Cinderella – The Real Story

Cinderella - The Real Story

Cinderella – the Real Story

The brash sound of the buzzer in her room startled Cinderella. You would think by now that she’d be use to it, since with ritual precision her step-sisters called her to her duties, every day at the same time. Somehow, no matter how much she tried, she could never get used to its shrill irreverent call. She composed herself, and hurried upstairs. She was wearing a simple dress, and a plain white scarf covering her head. With trepidation she opened the door to her step-sisters room. As she walked in, she was greeted by an brash scolding.

“You’re two minutes late again today Cinderella!” cried the eldest of the three step- sisters.

“Sorry, I’ll try to do better tomorrow,” replied Cinderella.

“We have no time for your insipid excuses girl, get on with fixing our hair!” squawked the middle sister. The three sisters sat in three chairs facing three mirrors. Their long blond hair fell down their backs reaching their waists. It was Cinderella’s job every morning to wash, condition, dry, brush, and sometimes touch up the color of the roots on these long manes. Finally after about an hour and a half, Cinderella was just finishing the youngest step sister. As Cinderella stepped back from her work, the eldest step sister said. “Now baldie, its time for your morning shave!”

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Cinderella retreated to, and sat down in a small chair in the corner of the room. She removed the scarf which had been covering her head, to reveal that, except for a little stubble, she was totally bald. Her head had obviously been shaved daily for a while, since the skin color on the scalp matched that of the rest of her head. It had been actually been 6 months since the sadistic step-sisters instituted their latest form of humiliation on the hapless girl. The eldest step sister walked over to the sitting Cinderella carrying a shaving mug and lathered up shaving brush. She proceeded to lather up Cinderella’s scalp, while the other two sisters giggled with glee. When she was done, she handed Cinderella a straight razor and said, “You’d better do a good job. I want it real smooth and no missed spots, or I’ll make you do it all over again!”

Cinderella started on her now daily task of shaving her head. She had learned by hard experience to quickly and completely shave it smooth without even a mirror. She worked the razor across her scalp with deft precision, leaving no spot untouched. When she was done, the eldest sister came over with a towel and wiped off the excess soap. Then she gave Cinderella’s head a quick buff, making it shine. The three step- sisters then started to tease and taunt Cinderella, calling her names, telling her how unattractive she was, and flaunting their long hair in her face. When they were done Cinderella got up, and left the room. On the way out the youngest of the trio yelled, “Hey Cindy, no man would want a bald woman”. Cinderella just proceeded down the stairs to her room, shut the door and lay down in bed.

The day was just beginning, but Cinderella had a whole day’s worth of chores to do. This day was going to be extra hard, since it was the day of the grand ball at the palace, and her three step-sisters had to get ready to go to the affair. For a moment she slipped into a day dream, where she pictured herself dressed in a beautiful gown and dancing with a handsome prince. The next thought in her mind devastated her fantasy. What prince would dance with a bald headed girl? Yes, her wicked step-sisters had even succeeded in destroying her fantasy world. Cinderella quickly got up out of bed and started her long day.

Cinderella was finishing the day with a meagre supper, when the sound of the buzzer shattered her peace once again. It was time to help the step-sisters get ready to for the ball. She raced upstairs and entered the room. The step-sisters were their usual “Charming” selves, and made poor Cinderella work twice as hard to get them ready for the grand ball. Finally all was done, and the sisters looked as good as was, in their case, humanly possible. Their hair and makeup was done, and they were dressed in the most exquisite gowns, even Cinderella had to step back and admire her own work. The charm faded quickly, as the eldest said “I think our little sister needs another shave today”. They quickly put poor Cinderella through the same shameful ritual. When she was done, they all danced around her and started to tease her.

“Maybe we should bring our little baldie here to the ball” said one.

“Yes, good idea, then everyone at the affair could have some laughs!” replied another. The step-sisters finally left, and Cinderella remained all alone in the room.

