Cheryl Tiegs and Farrah Fawcett

Cheryl Tiegs and Farrah Fawcett

Cheryl Tiegs and Farrah Fawcett by Ransom King

“I’m tired of seeing her face and hair everywhere. Maybe I can get away from her for the next few weeks while I’m on this cruise,” Cheryl thought as she walked up the gangplank of the cruise ship S.S. Venus Calva. Ten minutes later Farrah Fawcett boarded the ship, unknown to her rival that her poster girl rival was on the same ship. But that little secret would be out in just a few hours since there were no prying eyes of the public to watch them and media cameras to catch them off guard.

After having a few too many drinks at the welcome aboard party Farrah let her wild side go free. She began to flirt with a group of men around the pool. It was long before she had every stitch off her beautiful body. The men crowded around the famous actress to admire her body and blonde hair.

This nude display didn’t go unnoticed by her rival, it brought Farrah Fawcett way too much attention her and that made Cheryl very jealous. It was then she started thinking about destroying her poster rival’s beautiful blonde hair.

Checking the ship itinerary Cheryl planned to shave Farrah’s head at the ship’s first port of call which was in a couple of days. During that time Cheryl slowly became Farrah’s friend and in that time she invited her rival to spend time with her on a private beach, which belonged to one of her friends. Farrah accepted her new friend’s invitation little knowing that by the end of the day she would be bald.

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Once the boat left the two women alone, Cheryl’s real attitude took over. She quickly overpowered her rival and tied her hands behind her back. And she waited until Farrah regained her senses, which didn’t take long.

“I’m tired of seeing you and your hair everywhere I go. I thought I was getting away from you on this vacation but no, you had to show up on this cruise and ruin it for me. I can’t do anything about your looks, but I can do something about your blonde hair. That is why I brought you here to this private beach. When I’m finished with you, your fans wouldn’t recognize you because, Farrah, you will completely bald. There will not be a single hair on your body and more importantly your head – even your eyebrows will be gone when I’m finished with you,” Cheryl said to the bound blonde Charlie’s Angel laying on the sand. “What should I remove first – your pussy hair or your head hair? It’s a tough call but I think I start at the bottom and work my way up.”

Farrah didn’t struggle as Cheryl began snipping away the dark pubic hair with the scissors. They made a scrunching sound as they cut off the coarse pussy hair of the woman. She teased the blonde as she slowly cut the hair off her mons. Cheryl took a very long time in cutting it but 45 minutes later she had reduced Farrah’s pussy hair to a soft dark pelt.

“Now for the fun part: the shaving cream and the razor,” she said as she shook up the can of shaving cream and sprayed a large handful of the foamy into her left hand. Cheryl quickly slapped it down on Farrah’s mound and spread it over it. It was not a gentle slap. Farrah started moaning as the lather was spread over her sex. “You like that don’t you? Enjoy it while you can, I’m sure this is the only pleasure you’re going to get out of the rest of your vacation, bitch.” She wiped her hands clean of the shaving cream.

Razor in hand, Cheryl introduced it to Farrah’s soapy snatch. She carefully dragged the blade across the actress’ sex. Once the razor’s blade was full, it was wiped clean of the lather and stubble. It resumed its work on the woman’s pussy. Not wanting to give Farrah too much pleasure for the experience of having her pussy shaven Cheryl quickly but carefully shaved it clean and smooth.

Helping Farrah to her feet Cheryl marched her to the cold water of the beach and into the ocean so the salt water could rinse the remaining lather from her smooth snatch. Farrah screamed in pain as the cold salt water stung her freshly shaven snatch. By the time Cheryl pulled her rival from the blue water she had tears streaming down her face. Farrah was forced back to the beach with haircutting tools.

Cheryl sprayed a small amount of lather into her hand and then dabbed some of it onto Farrah’s eyebrows. Two quick moves with the razor removed both the blonde’s eyebrows. Cheryl stepped back to admire her handiwork.

“My, my, Farrah, you’re looking much better now without your pussy hair and your eyebrows. I wonder what the men back on the ship would say if they saw you this way? Now kneel!”

The Angel did as she was ordered. Cheryl slowly started running her fingers through her rival’s blonde hair and clicking the scissors in the other. “So this is the blonde stuff that makes everybody thinks you’re so sexy. I’ll tell you what, if you eat my pussy I may not shave your head, Farrah.”

