Conversion of Catherine

Conversion of Catherine

The Conversion of Catherine by Big Cropper

When I first met Cathy I didn’t fancy her. The 23-year-old had just arrived to be my lodger and rang the doorbell to introduce herself. “I’m Catherine,” she announced, she preferred to be called that then. She was about to start as a new PE teacher at the local school. Her hair was long, straight, all one length and naturally blonde, down to just below her breasts and she believed it to be one of her best features. Her face was quite long and with her centre parting it made her look a bit like a horse! She had a nice firm body, of which she was justifiably proud, with a flat stomach and smallish firm boobs with good nipples, which stood out like organ stops when she became aroused. She went across to her car to get her stuff and I immediately noticed her delicious full rounded bum (ass or butt to our American readers, never fanny in the UK, that’s a little more personal!:)), a feature which she thought too big but most men lusted over and admired.

After her first day at the school she arrived home with her hair in a tight high ponytail. Wow, I thought, what an improvement! Without the hair hiding half of her face, she had lovely features with strong cheekbones and a well-defined jawline. This immediately decided me that I had found my new project in life – get in with her and get that hair off. I complimented her on how good she looked with it up and started looking for further opportunities to bring up the subject of hair and try to influence the way she had it.

A couple of weeks after her arrival, she went to a local salon for a trim. It had been recommended to her by one of the other female staff as the best in the area. She returned disgusted, as they had not even bothered to dry her hair once the trim was finished and had charged around £10 ($16 at the time) for the job. It was hard to see that they had cut anything off, even to my ultra-sensitive gaze! “I’m not going there again,” she said emphatically. I asked her about what happened during this visit and probed about the history of her hair. It had always been long, sometimes so long she could sit on it. She went on to tell me of her hair horror story when her mother had taken her for a trim and the hairdresser, ‘cutting off the damaged bits’ had chopped it off just above her shoulders with no warning. She sat there under the cape in stunned silence as 18″ of her glossy blonde pride and joy cascaded into her lap and slid onto the floor. The shock of it had made her very wary of hairdressers and she had cried for a week over the loss.

I realised now that this was going to be a subtle and drawn-out campaign! I made sympathetic noises and talked about how I had some experience of cutting some girls’ hair, particularly at college, and offered to trim it for her anytime for free if she wanted. “There’s no point in paying out a fortune to someone to do a job as simple as that,” I said. She didn’t seem all that convinced.

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Over the next few weeks we grew closer and I never missed on the opportunity to compliment her on her hair when it was up, in a ponytail or a big plait (simple or French). She learnt not to ask if I made no comment as it meant that I didn’t like how she had it that day and would reply honestly. I was encouraged one day when she asked me some more about my cutting experience. I told her the story, elaborating somewhat, of the girls I had cut before (maybe I will relate them here on another occasion) particularly when I was at college. She was a little shocked by some of the more drastic cuts I had done but seemed reassured when I said that I would have no problem with performing a simple trim (total lie, but I was prepared to wait for my opportunity!). The hair conversation then moved on and she seemed to have written off the idea – shucks, foiled again!

Some 3 or 4 weeks later she came into the living room one evening, carrying a big pile of work. She sat at the table and presently she noticed that I was watching her examining the ends of her hair. She grinned and said that she was getting quite a collection of split ends, I repeated my offer to trim it for her but was amazed when she accepted. I quickly set up a chair on some newspaper in the middle of the room, facing the TV, and invited her to sit in it while I scurried off to find my scissors, brush and comb.

When I arrived back she was seated and looking quite happy at the prospect of her forthcoming trim. I brushed her hair out fully, as she sat there enjoying the sensations of the brush running down its length. I was quite enjoying the situation as well and was struggling to hide my excitement and rising libido! This was to be just the start of her conversion. I told her that she would need to have about 3″ off to get rid of the split ends and that it needed some levelling off. She nodded in agreement, much more easily than I expected and, as I was about to start cutting, she said that I could wash it if I liked. If I liked! If there’s one thing I love nearly as much as really short hair on girls it is wet or gungy hair (any length) on girls!

