Emily’s Friend

Emily's Friend

Emily’s Friend – Ex Dutch

Emily’s husband Mike kissed her on the cheek. “I guess it is time to go.” They smiled at each other. “See you in three weeks or so…” With a wave, he walked past the security checkpoint and towards his gate. Emily made a quick turn and bounded down the stairs to where her car was parked. As she walked down, her long, thick, blonde hair bounced and seemed to glide. It was all one perfect length, four inches above her waist. Weary businessmen stopped and turned to look. Emily’s radiant beauty was only enhanced by the energy and purpose in her stride. Women she passed forgot any envy they may have felt and just admired the grace and perfection of Emily’s face.

On her way home, she stopped at a coffee shop. When it was almost her turn, a voice behind her said, “You have beautiful hair.” Emily turned and saw an attractive young man, about her age. He smiled. Her gorgeous smile lit up the room.

“Thank you!”

“But you know, you really should do something with it.”

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Emily stared at him. What did he mean? He gestured. It was her turn to order. “What are you having?” he asked. She hesitated, and finally ordered a latte. The stranger said, “Make that two,” and tossed $5 on the counter. “My treat.”

Emily stared at him. He walked past her, handed her her drink, and walked over to the counter to add sugar to his. He walked past her again and sat down. She took her drink, fixed it the way she liked and sat at his table.

“What do you mean? You don’t like it?”

The stranger smiled. “To the contrary. I love your hair.” He reached over and touched it. Emily almost shuddered. “It feels great, too. But it is boring.”

Emily was staring again. She could not believe this guy’s nerve. Everyone loved her hair. Heck, even this idiot loved it. He said so himself. “What do you mean, boring?” she was barely able to say it.

“Well… you tell me: how many ways can you wear it? What can you do with it?”

Emily flinched. She knew he was right. “But I don’t know what else I could do. I would not dare do anything to it. I would not know where to start.”

The stranger smiled, “Would you be willing to try a change?” She shuddered. He wrote something on a sheet of paper he pulled from his briefcase, folded it and sealed it in an envelope. “Don’t open it. If you dare to make a change, take this to the salon three doors down and give it to Sandy. She will treat you right. If you want to talk about it, I am here most days around this time. Good luck and have a great evening.” He reached over, tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, stood up and walked away.

Emily sat there, frozen. She took the envelope off the table and made it home. It felt empty without Mike there. Emily cleaned up a bit, pausing in front of a mirror almost every time she passed it. The stranger’s words were haunting her. She took the envelope from her purse. She thought about opening it. She tried to look through it in the light. Nothing.

The next day, Emily parked in front of the salon the stranger had told her to go to. She clutched the envelope and sat there for a good ten minutes. Finally, she turned off the engine and walked in. She asked for Sandy. The cute receptionist in the front had an interesting haircut. It was short, cut in various different lengths, and dyed in at least three colors, blonde with brown and red. As she turned around the cut bounced in the light. Emily’s heart quickened, but skipped a beat when the girl said, “You will love Sandy. She does my hair.”

After a short wait, Sandy came for Emily. Emily handed her the envelope. Sandy tore it open and read it. “OK, this way please!” Emily followed, feeling numb. Sandy washed her hair. After a quick towel dry, Sandy led Emily to her station, where she sat down. Sandy wasted no time, and started brushing the damp hair, and sectioned some parts off. A lot of hair was gathered on top of Emily’s head. Sandy turned the chair for a better angle, and Emily was no longer able to see what she was undergoing. Sandy walked off, and returned, and started applying something to the lower part of Emily’s hair. A vague chemical smell sent Emily into a near panic. She had never let chemicals near her hair. Too late now. Sandy moved quickly and soon set a timer. “I will be back before it goes off.”

True to her word, Sandy reappeared and led Emily to a shampoo bowl for a rinse. After two or three rinses, Emily’s hair was toweled dry, and she was led back to Sandy’s station. Still unable to see what was going on, Emily sat there as Sandy dried her hair. When she had styled it, she turned Emily to face the mirror. Emily stared. She wasn’t sure what she was looking at. It didn’t look different, did it? Sandy smiled, and put her hand through Emily’s hair. Then she saw it. Most of Emily’s hair was no longer blonde. It was the darkest brown Emily had ever seen. Sandy let go, and the dark hair was gone again. Emily squealed. This was the coolest thing! Sandy took a lot of time showing Emily how different ways of wearing her hair would expose the color. If she parted her hair on the side, and brushed the rest over her head, she was suddenly a brunette. She could pull it all into a ponytail and it was pretty much all blonde. She would sweep it all up, and there was a wild mix of blonde and brown all over her head. Emily was enthralled. She thanked Sandy and paid up front. She rushed home and played with her hair in the mirror. The stranger was right.

