THE CONCERT by Shearingly

Amy’s cousin, Laura, and Laura’s mom had come for a three week visit. They didn’t live all that far away but they didn’t get to see each other very often. Amy and Laura were the same age (Laura was only three weeks older) and got along very well together. Laura’s mom came along because her husband didn’t trust Laura and wanted his wife to keep an eye on her.

Amy and Laura were so excited – they were going to a concert. They couldn’t believe that her mom would let them go – especially after Amy’s dad had said very clearly, “NO WAY.” She even covered for the girls by telling him that the girls were going to the mall for the evening. It would have all worked out except the eleven o’clock news showed a clip from the concert. It so happened that they had been right up front by the stage and the lead singer brought the girls up with him and had the girls dance while he sang. They loved it – they thought they’d died and gone to heaven. But the news cameras caught it all and that, of course, was the part they put on the broadcast.

Even so, they might have gotten away with it, except that Laura’s dad (who had stayed at home, 85 miles away, was watching the news). He called Amy’s dad – they were brothers after all – and told him to turn on the TV. Amy’s dad caught the segment and saw them dancing. The two brothers (the girls found out later) spent a half hour on the phone deciding what to do about their disobedience.

Let me back up. You know that these girls are cousins. I haven’t told you that they are seventeen, and juniors in high school. It was their summer break and they liked to spend time together every summer. Laura said that Amy wouldn’t want to come to her house because her dad was so strict they wouldn’t be able to do anything fun.

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After getting off the phone with his brother, he went into the family room to wait for the girls. His wife (Amy’s mom) had died six years earlier and he was finding it difficult raising a daughter by himself. Although Amy was a good girl and seldom rebelled, he didn’t like the influence that Laura had on her. Laura’s mom (Patty) stayed up with him – she didn’t know that her husband had caught the girls in their deception.

The girls were floating when they were dropped off in front of Amy’s house. They giggled and laughed up the front walk and then tried to quiet themselves before they opened the front door. The door opened and they saw Amy’s dad standing in the front hall with his arms folded across his chest and a stern look on his face. He pointed into the family room where Laura’s mom was waiting. It didn’t take long for him to clue them in – they had been discovered (he didn’t tell them how and they wondered if he was psychic). They all admitted their wrongdoing. He told them that all three had been disobedient and behaved like children. He said that they would have to be punished and taught a lesson that they would remember for quite a while.

He set three straight backed chairs in a row along one wall and told them to sit, indicating that Patty was to sit in the middle chair between the girls. They started to protest but saw the look in his eyes and decided it would be best to stay quiet. He walked back and forth before them as he lectured about the importance of honesty and integrity and trust and a number of other related topics. He finally got around to the punishment. He said that they would each get a severe paddling (that brought huge gasps and cries of dismay from the girls who thought they were far too old to be treated like that). He held up his hand to quiet them and looked right at Patty (who was not unfamiliar with that mode of punishment, her husband used it frequently on her). He said to her, “Patty, you will be first.”

The girls looked at her expecting her to protest or resist in some way, but she stood up, resigned to her fate. That took the wind out of the girls. They knew if Patty submitted to the paddling, there was no hope for them. Then the other shoe dropped – “You will be paddled on a bare bottom.” Patty’s eyes widened, but once again she took it stoically.

He motioned to Patty to stand in the middle of the room. She was wearing a skin-tight pair of jeans that showed off her trim, fit, figure. She had passed 30 a few years ago, but worked at staying trim and was proud of her figure. Her husband wouldn’t let her wear jeans like these, she could only wear them when she knew he wouldn’t see her. She unsnapped the waistband and pulled down the zipper then began to wiggle out of them. They were so tight she usually had to lay on her bed and pull and tug to get them on – so she was having some difficulty and put on a little show for her audience. Finally they were at her ankles and he said, “That’s O.K.”

She looked at him with an eyebrow raised as if to ask, “Is that enough?” He motioned and said, “The panties too.” The girls gasped again and looked at each other. Laura had never seen her mom naked before. Patty slowly pulled her panties down to her knees and then let them drop down to her ankles to rest on top of her jeans. She was wearing an extra large sweat-shirt which hung below her hips. He told her that it would be in the way and she was to lift it up to her armpits. She did, revealing the fact that she was wearing no bra. Her breasts were still firm with no visible sag. She tried to cover herself with her hands, but it was awkward and she had to hold the sweatshirt to keep it from falling down. He stood and gazed at her for what seemed like a long time before telling her to bend over and grab her ankles.

She bent over at the waist, her shiny, thick, honey-blond, shoulder length hair hung down toward the floor. He ran his fingertips from her waist down across her bottom cheeks. She flinched at his touch. It was obvious that he was enjoying her discomfort. He took an ancient, scarred paddle, one which his father had used on him and proceeded to give Patty nineteen hard whacks. Even she was surprised it was so many. Her husband had given her ten or twelve on a few occasions, but never nineteen. She held out well for the first four, but then the pain got to her and she let out a cry, then another. Soon she was wailing and sobbing and begging for mercy – “Please stop. Oh that hurts. I promise, I’ll never do it again. Please!” When he announced that he was done with her she stood up and shamelessly rubbed her sore bottom. She wouldn’t be able to sit comfortably for days, she knew. She pulled up her panties and jeans (with difficulty) and sat back down, gingerly, in her chair.