I virtually dragged her out to the bathroom and we decided we should wash it over the bath with the shower head. She was wearing a high neck pullover and a top under that and I suggested that she remove the pullover to save it getting wet. To my surprise she not only removed it but her top as well, standing there in just her bra. I pushed her head down over the bath, having set the flow and temperature on the shower, and proceeded to slowly bring the shower unit up over her head. The water started to flow gradually over her hair, initially running down over its length, hardly seeming to wet it. Then, as I brought the shower fully over her head, the colour started to darken as the hair became soaked through, running in rivers from the ends into the bath below. I struggled to hide my raging erection as I massaged the shampoo into her golden locks. As I flushed her hair through after the second dose of shampoo I ended up nudging into her thigh by accident and I hoped she hadn’t spotted my arousal. It appeared that she had though and I thought it best to confess my love of wet-haired girls. She took this as a compliment and seemed quite amused by it.

After towelling it off to take out the worst, we returned to the chair in the living room. She sat down and I combed out her hair, loving every stroke over the entire length of her damp strands and the lovely sleek surface the combing created. I pushed my luck and suggested that it might suit her more with a side parting and, after some discussion and my promise to cut it so that she could wear it on either side or the centre, she agreed. I started the cut, running the comb down the length and cutting the agreed 3″ from the bottom, as promised. I evened it up all round and then dried it with the side parting – it definitely helped her appearance and she liked the results and asked if I would be prepared to trim it for her in the future.

“I’d love to,” I said, thinking “Yes, she’s hooked!” I then offered to plait it for her and when I finished she gave me a big kiss.

“I wish I’d had you around to cut my hair for me in college,” she said. That night she changed from lodger to lover, what a night!

And so it went on, every 5 or 6 weeks I would trim her hair for her. I didn’t want to push it too soon as this was still the confidence building stage. Now we joined each other in the shower, making love as we washed her hair, before she sat naked for her trim. With a little persuasion, we even invented the ‘conditioning ritual’ before washing it – she would take me in her mouth and then had me come in her hair, massaging it well in afterwards! It certainly got us both going!

Eventually I managed to convince her that she would look good with a fringe (bangs) and was allowed to cut a wide heavy one in the style that was popular at the time. We were both excited by the sight of nearly 24 inches of her straight blonde locks dropping into her naked lap. She loved the look and it suited her much better side parted with the fringe, helping reduce the ‘horse’ effect of her original one-length centre-parted style significantly. Although this was a substantial improvement I still had her put it up whenever I could persuade her – I got good at performing various updos, the tighter to the head the better. That night she let me trim and then shave her pussy for the first time and the sex afterwards was phenomenal!

The constant exposure of her face with her hair up and the, for her, radical change with the fringe, were starting to have their effect on her attitude to her hair. She even started looking at the hair magazines with me and noticed my preference for the shortest styles. One day, she asked me what I thought she would look like with her hair in the shortish pixie that I had in front of me. I shocked her by saying that it would look OK but that it would look even better shorter.

It was not long after that that I managed to persuade her to allow me to cut it into what was a sort of mullet! This was a compromise, but I wanted to break the hold that the overall length still had on her. She gasped as I started by grabbing a lock from the front half of the top of her head and lopped it off at 2 inches from the scalp. I continued to cut these 2″ layers until I had moved right over the front half of the top of her head. There was quite a pile of over 2-foot-long hair accumulating in her naked lap and sliding off to the floor. If she was shocked at the layering of her top hair she had more to come. I slid the scissors into the right side of her hair, three quarters of the way up her ear and close to her scalp. The expression on her face as they scrunched right through it was something to behold. She had never heard the sound of scissors cutting hair so close to her ear before! I cropped the hair in front and over her ears very short, to about 3/8 of an inch, tapering it up the sides. I blended it into the layers at the top and thinned out and layered her fringe. Loads of 2-foot lengths coming off and cascading down, great. I was very tempted to grab the back and lop it off as well but fortunately I managed to refrain. The result was a great improvement in her appearance as it really opened up her face and displayed her features. It definitely helped in reducing the ‘horse look’. Initially she was very shocked at the result, you have to remember that she never saw these cuts until they were finished as she was sat in the middle of the room and only got to look in the mirror afterwards. She decided that it was too short and it took several weeks and a number of compliments from others before she came to like it. Even then she would not let me take the front that short again.

This cut went on with slightly longer variations for around a year. I began to wonder if I had blown my opportunity and the sex between us had started to lose its edge as we stagnated, with her hair gradually growing out to a tatty style half over her ears at the front (as was the fashion then, unfortunately). It was in the October of that year that I set her down to perform yet another boring trim. We had washed her hair as usual and she was now sitting with the lovely smooth effect of her combed-out damp hair. I picked up the scissors and was about to start when she stopped me. What now, I thought. She turned to me and, out of the blue, said, “I know you’ve always fancied cutting my hair short and now’s your chance, you can cut it how you like.”

