Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True


A work of art? Or just the product of a bored, horny woman with an overactive imagination? You be the judge of that! : )

* This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. This is not for public viewing purposes. Must be 18 years of age to read.

“Where in the hell is this place?” Christy asked, looking at Heather, who was seated in the passenger’s side of her car. Heather was studying a map of Virginia, looking for the small town her mother’s friend had told her about. They had been driving for almost an hour now and were anxiously looking forward to finding some good buys. “Looks like it should be coming up anytime now.” Heather replied. “What’s the name of it again?” Christy asked impatiently. “I don’t know. All I know is that its supposed to be a really bizarre store.” Just then, they spotted a house on the right side of the country road. An old, tattered sign hung from a post near the pulloff. The lettering was barely legible but they could read the words “Dreams Come True Antiques & Collectibles.” What an interesting name the two commented. The parking lot was completely empty and they both wondered if it was open.

They walked up to the front door and peered in. Heather saw a man dusting off some of the antiques, so she tapped on the door and he motioned for them to enter. As they walked through the door, the two women were amazed at how much stuff was contained in this one small house. There were piles and piles of old stuff, mostly junk, but a few things caught their eyes. Heather went off to look at an old dollhouse which was in the far right corner of the room they first entered. Christy decided to browse and check out what the rest of the house had to hold. As she walked into the next room, she passed the man who was now buffing an old, antique dresser. He looked up, smiled and nodded. Christy returned the smile and found herself quite attracted to him. After looking at several pieces of worthless junk, Christy walked up the stairs and through the first door on the left. She found herself in quite a unique room. It looked as though it was a bedroom at one time, but since had been converted into a pseudo-barber shop. Everywhere she looked, there were haircutting supplies and equipment. All very old, and probably not even useful anymore. She first walked to an old cabinet with a glass door that looked as though it hadn’t been cleaned since it was stored there. Inside were several pairs of scissors, combs, a dusting brush and even a straight razor. She slid open the door and took the razor in her hand. It was very old, and quite dull by now, but with some cleaning up and sharpening, it could be as good as new. She had always been fascinated with straight razors and how people could use them. She smiled and said to herself, “Hell, I have a hard enough time shaving my legs with a safety razor!” She suddenly heard a burst of laughter behind her and spun around to see who it was. It was the man from downstairs. She didn’t even hear him come up the stairs.

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“I’m sorry if I startled you. I was just coming up to, ahhh, to… see… if you needed any help finding anything.”

“Good thing it was you who scared me. Who knows what I would’ve done with this razor in my hand!” Christy said with a grin. She put the razor back on the shelf and closed the glass door.

“My name’s Kevin. I’ve been running this store for about a year now since my mother retired and moved to Florida.”

“Hi, Kevin. My name’s Christy and that’s Heather downstairs. Her mother told us about this place and we thought that it would be fun to check out.”

“Did you have to come far?” he asked.

“I think it was about an hour or so from Manassas. We kind of got lost but found our way back to Route 15.” Christy said.

“Oh, Manassas, huh? Home of Lorena Bobbitt! Good thing you don’t have that straight razor in your hand anymore!” he said, laughing.

“Oh, c’mon, all us Manassas women aren’t like Lorena. Some of us like our men with their genitalia still intact!” she said with a smirk. They both laughed and Christy continued to explore the room.

There was an old, dirty table on the right side of the room that had some strange items on it. “What’s this?” she asked, pointing to a decorative Victorian-style box that was about the size of a Kleenex box.

“That’s a hair collection box. In the old days, when women would clean out their hair brushes, they would put the hair in these boxes and keep it.”

“Keep it?!? What for?” Christy asked in amazement.

“I’m really not sure. They would make things out of it. Like pillows and things, I guess.”

Christy picked up the box and examined it. She had never heard of such a thing. It was very pretty and extremely ornate. It had the words “Hair Collection” engraved on the lid which opened up to a plush, red velvet interior. Christy turned it over and saw the price of $14 on a small, yellowed sticker.

“This is so bizarre, I just have to have it!” she exclaimed.

“A fine choice,” Kevin said, “but I will be sad to see it go. This was one of my favorite pieces here. I’ll take it downstairs for you.”