Cinderella sat in the middle of the room with her head down, feeling dejected. She rubbed her freshly shaved head and thought about what it must be like to go to the grand ball. All of a sudden she heard a tingling sound, and out of the corner of her eye she saw a gold light sparkling in the room. Suddenly a voice broke the silence. “Hey Girl! why are you looking so down?” She turned her head and her eyes caught a vision that caused her to do a double take. To which she uttered in awe and amazement the words “Who – who are you?”. There in the corner of the room was a 6 foot tall gorgeous black women wearing a leopard spotted leotard. She had a firm voluptuous body and to Cinderella’s surprise, a clean shaven head.

“Well Cindy who do you think I am, I’m your Fairy God-mother! You rubbed your head, girl, and I appeared! What’s the matter, honey? You don’t think I look like a Fairy God-Mother? Yeah, I guess you were expecting the lily white lady with lots of curly blonde hair, and a nice white dress carrying a magic wand, right? Well, Honey, that’s only in fairy tales – I’m the real thing.- I got the real magic! – and by the way girl, enough of this Fairy God-Mother stuff, you can call me Pam.”

Pam walked over to Cinderella, stood her up straight, and faced her in front of a full- length mirror. Pam then stepped back and studied the young girl for a moment.

“Okay Cindy, lets start with the wardrobe” Pam exclaimed.

With that Pam pointed the index finger of her right hand in Cinderella’s direction. A stream of golden light issued forth from the tip of the finger enveloping Cinderella. When the light cleared Cindy was wearing an exquisite low cut evening gown that empathized all the beauty of her young subtle body. Cinderella’s eye’s widened in amazement. A smile came to her lips and she exclaimed, “Pam its ah-ah-ah incredible!”

To which Pam replied, “And so are you honey. Okay, and now for accessories!” Pam’s finger once more issued forth a stream of golden light and Cindy found herself wearing golden shoes, a pretty pair of fine gold earrings, and a golden tiara bejeweled with diamonds. Cinderella could not believe her eyes, was this really happening or was this some sort of dream? She studied herself in the mirror, spun around, and looked some more. Her amazement suddenly waned and she said to Pam,

“Pam, do you think you could give me some hair?”

Pam quickly retorted, “Hair? what would you need that for girl? Cindy, look at me for a second girl, what do you see? Honey I’m Bad, Bald, and Beautiful. I’m an attractive women and I know it. Honey I have men that would die to go out with me!”

Pam pushed Cinderella closer to the mirror and forced her to look at her image. “Look at yourself honey, you’re beautiful. You’ve got gorgeous features, a great body, and a special glow that comes form the heart, that makes you a real beauty.”

As Cinderella studied herself, she started to notice the things that Pam was talking about. Slowly a warm feeling started to rise up her body, and started to flow into her heart. She started to believe in herself, she was beautiful! Even her bald head started to take on a whole new aspect. She saw the beauty in her smooth look, and she liked it. She thought to herself. “Only an hour ago it was a point of reducible, now it actually looks good on me!” Cinderella was becoming her true self, a new level of self-confidence and charisma beamed through her. Pam just smiled, she knew she had done her job. “OK girl, we got a ball to go to, lets go!”

The girls rushed down stairs and out the door. Outside parked in front of the house was a stretch Caddie limousine, and standing next to the car was a huge black man in a tuxedo, about 6’6″ with a beard, sunglasses and a clean head. The girls walked up to him and Pam kind of tickled him under the chin, to which he cracked a half smile. Pam said, “Cindy, I’d like you to meet Isaac, he’ll take care of getting you to the grand ball”

“Nice to meet you Isaac,” replied Cinderella

“The pleasure is all mine, and may I say you look lovely tonight”.

To this, the newly confident Cinderella, replied “Thank you, coming from a splendid gentleman such as yourself, makes it a real honor.”