At last, the opportunity I had been waiting for all this time! I thrust the scissors into a large lock at the top of the back of her head and chopped it off at 1 inch from her scalp, before she could change her mind! I dropped the resulting severed 26-inch length in her lap and she gasped at the sight of it. She grasped hold of it and started to rub it over her nipples. More long blonde locks joined the others in her lap in short order and, as each was dropped, she would grab it and add it to the fist-sized ponytail she had in her hand. As the last long piece came off she thrust the end of the ponytail into her pussy, rubbing the other end all over her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and she quickly gasped to orgasm as I stood there with playing with my huge erection. Whilst I wanted to jump on her right then and there, the desire to finish the job was even greater.

Order restored, I continued with the haircut. The back and sides were cropped to 3/8″ with it shorn right to her hairline and clean over her ears with very little sideburn. The top was cropped to around an inch all over with a slight increase in length at the fringe, which I layered and thinned into a nice 11/2″ creation. For her job as a teacher it was bordering on unacceptably short at the time and was significantly shorter than most of the fashionable styles of the time. I covered her eyes as I led her to the mirror. When she was standing square in front of it I removed my hand. Her mouth fell open and she gasped and there was a silence which must have lasted all of 10 seconds and seemed like a lifetime. She stood with a blank expression on her face and surveyed her very radical makeover.

“Oh-ohh,” I thought, “that’s blown it!” Then her face split with a huge grin.

“I LOVE IT!” she beamed. She turned and gave me a huge kiss, her nipples pressing into my chest and my erection regaining its former glory. I rubbed my hand over her crop and she gasped again. I took her by the hand and lead her back to the sea of hair we had left on the floor. As we walked she rubbed her head continuously with her other hand, a blissful expression on her face. I lowered her into the pile of discarded locks and we made passionate love. Next we retired to bed and made love all night. It was then that Catherine became Cathy. “Catherine sounds too stodgy for my new style,” she said, I didn’t disagree.

Over the next few weeks she received a large number of compliments, several of which she really appreciated as they came from unexpected sources and after some consideration. There were a few odd disparaging comments, mainly from blinkered long-hair-loving males. Overall she was more than pleased with the cut and was quite ready for me to trim it up after only 3 weeks. One thing of note was that, with her hair cut short and not exposed to the sun for long before it got cut off, she went a considerably darker shade of blonde and had to resort to the bottle to keep it how she preferred it. The real sense of victory came a few weeks later when we were walking along the road and were passed by a girl with beautiful long straight blonde hair. After she had passed, Cathy looked at me and said, “Great hair, but it would have suited her better short!” I could not have agreed more and snuggled up against her.

Cathy kept her hair short, with slight variations on the original cut, over the next 6 months. At the end of this time we drifted apart and she moved away. We kept in touch, Christmas and postcards from holiday etc, but didn’t see each other for about 7 years until I met her next, with her current boyfriend, in a pub. She had grown her hair out to shoulder length – he liked long hair – and had a ghastly perm in it. I made no comment about her hair! When we met up again, some 3 or 4 weeks later, she had just had the perm cut out and had a new neat straight short hairstyle, although not as short as it used to be. It would appear that she still took note of what I thought of her hair, and read the lack of comment at our previous meeting correctly! Over the 3 or 4 years since, she has kept it fairly short, recently with the current ghastly tatty look with the overgrown nape and sides that is presently in vogue.

And so it remained until about 3 weeks before the summer holidays were due to start. We were chatting on the phone and I asked how she currently had her hair. She replied with an over-positive view of the recent cut described above.

“I think you should cut it really short,” I said.

“But I had that when I was with you,” she replied.

“I was thinking of something shorter than that, maybe something with the clippers. I think you might enjoy that.”

“Clippers?” she gasped. “Don’t they remove it all? I could never do that with school.”

“Well they can, but with guards on them, mine can cut anything up to an inch, which is little different to what you had before. Besides, you could actually shave your head at the start of the 6-week summer holiday and it could grow back to around 3/4″ by time you had to go back.” I had purchased a set of clippers some time after she left and had yet to give them a real workout on a woman.

2 days later she arrived on the doorstep in her tracksuit, fresh from after-school clubs. Her hair was still damp from the shower after the session and was looking particularly tatty and in need of attention. “I want you to give me that clipper cut,” she said. “Not too short as I still have 2 weeks to go to the holidays.”

