Buxom California Beauties’ Adventure

Buxom California Beauties' Adventure

The Buxom California Beauties’ Shaving Adventure by ransom king

My shaving started when I wanted to surprise my boyfriend by hand- washing his favorite car, a silver Jaguar convertible, but I didn’t want to do the job alone. So, I invited my blonde friend, Staci, who is bustier than me, over to help me. She was happy to help, because she knew once we were finished washing the jag, we would nude sunbathe by the pool in California’s wonderful sunshine. An hour later she arrived, wearing a pink polka-dotted yellow bikini top, which barely covered her massive melons, which measured a whopping 98 triple X, cut off jeans, red baseball cap, and some old tennis shoes. While I wore a white t-shirt with a picture of a bald woman on it, a gift from the woman herself. It barely went over the top of my own titanic tits, they were a mere 65 triple k. The rest of my clothes were blue jean cut offs, and yellow baseball cap. Staci stared at the photo on the shirt a few seconds and started to say something but didn’t, at least, not until later. The first thing she did was to roll up the top of my t-shirt off my pale tits and pull it off over my head.

“Your tits are very pale for a person who likes to show them off all the time, but I have to admit your tan lines drive me crazy.”

“Ron goes bonkers over them too; that is why I keep them covered when I tan. What is even more important, my pussy area is just as creamy white as my tits. Do you want to see?”

Without any hesitation Staci unfastened and unzipped my cutoffs and pulled them down my long legs and I stepped out of them.

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“She, I told you my pussy was creamy white. My boyfriend just loves it but lately his has been wanting me to shave my muff. He says he wants to see if the rest of my honey pot is just as pale.” By this time Staci had me stripped naked. She didn’t wait before she started divesting her bikini top and while she was doing that I was helping her out of her cutoffs.

“I can see you are not a true blonde with that dark pussy hair you have – maybe we can do something about it later. I know; we can, shave each other’s pussy. A sort of, you do me and I do you kind of thing.” I said as I helped her out her canary bikini thong that was under her cutoffs.

With the removal of our clothes we got really, really horny and any thoughts of washing the car had gone from our heads, which were soon to be bald, so we decided to nude sunbathe by the pool. It was then she asked about the bald woman on my t-shirt. “Oh, her name is Stevi. Ron and I meet her a few months ago at one of the electRonic shows in Las Vegas. We were both taken in by her look. The three of us hit it, right off. Later that night we invited her to spend some time with us. We learned a lot about her products and her. Since then Ron and I have been discussing the idea of starting our own video production company and working with Stevi on some joint ventures. We are in the process of searching for a few women who are willing to shave their pussies and maybe their heads for fun and profits. Ron does not know this, but lately I have seriously been contemplating about volunteering to be one of those women. I not only mean to shave my hairy muff but my head as well. Just the thought of being totally bald is making me hot and horny.”

“Did it? If you’re thinking about it? Only Ron and us two have to know about your shaving. If you don’t like the look Sianna, you can wear a wig to hide it, until your hair grows back in. You talking about shaving your pubes made me excited but when you added the part about shaving your head I can barely control myself. If you are going to shave, please let me shave you both above and below?”

“Okay you can do it. Let us go to the studio and get me shaved bald. I have been waiting for an opportunity to use the new video equipment and to sit in the barber’s chair Ron bought for making the videos. I would have never dreamed I would be the first person in the chair and to get the first shaving on tape.”

We then went in my boyfriend’s private studio and we got ready to cut my head and pussy hair off. Going into the prop room I retrieved the items I needed and set them out on the table by the chair.

“Are you sure you really want me to do your lovely brunette locks?”

“Yes, I truly want to be smooth like Stevi Secrets.”