“Thank you.” Christy replied. As Kevin walked out of the room and down the stairs, Christy proceeded to look around the room some more. She caught a glimpse of some old equipment, a hot lather machine, some old manual clippers, one of those containers that the barbers kept their combs in with the blue liquid. “What was that stuff anyway?” Christy wondered. A red and white striped barber’s pole caught Christy’s eye, and she walked over to it to take a better look. “You don’t see many of these anymore.” she thought to herself. Christy turned to the doorway to walk out and see what the other rooms had in them, when a large, crimson chair caught her eye. After examining it closer, she realized it was an old barber’s chair. It was in surprisingly good shape for how old it must be. With some cleaning up, it would make a wonderful addition to her living room, Christy thought. The dark, red leather would match her other furniture perfectly and she was sure it would make quite the conversation piece. Right then and there, she knew she had to have it.

“Ahh, trying out the ol’ barber’s chair, huh?” Kevin said from the doorway.

“Yes, I hope you don’t mind.” Christy said, positioned comfortably in the chair.

“No, not at all. What did you have in mind for it?” Kevin asked.

“I really don’t know. All I know is that I love it! Ooooh – but I guess I shouldn’t tell you that, huh? I’ll never be able to bargain with you on it now!” Christy said with a smile.

“Well… it is one of my most prized possessions here. That chair has been here for as long as I can remember. A lot of people have looked at it, and even sat in it, but none have looked as natural and beautiful in it as you do right now.” Christy wasn’t sure what he meant by that but she did know that she was blushing. “So, just for that reason, I’ll give you that chair for… $50. What do you say? Do we have a deal?”

For some strange reason, Christy knew that she would’ve paid just about any price for that chair. “You got a deal!” she exclaimed.

“Let me show you some of its features.” Kevin walked up to the chair and Christy started to sit up, but Kevin told her to stay there so he could demonstrate. Christy sat back again, as Kevin showed her that the chair went back to two positions, one slightly reclined, and the other where she was positioned almost flat on her back.

“Oh, its a recliner, too!” Christy said with a grin.

“Are you going to put this in your bedroom?” Kevin asked.

“No… I was thinking more like in my living room.” Christy answered, thinking what a strange question that was to ask. He pushed the chair upright again and proceeded to show her the foot pedal that adjusted the chair’s height and then the leather strap that was attached to the side of the chair. “What’s that for?” Christy asked.

“When your customers get out of hand, you can spank them with this.” Kevin replied.

“This guy can’t be serious!” Christy thought to herself.

“Just kidding.” Kevin said with a chuckle, “This is actually a strap used to sharpen straight razors. This one is pretty old, but I’m sure it’ll still do the trick. And did I mention that we’re running a special today? Buy a barber’s chair and receive a free straight razor!”

“Wow! That’s better than any Kmart blue light special I’ve ever gotten!” They both laughed and walked downstairs together.

Heather had a few small items gathered on the counter near the cash register. Those few items totaled to almost $100 and she said that was her limit for the day. She didn’t even want to look upstairs, in fear that she would be tempted to spend more money. “Do you take checks?” she asked.

“We sure do.” Kevin replied. He collected Heather’s things, wrapped the fragile ones in newspaper, and placed them in a brown paper bag.

“Are you getting anything?” she asked.

“Well, good thing you didn’t get anything big, because we’ll be hauling back a barber’s chair with us.” Christy responded.

“A barber’s chair? That’ll look cool in your living room!”

Kevin yelled downstairs to someone, “Hey, Jim, can you give me a hand with that old barber’s chair?”

“You betcha!” the man replied.

The two women paid Kevin, both with checks, and they proceeded to the car, while Kevin and his helper went upstairs to carry the barber’s chair down for them. Christy popped the trunk of her car and put the back seat down to allow more room for the chair. “I hope it fits!” Christy said to Heather. The men appeared with the chair, walked over to the car, and hoisted it into the trunk.

“A perfect fit!” Kevin said, closing the trunk.

“Great! Thanks so much!” Christy said to the two men with a smile.

“Oh, you almost forgot these.” Kevin said, handing Christy a small brown bag, containing the hair box and razor.

“Yeah, don’t want to forget these! I’ll need them to go with my new chair!” The women thanked Kevin again and got into the car. Kevin remained in the parking lot, and watched as the women drove away.

Christy and Heather returned to Christy’s house, where the two of them carried the chair inside. It was quite heavy and the two of them could barely carry it into the living room. “Just sit it down here.” Christy instructed, “I have to move that table to make room for it.” They lifted it and carried it to the far wall, next to the table that Christy had just moved. It looked perfect there!

