Corpus Christi Story

Corpus Christi Story

The Corpus Christi Story

In Corpus Christi Texas during the summer, it gets extremely hot and humid. I am a retired haircutter, and I came into a lot of money through shrewd investments of real estate. I am 34 years old. My income every month after taxes comes to around $120,000. Needless to say, I live very comfortably.

I was at Sandy Hayes and Lori Nicholson’s barbershop getting my first ultra short crew-cut of the summer. The two beautiful women were friends and at times, lovers. I was having Sandy cut my hair as short as hers, which was 3/8 inch on top, and the sides and back were clipped down to the scalp.

While Sandy was cutting my hair off close to my head, a local girl named Nancy MacDonald came into the shop with a determined look on her face, and walked over to Lori’s chair and sat down. She told her in a soft, yet demanding voice, “Lori, please cut off all of my hair down close to my head like Sandy’s and his is,” looking over at us.

Lori, looking at Sandy and running her hand over her own flat-top crew-cut, agreed, and snapped a cutting apron around her shoulders. Lori picked up the hairclippers, snapped on a 3/8 inch blade, and switched the machine on. There was a loud whirring noise from the clipper and Lori placed the machine at the base of Nancy’s neck and started clipping upward. Nancy’s hair was about 6 inches, was just about mid-neck length and had a slight wave to it, and as the clipper moved up the back of her head exposing 3/8 inch of hair in its wake, the hair fell into her lap and onto the shop floor. Nancy looked at her reflection in the mirror with a small smile on her pretty face as she lost all her hair

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As Sandy clipped me, we both glanced over at the haircut being given in the chair next to us. Sandy reached under the cutting apron and massaged my groin and abdomen. She whispered in my ear, “That haircut is really getting you excited, isn’t it? I bet you would really like to touch that haircut and pretty head, and maybe like to cut her hair off also?”

I whispered back, “You bet. I would love to clip and feel her haircut. I know that I would never tire of it.”

Lori ran the clipper all over her head, leaving 3/8 inch, and then switched blades to 1/8 inch. She pushed the clipper up the sides and back of her head, showing her whitish scalp.

Lori then lathered around her ears and neckline, and shaved away the stubble into a nice outline. After applying some scented water onto her hands, she rubbed it into the exposed neck of the clipped young lady.

Nancy got out of the chair, running her hand all over her new haircut. Looking at herself in the mirror, she said to her barber lady, “This haircut really looks good, hon. I shouldn’t wait so long between cuts. I’ll see you in a few weeks for a retrim,” and then left the shop.

Sandy finished my haircut, we all kissed, feeling each other’s haircuts, and I also left.

I went home and found her address and phone number. After putting it into my book, I went to where she lived. I waited for about two hours, and she came out to work in her front yard.

Her house was at the seashore. I pulled up to her in my car, parked it and got out. She saw me and recognized me right away. We smiled at each other and she came over to the fence to talk to me.

Smiling at me she said, “Well, hello again, haircut buddy. What brings you to this neighborhood?”

“I looked up your address and wanted to meet and talk to you. Since we both have something in common, maybe we can get together and maybe go out,” I answered.

She looked at me with a nice smile and said, “Maybe we can.”

We talked about our hair and other things, and after about 15 minutes we made a date for later that evening.

I went home and changed into a nice sports coat and returned to Nancy’s house. When I got to the door she was waiting for me and had on a nice white dress. In that outfit she looked like a nice beautician, and with that beautiful haircut, she looked even better.

We went out to dinner and later we went to my house. I showed her my small haircutting shop that I had in one of the spare rooms. On the walls were many pictures of ultra short haircuts and bald headed women, in frames.

“So, you cut hair also?” asked Nancy.

I assured her that I did and would just love to cut hers also if she ever wanted me to. She smiled at me and said I could cut her hair any time that I wanted to.

We hugged each other and she impulsively kissed me on the lips. I hugged her, and buried my face in her neck area and kissed the back of her freshly clipped hairdo.

Nancy said, “Mm… yes I would like for you to cut my hair for me, and maybe you would like to shave my head also, ‘kay ?”

Looking at her, I said, “How about right now?”