Before Staci could start cutting my hair, I had to turn on the video cameras and the monitors and a VCR and the television in studio. I wanted to watch and record my transformation for Ron, and watch one of my favorite shaving videos, where Stevi is shaved bald by Chase Manhattan, a beautiful brunette porn starlet. We would be ready once I was seated in the chair and grew comfortable in its velvety embrace. Staci picked up the scissors and brought them to my head. She grabbed a hank of my dark wavy hair and pulled it up, the shears closed on it, clipping it from my head. I smiled as she held it above both our heads like some kind of trophy. The scissors made short work of the rest of my long, wavy, brunette tresses, reducing them to a butchered mess. As Staci cut my hair off with the shears, she dropped the hanks into my lap. Picking up a strand of my hair, I stared at it for a few seconds, before dropping it to the floor, then I brushed the rest of my shorn hair off my lap onto the floor. My head was on the way to being bald like Stevi’s. Staci picked up the hair clippers and turned them on. She started using the clippers at the base of my neck and pushed them forward, always stopping at the crown of my head. My buxom blonde friend was teasing me. Once the back and sides of my head were sheared down to the shortest of stubble with the clippers. Staci continued to clip the rest of my butchered brunette tresses off. I heard the burring as she pushed the clippers through my remaining tresses. The shorn curls landed on my naked breasts and shoulders, leaving behind a fine dark stubble that covered my head. It was too late for me turn back. I had come too far to quit and I did not want a marine crewcut. It was stubble, or nothing, so with Staci’s aid it would be nothing, nothing meaning baldness for me and later for Staci herself.

“Do you want to stop now, Sianna?” she asked, as her hands rubbed my stubble-covered pate.

“Fuck, no! You have brought me this far so finish shaving me. Its baldness for me and there is no turning back.”

It was a sight to see as Staci shook up the red and white can of shaving cream, her massive tits bounced up and down almost threatening to hit her in the face. Since the video cameras were on, the whole thing was caught on tape for my boyfriend and Staci to see later. She was ready to spray the foam on my clipped head. I heard the aerosol push the foam out of the can onto my scalp. Watching in the monitor I saw Staci spread it neatly and evenly over my head. My skull was prepared to experience the kiss of the razor. Picking up the ivory handled straight razor Staci opened it and stropped it on the leather strap. She was eager to use it on my stubble-covered pate and I was eager to feel it.

“Shave the front of my head first. I want to see what I will look like bald,” I ordered my blonde barber.

“Okay,” she said, with a little sadness in her voice, knowing she could no longer keep me in suspense about my new look. Staci carefully razored away the lather on the front of my skull. The hungry blade moved to the crown of my head and stopped because it was full of lather and dark stubble. It was wiped clean on a towel. In less than twenty minutes the entire front half of my head had been shaved smooth and I saw what I was going to look like bald: in a word, gorgeous. I wanted to tell Staci to hurry but I didn’t because I didn’t want my scalp nicked by her so I waited impatiently. My barber’s probing hands and razor searched out the stubble and the lather that remained on my head and quickly removed it. Sometime later Staci had finished with the razor, making me a California smoothie.

“You definitely can’t turn back now,” Staci said as she wiped the last of the shaving foam from my pale smooth scalp. I felt one of her hands massage my head while I watched in the monitor as her other rubbed her clit hidden in her dark pubic forest.

“We have done my head, now, let’s do my snatch and see if it is as pale as my beautiful bald head.” We were ready to do my pussy, in other words, making me bald on both top and bottom.

