Doug and Gabrielle

Doug and Gabrielle

Doug and Gabrielle met at a White Hen Pantry, and from the moment their eyes met, they knew they were meant for each other. Both had their hair cut short, and to the same length, about an inch long. Both were wearing flannel shirts and blue jeans, and both were wearing hiking boots.

Doug approached Gabrielle, struck up a conversation, and before leaving the store they made a date for lunch the following day.

On their first date, they found out that both were interested in hiking, camping and canoeing, and were both staunch environmentalists. Gabi, as her friends called her, had her own business, breeding Labrador Retrievers, and Doug ran a computer repair shop.

When Doug asked about Gabi’s short haircut, she explained that she had kept her hair short since leaving home five years ago at the age of eighteen, and that she was not allowed to cut her hair short before leaving home, as her parents thought short hair was not very feminine.

She explained to Doug that two weeks after she arrived at college, she and her roommate, who both had long hair, were talking about their hair one night, and Gabi told her roommate she was thinking of cutting her hair short. Her roommate dared her to do it, and Gabi said she would cut her hair if her roommate did so as well. Out came a pair of scissors, and by the end of the evening, they had cut each other’s hair down to less than an inch in length, Gabi said, and there was hair piled all over the floor of their dorm room. Since that time, Gabi said, she had been keeping her hair short.

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When Doug asked who did her hair, she explained that she did it herself about every two weeks with electric clippers with an attachment, so she could give herself a perfect haircut every time.

Doug was amazed at the similarity of their two stories, as he had been doing almost exactly the same thing for several years, giving himself a short crew cut about every two weeks.

The following evening, they met for a dinner date, and Doug invited Gabi to his house afterwards for a nightcap. They went to Doug’s house, opened a bottle of wine, and were enjoying smooth jazz music on the stereo. Gabi was enjoying Doug’s company, telling him it was better than her original plan for the evening, which was to give herself a haircut and take a hot bath. Then Doug took a chance, offering to give Gabi a haircut and a hot bath. Surprisingly, she agreed, as long as she could give Doug a haircut as well.

They went into the bathroom, and Doug asked Gabi if she preferred to have her hair cut with scissors or clippers. Clippers, she said, and he pulled his clippers out of the vanity drawer. The clippers already had a quarter inch attachment on them, which was what Doug normally used on his hair.

Gabi knew that the clippers would cut her hair much shorter than she normally did, which was about three quarter of an inch, but decided not to say anything. Even though they had just met, she had a good feeling about Doug, and decided to let him cut her hair any way he wanted. Besides, she wanted her hair cut exactly as short as Doug’s. Also, it was the beginning of summer, and she thought it would feel cool with her hair super-short.

As if reading her mind, Doug then opened another drawer, and pulled out three more attachments for the clippers, including the one Gabi normally used on her hair. He lined them up on the sinktop so Gabi could choose the one she wanted him to use.

Doug asked who should go first, and Gabi said to cut hers first. Doug asked how she normally did it, and Gabi said she would normally stand nude in front of the mirror, and just cut it.

Then, without a bit of shyness, Gabi began unbuttoning her shirt. She slipped off her shirt, and then asked if Doug would please unhook her bra.

He did so, then gently put his hands on her shoulders, and slipped her bra straps down. Gabi’s bra fell to the floor, revealing her beautiful breasts. As Doug stood behind her and watched in the mirror, Gabi unhooked her belt, and quietly slipped off her jeans and panties in one motion.

She stepped out of her jeans, and turned around, and Doug beheld her beautiful, petite figure.

As Doug put his hands around her waist, Gabi began to unbutton Doug’s shirt. She then undid his pants, and pulled them down, revealing Doug’s handsomely sculpted body.

The moments that followed seemed to go by in slow motion, as Gabi turned around to face the mirror, and told Doug to please cut her hair now.

Doug picked up the clippers, and stood behind Gabi. Gabi reached her hand behind her, grabbing Doug’s private member gently and pulling it toward her. She guided him inside her, and he moaned as they began making love.

Doug asked which attachment he should use, and Gabi surveyed her choices. The attachments ranged from a quarter inch to three quarters of an inch, the one she normally used.

Gabi said to do whatever he wants, but she would cut his hair the same way.

Doug said that if she left it up to him, he would use no attachment, and asked if that was okay. A bit reluctantly, Gabi nodded her consent.

She was a bit nervous as she watched Doug take the attachment off the clippers and place it on the sink top, knowing she would soon be completely shorn. She was also excited, for she had never had the nerve to cut off all her hair, though she had often fantasized about doing so, and was now about to have it done.

Doug turned on the clippers, and raised them to Gabi’s forehead, and began cutting her hair. He slowly cut a straight path over the top of her head, cutting her hair to a tiny stubble. A big tuft of cut-off hair landed on Gabi’s shoulder, then tumbled down to the floor. Both Gabi and Doug knew that there was no turning back now.