She checked the time. It was about the time she had seen him at the coffee shop the day before. She drove back out there. Her hair was down when she walked in. He was not there. Her heart sank. She got in line to order coffee. With one more person in front of her, she felt a hand move through her hair. She did not move.

“Very nice,” he said.

She still did not move, and merely said “thanks.” He paid for both their coffees and they sat down. He lifted her hair and moved it around a bit.

“How do you like it?” he asked.

“Sandy did a great job. Thanks.” She showed him a few ways she could wear it, and he sat across from her, smiling. She found him very attractive. She finally asked his name.

“Sam, and you?”


They smiled at each other. After a few minutes of conversation, he finished his coffee, and said his goodbyes.

A few days later she saw him there again. They sat at the same table and talked some more. She was afraid to ask him what she had been thinking about. Eventually she did. “What do you think I should do with my hair now?” He asked if she wanted another note for Sandy. She grudgingly said yes. He looked at her for a minute, and wrote something. He sealed the envelope again and handed it to her. She held it against her cheek. “Thanks…” He smiled the greatest smile. She put her hand on his and got up.

She walked out of the coffee place and over to the salon. She had to wait for Sandy, and considered walking away. Yet she felt she could not move. Sandy came to get her. Emily handed her the envelope. She asked to not see the cut in progress. Sandy smiled and agreed to it. After a quick wash Emily sat down. Sandy brushed her hair, and started sectioning again. Emily soon lost track of what was going on. Sandy began cutting and combing and cutting. After what seemed an eternity, Sandy dried Emily’s hair.

“Are you ready?” she asked. Emily nodded.

Slowly, Sandy turned her toward the mirror. Emily’s heart stopped. She did not recognize the girl in the mirror. The girl in the mirror had short hair. In the front, Emily’s hair was just past her chin. When she turned her head, she saw that it seemed shorter in the back. When Sandy held up the mirror, she saw that it was. By a good bit. Her hair angled up about three inches to the back. Emily shook her head. Her hair bounced, and flowed. Her heart fluttered. Then her hair fell in her face. She looked though the hair in her face at her reflection. The look was unbelievable. The two colors were a good bit more noticeable now, as the shorter hair moved more easily. She gave Sandy a huge tip and walked back to the coffee place.

Sam was still there, reading a book. His huge smile affirmed the effect her cut had. She had her hair hanging in front of her face as she walked in. It seemed he had a bulge pop up on the front of his pants, but she could not be sure. She walked up to his table, where he stood. She twirled around as he looked on approvingly. They both smiled. He reached up and tucked her hair out of the way. He ran his fingers up the back of her neck, where the hair was really short. Emily shuddered, and her knees almost gave out when he cupped the back of her head with his hand. He shook her hair out a bit, and watched the hair fall over her face again. His fingers brushed her cheek. They talked about everything for a long time. They left to share a sandwich and parted ways. She knew he would be there again tomorrow after work. They did this for the rest of the week. On Friday, she asked him for another note. He wrote it, and handed her the envelope. “Wait here,” she said.

When she entered the salon, she noticed the receptionist had changed her hair. It was shorter, but what was much more obvious was the color change. She had her hair bleached in the front, and had some bright pink streaks in it. The back was sticking out in all directions and still in the combination of red brown and blonde. Emily smiled at her and saw Sandy. Sandy had an immediate opening and sat her down. Again, Emily could not see the cut in progress. Sandy moved around her back and stared working on her hair. With a loud pop, Sandy turned on a pair of clippers. Emily flinched as they touched the back of her neck. The cold vibrating metal sent shudders down her spine. Sandy moved the clippers back and forth over and over again. More work with the scissors followed. Finally, she was done.

Emily looked at her reflection in the mirror. She still had her hair falling in her eyes. It looked like there was no change. She turned her head. There it was. The back of her head was almost completely bare. Sandy had taken the existing angled line that moved from the front to the back, and increased the angle dramatically. Her ears were barely covered. The brown at the back of her head was very obvious now, and the cut of her hair made it almost impossible for her hair to stay behind her ears. It was going to fall in her face all the time. Sandy ran her hand up the back of Emily’s head. Emily shuddered. She loved it.