“Come on in and I’ll just go and get my clippers,” I said with glee. When I returned, she had set up the chair in front of the TV and was sitting there naked and looking very aroused. “Won’t your boyfriend disapprove of this?” I said, thinking as much of the approaching haircut as the fact she was naked.

“I split up with him 2 weeks ago,” came the reply. “So how are you going to do it? I must remain presentable for work.”

“I was thinking of around 3/4″ over the top and tapered in fairly tight on the back and sides. A number 6 on top and numbers 3 and 4 for the rest.”

“OK then,” she said, “let’s do it.”

I put the #4 attachment on the clipper to start with and pushed her head down to her chest and started the clippers. She jumped as they clacked on and a shudder ran through her as they settled below the hair on her nape. I started the first run up the centre of the back of her head and mowed a path up to around 1″ below her crown, leaving a 1/2″ smooth pelt behind. I noticed her hand slide between her legs as I completed the stroke and saw her fingers start to move. Around 2 inches of her shaggy mess was tumbling down her back, sticking to her skin in places. 6 more strokes and I had completely cropped the back of her head. I moved around to her left hand side and buzzed up in front of her ear to an inch below her side parting (yes, she still had that) and then around it. Her breathing was coming heavily now and the movements of her hand becoming greater. Round to the right and more hair fell from that side as her ear sprang clear of the mess that had been hiding it. I swapped the guard for the #6 and placed the clippers under her fringe. As I started the run back over the top of her head she came loudly. 4 inches of hair was pouring from the front of the blades and cascading down over her shoulders and breasts. On the 3rd run she came again. 2 more runs and the top of her head lay in a beautiful neat regular smooth cap. Next came the #3 and I ran the clippers repeatedly up the base of her neck to the occipital bone and repeated it around the ears. She was now in orbit, coming repeatedly as I completed the runs with the #3 around the sides. I then blended in the various layers to form a lovely smooth finish. Finally I removed the guard and trimmed the hairline neatly. Her hand flew to the back of her neck after I had stroked it and she came again as she rubbed it, moaning loudly. We fell to the floor and relived that moment from those years before, albeit in a smaller pile of hair, but with even greater passion. Clipped hairs were sticking all over our bodies and we retired to the shower, where the lust over the moment took over again as the water streamed over that wonderful neat head. Wow!

She moved back in after that, was it somewhere to live or the passions aroused in the haircut that caused this? I wasn’t sure but passed caring a week later when she demanded that I tidy her cut up for her as it was getting too long. I commented that it was only that she loved the feeling of the clippers on her head that caused the need for this and she freely admitted it, she knew better than to try to fool me on that one! She loved her trim but it was not as passionate as the previous time as there was barely anything to remove.

The following weekend was the start of the school summer holidays and she warned me to keep the days clear as she had a surprise for me. On the Friday she came home looking flushed and excited. She gave me a big kiss and moved the chair to the middle of the room in front of the TV and started removing her clothes. Guessing what was coming, another trim, I dashed off to get my kit. By the time I got back and had disrobed, she already had her hand moving between her legs and I noticed that her pussy was freshly denuded (not the shave I had given it 3 days before). I had never seen her so aroused and commented on it. “Shave it all off!” she panted, “you know you want to.” I decided to play with her a little so I placed the #2 guard on the clippers and started to run them over her head, beginning in front of her left ear this time. At first little shards flew off but the stream thickened as the clippers ran higher and became a flood as they ran over the top of her head to form a perfect buzzcut. Little pieces of hair were plastered all over her heaving body. I ran my hands around over her head and she came. She reached up with her spare hand and rubbed her head, delighting in the feel of the cropped mane. She looked stunning with the buzz, which with her blonde hair almost made her look bald from a short distance. “That’s not what I asked for though,” she said and I removed the guard and clicked the clippers on again.

This time I ran them up the back and sides to the crown, leaving only a stubble and white skin gleaming through. I clicked the clippers off again and dashed for my shaving foam, razor and a bowl of hot water, I had always fancied doing this cut! A real high and tight crewcut with bald sides and back!

“Oi, you’ve missed a bit,” she said rubbing both hands all over her head with a big smile on her face.