The girls got into the back seat of the limousine and Isaac sped off. On the way Pam gave Cinderella her final instructions. “Remember girl, you got to be back at 12 midnight for Isaac to pick you up, or the whole spell falls apart” Cinderella nodded yes. Pam handed her a golden fan, just as Isaac was pulling up to the palace driveway. Cinderella was the last to arrive, so she was poised to make a stunning entrance. Isaac got out of the car and opened the door for Cinderella, and taking her hand, helped her out. As she was leaving Pam said “Knock ‘em dead girl” Cindy smiled and got out of the car.

Cinderella started to ascend the long array of steps leading to the entrance of the palace. Her manner was poised and totally self-confident, and those that beheld her knew it. Finally reaching the entrance, she entered the ballroom. As she moved across the floor all eyes were locked on to this lovely vision. As she continued you could see heads turn, and hear the room slowly become silent. Even before she reached the end, a stream of young men were converging on her. At that moment the Prince caught his first glimpse of this beauty. He immediately walked up to her. He looked into her eyes, and she into his. It was a deep and timeless glance, that seemed to last an eternity. At last he said, “Would you care to dance?” Cinderella nodded yes, and they were off. That was the only time that the Prince uttered those words that night. From then on, the two were inseparable. They danced, talked very little, but mostly enjoyed the silent communication of being together.

Meantime the gossip machine in the palace was going full bore. Who was this stunning and unusual beauty? Was she royalty? Well of course, she certainly looked like it! The step-sisters of course were right in the thick of it, and didn’t even for one instant think that this exquisite woman could be their little baldie, who they were so fond of humiliating. The night wore on and the royal couple were so engrossed in each other, that Cinderella failed to notice the time. The huge bell in the tower clock of the palace began its midnight hymn. The sudden sound woke Cinderella out of her trance and she realized that she had to leave now.

Cinderella excused herself from the Prince, who was taken aback by her sudden departure, and started to follow her across the floor. She walked first quickly, but soon the urgency caused her to break into a run. Out past the entrance, she grabbed her skirt, lifted it up, and ran down the stairs. About half way down, she suddenly lost her balance. She recovered without a fall, but the golden tiara slipped off her head and rolled to the ground. She paid no heed and headed directly for the limousine that was parked in the driveway at the bottom of the stairs. Isaac saw her coming, and held open the door. She jumped in. Isaac shut the door, got into the car, and sped off. The Prince who by this time was running after her, stopped to retrieve the tiara. He bent down, picked it up, and looked up just in time to see the limousine drive off into the night. That was all that he could see of the mysterious beauty that had captured his heart that evening,

“Well Cindy, did you have a good time this evening?” asked Pam who was sitting in the back seat with Cinderella. The look in Cinderella’s eyes told all, and Pam said, “He really likes you, doesn’t he? I told you girl, be your true self and everything will be fine.”

Cinderella then remembered the lost tiara and said, “Pam, I lost the tiara.”

Pam laughed and answered, “I created it out of nothing, so nothing is lost, don’t worry girl.”

The limousine pulled up to the house and the girls got out. Pam was getting into the front with Isaac when she said, “Cindy, don’t worry, everything will work out fine. Anyway Isaac and I have, well let’s say a little date tonight.” She gave Cinderella a kind of sly wink, and then closed the car door. The limousine sped off down the street.

A few seconds later, the car disappeared into a golden shimmer of light, and at the same instant, Cinderella’s clothes returned to her original simple fare. She walked into the house and went into her room. Cinderella got ready to retire to bed, she undressed and stared at her image in the small mirror in her room. Even without the fancy clothes, she still was able recognize the true self within her. She smiled, “I know who I am, and I am beautiful.” With that thought still in her mind, she went to sleep.

All this time the Prince was beside himself. He had found the girl of his dreams, and had lost her. He put out the decree that he would search the entire kingdom for the girl whose head fit the lost tiara. The Prince’s decree caused a strange phenomena in the kingdom the next day, for all the barbers and hairdressers were besieged by young women requesting that their heads be shaved. All lot of hair hit the cutting room floor that day!