The girls were looking at him wide-eyed and fearful. Tears were already streaming down their faces and the paddle hadn’t even touched them yet. “Laura, assume the position.” She walked to the center of the room and bent double to grab her ankles. Her hair, blond and thick like her mother’s, was long and puddled on the floor in this position. “Just a minute there, Laura. I said a bare bottom.”

“Oh, please Uncle Bill,” she said turning to look up at him. “I’m seventeen, not a little girl. That would be too embarrassing. Please don’t.”

She was wearing a tight red dress with spaghetti straps and a short flip skirt. She had a white tee shirt on under the dress which looked like it was two or three sizes too small. He felt a tightness in his chest as he took hold of the hem of her skirt, which, bent over like she was, already let half of her bottom show. He lifted it up, pushing the dress up her back where it would stay put. Then inserting his fingers in the waistband of her panties he pulled them down to her knees. He paused to admire the firm young bottom of his pretty niece.

He gave her ten hard whacks which quickly had her sobbing. He had asked her before starting and it had been at least six years since her last paddling. Now here she was, a junior in high school getting spanked on her bare bottom. It was a memorable lesson indeed.

Amy tried to argue with her dad, but she had seen enough to know that she stood little chance of changing his mind. She was wearing a short jean skirt with buttons down the front and without being asked she lifted it up, pulled her panties down to her knees and bent double. She screeched and wailed through her ten whacks, promising to be good, to never disobey him ever again and so on. After she was done and the three were once again sitting in their chairs wiping their tear-stained faces and thinking their punishment was over, he dropped the bomb.

“You ladies have committed several offenses this evening and are deserving of every bit of punishment you receive. The paddling won’t soon be forgotten, but eventually your bottoms won’t be sore and you’ll convince yourselves that you can get away with this kind of stuff again. I have one more punishment in store for you. I guarantee that you will remember it far longer than this spanking.” He took them into the kitchen and had them sit around the table.

“Amy, honey,” he said to his daughter, “you’re going to be first.” He handed her a hair brush and said, “Brush your hair.” She had pretty auburn hair that fell about six inches below her shoulders. Tonight she had it hanging loose and straight around her face and shoulders. She combed her fingers through it at the top pulling the loose strands to one side out of her face.

“What are you going to do, Daddy?” Amy asked fearfully.

“Just keep brushing until I tell you to stop.” She brushed and brushed until her arm got tired. It made her hair look so soft and shiny. Finally he said it was enough and took the brush from her hand. She kept turning her head to try to see what he was going to do next. He ran his hands through her soft hair, enjoying the luxurious feel of it. “Amy, I’m going to give you a haircut ”

“Oh, no Daddy,” she interrupted him with a shriek, “please don’t cut my hair! I like it just the way it is. I’ve told everyone that I’m growing it long. What will I tell people when they see me?” Her rush of words tapered off.

“So that,” he continued as though she hadn’t spoken, “for the next few months you will remember the consequences of disobedience and deceit. Every time you look in the mirror you will think – ‘I was a naughty girl and my Daddy loved me enough to punish me so I wouldn’t get into the habit of lying.'”

He said a little more roughly, “You ARE going to get a hair cut because I believe it is the only punishment that you will remember for a long time.” He stood behind her and took a pair of scissors from a bag at his feet. Using his fingers he marked off a point halfway between her nape and the crown of her head. He took the scissors and cut straight across on that line – from the top of one ear to the other ear. Great lengths of shiny auburn hair slithered across her chest and into her lap. She sobbed loudly as the scissors crunched their way across the back of her head. When he was finished he stepped back. He was a little surprised that the line ended up as straight as it had. With that much hair cut off and its weight gone the remaining hair was fluffed out in an extreme wedge cut. It wasn’t too bad for an amateur. He then took electric clippers (a brand new rechargeable unit) out of his bag and snapped them on. Amy’s head swiveled around, “What are you going to do with those?” she sniffed.

“Be quiet, honey,” he replied, “I’m just going to clean up your neckline.” He lifted up the remaining long hair at the base of her head and clippered it off. There was no guard on the clippers so it left no hair to speak of on her nape and up to the new line of hair. When he snapped the clippers off, Amy’s hand went up to feel the stubble. She shrieked once again when she realized how far up he had gone. He wasn’t quite done. Going around to the front, he combed a large section of hair down over her eyes and then, using the scissors, snipped away until she was left with short bangs, uneven and goofy looking.

He led her to the sink and had her stick her head under the faucet while he shampooed what was left of her hair. He told Patty and Laura to pick up every bit of Amy’s severed hair and put it in the brown paper sack he’d left on the table. While her neck was all soapy she rested her head on the front edge of the sink and using a disposable razor he shaved the stubble, leaving only bare, smooth skin where she used to have a layer of lovely hair. When he had rinsed her off he sent her to bed.