As Doug finished cutting the first path, Gabi felt he was erupting inside her, as he came to orgasm. Doug paused for a moment, but remained inside her, as Gabi reached up to feel the path where her hair was cut.

The sight of Gabi feeling her shorn scalp brought Doug back to an immediate erection, and he continued to make love to her, and then continued cutting her hair. Gabi was both surprised and impressed at Doug’s sexual endurance. He didn’t mention to her that this had never happened to him before.

Without a word, he raised the clippers to her forehead again, and slowly cut another path over the top of her head.

As the shape of her scalp emerged, Gabi looked on approvingly. This will look alright, she thought.

Doug kept cutting her hair, slowly going up the side, then around Gabi’s ear. He then cut the hair in back in several long, slow passes, then cut around Gabi’s other ear and up the side.

Let me do the rest, Gabi said. Doug handed her the clippers, still running, and without hesitation, Gabi ran them over the top of her head, once, twice, thrice, and it was gone! No more hair.

As Doug watched Gabi boldly shearing herself, he came inside her again. It was the best sex he had ever had.

Doug had known as he started cutting Gabi’s hair that his turn would be next, but he was hardly prepared for what would happen next. If Gabi’s haircut seemed to go by in slow motion, Doug’s felt like it was on fast forward.

After Gabi cut off the last lock of her hair, she turned around and, with the clippers still running, started cutting Doug’s hair without warning.

She began on one side, quickly cutting a path up the side of his head, then around his ear. She then raised the clippers, and Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, cut all the hair off the top of his head, one path after another, then quickly cut the other side and around his ear. She then went around behind him, and with equal speed, cut all the hair in back until Doug was completely shorn. His haircut had taken hardly sixty seconds.

When Gabi finished, she matter-of-factly turned off the clippers, and placed them on the sink top. Gabi then planted a kiss on her newly shorn beau, and the two embraced, with their hands exploring each other’s scalps.

Doug and Gabi could hardly believe what they had just done. Gabi said the scariest part was when Doug took the attachment off the clippers. She was nervous and afraid of having all her hair cut off, and yet strangely excited that it was about to happen. It was hard for her not to say “stop” before the haircut began. Gabi said she really enjoyed cutting Doug’s hair. She liked having total control and power over him, and it was a real turn-on cutting his hair.

Doug said the scariest part was when he started cutting Gabi’s hair, but he was also freaked out at how fast she cut his hair.

Gabi said the only thing she didn’t like was that her hair felt scratchy, like sandpaper. Doug agreed.

Then Gabi asked if Doug had a razor handy. He pulled out a new safety razor, and Gabi said to please shave her head.

Doug ran some warm water in the sink, and had Gabi bow her head in the sink. Doug washed her scalp, rubbing in the warm water. Doug spread shaving cream on Gabi’s scalp, and then the shaving began.

At first, Doug started shaving at the top of Gabi’s forehead slowly, shaving just one little square at a time, as Gabi stood naked before the mirror, watching Doug’s every movement.

After a while, he began shaving her in longer strokes, as the razor rasped at the tiny hairs left on her head.

Finally, she was shaved smooth, and she ran her fingers over her scalp, exploring every square inch of its smooth skin.

While she did so, Doug ran some warm water, and washed his head in the sink, preparing his scalp for shaving.

Gabi picked up the shaving cream, and reached up to spread it on Doug’s head. To make it easier for her to shave him, he knelt down, and rested his elbows on the sink top.

Doug watched in the mirror as his nude, bald barber spread shaving cream on his scalp. Gabi rinsed off the razor in the sink, and began at Doug’s forehead, exactly as he had done to her.

She shaved a small square carefully, then felt it with her finger to make sure it was perfectly smooth. She then continued shaving a path over Doug’s head.

She then reached around to the sink to rinse off the razor. As she did so her nipple rubbed against Doug’s head, and got some shaving cream on it. Doug was incredibly turned on at the sight of the shaving cream on Gabi’s nipple, and as Gabi continued shaving him, Doug kept watching her nipple.

Gabi kept shaving Doug’s head until it was smooth all over. When she finished, he asked if she would like to take a bath. She said yes, and he led her by the hand out of the bathroom. She did not know what he had in mind, but somehow trusted him completely.

He led her out the back door, flipped two switches next to the door, and a hot tub lit up, and began bubbling. They got in the hot tub, and the water was deliciously warm. Gabi told Doug this had been the most unusual, and best date of her life.

Gabi slept over that evening at Doug’s house, though they got little sleep. They went to bed around midnight, and made love for hours, then collapsed in each other’s arms. In the morning, they made love again.


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