It was getting late and Heather had a date that night so she left. Christy went into the kitchen to find something to clean the chair up with. She returned with a bucket of water and some Murphy’s oil soap and proceeded to clean the chair from top to bottom. In the process, Christy realized that the chair she had only spent $50 for was in quite excellent condition once it was clean. She took a dry cloth and wiped the excess water from it. She stood back and looked at her newest addition, feeling quite proud of it. It looked wonderful and very unique. Christy spent the rest of the evening, reclining in her new chair, reading the latest trashy romance novel her sister bought for her, until she dozed off.

The snapping of fingers startled Christy from her sleep. She looked around her now dimly lit living room, wondering aloud, “What’s going on?” She is still seated in the barber’s chair. Her arms resting on the cool smoothness of the chair arms, her feet on the foot rest. Her first reaction is to get up, but she can’t move. She finds that her arms and feet are firmly secured to the chair arms and foot rest. A strap is tied around her waist as well. Christy can sense that there is someone else in the room. She turns her head as far as she can, but see only shadows. She suddenly lets out a startled yelp as a hand touches her shoulder. But she then hears a soft, soothing, “Shhhh…” as the hands gently caress her shoulders. She finds herself strangely enjoying the soothing touch of those mysterious hands as they so gently massage and caress her shoulders and neck. Slowly working their way up the back of her head. She can feel a warm breath on her nape as the fingers massage her scalp. Occasionally caressing or tugging at her ears. Slowly stroking her thick hair, brushing first to the back then to the side. Now she notices the soft music coming from the corners of her living room. It seems to have gotten a bit louder just now. Christy finds it quite relaxing. Those magic fingers are so soothing. She feels them sliding ever so slowly up the back of her neck through her hair. Christy then lowers her head to feel his magic fingers better. They continue sliding up the back of her neck, the music gets a bit louder, she feels a cool, soothing touch at her nape that slowly slides up the back of her head. Her neck is tingling now. Such magical fingers! The tingles move higher and higher. Then she hears a swooshing sound as something falls to her shoulder. Whatever could it be? Her hair maybe? As those magical fingers stroke the back of her head, she knows now that her hair has just been cut quite short. Now she feels the clippers buzzing up the back of her neck, slowly working their way up and over her ear. But she can’t do anything about it because she’s still tied to the chair – feeling helpless. This time the clippered hair brushes her cheek as it falls to her lap. One pass over the other ear. Then she feels the clippers slide up the side of her head, passing just behind those long bangs. One buzz up the other side and all that is left is the hair atop her head and those long bangs. She can feel the clippers at her crown sliding forward over her head, getting closer and closer to those bangs. They pause. The clippers buzz just behind her bangs before they are pulled away and placed at her crown again. Again they approach and pause. One more pass and all that is left are those long thick bangs. The magical fingers dance over her freshly buzzed scalp. It feels so nice! The fingers capture her bangs, holding them out in front of her. She can hear the buzz of the clippers bite into the bangs. But then she feels tiny, short pieces of hair falling over her face. Nothing major. Seems like just a little trim. Such short pieces of hair. Again the clippers buzz through the bangs, sending showers of clippered hair raining over her face. Those long bangs are getting shorter and shorter. The barber standing behind her now, clippers in hand, caressing her scalp with the other. She can feel his warm breath on her head, his moist lips as well. Such soothing strokes. The clippers, still buzzing, are near her forehead, but they are still. The caresses and kisses continue. One hand slides under her chin, tilting her head back. The kisses move over the top of her head. Warm, soft, wet kisses. “Yes, Christy, the time has come.” The clippers slide into her bangs, slowly moving back over her head. Christy’s once long bangs are now sliding down her breasts. Her heart races. Again, the clippers buzz through those thick locks at her forehead. The kisses spread over her scalp as well as the tingles from the clippers. Again they spill a mass of thick bangs into Christy’s lap. Finally, the clippers fall silent. The hand that had cupped her chin moves slowly up her cheek. It reaches her forehead, and Christy can feel it against her skin where she once had long bangs. Higher and higher, it moves up her forehead, such gentle caresses. Then it touches the short buzzed hair on her scalp. A nice contrast that short buzzed hair proves to be after that soft, smooth skin…

Christy is abruptly awakened by a loud ringing, startled and confused. “What’s going on?” she says aloud. She looks down and finds herself still sitting in the barber’s chair. Her hands suddenly go to her head, “Whew! It was only a dream! It’s still there.” she said, feeling her hair that was still in tact. “What time is it?” she wonders, jumping out of the chair, and going to the window. “It must be morning.” she says to herself. The phone continues to ring as she gathers herself to answer it. “Hello?” she says with a sleepy voice.