He turned back to Laura and Patty who were sitting awaiting their fate. He could feel a tingle of excitement in his loins. “Patty,” he said to her, “should I do you next?” Patty looked at him with shock and fear, not knowing what to say. He stood behind her and ran his fingers through her soft, shiny hair. She had shampooed it that morning, he remembered seeing her come out of the hall bathroom with wet hair. She was, as had been mentioned, proud of her figure, but she was even more proud of her hair. She bought the best shampoos and conditioners and used them to keep it soft and manageable. She had it trimmed and styled regularly and knew it was something that caught the eyes of people whenever she walked into a room. The strands had gotten dishevelled when she bent over for her spanking. He handed her a brush and told her to brush her hair. It was sensuous, the way she arched her back and drew the brush through her beautiful hair. Stroke after stroke whispered through the room, making the blond hair glimmer and shine, catching the light just so. She had no idea of what he had in mind for her!

He turned to Laura, studying her long blond hair (it ended in a ruler straight line four inches above her waist) which she was twisting nervously around her right index finger. “What kind of new hairstyle should we give to Laura?” he asked no one in particular.

“Maybe a little trim?” Laura asked in a small voice. He loved the tension in her voice and the feeling of power. He had realized a long time ago that he had a hair fetish, but had never been in a position to satisfy it like he was this night. He had suffered physical agony whenever Patty and Laura came to visit Amy. They were so pretty – actually pretty enough to do some work for a modeling agency. They would come each summer with their shiny hair and flaunt it around him. He had fantasized over and over standing behind them with clippers and giving them a dramatic haircut. Now, tonight, his brother had told him to do whatever he wanted to teach them a lesson. This would do that all right!

He ordered Laura to braid her hair. She gathered it together low at her neck and then pulling the sections over her shoulder she twined it into a thick braid. She held it in place while he tied a ribbon at each end of the braid. He said, “You know, my brother told me once that he wished that he had a son. He was disappointed when your mother refused to give him any more children after you. I think I’ll give him the boy he’s always wanted.” Laura tensed when she heard the click and hum of the clippers. He first worked around the braid severing it from her head. He rubbed his cheek with the soft end of the beautiful blond braid then set it aside – that was a special memento that he was going to savor for a long time.

The remaining hair fell around her neck and cheeks. He pushed her head forward and worked quickly with the clippers, zooming them up the back tapering from a quarter of an inch at the base of her head to and inch at the crown. He then parted her top hair on one side, combing it over and, using the scissors, cut it to about an inch and a half. He clippered the sides of her head from a quarter inch around her ears to about a half an inch at the part. When all her long beautiful blond hair was gone he took her to the sink and washed what was left for her. He shaved her neck and around her ears, just like a barber. After toweling it briskly, he combed the still damp hair and she looked just like a boy. What a change! She made kind of a cute boy. He held a hand mirror in front of her face and enjoyed the look of horror and dismay when she saw the finished result for the first time. She sobbed quietly as he sent her to bed.

“Patty, I guess you’re next,” he said as he took the brush from Patty’s hand and ran his fingers through her soft hair again and again. It irritated her – she didn’t like being touched like this, but she didn’t say anything. “Patty, you know that what you did tonight was deceitful and wrong, don’t you?”

She decided to go along with whatever he said, thinking it might make it easier for her. She nodded her head and said weakly, “Yes. I’m sorry Bill, I shouldn’t have done that. I won’t do it again. You can tell your brother that you spanked me and it’s all taken care of.”

“No, Patty, he told me that when you get home he will administer some discipline of his own. He told me to spank you good and then he said if I thought you needed anything else to go ahead. I have decided to give you a haircut.”

Finally he stopped talking and reached into a bag at his feet. He was behind her so she didn’t see what he was doing. With one hand he pushed her head forward so her chin was touching her chest. He then put that hand under her hair and lifted it up away from her neck. The other hand, holding the clippers, came toward her neck. There was a snap and a hum she felt the cold, vibrating steel on the nape of her neck. It moved up the back of her head toward her crown. It didn’t seem real to her until she saw the severed strands floating down toward the floor.

She let out a blood-curdling scream and started to raise up. He grabbed a thick handful of her hair and held tight, causing her to wince in pain. “You hold still or I’ll have to tie you to the chair,” he whispered into her ear, “and then I’ll stretch you out on the floor and shave your crotch. Do you want that?” He could feel her relax into submission and eased up on his hold. He still kept a firm grip though, while he worked away with the clippers. The right side was the first to be completed, then the left and finally placing the clippers on her forehead he mowed wide swaths straight back until only stubble was left. There was no guard on the clippers so it really left her head naked except for some light, blond stubble. He grasped her arm and dragged her over to the sink where he lathered her head and shaved it, lathered it again and shaved it a second time. Finally she was totally bald – smooth and shiny. He told her to clean up the kitchen and hurried off to his bedroom – he was too excited to stick around any longer. This visit was one they would all remember for a long time!



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