Sam was waiting with a huge smile on his face. He jumped up when she walked in. There was definitely a bulge in his pants now. She could feel it as they hugged. That was a first for them. He scraped his nails across the back of her neck and her knees weakened. He kept rubbing and caressing the back of her head and she could not help but rub her body against his. She was ecstatic. Later that night she got a call from Mike. He told her that work was blowing up in his face, and he would be gone at least another week. Emily was devastated. She could not wait for Mike to see her like this. And now he was staying away. She was not sure what to tell him. “I got a haircut, honey,” she managed to say. He seemed disinterested. “It is a bit of a change,” she tried. He barely responded. Typical male. Well… Yeah, Sam was different.

That weekend, they spent a day visiting fun places around town: the botanical gardens, the riverside park, a gallery, etc. She was starting to fall for Sam. He was just the coolest. She told him that there was something she had to get out.

“The receptionist at Sandy’s salon,” she started, “have you seen her?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“I am fascinated by her hair color. Where it is blonde and with some pink or so in it. I think I want that! That or maybe blue? What do you think?”

“What I think is that you are ready to tell Sandy what you want, or let her do what she thinks.” Emily bit her lip and nodded.

Emily made an appointment with Sandy, and got Sam to come along. Sandy and Emily talked about options. They quickly decided on a few things. Sandy went to work. She cleaned up the back of Emily’s head, making the short hair even shorter. Then she raised the angled line a little bit, shortening her hair from chin length to just at her lips. There was now no way her hair would stay behind her ears. Then she went ahead with color. Everything that was longer than a few millimeters was bleached platinum. They liked the result, but Sandy was not done. She took a blue color and pulled some streaks from the left to the right. The result was magic. Sam was pleased. She just looked amazing! That night, after they had had dinner, Sam kissed her. He held her head in his hands, and Emily parted her lips and let it happen. Her body tingled as it was pressed against his. She ran her hands along his back, and squeezed him tightly against her body. She could feel the bulge. After a few minutes, they broke it off, and breathlessly said their goodbyes.

Mike was to return the next day. When they talked that morning, Emily told him again that she had changed her hair. “Oh yeah, what did you do?” She told him it was quite a bit shorter. And she had changed the color. “Oh, cool. I guess I will see it when I come home.” That night, after work, Emily was so nervous. She sat at home, and had takeout dinner in the oven. She had tried to make a bit of a romantic environment, just like Mike would like it. The lights were dim, and she had the fireplace going. She heard Mike’s taxi in the driveway. He walked in, and when he saw her, his jaw dropped. It took quite a few moments for Mike to take in her new look. The woman he left a few weeks ago had long blonde hair; the new Emily had a shock of platinum hair, which was laced with blue, and it was super short in the back, and brown! He smiled. “Wow, were you that bored when I was gone? I guess I like it. I will have to take some time to get used to it.”

That night, as they made love, he ran his hand through her hair. She had an orgasm from his touch. After the sex, he confessed he would miss the long hair, but that he thought she looked quite sexy. She told him how much she enjoyed the changes, and that she doubted it would stay the same very long anymore. He sighed, and she knew he was thinking about how much that was going to cost him. “Whatever you want, honey,” he said.

The weekend passed quickly. She had missed Mike a lot, and they spent a lot of time hanging out. She caught him looking at her hair all the time, and he admitted that it was a turn on. They hugged. Routine set in the next week, as Mike spent the week in the local office. They knew he would be out again for a few weeks that following week, so they tried to make the best of it. As usual, she dropped him off at the airport. They kissed a long time, and he rubbed her head.

On her way home, she stopped again at the coffee shop. Sam was reading his paper as she joined him. He asked how her week had been, and she told him. She left out the parts about Mike responding to her hair. There were some things she wanted to keep to herself. They chatted for a few hours, and she had her hand on his for the last hour or so. When they stood to leave they hugged and he gave her a peck on the cheek. She told him she would be in the coffee shop a few times the coming week. He smiled.