She looked back at me and said, “Fine, let’s do it now.”

With that said, she sat into the barber’s chair. I snapped the cutting apron around her shoulders for the second time that day. She wriggled in the chair as I got the clipper from the shelf in front of us.

I asked her what kind of haircut she wanted, and she said I could do anything I wanted with her hair.

I smiled back at her in the reflection of the shop’s mirror and held up the hairclipper. “How about going all the way?”

She looked back and said, “Shave me right now honey, and don’t stop with just my head, shave bald all over. Shave all the hair from my entire body for me.”

I, of course, agreed, and I placed the “whirring” clipper blade at her front hairline and pushed it back to the crown area, leaving just a stubble. Over and over I ran the clipper until I finished at the left side in front of her ear. Nancy had only a fine stubble left. I then took the edger and took off the rest of the stubble until there was nothing left to clip. I then wrapped a hot wet towel around her head to soften up the scalp, lathered her scalp and shaved her head clean and smooth. I had to shave her 3 times until I got it smooth enough for the both of us. She smiled at herself in the mirror as I clipped and shaved her bald, and she smiled even more as I lathered her eyebrows and shaved them also.

Nancy got out of the chair and took off all her cloths. As she stood in my haircutting shop, I clipped all the hair from her legs, underarms, arms and vagina. I then soaped up her entire body from the neck down and shaved her smooth all over. When I finished shaving her, I coated her entire body with a nice scented lotion, rubbing it in real good. Then I wiped her dry and massaged Shalimar talcum powder all over her, including her scalp. The only hair remaining was her eyelashes.

Nancy looked at, kissed me passionately and said, “I never knew how good I could feel by being hairless. I really love it. But it is very strange that we would be so far in a loving relationship since we just got together.”

I replied, “I think that it was meant to be. We were in the same barbershop, at the same time and got the exact same haircut. It was meant to be. I always thought you were a very nice and pretty girl, since we went to school together. And I think that we will be together always.”

We went out to the swimming pool in the back yard and stripped down naked. Nancy first dove into the pool and I followed her. We swam and played around with each other, and then made love to one another. After making love we sat in the sauna room and in the whirlpool hot tub to rest up.

While we sat there in the tub, we talked of many things, including our future with each other. Our assets and property we had, including my 18-room house and other properties. During our talk, she mentioned that she would like for me to be completely hairless, as she was. We immediately went naked back into my hair shop, and she sat me into the chair. I asked Nancy to not snap the cutting apron on me so I could feel the hair fall onto my body. She smiled happily as she picked up the hairclipper and clipped me completely bald as I did to her. She shaved all the hair from my entire head and body, until I also was as smooth as she was. We smelled and looked like each other. We showered together and after drying off, we sat in the living room talking far into the evening.

After a while she found out how much I would like to look like a woman and go out in public dressed as one. Nancy was very enthusiastic about this, and we discussed it. It was decided that we would wait until tomorrow, and that she would sleep over.

We made love for quite a while and went to sleep. During the night we cuddled up with each other, enjoying our shaved and clean bodies.

When we got up for the day, we ate and made plans as to what we would do. I went to the safe in my office and took out $10,000 in 20’s and 50’s. I gave the cash to Nancy and she would go out to buy the clothes and makeup I would need. I already have about 1,000 wigs of different styles that I could wear. Nancy selected a nice shortish wig to wear and we dressed for the day.

We agreed that we would meet later at 4:00pm at Sandy’s and Lori’s shop to show them our transformations. I took her home so that she could get her car and take care of her business that needed to be done. I then went to the grocery store and shopped so that we would have enough food. The food bill was over $600 and I waited for them to deliver it for me. After it was delivered, I put it away and cleaned up the house and hair shop.

At 3:00pm, I left for the barbershop to see the girls. I got there at 3:45pm and went into the shop. There were no customers in the shop, and the girls were just sitting in the barber chair talking. When they saw my shaved head, they squealed with delight and rushed over to kiss and feel my bald head. They loved how I looked and were excited when I told them about Nancy and me, and what we intended to do.