“We’ll get to that presently. You’ll enjoy this bit I think and I know I will,” I replied as I squirted the shaving foam into my hand and smeared it over the sides and back of her head. I replaced the Mach 3 blade with a new one and started to strip the back and sides. “Hands down!” I said as she started to reach to feel it. “I’ll tell you when.” I covered the area twice more before I was satisfied, the last time using 3 drops of a special shaving oil that I use on special occasions and makes even my face feel like a baby’s bum! When I was satisfied that it was completely smooth, I stood back and admired my handiwork with the shadow of blonde hair remaining on top of the glistening white back and sides. It reminded me of a short sequence I had once seen on a TV 1st World War documentary about the Russian women volunteer regiment in 1917. They signed up at a time when their men were becoming distracted from fighting by the forthcoming Revolution. These women were taken from the recruiting office where they signed up, straight down the road to a barber by their female commanding officer. Here their hair was cut just like Cathy’s, out in the street before going to join what became known as the Women’s Death Battalion due to their heroism and losses, only 250 survived just a few months’ fighting out of 2000. It was only a short clip and I was too slow with the video recorder – I have only 1/2 a second of it! I wish I could get hold of a complete copy!

“Now you can feel it,” I said. Her hands flew to her head and she gasped as they rubbed over the smooth skin and the remaining buzzed hair. One hand flew back to her crotch and she orgasmed almost immediately. I joined in to help her and soon we were making love across the chair with me entering her from behind and both of us rubbing her head. This was our greatest lust ever! When we had calmed down a little, she sat back in the chair and I switched the clippers back on and completed the task of making her completely bald. We made love again after I had finished with the razor and afterwards I put my hand over her eyes, as all those years ago, and led her to the mirror. She was stunned when she saw herself. No hair making her look like a horse, lovely ears and those beautiful eyes, looking so dominant and round without any distractions. A tear came from her eye and I was concerned.

“What’s up, I know it’s a bit of a change but you asked for it and it will soon grow back.”

“It’s not that,” she said. “I’m just so happy! It’s WONDERFUL!”

We adjourned to the shower where the feel of the water drumming on her bare scalp set her off again. We made love again and again, only stopping when the water ran cold. Well, project completed, I’d finally made it! Now just to get her to retain a suitable short style once term begins.

That night we went out. Cathy decided that she was going to go bald headed and it caused quite a stir. It’s not often that you come across a beautiful teacher in her 30s with a bald head! Whatever happened to the long, blonde, straight, centre-parted, one-length-haired girl with the paranoia about getting it cut that I first met all those years ago? She was revelling in her new style and loving being the centre of attention. There were many comments and questions with a surprisingly high proportion positive. The interesting one was the number of women who commented that they had often wondered what it would be like but could not bring themselves to do it. I immediately offered my services of course!

Over the next few weeks the big grow-out for the start of term progressed. After 1 week I returned her to the high and tight crewcut and she was proud to go out with it. It seemed to draw even more attention than her bald look and people started to treat the top of her head as public property more frequently, coming up and stroking it. I suppose that when she was bald they were embarrassed as it might have been medical, now it was obviously her making a statement! She also drew even more attention from women, some simply interested as before but a significant proportion from the local lesbian community (a couple of whom asked if I could perform a similar cut for them, although that’s another story. Perhaps I shall end up as the local girl barber at this rate!).

The next stage was a #2 top with #1 and #0 sides – great! :-). Next was a #2 all-over buzz – my favourite girl’s haircut. This progressed in another to a #3 top with #2 and #1 sides. This grew gradually out until, on the final day of the holiday, I returned her to a #6 top with #4 and #3 back and sides, just like she had had on her last day of term.

Some of her kids had inevitably seen her in the various stages of her summer hair adventure and she was somewhat worried what their reaction would be. In the end, with a few exceptions from the sort of kid who will take advantage of anything, they mainly seemed to have granted her a certain respect and a few of the girls complimented her on her courage. Her hair has remained short, becoming slightly longer as winter approached – it’s now a #8 with #6 and #4 sides, always with the clippers. “They feel so wonderful that I would not have my hair done without them now,” she commented one time as I was running them over her head.

Our love life has diminished in the recent weeks. We were never really suited to each other and really only ever bonded by our various attitudes to hair. A few days ago, she dropped the bombshell: she’s moving away again to a better job. Oh well, my initial task has run its course and the world has another devoted short-haired lover – unbelievable when you think where we started from. Maybe I’ll find another long-haired girl to work on, there seems to be a few around who are now interested, thanks to Cathy!

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