Explain it to Me

Explain it to Me

Explain It To Me – Richard

I married a truly beautiful girl. A Pacific Islander, she is petite but well proportioned, with big dark eyes and silky, poker-straight jet black hair which hangs below her waist. Now I admit to having a hair fetish, or hairless fetish in this case. But although I have discussed it with my wife in the past couple of years, I have never pushed, respecting the fact that she just wants to keep her long hair. That’s OK, I just fantasize a lot about removing it for her and that’s the end of that.

Lately I have commented in her presence about how cute I find other women we see with shorn hair. Finally last week her curiosity got the better of her and she asked me to explain what it was that was so fascinating about such short hair. I decided it was too difficult to articulate – you just get argued with and contradicted and eventually tuned out altogether. So, I decided to put it in writing and give it to her that way. This is what I gave her as an explanation.

“You have asked what it is that I find so fascinating about shorn hair. Since it is everything, I will try to explain the feelings step by step for you and hope this will help you understand. The first thing that is such a turn-on about it is the fact that the woman does not want to do it. I guess it can best be said that it is a very intoxicating feeling to have a woman give up something so precious just to make her man happy, and the act of convincing the woman to allow all her hair to be cut off is exciting all by itself, but only for a little while.

“Then there is the rush when she finally says ‘yes’ and you realize that your fantasy has been granted. Next, the woman actually sits down in front of you in resignation to what is about to happen. Knowing that she is already in a panic about losing her beautiful hair but has entrusted her fate to your hands. Then the cape goes around her neck and her hair is pulled from under it and both of you realize that soon it will be too late to turn back. Indeed, at this point the woman and the man both understand that they have already committed to what is about to happen, and that is a turn-on.

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“Then the hair is combed and stroked, slowly, and you know that this is the last time either one of you will ever do this again. The knowledge that you will never again feel that long, soft silky hair running through your fingers is very intoxicating. Also, you think to yourself that you will be the last person who will ever touch, comb, brush or play with her beautiful long hair again.

“The hair is separated into sections and left to hang down for the last few moments while the clippers are prepared. The room is dead silent and every sound seems to stab your mind like a knife. Then you are standing behind the woman with the clippers in your hand and you hit the switch and they snap to life. The woman jumps involuntarily and you calm her a little by stroking her hair one last time.

“Then you place your hand on the top of her head and push it gently downward and feel that although she is trembling, she does not resist. You both realize that in the next instant, everything will change. There will be no turning back. The woman’s appearance will be changed forever. Also changed forever will be most aspects of her day-to-day life. No longer will she have to spend all that time washing, drying or brushing all that hair. No longer will she look into the mirror and admire its length and shine. No more comments of awe from friends or passers-by about the beauty of so much hair. Instead, she will face an endless stream of shocked or horrified looks and questions of ‘why?’. Dressing will be simpler, grooming will be simpler, makeup will be different, jewelry will be different, athletic activities will be simpler, wind will be no problem, and most of all making love will no longer involve having to work around all that hair. In short, you are about to not only change her hairstyle, but your are going to make a drastic change to her lifestyle and self image as well; all this with her final consent, demonstrated by the fact that humming clippers are now poised at the base of her quivering, bowed head while she closes her eyes, bites her lip and awaits the inevitable which she has now committed to, just for her man.

“Then the moment arrives when the clippers are touched to the back of her neck. She shudders and instinctively bows her head lower, trying to escape the clippers for just another instant. That moment in itself is a turn-on. Then it happens – the clippers move slowly up the back of her head and that long beautiful silk begins to fall to the floor. As the clippers continue slowly up the back of her head, she starts to cry softly as she realizes her hair is being shaved off and that this cannot and will not stop until all her hair is gone. Then, each pass of the clippers causes another sheet of long beautiful hair to fall to the floor. It is piling up in a sad, useless heap – no longer a part of this beautiful woman’s life – irrevocably taken from her in slow, agonizing strokes of the hungry merciless clippers.

“The sides and back are finally shaved and the top is let down over the shaved areas and she shudders and reaches for what remains of her long hair. She feels the hair brush against the side and back, feels it cover her ears again and rest on her chest again and gasps at the difference. Then the clippers jump to life again and the enjoyment of old feelings is brought to an end with the realization that this is the final chapter in the woman’s life as a long-haired beauty.

“The clippers touch her forehead and pause, then are brought slowly toward the back as sheets of long hair fall down each side of her head, slide down the cape and come to rest on the floor, hers no longer. Then the last pass with the clippers, and the last vestige of her once long hair is gone. Even the removal of the cape is now a sensuous moment, for both of you know what has happened and that it cannot be changed. The soft little crew cut that remains is petted by and stroked by both of you and the lovemaking that follows is the longest, deepest, most meaningful and most passionate in a very long time; you both know what you have just shared, and as the eroticism increases with each stroke of the sheared hair, you both realize that this will be done again and again every two or three weeks for a very long time; and the long beautiful hair that was there just a little while ago becomes a memory, and the thing most remembered is that this beautiful woman loved you enough to do this for you.”

We didn’t talk about it again after I gave this to her and a couple of months have passed. Today was my birthday and we celebrated it alone just the two of us, having waited out the well-wishers who stopped by for a hug or to bring a gift. Then when all was quiet and it appeared to be too late for any more guests, we turned off the porch light, shared a glass of champagne and she handed me my gift. It was a shoe box and I was a little concerned – shoes would mean I would have to take them back and I hate shopping. As I opened the box, the contents appeared to be wrapped in a white silk cloth. I removed the whole thing and unraveled it slowly. As I did so I noticed that she had a worried look on her face and she appeared to be getting a little shaky and nervous. A tear rolled down her cheeks and I was really worried now. Finally the cloth was unwrapped – it turned out to be a white silk cape and the contents were a pair of professional clippers, a large toothed comb, and only one attachment – the #1.

The sight of all that beautiful black hair hanging down over the white silk cape was almost too much to stand, but I kept it under control while she shuddered and cried quietly as I gave her her first crewcut.


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