“Hello! I hope I didn’t wake you.” says the voice on the other end of the phone. “This is Kevin… from the antique store.”

Christy was silent, her mind was still quite cloudy, but soon remembered who it was. “Oh! Hi, Kevin! I’m sorry but I was kind of still sleeping when you called. I was having the weirdest dream!”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t interrupt anything good!” he said with a chuckle.

“Well…” Christy began to say but refrained.

“I was just calling to see how you like your new purchase.”

“It’s great! It cleaned up very nicely, thank you.” Christy replied, thinking that this was quite strange. She thought that the only people who made follow-up calls were car salesmen!

“I hope you don’t mind me calling you like this, but after talking to you at the store yesterday… well… I was wondering… would you like to maybe go out to dinner sometime?” Kevin asked.

“Sure! I’d love to!” Christy answered, later hoping that she didn’t sound too excited about it.

“Great! When would be a good time for you?”

“Well, let me check my book.” she paused, “Anytime, really. My schedule’s pretty open right now.” she said jokingly.

“Well, how about tonight then? Say about 6:00?”

Christy looked at the clock on the wall. It was 9:00 now so that would give her nine hours to get ready. “Sure, I think I can be ready by then!” she said, laughing.

“OK – great! I’ll see you then!”

“Wait! Don’t you need my address?” she asked.

“No, I already have the address from your check. I’m sure glad you paid me that way or I’d really be kicking myself today!” Christy smiled to herself, almost blushing, and said good- bye. She was instantly anxious about her date that evening with the mysterious stranger.

A knock came to the door at promptly 6:00. Christy’s heart was racing with nervous excitement. She opened it and saw Kevin standing in front of her, smiling and holding a bottle of wine and a small black bag.

“Hi there!” she said, “Did you have any problems finding it?”

“No, not at all. I’m pretty familiar with Northern Virginia.” Kevin answered.

“Good. Would you like to come in for awhile?”

“Sure. Do you want to put this in the fridge?” he asked, handing Christy the bottle of wine. She took the bottle into the kitchen and heard Kevin say from the living room,

“Hey, this looks great in here! Really goes with the decor nicely!”

“Thanks! I thought it would. I can’t wait to have Heather over to see it.” Christy returned to the living room to find Kevin standing near the chair, touching the clean, crimson leather. “Looks really nice now that its clean, huh?” she asked.

“Sure does,” he said, “but it would look even nicer if you were sitting in it!” He flashed her a smile and Christy felt a chill run up her spine. She walked over and Kevin helped her into the chair. “Have you ever had your hair cut in a barber shop?” he asked.

“No! Barber shops are just for men.” she said.

“No they’re not. Anyone can go to a barber shop.”

“Well, I’d feel funny about it.” Christy said sheepishly, “What would I do? Go in there and ask for crewcut?”

“Well, you could. I think you’d like having a buzzcut.” Kevin commented.

Christy really didn’t know what to say. She’d always had short hair, but never really considered a crewcut an option. Kevin walked around behind her and said, “Your hair is so thick and beautiful.” lightly stroking the back of her head with his hand. Christy’s heart raced as she felt a tingle run up her spine. His hand felt so soothing and gentle on her head.

“Well, what do you say we go eat?” Kevin asked.

“Sounds good to me.” Christy responded, as Kevin took her hand and helped her out of the chair.

The two had dinner at a small, intimate Chinese restaurant which Christy had recommended. Through dinner, Christy found herself becoming very attracted to this man. He had a good sense of humor. He was intelligent. He had very interesting stories to tell. And best of all, she felt very comfortable with him. At the end of the meal, the waiter brought them two fortune cookies.

“Go ahead. You pick first.” Kevin motioned to Christy. She took the one farthest from her, and Kevin picked up the other. They both broke them open at the same time and Kevin read his first, “You will soon have your dreams come true!!!” he said in shock, “That’s the name of the store! Pretty weird, huh?”