Nancy came into the shop as we were talking and the three women all hugged one another. We talked with each other for a while and talked the girls into shaving their heads bald like ours were. It did not take much for us to talk them into going bald though.

The first girl into the chair was Sandy, and I was the one to shave her. Nancy was going to shave Lori’s head for her. We turned the chairs to face each other so the women could watch each other going bald. Nancy and I took up the “whirring” clippers at the same time and we placed them at the front hairline and pushed them back to the crowns. The two barber girls watched each other as we clipped and shaved them clean and smooth. When we finished shaving them it was 5:30pm and they got out of the chairs to hug and touch each other’s clean pates.

We made arrangements to see one another the next day and Nancy and I left the shop. We got home and I helped Nancy take my new dresses and other things into the house. We put the things into the master bedroom and hair shop. After eating we reshaved ourselves and sat in the Whirlpool hot tub discussing what we would do. We went to bed at 11:00pm.

When we got up in the morning at 7:00 am, we showered, dressed and left for an electrolysis shop that Nancy had made arrangements with. We got there at 8:00am, and the girl was waiting for us. She had two other women there, and the three of them were going to work on me at the same time, removing all the hair on my body, except for my scalp, eyebrows, lashes, underarms and pubic area.

The four women stripped me down naked and they washed my body with alcohol and disinfecting lotion. After drying me well, they had me lay on the table and they started removing my body and facial hair permanently.

Without a break, the three women worked on me until 3:00pm that afternoon until all the hair was gone. They again washed me down in alcohol and Nancy helped me get dressed. Nancy gave them $2,000 each and we left the place and went home.

We got home and dressed for the evening to go out to dinner at a place Nancy knew of. We got to the place and sat at a nice table. Our waitress came to our table and she immediately looked at Nancy who didn’t have her wig on and the girl smiled at her shaved head. The girl, whose name was Marie, said that she loved the bald look that Nancy had, and that she wished she could wear that kind of haircut also. Marie had black hair that was cut short to about 11 inches on the top and the sides and back was tapered nice and short. We talked to her for a while and we assured her that she would look real nice being bald headed. After a while she was talked into shaving her head and she was going to come over to my house the next day. After eating, we left the restaurant and went home. When we got there we immediately went to the hair shop. Nancy stripped me down naked and sat me in the cutting chair. After reshaving my head for me, she put on makeup to make me look pretty. After doing my makeup, she took me from the chair and put underwear onto me. We selected a nice dress that was light blue and knee length and a wig that was just below the shoulders and medium brown. Nancy put all the things on me and she took me into the bedroom so I could see how I looked dressed as a woman. I could not believe how beautiful I looked. Nancy said to me as we looked at each other in the mirror, “Nobody would ever know our secret. You could pass for a girl any time you want to. Let’s go out to dinner, okay?”

I agreed, and Nancy got dressed up like me and we went out to a place she knew about.

We went to a restaurant that catered to lesbians and when we got there, all the women stared at us, at how beautiful we were. Most of the women had very short haircuts and were themselves nice looking.

The waitress came over to our table and took our order. She had a very short blond crew-cut. When she came back to the table with our drinks, she noticed me scratching slightly under my wig. She looked at me and said, “If your wig is so uncomfortable, honey, why don’t you take it off and be comfortable?”

I looked at Nancy and we smiled as I took off my wig to show my bald head. There was a subdued gasp in the restaurant as the other women saw me clean-shaven. The waitress impulsively reached out and caressed my bald scalp and seemed very happy at how I looked. A few other women came over to express themselves at how nice my bald head looked, also. Nancy saw how much they all liked the look, and she made sure they saw her take off her wig also, showing her bald head. We stayed there until 11:30pm and left the place. They would not let us pay for our dinners. Nancy and I got many names and numbers of the women there so that we could cut their hair off for them.

We got home, undressed, showered and went to bed.

The next morning, Marie called and asked if it would okay to bring her mother with her. We assured her she could, and that they would be here at 10:00 am.

Nancy fixed me up to look like a woman again and I was dressed in a nice white uniform dress as she was. Our shaved heads were shining after being freshly razored.

