Chrissy’s New Haircut

Chrissy's New Haircut

Chrissy’s New Haircut – X Man

This was going to be a great year thought Chrissy. Chrissy, or Chris to her friends, was elected captain of the volleyball team, had liked all her classes, and was even one of the big topics among the boys. Though only two weeks into her senior year, she felt big things ahead of her. She’d be among the most popular girls in school now, with last year’s class gone and in college.

Homecoming was only a few weeks off and she didn’t have a date yet. Plus her first game was coming up and she felt she needed a haircut. Now Chrissy wasn’t one of those beauties who dressed in skimpy clothes and chased the guys. Instead she kinda kept to herself and didn’t really have much fashion sense. Yet years of sports kept her body fit and tan, and her hair was magnificent. She had taken good care of it, and had grown it to her shoulders in a glorious brown bob. She didn’t do a whole lot to it, just kept it one length, but the shine and volume of her hair was untouched among the other girls.

Since she didn’t spend much on fashion, Chrissy always got her hair cut at the local Fantastic Sam’s. It was owned by a group of Korean women who Chrissy kinda knew. Today she entered the shop and was greeted by Jan. Jan was an older Asian woman, and someone Chrissy hadn’t meant before. She didn’t seem to speak English too well, but Chrissy introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Chris.”

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Jan took her over to her station and commented on her sports warm-ups she had on. “Play sports?” commented Jan.

“Yeah” replied Chrissy, “I need a haircut for my game this Friday, it’s been a while.”

Chrissy tried to explain what she wanted, but Jan had trouble understanding. Eventually she just said, flat across, making a flat motion with her hands. Jan seemed to get this. “How much?” she asked. Chrissy stated that a half-inch would be good.

Jan caped Chrissy and quickly spun her around to face away from the mirror. Jan dug into her supplies and pulled out a clipper with half-inch attachment. She popped them on and ran them up Chrissy’s neck and the back of her head. Chrissy panicked. She could not see what was going on, but it felt strange. After a few swipes, she pulled her head up and tried to look at the mirror across the salon. Everything seemed normal. It was then Jan came around the side and buzzed the right side of her head. Soon large clumps of shiny, brown hair rained on to the cape and the floor. Chrissy froze in shock. Jan would eventually move around to the left side and buzz more off. She would switch attachments and buzz off the remaining hair up top. All the while Chrissy watched as strand after strand of glorious hair fell in front of her eyes. She longed for that shiny mane of hers lying on the floor. She had no idea what had just happened and felt it had to be a bad dream. Meanwhile Jan continued to run the clippers, gathering any stray hairs. When she was done, Chrissy examined herself in the mirror, now in front of her. She saw someone, a stranger. She – or he? – had a dull short cut, with no shine to their hair. Instead there was a dull, spiky cut with maybe an inch on top and less on the sides. Jan stood Chrissy up and took her to the sink.

The shampoo and massaging hands felt weird on her skin, thought Chrissy. The warm water tingled as Jan washed away any stray hairs. It actually felt good, but she knew it wasn’t right. Normally her long hair would hang down in front of her eyes or on her neck. Jan wrapped a towel around Chrissy’s head and brought her back to her station. She dried her hair, which took just a few seconds, and went back to her drawer. Chrissy examined herself in the mirror again, her hair was more spiky than before. Soon Jan went back to work. She stood in between Chrissy and the mirror, with clippers and a comb. Chrissy couldn’t see what was going on, but little strands of hair kept falling around her. After a while Chrissy zoned out, only to be awakened by Jan. “Sideburn?” questioned Jan. Chrissy shook her head no. And with that Jan took her clippers and worked around her head some more. Finally Jan spun Chrissy around so she faced away from the mirror and tilted her head down. Chrissy got a brief look at herself from across the salon, she swore her head looked square! The clippers ran up her neck again and the cut seemed to be done. When Chrissy was spun back around, Jan held a mirror so she could see the back as well as the front.

Chrissy was in total shock. She knew her glossy mane was gone. But now she had this square cut, a flat top. A really flat and square one. Jan held up the flat edge of the comb to her head. Sure enough it was flat across, hair meeting the comb all the way. The hair in her back and sides had been virtually shaved away and the longest hair was maybe 1/2 inch. In the middle of her head the hair seemed to disappear completely as she could see her scalp plainly. Her hair also had corners if you will as the square was not just in front, but on top as well. This was so different from her normally wavy hair. The sharp corners seemed so unfeminine. And her head looked so square. It was almost surreal. This pretty young girl with this military cut making her normal round head look square. When she looked at the top of her head, her scalp popped through. She got up and examined herself again. Her pale white skin underneath was such a contrast to her well tanned body. She felt a cool breeze on her neck as she walked out, not wanting to believe she had just been through that. She went to her car and cried as she felt her stubble and wondered what she could do.


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