“Sure is!” Christy replied and then read hers, “Time has come to try something new.”

“Well, that could be interesting!” Kevin said with a grin. Christy’s mind was soaring with the possibilities. All included the man sitting across from her.

Christy and Kevin returned to Christy’s house, where she put on some soft music and poured two glasses of wine. They sat on the couch together and talked for hours, all the while, Christy finding herself very attracted to this man.

“Well, I think this date has gone quite well, don’t you think?” Kevin asked.

“It certainly has. I like you, Kevin.” Christy said.

“Well, good. I hope you don’t find me out of line if I ask if I could kiss you?” Kevin asked shyly.

Before the words, “No, not at all.” could escape from Christy’s mouth, Kevin was tenderly kissing her soft, full lips. As the two passionately kissed, Kevin’s hands moved up Christy’s back and embraced the back of her head, gently massaging her nape. Christy found this both relaxing and arousing. Never has a man touched her head in such a way. Feeling his fingers stroke and play with her hair. One hand moved to her cheek and he ran it along her jaw, ever so lightly, then returned to her head. His other hand moved to her ear, caressing it, playing with it, then moving down her neck. Christy was soon finding herself the most aroused she had ever been with a man. Never had she thought her head and neck could be so sensitive. Kevin’s lips moves down her chin and onto her neck. Christy raised her head just a bit to feel his soft, wet kisses even better. His lips traced a path up to her ears, gently nibbling and licking along the way. She could feel his warm breath in her ear. This sent tingles all through her body. She felt herself becoming wet between her legs. “This is wonderful.” she thought to herself as her hands ran up his back and onto his neck. His touch was so warm and gentle. He was nibbling at her earlobe and began to run the very tip of his tongue along the outside of her ear. He paused and she could still feel his warm breath near her ear, just as he whispered, “I want to give you a haircut.” Before she could even think about it, she responded, “I want you to cut my hair, Kevin.”

Kevin guided Christy to the barber’s chair where he slowly unzipped her dress and helped her out of it, while she stepped out of her shoes. Then he gently unsnapped her bra and slid her panties down her legs, where she stepped out of them. All along, Christy was thinking that she had never done such a thing, but it just felt so right to her. She took a seat in the chair and Kevin returned with the small black bag which contained a pair of electric clippers. “What are you going to do with those?” she asked. He told her in a soothing voice, while flashing an ornery grin, “Nothing you don’t want me to.” He snapped them on and told her to sit back and relax. He gently pressed the clippers against her cheek at first. They were cold and vibrating against her warm skin. It felt pleasurable. Christy was beginning to enjoy this experience … maybe a bit too much as she noticed herself getting even wetter between her legs. He turned the clippers off, placed them on the table, and began to brush Christy’s hair, following each stroke with his free hand … as if he were stroking her long and slow like a beloved pet. This felt so wonderful and relaxing. He lowered his head to her ear and whispered, “Can I cut your hair now?”

“Yes.” she replied. She has never wanted a haircut so bad in all her life. Drawing his mouth even closer to her ear, his breath hot against her neck, he kissed her softly. Kevin reached for the clippers again and snapped on some sort of an attachment. While stroking her hair with his left hand, he snapped on the clippers with the other. Christy was completely and totally enthralled by this man who was about to cut her hair. He reassured her that this was going to be the best haircut she has ever gotten and no sooner did the words escape his mouth, she heard and felt the clippers moving through her thick, red hair. Chewing and gnawing their way through as if on a mission. The hair began to fall onto her bare shoulders, rolling down over her chest and landing in her lap. The only thing now covering her were the quickly forming clumps of sheared hair. Caught up in the moment, her thoughts focused on her hair again. Christy could tell that half of her head was shaved now. As her hand glided up the back, feeling her head, she became even more aroused. This man had just transformed her with the ease of his clippers. She loved it! He placed his hand over hers as they stroked the hair together, guiding her to his points of interest. She liked the control he had over her. The feeling between her legs was now making her squirm in her seat. Christy sat there in complete and utter ecstasy as he buzzed the clippers over her head, slow and long each time, shearing off more and more. After snapping on several attachments and what seemed to be a glorious eternity, the buzzing of the clippers stopped. No sooner did the sound cease, when she felt both of his hands on her head. Massaging, rubbing, petting the fresh new cut, all over. This was the best form of foreplay Christy had ever experienced. She never wanted him to take his hands off of her.