Nancy and I answered the door together when the two women got there. Marie’s mother’s name was Jenny and we took the both of them into the haircutting shop. When they saw the photos of the extremely short haircuts and bald women, they got very excited. Jenny instinctively touched her own shoulder length blond tresses as she looked at the bald headed women. Marie asked us to remove our wigs so her mother could see what a live bald woman looked like. We took off the wigs and they both reached up and ran their hands over our shaven scalps.

Marie asked, “Would you shave my head right away?”

I said yes I would, and Marie quickly sat in the barber chair. Nancy handed me the cutting apron and I snapped it around her neck and shoulders. I didn’t use the scissors, but just took the hairclipper from Nancy’s hand and placed the “whirring” on her neck. Slowly I pushed it up the back crown, leaving a bluish white path of stubble, and over, all around her head. I continued leaving her head bald in those areas. Soon she was completely bald all over. Her mother watched the clipping all the time and she had a slight smile on her lips, as she watched her daughter becoming bald. I put a hot wet towel around her head to soften the stubble she had remaining. After about 5 minutes I took the towel away and lathered her scalp. Taking the safety razor from Nancy’s hand, I started shaving her head clean and smooth. I shaved her 4 times until I got her nice and smooth. After wiping her head clean and powdering her to be smooth, she got out of the chair and came towards the three of us. We hugged and Jenny got into the chair next. She asked if I would give her a crew-cut. I said of course I would. I snapped the apron on her and used the scissors on her. I started cutting her hair at her right ear, and Nancy asked if she could do the cutting. She took the scissors from my hand and worked her way up and around Jenny’s ears, around the nape and up around her other ear. Jenny’s hair came off in sheets, falling to the tile floor.

Nancy combed her hair up between her fingers and snipped off the exposed pieces. All around her head she cut the hair down to about 1 inch all over. Nancy turned towards me and asked, Would-you like to finish the rest dear?”

I picked up the clipper with the 1 inch blades and said to her, “Of course darling. One crew-cut coming up.

I started clipping her hair at the front and soon she had an inch’s growth all over. I changed the blades to the “0000” blades and ran them up the sides and back of her head leaving a nice tapered trim there. I lathered all around her ears and nape, and shaved it into a nice neat hairline. After clipping her nicely, Jenny reached up with both of her hands and caressed her new cut.

She turned around in the chair and looked at me. She asked me, “I really love this haircut, but would you mind shaving it all off like Marie’s?”

Without saying anything, I smiled at her and took up the edger. I ran the edger all over her head and then shaved her head completely bald, just as I had done to Marie. She got out of the chair and both of them looked at their reflections in the mirror. They squealed with delight and touched each other’s newly bald head. We talked in the living room for a while, and they left us, saying they would be in touch with us in a few days for another shaving session.

It was just before 11:00am when the two women left, and we got a call from Sandy at the barber shop. She told us about a chemist who had come up with a cream type lotion that would grow hair in a very short amount of time, and that she got a large amount of it, and also the formula. It seems that the woman chemist comes into her shop for a haircut every once in a while and sometimes be as drunk as a lord. This time when she came into the shop, she was as drunk as a lord and demanding a crew-cut. While Sandy was cutting her hair as she wanted using the hairclipper, she told her all about the lotion. The woman gave Sandy all the boxes of lotion she had in the car, and she gave her a computer diskette with the formula on it. Only she, Lori, Nancy and I knew about it, and since the two barbers liked us so much, she said that she would share the formula, and we could split the profits evenly. Sandy asked me if I would get it marketed properly. I told her that I would, and she said she would come over right away with the stuff.

Sandy and Lori came over about a hour later. We hugged each other and we then got down to business. I could already see they both had about 11 inches of hair from using the stuff during the night. She said that they put the lotion on the night before, and went from being completely hairless the night before, to being this hairy only 6 hours later. We figured hair would grow about 8 to 12 inches in a 24-hour period. After making arrangements, she and Lori left for the day, we would be in touch the next day. Right away Nancy and I put on some lotion. We wrapped our heads with a piece of cloth and wore wigs. The rest of the day we took the time to find a good corporate attorney. After about 4 hours of calling around, Nancy finally found someone whom we could use. We would see her the next day at 10:00am.