Cinderella awoke, got dressed, and was ready to start the day when the infamous buzzer went off. She shrugged her shoulders, and went up stairs. On the way up she thought “They can’t humiliate me any more, I know who I am, and I like my look.” She rubbed her hand across her scalp and laughed. She opened the door to the room and found the sisters sitting in their respective chairs, with their long hair hanging down their backs. As she walked in she was greeted by a most unusual request. The eldest step sister said, “Cinderella, I want you to cut off all our hair and shave our heads bald.”

Cinderella froze in her tracks at this almost unbelievable request. The eldest sister again demanded, “I want you to do it now – no more stalling now!” With that Cinderella picked up the clippers that were laying on the table, and moved over to the eldest step sister, and switched them on. Cinderella looked at the impending task and thought, “Hmm, I think I am going to enjoy this.” She ran the clippers from the front of the head to the crown exposing the scalp beneath. She repeated this until the whole top was bald except for stubble. She then moved to one side then the other, all the while more of the scalp was becoming visible. Finally she finished up at the nape of the neck, and the first step sister was left hairless. She then got out the shaving utensils, lathered up the eldest step-sister’s head, and began shaving the stubble with her straight razor. She worked very close and continued until the girl was totally smooth. When done, she rubbed the scalp with a towel to bring up a shine.

The middle sister was next. Cinderella tied the hair in a braid and worked the clippers around the middle step-sister’s head, till finally she pulled the braid and hair off in one stroke. The razor was equally effective in rendering step-sister number two’s head smooth as silk. The youngest sister was the last to go hairless. Cinderella first buzzed off the hair on one half of youngest sisters head, then proceed to remove it from the remainder of the scalp. Cindy then lathered up sister number three, and shaved her head until it was smooth and bald.

When she was done, Cinderella stepped back to admire her handiwork. There sat the three step-sisters, who just a short while ago had long blonde locks, now there were three bald heads and a floor littered with three piles of blonde hair. Although the sisters didn’t look all bad, their skulls did have some bumps and the youngest girl’s ears kind of stuck out. At least she felt if the girls wanted the bald look, no one else would have done a better job, they were defiantly smoothies. The step-sisters then left the room and went downstairs.

Cinderella overheard them talking about the Prince’s decree and decided that she had better touch up her own scalp. It took her very little time to get rid of any stubble on her own head. She was ready for the Prince. She put her scarf back on, and went down the stairs. She sat down quietly in the corner away from her three step-sisters, and waited. Soon there was a knock on the door, and the sisters commanded her to answer it. She walked over to the door, and opened it. The Prince’s retinue entered the house, Cinderella moved out of the way to the side of the room, and stood quietly. The Prince’s servant announced the Prince, who then entered the room. The Prince’s face wore an air of a man on a quest. His determined eyes scanned the room, with a faint hope that the treasure that he sought would soon be found. His gaze struck the figure of the demure Cinderella in the corner, for a moment their eyes locked, but Cinderella shyly lowered her gaze, and started to blush. Her heart started to race with excitement. The Prince sensing that his search was at an end, walked over to the spot on which Cinderella stood. Placing his finger under her chin he lifted her head so that their eyes would meet. She could feel the quickened pulse in his finger. The warm glow of her femininity peaked, as their eyes met At that moment she could feel her heart explode with love. They were once more locked in each others gaze. He gently pulled the simple white scarf off her head, exposing its beautiful smooth lines, and with a simple gesture placed upon her head the bejeweled tiara. He did not even have to notice that it was a perfect fit, he knew, he had already found his true treasure. The energy between them peaked, it was too much, and they fell into each others arms and kissed in a long passionate embrace.

The three bald step-sisters were totally aghast and surprised at the events that had just transpired. They were speechless as the Prince led Cinderella out of that unhappy house for the last time. As the Prince and Cinderella were walking to the Prince’s waiting Rolls, she turned and looked back down the street. To her amazement she saw the Caddie Limo with Pam and Isaac standing in front of it. Pam waved and winked to Cinderella in her own mischievous way, and of course Cinderella, glowing, winked back. The Prince and Cinderella then got into the Rolls, and sped away to a new life together in the palace.

The End


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