Bucs Game

Bucs Game

The Bucs Game – Kelli21257 & Anonimus00

Anonimus00: OK. We’re sitting at the bar, watching the football game. You’re wearing a skimpy little top that shows your ample busts.
Anonimus00: It’s the Jets vs. the Bucs (today’s game), and you’re a Tampa Bay fan.
Anonimus00: also just so happens that I’m a barber.
Anonimus00: “Personally, I think the Jets are going to kick the Bucs all over the field today. How about you, Kelli?”
KELLI21257: “No way….be real….” I run a hand through my long blonde mane as I drink my strong drink.
Anonimus00: “Wouldn’t care to wager on it, would you?”
KELLI21257: I laugh…”What do you have in mind…only a balding buffoon would even think of liking the Jets?” I smile sassily
Anonimus00: “Balding, huh? Well, let’s see… I’ve always been told that if you’re balding, you might as well just shave it all off instead of trying to grow it long and hide it, so…
Anonimus00: “If the Bucs win, you can shave my head bald. But if I win… I get to shave you down completely… everywhere… right here in the bar.
Anonimus00: “I’ve always wanted to see you bald!”
KELLI21257: “No way…terrible deal for me….you are already bald…..not that I would have a chance at losing….” I am a little drunk…other balding guys hear us talk
Anonimus00: “Well, come on then… if you have no chance at losing, what’s the harm? What do you say guys? My hair vs hers?”
KELLI21257: I grin sarcastically….”But I have sooooooo much more to lose….what about you get a tattoo on that bald head if you lose… Jets suck …..yeah…you do that and I will ante my blonde hood”
Anonimus00: “All of your blonde hood? Or is it darker down there?
Anonimus00: “You’ve got a bet!”
KELLI21257: “Like you will ever know…I hate bald guys!” I laugh…drinking my drink…”got a date tomorrow with a beautifully hairy guy” (you should make it …no wigs allowed and it stays shaven for a time period)
Anonimus00: “OK… but whoever loses can’t wear a wig at all… and has to come back to be shaved every day for a month.”
KELLI21257: “fair enough….we can’t let that tattoo of yours get covered up..can we?”
Anonimus00: “I’ll add one more stipulation… if you lose, you have to give me head right here in the bar… after I shave you… is it a bet?
Anonimus00: “But ONLY if the Jets shut out the Bucs… OK?”
KELLI21257: “fat chance of that….fine…but if it goes the opposite way…free drinks for 6 months for me…deal?” I say slyly
Anonimus00: “Hmmmm….” as I look into my wallet. “OK, Kelli, let’s sit down and enjoy the game. I know I’m going to enjoy the ‘post-game’ show though!” I feel around and make sure that my barber supply bag is handy for the shaving that’s going to come later.
KELLI21257: I kick back…flirting with two guys in a booth nearby…I even go sit with them at the beginning of the game…flirting as normal…
Anonimus00: Flash forward about 20 minutes… score at the end of the first quarter… Jets 3 Bucs 0
Anonimus00: I walk over to you, and say, “Hey, Kelli. Great offense there. I think my clippers are starting to call you!”
KELLI21257: I don’t even wince…I look at the guys who are loving the little blonde on their lap…”just ignore baldy here…”
Anonimus00: I look at them, and smile. “I may not be the only baldy here later on, babe!” I walk away. The guys laugh and stroke your hair. I give one of them a wink, and he returns it… he knows what’s coming later on.
Anonimus00: Flash forward another 20 minutes… score at halftime: Jets 17 Bucs 0
KELLI21257: I am pretty drunk….sitting in the guys’ laps…switching from one to the other…having a great time…almost forget about the game…
Anonimus00: I walk over to you again, this time with a pair of scissors in my hand. “Hey Kelli, just warming up for later”. I snip the scissors menacingly at you.
KELLI21257: I look a little shocked but then dismiss it with a laugh….I think for a second…god…I would never be able to get guys like this if my hair gets “trimmed”….nahh…won’t happen…