Nancy and I got up the next morning at 5:30am. We were pleasantly surprised to find that we each had about 3 inches of hair. We went into the shop after we showered together, and we trimmed each other’s hair into nice ultra short haircuts. Our hairstyles were the same when we finished. Our hair was tapered very close up the back and sides, and the top was trimmed flat to reveal short bangs. We also had short points in front of our ears. We dressed each other and left for our appointment with the lawyer. At the lawyer’s office, when we went in, we were ushered in right away. The lawyer’s name was Sarah Vetter, and her hair was much shorter than ours was. Her hair was about an inch all over her head and light blond, she looked almost bald. She smiled at us when she saw our haircuts and even more so when she heard about the deal we wanted to do. Nancy had some of the lotion in her pocketbook and gave a bottle to Sarah. Before the day was over, we had made a deal with a chemical company to buy us out at $800,000,000 in cash, up front and tax free. We would also get a royalty of 35% annually on all profits. We should get around $112,000,000 a year before taxes for each of us. After taxes we would get about $60,000,000 each. All four of us signed a deal that afternoon and the funds were in our private accounts in the bank. We paid Sarah a total amount of $15,000,000 for her help.

The next day at 11:00am, a chemist at the lab we made the deal with called us and told us the hair would grow about twice as fast if we applied moist heat to the scalp. Nancy and I went out and bought heat caps, and we put more lotion and the caps on at 1:30pm. The next day Nancy and I had hair down to the middle of our backs.

Nancy and I made an appointment at a nice beauty salon to have our hair done real nice. The appointment was for 2:00pm at a very exclusive salon. When we got there we were ushered into the back room for a shampoo. The girls there treated us like we were royalty and soon we were into styling chairs for new hairdos. The woman who did my hair had her hair cut into a Susan Powter cut and was colored white hot blond like hers was. She was very gentle with me as she trimmed my hair to just below my shoulders and waved it nicely. Nancy was getting the same treatment in the chair next to mine. We both had nice flip hairstyles, except for Nancy, who had hair about to the middle of her back and was wavy.

We left the salon at 4:00pm and went over to Sandy and Lori’s shop and they were pleasantly surprised at how long our hair was, as they had done the same thing with their hair. We decided to get our hair clipped off into brush-cuts at a real nice salon that Lori knew of, and the women who cut hair were lesbians. I called our lawyer Sarah Vetter and asked her if she would like to come with us. She said yes and would meet us there, as she knew where the shop was. We got to the salon at 5:00pm and, since we did not need any appointments, went in for our haircuts. Sarah was there already, talking to a woman who was a haircutter. Sarah came over and hugged us all. She had made arrangements with the owner for our haircuts and 4 other women came out who were going to cut our hair for us. They all had extremely short haircuts and seemed very anxious to get started on us. The girls gently took our arms and walked with us over to the chairs. We sat down and the girls snapped the cutting aprons around our shoulders and right away they started scissoring our hair away from our heads, except for Sarah whose cutter put a hairclipper at her forehead and started clipping her bald headed. Everyone in the salon was smiling at the pretty lawyer becoming bald in front of us. After the girls were finished with the scissors, they snapped the 3/8 inch blade onto the clippers, and they ran them all over our heads. A short while later we all had hair 3/8 inch all over. They tapered up the sides and back nice and neat, and shaved all around our hairlines. We got out of the chairs and the women hugged us fiercely. We paid for 4 crew-cuts and a baldy and went over to my house.

The girls and I sat around in the house talking and feeling each other’s crew-cuts and Sarah’s bald head. At 11:30pm the women left for the evening and Nancy and I went to bed. The next day we dressed up nice and Nancy and I went to a real estate broker. I was looking for a house that had at least 30 rooms in it and 50 acres of land. We found one that I liked and we eventually bought it for $5,000,000. Nancy and I hired an interior decorator to fix it up and buy the furniture we needed. I had her make up an extremely large master bedroom and a beauty salon that would have 4 barber chairs in it. There was also a nice 40′ x 75’ swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and many other features. We eventually spent $10,000,000 on everything we would need and wanted.


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