On Tuesday, Emily went to see Sandy. She knew she wanted a change, but she had no idea what her options would be. They looked though a pile of style books, and finally Sandy made a suggestion to Emily. She agreed and Sandy went to work. Using the clippers, in pass after pass, Sandy shortened the short hair in the back. She cleaned up the lines of the inverted bob cut, and left the rest of the cut the same. Then she mixed the chemicals for the color. A thick paste was applied to all of Emily’s hair, except for the one front lock on the left. It was left the platinum color. After a thorough rinse and dry, Sandy styled her hair and Emily walked over to the coffee shop. Her hair was now various shades of red. Where the short hair in the back used to be brown, she was now a deep flaming auburn. The top, which had been bleached before, was much lighter bright red, with darker streaks through it all where the blue had been. And then one lock of the hair that was hanging in her face was still platinum. Sam was at the coffee shop. He grinned when she walked in, and told her he was impressed. She knew he liked it, because he could not tear his eyes away from her hair, even though they were pretty much sitting next to each other. He reached over and touched her hair, and played with the locks that were in her face. She reached over below the table and made him jump when she touched the bulge. She had been right all along. With her hand on his erect member, he froze. Only when she smiled, and squeezed softly, did he smile back. He sat up straight and she put her elbows on the little table. He was flushed red in his face.

He walked her to her car, and she leaned back against it, as he kissed her. The bulge was back and she was quite excited herself. Finally, she turned away and hopped in her car. She did not go back to the coffee shop until Friday. Friday night Sam and her went to see a movie after a light dinner. During a suspenseful moment in the movie, she grabbed his hand. As the movie progressed, she started rubbing his leg, and he had his arm around her. They lost interest in the movie as they started kissing. He spent a few hours that night at her place.

Sam and Emily did not have any contact with each other the rest of the time Mike was gone. When he returned to find a blazing redhead waiting for him at the airport, he scooped her up in his arms. He was all over her and loving the look. Mike was going to be home for a few weeks this time. When Emily wanted another change, just a few weeks later, she went to see Sandy again.

This time, Emily knew what she wanted. After cleaning up the lines in the cut, she simply had Sandy dye all her hair black. The effect was striking. Emily walked over to the coffee shop, where Sam sat in his usual spot. He winked when she walked in. She appeared to ignore him, and took a seat at the table next to his, with her back facing him. He turned and traced his fingertips up the back of her head. She leaned into his hand. They talked briefly. Emily told him that she had no regrets, but would not be able to see him much anymore. She promised, however, that she would always stop my the coffee shop after a hair change, so that he could see the next phase in a process he inspired her to start.

Mike was intrigued by the black. He started talking about some things that she might consider for a next cut. At this point, Emily’s hair was still very much in her face all the time. They agreed that next change would be his to decide on. In the week before Mike was to leave town, for just a week this time), Emily asked him to write down what he wanted, and seal it into an envelope. After a second or two, Mike got it, and left the room. He handed her the envelope when he returned.

Emily sat in Sandy’s chair the next day, and had Sandy turn her away from the mirror, like she did earlier. Sandy combed out the long parts of Emily’s hair. She sectioned off certain parts, and started snipping with her scissors. Then she cut off Emily’s bangs so they were no longer than one third of an inch now. Emily could not see them, but sensed she would be excited about the change. Sandy cleaned up the back, and slightly shortened the longer parts of the cut. Then she turned the chair. Emily had a hard time recognizing herself. For weeks, she had been looking at herself through the hair in her face. Now, in one fell swoop, all that hair was gone, leaving a micro fringe. Her eyes suddenly seemed so large. This was great!

As promised, she stopped by the coffee shop, but took her drink to go. She saw Sam staring at her, and winked on her way out. He smiled. Mike flipped out when he saw her. This was exactly what he had envisioned.

A week or two later, after he had returned from another trip, he handed her another envelope. Emily smiled and thanked him. She called Sandy the next day, only to find out she was out for the rest of the week. She booked the first available appointment, the next week. Mike was disappointed, which thrilled her. When she finally saw Sandy, she went right to work. With Emily sitting so she could not see the cut, Sandy popped on the clippers. Emily shuddered as Sandy made pass after pass through her hair. It felt like Sandy was going all over her head with them, but she had no idea what guard was on the clippers. After this was done, Sandy applied chemicals. They processed for a very long time, and finally were rinsed out. Sandy took great care drying and styling Emily’s new cut, and finally turned the chair. Emily gasped… She had a long spikey pixie cut. No hair was over two inches long. And it was all a light blonde. She loved it! After getting her coffee (and a wink at Sam), she raced home, where Mike had put out candles and pillows and was waiting with two glasses of wine. They celebrated the new look in style.

The next day, they agreed that in order for them to be able to play like this again, she would have to let her hair grow out a while, so no more cutting. She would get a different color every now and again, and found that Mike also had a great appreciation for differently colored and styled wigs.

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