Farrah quickly buried her lovely face into Cheryl’s fur-covered snatch. While Farrah tongued her tormentor’s pussy, Cheryl pulled up a lock of the Angel’s blonde hair. She snipped the long blonde hair off her rival’s head and dropped it before the woman eating her out.

“I thought you said you would not shave my head if I ate you out?”

“I said I may not shave your head, but I’m going to do it anyway.” Cheryl quickly snipped away Farrah’s long blonde hair for her head. The scissors couldn’t get enough of eating the Charlie’s Angel’s hair. Some thirty minutes later Cheryl had Farrah’s long hair reduced to short uneven stubble. “Now, for the fun part, the shaving of your head smooth like your hairless pussy.”

Cheryl sprayed the foamy on the blonde stubble of Farrah and spread it all over her scalp. Taking up the razor, she began to scrape away the lather and the stubble from the poster girl’s head. Each stroke left behind skin. Cheryl razored away the lather on the front of Farrah’s head. Then she moved to the sides of the actress’s ever-growing-bald head, first the left then the right. Taking a few seconds she took one of Farrah’s hands and forced her to feel her smooth scalp. “Do you like it so far Farrah?”

“I’m bald,” she screamed.

“Not quite yet, I still have to do the back of your head.” She continued her work with the razor. Cheryl scraped the lather from the back of Farrah’s head. The keen edge of the razor made it trip up the back of the actress’s head. Ten minutes later Farrah was completely bald. “You look so much better now without your hair, bitch. It looks like Charlie is going to have to get a new angel.” Cheryl left her bald victim on the beach.

A FEW HOURS LATER: Cheryl found herself tied to the deck chair when she awoke from her nap and the woman she had shaved bald was standing over her. But she was wearing a blonde wig that matched the hair that was shaved from her head and swung electric clippers. Farrah was smiling at her rival, then she spoke.

“Say good-bye to it, Cheryl,” as a blonde Farrah dropped the hair clippers to the ship’s pool deck and ran her fingers through her hairy rival’s dark blonde hair. “I’m not going to shave you. I have something better and a whole lot neater. But first I have to get you ready.”

Using a pair of scissors Farrah began to cut away the cover girl’s see-through net swimsuit. A few short minutes later Cheryl was completely nude. “Now for the fun part.”

Taking from a bag a bottle of industrial strength Nair, Farrah opened it. She poured it on Cheryl’s dark mound and rubbed it in with a towel so not to get any of the caustic chemical on her hands. The woman in the chair writhed in agony as the Nair dissolved her pussy hair. Farrah let the chemical set longer than it needed to do its job. Thirty minutes later using a white towel she wiped the Nair and Cheryl’s pussy hair from her now bald slit.

“Your hair is next,” she said as two more bottles of Nair were removed from the bag. Like before Farrah poured the hair remover on Cheryl’s hair and massaged it into her mane. The “bald” Angel rubbed the hair remover vigorously into the model’s hair until she started screaming for her stop. Cheryl head was burning as the chemical dissolved her dark blonde hair. The smell was awful but Farrah kept rubbing until she was sure every strand of hair was covered with Nair. Farrah again let the chemical agent set longer than necessary to punish her rival for shaving her head on the beach. Thirty minutes later Farrah wiped the Nair and Cheryl’s hair from her head. Cheryl was as bald as her rival under her blonde wig. “There you look so much better now,” she said as she glided her hands over the bound woman’s slick scalp.

During her time in the chair Cheryl struggled to free herself of her bonds and once she did she attacked the woman who had just turned her into a baldie. The blonde and the baldie began to roll around on the deck of the ship’s pool. Cheryl ripped off Farrah’s string bikini top and bottom. The two poster models were now naked for everyone on the cruise ship to see. But the fight didn’t stop there: the twosome continued to roll around until both of them rolled off into the pool. The water did nothing to cool off the rivals but it did aid in the removal of the blonde wig that covered Farrah’s billiard ball head. The wig floated in the water for a few seconds before the Angel noticed it was off her smooth scalp. Then the fighting between the two celebrity women stopped almost immediately. The two completely hairless women scrambled out of the pool and quickly rushed to their cabins but not before some cameras snapped some photos of the bald poster girls. For the rest of the cruise the two women stayed in their cabins hoping no one had heard about their baldness, but that was going to be a pipe dream.


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