Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever – Fidgety in the Chair

My husband and I were talking one night, after sharing a wonderful night of making love, about secret fantasies. He was talking about having a fantasy of me in bed covered with whipped cream and toppings and spending the rest of the evening playing around. I just laughed, because I am a neat freak and would never think of making a mess like that and it drove him crazy. He then asked me mine. I was very nervous, but let it fly anyway. I told him that I have a very strong hair fetish that started when I was a young girl and my father took me to the barbershop with him for his haircuts and how I loved to watch. He quickly jumped up and said, “You can go with me next time I get my hair cut at the barbershop then and watch, and I will go and get the whipped cream.” I then had to explain to him, a lover of long hair, that my dream was having my hair cut in the short cute boyish tapered haircuts I saw when I went with my dad to the shop. He was in shock. “Why in the world would you want to have your hair cut short anyway? That would be awful!”

I said, “Well it wouldn’t be that bad, and I have always wanted it cut like that one time, and someday I will.” He was getting pissed as I was now telling him that one day whether he liked it or not I was going to get it cut really short. After he settled down I told him that if he agreed that it was okay to live out my fantasy I would call and get my dad’s cabin for the weekend and we would live out his fantasy on Saturday and Sunday night. He thought about it for a while and agreed. I sat down that next morning before he woke up and wrote him out a script for the day.

He woke up and I fixed him breakfast and gave him the script to read as I went in and took a shower. As I was taking the shower I was dreaming of sitting in that barber chair and having my thick blonde hair cut into a really short boyish haircut. I came out and teased my hair up the way he liked it in a full style. “What a mess,” I thought.

He looked at me and said, “Can’t we just skip this and go on up to the cabin?” I told him that we would not be going to the cabin until after we visited the barbershop today and got my hair cut. He told me again that he didn’t want me to get my hair cut but if that was what I wanted and if he could live out his fantasy then he would. I got dressed in a pair of loose-fitting khaki pants and a white T-shirt and waited for him in the car. He locked up the house and came to the car.

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I asked, “Did you read the script and understand what you are supposed to do?”

He answered yes and started to chicken out again, when I pulled out a can of Redi-whip and sprayed some on my lips before licking it off. He couldn’t stand it and drove like a maniac to the little barbershop downtown. We parked right out front and walked into the barbershop and both took a seat in the waiting chairs. This was a little shop with only one barber working and he stayed busy all the time. I looked around and it was just Andy, two little boys and myself. Both of the little boys were sitting next to me had just been freshly clipped in a super-short tapered little boy’s haircut and their dad was in the chair getting his cut in a crewcut. I turned and looked at my husband Andy and he was not into this at all, but I was loving it! I reached over and rubbed the little boy’s haircut and told him that was a good haircut and he looked great! It was a rush and I only wished I had been there to watch them getting their haircuts. The barber was whisking off the loose hair with a brush and talc and was removing the cape.

I looked at Andy and said, “You know what to do, right?” He just nodded and said yes.

The barber let the man out of the chair and he walked over to the two boys and had them go and take the money to the barber. The barber gave both of them an extra sucker and they all left out the door. The barber who was in his 60’s, wearing his flattop haircut and a white smock jacket, looked over at us and said, “Okay who is next?” as he took the cape and started hitting the barber chair.

We both got up and walked over to the chair and I took a seat. I was so nervous but so excited as I took the chair. The old barber didn’t think twice he shook out the cape and draped it around my shoulders and the lifted his hands over my head and wrapped a tissue around my neck before fastening it around my neck. I then shook out my blonde hair that was just off the shoulders. I had just had a perm in it about a week ago and it was really puffy-like. The barber took the handle and pumped it and raised me in the chair. I gripped the armrest and stared at my husband, as the barber asked, “So what are going to do here, today?”

My husband, following his cue, told the barber to cut out that crazy perm, which was his idea, and give me a real haircut for the summer and to make it a super-short tapered haircut.

The barber asked, “Are you sure?”

He looked at me and then said, “Yes, we are sure.”

The barber asked, “You want it like those boys that just left?”