“You won’t get an argument from me about shaving your cunt bald. Just as long as you remember you have to shave mine smooth later, so it is hairless too. Let your pussy barbering begin,” as Staci picked up the scissors and clicked them open and closed a few times. I heard the first snip of the shears as they cut away my dark pubic forest. At each snip Staci leaned over and blew away the shorn pussy curls off my nearly naked clam. Her warm breath excited me as I felt it go across my exposed clit. Soon she had me clipped down to almost nothing and had me begging for the foam and razor to remove the last traces of hair on my smooth body. Teasingly she spread the lather over my nearly hairless pubes. My pussy was ready to be shaved as smooth as my billiard ball head. With loving care Staci, razored away the nubs and lather from my love chamber. I was getting very turned on by this whole shaving adventure. Later I would have to write Stevi and tell her about this shaving episode. Staci had me shaved smooth in twenty minutes and I was ready for anything as she wiped the last of the foam from my bald pussy. I looked down and saw the answer, the answer to Ron and Staci’s question. Yes, my hairless pussy was as pale as my beautiful mammoth melons and my bald head. I was helped out of the chair and led into my bedroom where we began to explore my new state of hairlessness. It was a wonderful experience. There I was laying on the floor, across Staci’s lap. We were in a long passionate kiss, her long pink tongue was probing inside in my mouth while her right hand caressed my recently scraped clean pubes while her left massaged my freshly shaved skull. My brunette tresses were gone and soon Staci’s own platinum blonde tresses would be joining mine on the Studio’s floor.

“Okay, it’s my turn now Sianna, shave me, bald me, make me smooth from head to toe just like you.”

I couldn’t believe what I had heard. Staci’s hair was one of her most prized assets. Her 98 xxx tits and her long platinum blonde hair were the trademarks of her strip acts. With her tresses gone she would have to retire until it grew back. I got up from Staci’s lap, once I was up I helped the big-boobed blonde up and led her back into the studio. She seated herself in the barber’s chair I had occupied earlier only after I brushed off dark tresses that remained in it. While she got comfortable in the chair, I set up the video equipment once more. Ron would go nuts if I did not get Staci’s head shaving on tape and he would go absolutely crazy with lust when he saw both videos. Staci and I were ready to go again.

“Are you sure you want to go through with this? You do know with your head shaved you may have to retire as a stripper?” I whispered in her left ear as I picked up the scissors and clicked them open and closed a few times close to her right ear. Giving her an opportunity to back out and keep her hair safe.

“Yes, I don’t want you to have all the fun being the only bald California woman, and this city could use a new type exotic dancer, a bald one. So why not me? Use the clippers, they will be faster, I can hardly wait to be like you.” As her right hand rubbed my slick dome.

To guarantee that Staci had her platinum blonde hair cut short I made the first sweep down the center of her very blonde head. Her hair fell from her head like silver rain mixing with my brunette hair on the studio’s floor. Staci’s head had been clipped clean in less than ten minutes and it was waiting for the lather to be applied but she was going to wait. I wanted to shave her black pussy hair off first. This was my way of getting even for teasing me earlier with the clippers. She started to complain but stopped as the vibrating clippers were placed against her hirsute snatch. A smile grew on Staci’s face as the clippers buzzed off her pussy hair in thick clumps. She started writhing in pleasure just as I did earlier but this time it was the clippers and not the scissors and a warm breath blowing the shorn strands off her quim.

Staci started begging, “please shave my pussy. I want to feel the sharp edge of razor as it reveals my secret chamber.”

“All right. Just sit still and try to be calm so I don’t nick your pussy, it is such a sensitive area,” as I applied the lather to her mound. Razor in hand I slowly scraped the foam from the left side of her nearly hairless crotch. She started to wiggle but I ordered her to stay still until I finished shaving her. Staci had to bite her lower lip to contain her sexual frenzy. I eradicated the last of her cunt hair in ten minutes. A scream of ecstasy was let out by her as I made the last stroke with the razor to remove the last trace of pussy hair from her smooth naked sex.

“No more games. Shave my head so I can be bald like you, Sianna.” There wasn’t an argument from me as I applied the lather to the light colored stubble on her head. I spread it all around making Staci’s scalp ready for the razor. Blade in hand I started shaving the lather from the front of my friend’s head just as she did for me. She wanted to see first hand what she would look like bald. While I was shaving her head, she began to caress her shaved pussy With her right hand while her left rubbed both her massive melons but not enough to excite her too much. Staci was definitely going to be a beautiful California smoothie, just like me. My hands were probing the areas of her head I had just shaved to make certain; I eliminated every trace of hair. Surprisingly I had Staci smooth in less than thirty minutes. The razor was put down and the towel was picked up so I could wipe the excess lather from her head.

