Diana’s First Trip to the Barber

Diana's First Trip to the Barber

Diana’s First Trip to the Barber – TB

To say the least, I was surprised when Diana called and asked me about cutting her hair while her hairdresser was gone on holiday. She was always complimentary about the way I cut her boys’ hair and had joked about having me cut her hair, but I really hadn’t taken her seriously, after all this is a barbershop, for men! She was always delightful when she called and assured me that she trusted me completely with the scissors. I had noticed her watching me rather intensely lately as I worked on the lads and would respond with a coy smile when I noticed interest: one day, to my surprise, she even winked at me.

She always came early in the morning, before regular business hours, and today her car was waiting when I arrived at the shop. She looked lovely as she stepped out of the car, those sexy long legs and smile that could melt anyone’s heart. I noticed right off that she hadn’t brought either one of the boys. She sent her driver on his way and we went into the shop. Diana asked if I had a changing room and somewhat embarrassed I directed her to the restroom in the back of the shop. What can I say? – this had never come up before. When she emerged she had changed out of her street clothes into a very stylish blue wrap-around frock with lace trim. As she climbed into the chair her garment opened slightly to expose the full length of her leg. I grabbed the cape and before I could cover her she announced, “That’s not really necessary is it? I am wearing a frock.”

I returned the cape to its resting place and began turning the chair around. As I gazed downward her nipples showed and it looked as though she was wearing nothing under her meager covering. I found this quite arousing.

“I want it cut short, very short,” Diana proclaimed as she smiled, sat back in the chair and adjusted her smock trying to cover up just a little.

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I laid the chair back and gently placed her head into the shampoo basin and began rinsing her hair. Diana closed her eyes and relaxed as the warm water saturated her hair. I gently massaged her scalp shampooing her hair thoroughly and then rinsed and conditioned it. Sitting her back up my scissors began their work. Her classic features and rare beauty made it easy to cut her hair in a flattering light at any length. I cut it as short as I could in the same softly layered style that it had when she came but surprisingly it had made quite a dramatic change in her appearance. As I worked on the last bit of shaping in the back I noticed Diana admiring herself in the mirror. Suddenly she announced, “You don’t understand, I want you to cut it short, like the boys get!” with an almost sinful grin.

Her face was flush and she began to squirm a bit in the chair. “It seems warm in here, doesn’t it?” she asked, fidgeting with her frock and watching for my response in the mirror as I continued to make the last few cuts with the scissors.

In a cautious tone I warned her, “I’ll have to use the clippers to take it any shorter, are you sure you want it that short?”

“I’m sure!” she said. “I want it quite short,” she commanded.

I went to the counter and got the large clippers and the number three guard and took my position behind the chair. I flipped the clippers on and pushed her head forward into her chest and held her head firmly in place. “Here we go,” I announced. Her eyes were locked on the mirror as I began to run the clippers up the back of her head, pass after pass, carefully tapering it just enough to blend nicely with 2″ top layers and not look too drastic. I used a comb with the clippers to work the taper on sides short enough to blend with the top, but, hopefully allowing enough bulk to provide her with some styling options. When I finished with the large clipper I got a smaller pair out and proceeded to define the line around her ears and down the nape of her neck.

Shutting off the clippers I asked, “How’s that look now, short enough?” as I moved over to the counter and retrieved a dollop of mousse and began working it through her scalp. Still smiling Diana sat contently and watched the mirror as I pulled my fingers through what remained of her hair, shaping it. I finger combed it all back and spiked it on top with just a hint of bang pulled forward for dramatic effect.

As she watched it take shape she exclaimed, “Wow, I absolutely love it, I look like a youngster again!” As I moved around to the side of the chair she reached out and gave me a loving peck on the cheek. I turned the chair around facing away from the mirror and moved over to the counter. “Are we done?” Diana asked, then blushed boldly as she realized what was to come next. The groan of the lather dispenser was familiar sound to her and her heart raced as shave cream billowed into my cupped palm. Steam rose from my palm as I carefully outlined her hairline using two fingers to apply a generous lather around her ears and down her long lovely nape. Her body was tense now and the sexual energy was apparent, her nipples were erect and protruding from slinky garment. She gripped the arms of the chair in anticipation as I stood behind her and strapped the razor. Obviously flush, almost crimson in spots, Diana cooed, “That piping hot shave cream feels delicious but that razor looks a little dangerous. You will be careful, won’t you? I’ve never been shaved quite like this before.”

Without responding, I leaned her head forward and turned it slightly to one side. With a bold stroke I took the first pass down the hairline behind her ear.

“Oooh,” Diana cooed in a sensuous subdued tone.

“Hold still now,” I teased as I wiped the blade on a towel and continued working around her ear with short careful strokes following her hairline. Shifting position I repeated the process on the other side. The only interruption of the intense silence was the rasp of the razor doing its work.

Diana was visibly excited. She clung tightly to the arms of the chair and grimaced slightly trying to restrain the almost overwhelming level of her arousal. I moved behind her and, grasping her head, leaned her forward and held her firmly as I shaved the back of her neck with long careful strokes.

“There, now that should do it!” I announced as I grabbed a towel and gently wiped around her ears and down the back of her neck. I swung the chair back around to face the mirror again and Diana gazed with astonishment into the mirror. I went to the counter and got some lotion and gently applied it to the freshly shaved areas and massaged it in to minimize any razor burn to her delicate skin. Diana reached back and caressed my hand then began exploring the feel of her clipper-shaved hair. I moved around in front of her to help her up. Suddenly she wrapped her arms around my neck, lifted out of the chair slightly, and pulled me close. We kissed passionately and as she settled back into the chair she loosened the tie on her frock.

“Surely you can’t be done with me?” Diana questioned in a whisper as she opened her sheer garment exposing the full length of her tight, trim, body. Again we kissed and continued with heated passion…

Ladies, if you want more, finish the story for me and give me a feel for what’s out of bounds. Let’s share our obsession! TB


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