I nodded my head to my husband as he stood looking at me in disbelief. “Yes,” he said as the barber took out a comb and started to comb through my thick hair. It was getting tangled several times so he just gave up. My husband turned and walked back to the waiting chairs to watch. He had a look that would kill on his face.

My head was quickly pushed forward with the barber’s strong hand and immediately the clippers were turned on and placed on my nape and quickly passed through my hair and were pulled out just short of the crown. The barber was not wasting any time – each pass I could feel the clippers race up the back of my head. I was getting really turned on and found my right hand down through the elastic of my pants. I was playing with myself as the loud buzzing of the clippers filled the air. I was breathing hard and it was noticeable to my husband as he knew what I was doing as he watched. The barber continued around to the left side as the clippers were plowing in hair around my ear. I could see the blonde puffy hair tumble down the cape onto the floor. The sound was deafening as hair tumbled onto the cape and collected in my lap, but not for long as my hand and arm were working the hair off the cape as I was playing with myself. The barber walked around and then to the right side and continued to buzz the right side as more and more of my blonde hair found its way to the floor. The barber finished the right side and walked back to the counter and switched blades before coming back. I was starting to make some noises as my husband put his finger over his lips to signal to me to be quiet. The barber stood again behind me and placed the clippers on my forehead and with a quick pass of the top of my hair. I was in ecstasy! The barber with military precision cut the top with just 5 strokes and now the top was about an inch long. He then turned off the clippers as I took my left hand and rubbed my head to see what had been done. Wow, it felt great but he still had more cutting to do. The barber again pushed my head forward and again the clippers found their way at the back of my neck. I heard the buzzing again as the clippers made a rasping sound as more and more hair fell. The comb and clippers were working in a fluid motion and so were my hand and fingers. I had never been so turned on in my life! It was an experience I didn’t want to end. My head was still tilted forward, as my face became flush red as the barber tapered my hair in the back to nothing to about any 1″ on top. I could feel the fan from the clippers blowing air on my shorn neck. The barber worked his way around again to the left side and more and more hair was floating down the cape into my lap. The left side was almost complete as the rasping sound of the clippers going through my hair. The barber walked around to the right side and quickly reduced to stubble around my ears. My panties and pants were soaked and finally stopped as he was pulling on my ear to cut it around with the clippers.

He turned the clippers off and walked back to the counter where I heard a machine working and didn’t know what was going on. Then a towel was put on my shoulders and warm shaving cream was spread over the back of my neck and around each ear. I couldn’t stand it, I had to start again as my right hand again found its way in my pants.

The barber hit a straight razor on the leather throb on the side of the chair and again my head was pushed forward and now a cold metal straight razor was rasping the small hairs on my neck to make a straight short hairline. The barber was using quick short strokes and wiping the cream on the towel after each pass. When he got to my ears he was pulling and tugging and bending them over while the whole time I was just about to go nuts. He finally finished and started to rub the towel over my ears and the back of my neck to remove the shaving cream. I took my hand out and wiped the moisture off on my pants leg. The barber then put some kind of hair tonic in his hands and came back and rubbed his hands all through my hair. It had a sweet pungent smell. He then ran a comb under the sink and parted my hair on the left side. It lay down and the comb felt so funny as it went through my hair with ease. He returned and took a duster with talc powder and started to dust me, he went off around the back and ears and then to my face, it smelt so good. The barber then undid the cape and tissue and pulled off the cape.

My husband stared as the crotch of my pants was soaked and I quickly jumped out of the chair and walked over to the mirror. I couldn’t believe it, it was so short and boyish, it felt great and I still looked like a woman. I reached in my pocket and pulled out my earrings, gold hoops, and put them on as my husband stared in disbelief. I rubbed the back and sides as most of my hair was now gone, just stubble remaining. The barber took the money from my husband as I reached down and picked up a long lock of my hair and walked out the door. My husband came out and to my amazement rubbed my head and told me how aroused he got while watching me getting my hair cut and said that I do look good with short hair. I was in still in shock of finally living out my fantasy.

We got in the car and headed straight for the cabin for what still is most fantastic weekend of our married life.


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