“Do you like it smooth?” pointing out to her, her shaven head on the video monitors.

“Yes! I am a beautiful California smoothie.” After I wiped the last of the shaving foam from Staci’s slick skull, we went back into the bedroom. Sitting on the bed she waited while I got my pale breasts ready for her, I dubbed some honey on my left tit and went over to her. She started licking and sucking the sticky sweet from my aureole while my hands searched out her left breast and her smooth head. The two of us were going to love being bald and I knew my boyfriend would too.

The phone rang ten minutes later after we exhausted ourselves with one another’s bodies. It was my boyfriend calling to tell me he was on his way home and he would be home in four hours.

“Ron, honey, Staci and I have some very big and very special surprises for you arrive home,” as Staci massaged my bald skull with one of her massive tits while I talked on the phone. That left us plenty of time to get ready for Ron’s surprises. We took a quick shower in the master bedroom to wash the perspiration from our smooth bodies and heads. Then we went to the Studio’s props room to find some wigs to cover our baldness until we could surprise Ron with it. After fifteen minutes of searching we could not find any.

“Guess the prop room doesn’t have everything yet,” Staci stating the obvious, “What’s the plan now?”

“I have an excellent idea, that’s if you’re up to it?”

“What is it?”

“I think we should go down to our usual hair salon and shock them and their clients with our bald heads, while we buy some wigs for us and the studio. We can charge the wigs to Ron’s credit card, he won’t mind once he sees what the money was spent on,” I said, rubbing both my hairless head and pussy.

“I have another suggestion, when we leave for town let us not cover our hairless domes and wear the most revealing clothing we can get away with,” as she walked to the dressing room.

Staci looked through the wardrobe rack and decided to wear a sheer lavender body suit and a white miniskirt and high heels and no panties. The body suit was on the verge of ripping out because her 98 xxx tits were straining the very sheer fabric. She checked her makeup in the vanity mirror and decided her head wasn’t shiny enough. So she applied a small amount of scented body oil to her scalp and massaged it in until her smooth skull shined in the studio’s lights. It was my decision to dress a little more conservatively. My outfit was quite simple and still revealing in its own right. It was a red Mini-dress, a black brassiere, and red panties and high heels. When I saw Staci oiling her scalp, I had to do it too. Forty-five minutes later we walked out of the studio’s dressing room to the convertible Jag and put the top down. The drive to the salon was only a twenty minute trip. A warm California breeze blew against our naked scalps; it felt so erotic. We discovered a new erogenous zone that was hidden, by our gone, but not forgotten, beautiful long, hair. In the time it took us to drive into town we almost caused several accidents. The reason was the other drivers were busy staring at our big breasts and our hairless heads instead of paying attention to the traffic on the highway. The valet’s jaw dropped when he first saw us pull onto the salon’s private parking lot. He had seen us a few times before when we had our hair and he was always commenting how beautiful we were after we had it styled. We threw him for a loop this time around since we had no hair to be styled so he was speechless when we gave him the keys. Everyone stared as we entered salon except for the receptionist because she was busy on the phone. Once off the phone, she turned to help us and when she did she screamed.

“You are bald!!!”

“We know,” Staci said as we rubbed each other hairless scalps.

“I don’t know if we can help you in your present condition.”

“We didn’t come to see if you could fix our hair, its way too late for that. All we want to do is to buy some wigs to cover it up,” I remarked with a smile while I caressed my slick skull. “That’s how you can help us.”

The manager, on duty, came to the aid of receptionist and escorted us to the area where the wigs were kept. It didn’t take us long to pick out the wigs we required, we chose ones that matched our hair that lay on the studio’s floor back at the estate. Staci and I also selected a couple other styles and colors for the studio’s prop room. Then we were ready to go, but we decided to leave the wigs in their boxes and depart the same way we came in, bald. The salon didn’t say anything about it either, after all we were a couple of the salon’s best customers, even if we were bald.