“Would you like to take a look?” Kevin asked.

“Yes!!!” Christy exclaimed, as he took her hand and led her to the bathroom. She peered into the mirror in front of her with Kevin standing closely behind her. She saw the new style she was sporting. It was beautiful. It looked to be about a half an inch on top, tapering down to about an eighth of an inch near the nape, her bangs still remaining completely intact. The contrast of the long bangs against the short crewcut was still very feminine.

Kevin gently turned Christy to face him and kissed her passionately on the lips. With one hand massaging her head, the other trailed down her shoulders, lightly brushing off the loose hair that had tumbled down over them. As his hand went lower, his massaging hand rubbed harder and longer. His hand brushed against her left nipple, immediately making it stiffen with excitement. While massaging her scalp and her breasts, he leaned over and kissed her neck. His mouth felt so good she couldn’t hardly stand it. Tracing his tongue along her earlobes, all the while rubbing her freshly shorn head. The two embraced each other tightly. The bulge that Kevin had in his pants was quite noticeable. The fact that this was arousing him as much as it was for her was thrilling beyond belief.

The couple walked back to the living room and Christy knew exactly what she wanted to do. This man had just given her the best haircut of her life. She asked Kevin to sit in the chair as she followed him there. She kneeled down in front of him and removed his shoes and socks. He stood up and she slid her hands under his shirt and pulled it over his head while running her hands up his back. She slowly undid his belt and slid his jeans and briefs down his legs. His cock still hard and very enticing to her. He sat back down in the chair and she kneeled in front of him, straddling the foot rest of the chair. As she looked at his cock, she wanted to taste it. She cupped one hand around his balls gently while the other squeezed lightly at the base of his cock. First licking the very tip, tracing down then back up the vein running along the underside, then lowering herself to take the head into her mouth. She heard him sigh softly as she did this. His heart racing, cock throbbing. He grabbed hold of her remaining bangs and guided her head down onto his cock. It’s so hard and thick inside her mouth. His hands rubbing her velvety head, guiding it gently up and down the shaft of his erection. She felt as though her mouth had formed around the shape of his cock as she sucked. It seems to grow even larger in size. Inside her mouth, she could feel the pulse of his every heartbeat. She felt him move and then heard the familiar buzz of the clippers again. With her head still between his legs, she felt the clippers running up the back of her head again. She didn’t care because this was the most exciting experience she had ever encountered. The tiny hairs came showering down around her face. She could hear the difference they were making as he ran them up the center of her neck, straight up her nape and onto the top of her head, where the most hair was being cut. Every time he made a swipe with the clippers, they stopped at the base of her bangs. She saw the small clumps of hair gathering in his lap as she continued to suck. With every stroke of the clippers, her head would go lower onto his throbbing cock, wanting to feel more and more of him in her mouth. Just doing this to him, made her pussy wet with anticipation. She wanted to feel his cock deep inside of her. When the last stroke of the clippers was made, she quickly stood and positioned herself on the chair and began to straddle his straining, rock hard cock. Lowering herself very slowly at first, feeling him enter her smooth, wet pussy. Then thrusting herself downward with such force. His cock, filling her, felt so sweet. Their hands were soon on one another’s heads, while pumping each other with a fierce energy. She was going to cum and she wanted to do it with him. This thought was so appealing to her that she bucked even harder, crying out with pure ecstasy. With every long, deep thrust, their bodies meeting, she was drawing nearer. She wanted to wait. Wait for him. To cum together. Their pace quickened and his cock pulsing, almost to the point of orgasm. A little faster, harder. Just as she felt his cock twitching and shooting it’s hot cum into her body, her muscles clenched around it, quaking and convulsing, all the while holding his cock tight. Every muscle shaking, every nerve pulsing. All the while, their hands managed to stay on each other heads, rubbing with such urgency. Christy collapsed onto Kevin’s chest, with a sublime, relaxed feeling all throughout her body. She could feel his heart beating against her chest as he slowly stroked her hair.

“Now THAT’S what I call a haircut!” Christy exclaimed, after catching her breath.

“Yeah, I tend to agree with you on that fact!” Kevin remarked. Christy smiled as Kevin played with her hair that was now about a quarter of an inch on top.

“Truly a DREAM COME TRUE for the both of us… but we’ll have to do something about those bangs the next time!” he said with a snicker.


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