strip off all their clothes. The only things that they would have on is their birthday suits and a smile. We would continue to drink wine as the two women would start to brush their long hair. The lady with the long blond hair would take a comb and comb the long brown hair of the girl with the wavy hair. I would take a pair of scissors and pass them to the blond. She would pick up the scissors and have the brunette lift a lock of her long hair up from her head and the blond would place the blades of the scissors into her hair and snip the half inch thick lock of hair off at the scalp. I then would come over and pick up the chopped off lock of hair and hold it as the blond removed another lock of this poor woman’s lovely hair. I would gather the hair as it was chopped from her head. The brunette would bend down and take my erect penis in her mouth as I was passed the scissors. The blond would then tell me how I should chop this slut’s hair from her head. The brunette would slowly bob her head up and down on my cock as she sucked away. I having the scissors would slash lock after lock of her hair. Looking down at her head, I would see locks of hair missing and more and more stubble appear. The sight of her long hair being reduced to stubble would be erotic. As I slashed lock after lock of hair from the brunette, the blonde would be telling me how I should chop the entire top of her head down to the scalp, leaving only the long sides and thick back section hanging down to her pert nipples. I then would have this brunette lay on her back and get the blonde with the straight hair to go down between the brunette’s legs and eat her smooth bald pussy. The blonde would have her behind in the air and her neatly trimmed pussy sticking up high in the air. I would come around from behind her and enter her soft warm pussy, Her long blonde hair would be fanned out laying flat on her soft curvy back. The brunette with the butchered hair would be shoving the points of the scissors into the bang area of the blonde. Her straight across bangs would be hacked off close to the hair line, leaving only stubble where once a thick veil of hair hung. I would be pumping this sweet blonde and watching this gorgeous woman with brown hair, chopping the long top section of this sexy blonde. I would then instruct the blonde to flip her long straight blonde hair up over her head so that it came to rest over the brunette’s pert breasts. The blond then would take a pair of beard trimmers and place the clippers at her own nape area and ram the cutting blades up the back of her own head as a bald strip of scalp appeared where her once long straight hair was. The long cut off sections of hair would be scooped up by the horny brunette as I banged the bald blonde. As I came I would pull my cock free from the blonde’s warm neatly trimmed pussy and shoot my hot come into the bald nape area of the newly liberated blonde’s scalp. Soon the blonde would be finished shaving the long hair from her own head and the brunette would then set about to shave the head of the blonde. She would rub my hot come into her bald scalp and take a bic and shave her head using my come. When she was finished shaving the stubble from the bald slut, the clippers would be given to me and the brunette would ask to be tied to a kitchen chair. I would use silk ties to bound her to the chair. The bald blonde would be forced to lower her face into the bald pussy of the chick in the chair. As she ate her pussy, I would take the scissors and continue to sever long brown locks of hair from the poor brunette. Soon her neck area would be exposed as I liberated her of her crowning glory. The sight of her lap filling up with long chopped off sections of hair made me hard as I removed lock after lock. Soon the bitch tied to the chair started to beg for me to shave her head as bald as the tramp eating her pussy. I took a can of hot lather and smoothed a handful onto her stubble filled head. I rubbed the cream into her head and the feel of velvet came to mind. The bitch in the chair asked that I release her hands so that she could shave her own head. I undid the arm bands and the bald bitch started to shave her own head smooth. The sight of one eating and one shaving was enough for me to come again by hardly touching myself….

Its only a fantasy, it will never come true….will it, or Will It.

The End


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