The trip home was almost quiet except for when we stopped for gas. Staci put one of the wigs on while we waited. She was ready to pull a prank on someone. Then at a stoplight she did it where this limo was waiting. She pulled a can of hair spray out the glove box and sprayed her “hair” then she asked the limo driver this question. “Do you like my hair on my head or off?” He had a puzzled look on his face after she asked the question.

“I think I like it on your head,” he replied in stuffy but polite tone.

“Well, I like it off my head!” Once I heard that I knew what was going to happen next. Without any hesitation Staci pulled the wig off and dropped it into the back seat of the Jag and revealing her bald head to him. “Ah, this is much better,” as she ran her hand over her slick scalp. That stunt almost caused an accident but the driver caught himself and laughed along with us.

By the time we got back it was almost time for Ron to arrive home. We decide to “play” a game of strip poker while we waited for him to come into the living room. We heard the door open and we began. As Ron looked in the room, he saw me pull down the top of Staci’s body suit. Her gigantic jugs leapt free. My right hand caressed her freed left breast. While I was doing this, she pulled down the shoulder straps of my red dress. Then we both stood up. Staci disrobed herself of white miniskirt and the body suit. She was naked. Then she turned her attention toward helping me out of my clothes but by this time I was out of my dress. I knelt on all fours as she unhooked my black bra and bared my big breasts. Staci’s humungous hooters gently grazed my back as she made her way to my red panties. She pulled them down over my shaved naked sex, out of the corner of my eye I saw Ron’s prick grow into a semi-hard erection at the sight of it. We were both naked. Through some carefully maneuvering we were in a position to give and show my boyfriend his other special surprise. We could begin. My head was on the floor while Staci was eating out my smooth bald cunt, her feet moved to my raven locks to hold them to the floor. I bucked and wrath in pleasure as she brought me to a climax. When I bolted upright, my brunette wig was pulled from my hairless dome. In that instant Ron’s cock got hard as steel but Staci and I were not going to let him get off until we managed to remove her blonde wig as well.

“I can see you like my new hair style. I’m sorry you missed me getting it but don’t worry Staci and I got it all on tape just for you lover,” as I got up from the floor. As I walked toward him, I stroked my bald head and pussy. Staci got up from the lounge and walked toward him too.

“You know Ron, I’m not a true blonde but you could always tell that whenever I removed my G-string on stage. The first thing you saw was my dark pussy hair, but you can’t do that any more thanks to Sianna. I do not have that tattle tail pussy hair anymore. In fact I’m not even blonde anymore, again thanks to Sianna. I am just as smooth as she is,” Staci declared as she slowly peeled the platinum blonde wig from her head.

With the wigs off, Ron lost control of his dick. He shot a hot load of cum in his pants at the sight of two bald buxom California beauties. It wasn’t long before we had my boyfriend hard again once we had him out of his clothes. We gave him an all over body massage with our massive sets of tits and our bald heads. We had him lay down on the floor so he could fuck and suck our smooth snatches. Staci lowered herself over Ron’s face leaving her smooth pussy a tongue’s lick away from his mouth. My boyfriend raised his head to taste my friend’s hairless hole and she lowered herself down even more. His tongue tickling her clit. Staci pulled open the pink lips of her pussy so he could reach his target easier. While I guided my lover’s nine inch cock into my dripping wet, pink hairless snatch. Ron pumped his hard dick in and out of my smooth pubes. His balls slapping against my mound. After a few minutes of this, my boyfriend brought both Staci and me to climax. A load of hot sperm filled my naked pussy while Staci’s pussy juice flowed down and into Ron’s mouth. I don’t know how my lover did it but he managed to fuck both of us that night! Ron could not get enough of our bald heads and cunts, needless to say Staci never left that night.

The end? No way

ransom king


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