Day Before Christmas

Day Before Christmas

The Day Before Christmas – Maggie M

Twas the day after Christmas
and all through the shop
not a clipper was running,
not one tiny pop…

The capes were all folded
and placed over the chairs
in hopes that a maiden
would tire of her hairs…

The barber was settled
in his antique chair
in hopes of a shearing
of all that long hair

He looked up from his paper
And what did he see
But a beautiful lass
Who looked ready to flee

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He jumped up from his chair
As quick as he could
and rushed to the door
where the shy damsel stood

He reached out for her hand
before should could run
and pulled her inside
so the deed could be done.

The shy maiden blushed
at the comments he made
How her head would look perfect
If he could give her a fade.

The sweet maiden sighed
and could not protest
So she softly agreed
and he did the rest.

He caped her with flourish
as he arranged all her hair
and he picked up his shears
as he calmed all her fears.

His hands how they shook
And his eyes were so merry
at the thought of this shearing
he did not want to hurry.

So ever so slowly
his cutting proceeded
and her beautiful curls
slipped away unneeded…

She took a deep breath
When the scissoring stopped
And was prepared to look up
When she heard the strange pop

Then all of a sudden
She shuddered with fear
At the funny vibrations
she felt by her ear

She looked into the mirror
And was shocked when she saw
The left side of her head
Had no hair at all

He went to her right side
And clippered that hair…
Knowing sooner or later
her head would be bare.

He knew she was quaking
and worried somewhat
But he continued to clipper
Because now he was hot

The more hair he shaved from her
The more he could see
That with clippers alone
She wouldn’t be free

So he made a new plan
That he hatched in his mind
That he would shave her completely
Leaving nothing behind.

He told her to wait
For a moment or two
So he could tidy her up
And give her a view

She took a deep breath
And wanted to see
The person she was
Now of hair she was free

Then she felt the strange warmth
As he cuddled her head
And all her fear rose
With a terrible dread

She looked in the mirror
and saw with fright
That her head was now covered
in a strange foamy white.

The razor it gleamed
As he lifted it high
and he saw the small tear
as it slid from her eye.

He whispered don’t worry
You will love this new look
And you will never again
Miss the hair that I took.

So she sat back resigned
As he moved to and fro
Sliding razor across
then up and below.

He finished at last
And was happy to see
That as she looked at herself
He knew she felt free.

He undid the cape
And took hold of this miss
Then reached over the side
And gave her a kiss

She reached up to her head
And laughed with delight
There was nothing to fear
For it looked just right.

She laughed at herself
And the fear she had felt
But what the Barber had done
Just made her melt.

She wished him goodbye
And went on her way
To meet with her lover
To engage in foreplay.

Her lover delighted
at this incredible sight
they ended up playing
all through the night.

When morning came round
They fell into deep sleep
But he knew when they’d wake
Her bareheaded he’d keep.

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