Anonimus00: End of the 3rd quarter: Jets 31 Bucs 0
Anonimus00: I walk over to you, and say, “Kelli, wanna watch the rest of the game sitting on my lap?”
KELLI21257: “Hell no…I already have my football studs to watch the game with …thank you very much” I have no idea what the score is…
Anonimus00: I start to pull my tools of the trade out to ready them for you… scissors… electric clippers… shaving cream… straight razor. I’m ready, and I know that the Bucs QB has a sprained ankle!
Anonimus00: 20 minutes pass slowly… Final Score: Jets 31 Bucs 0
Anonimus00: I nod to the bartender… he moves to the front door and locks it.
Anonimus00: I walk over to your table, smiling. “Kelli, it looks like your team just wasn’t up to the task today. Are you ready to pay up?”
KELLI21257: I am still on the guys’ laps…”What do you mean?” I say innocently. I see a lot of people looking my way
Anonimus00: It’s time to live up to your end of the bargain… I’m going to divest you of your blondeness… top and bottom! But I think I’m going to start with the bottom. Let’s see you strip down Kell!
KELLI21257: “Oh shit! They lost!” I say from where I am perched on the lap of a smiling hunk…”St….str…strip…now?!?” I say…horrified
Anonimus00: “Now, Kell. If you don’t, I’m sure that one of these gentlemen will be more than happy to help you.” The hunk whose lap you’re sitting in puts his hand in your lap to show he means business.
KELLI21257: I stand uncomfortably looking at the closed door…I look down at my clothing…seeing the hunk’s hands held out to receive them from me…I begin taking off my top….reluctantly
Anonimus00: That’s good Kelli… but we want it all… take off your skirt and your panties! The guys in the bar whoop it up… they can’t believe they’re about to see a woman get shaved.
KELLI21257: I blush….”Ok….ok…I am doing it….” I cringe…totally naked in a bar…one I got to all the time…no one here has seen me nude….I take off my bra and slowly reach for my skirt as I kick off my shoes…people take what clothes are removed…
Anonimus00: A roar of applause comes as you get down to your panties. Chants of “Panties! Panties!” start up. I pick up the clippers and plug them in.
KELLI21257: I give them a withering angry look as I remove my skirt and hand it to a hunk …I feel my watch pulled off….I cringe….only wearing panties…I finally give up trying to talk my way out of it and point to my pantie straps as I raise my arms…no longer covering my 34B breasts….they happily each grab a strap and pull them down my legs as I step out of them unhappily
Anonimus00: “Wow Kelli… you ARE a natural blond, aren’t you? Well, it’s time for your trip to my barber shop. First, a little off the bottom. Lie down on this table!” A cheer comes up from the crowd.
KELLI21257: I start cussing…giving you a pleaading look…I whisper in your ear….”Please don’t make me do this….I will have to spread my legs…please….don’t do the hair thing…I am already nude…they took my fucking clothes…” I slowly walk towards the table unhappily
Anonimus00: A bet’s a bet, Kelli… you’re the one who brought up being bald… now you’re going to know how it feels… now… LAY DOWN!
KELLI21257: I cringe visibly as I get on the table….having no choice…everyone seems to be happy about what is happening to me….My mouth drops as I remember what else was to be shaven…..
Anonimus00: Spread ’em Kelli!
KELLI21257: I spread my shaking legs….as I lay back on the round table..laying back on my elbows…I cringe as I see that my dirty blonde slit is in full view
Anonimus00: The crowd cheers as I hold up the clippers and turn them on. I rub your hairy bush. “I think it’s time to trim your trim!”
KELLI21257: My bush is manicured….I cringe as I see clippers moving towards the proof of my natural blondeness…
Anonimus00: With no guard on the clippers, I attack your bush, starting down by your ass and slowly pushing them up toward your stomach. The golden hair starts to fly and the men in the bar are chanting “Shave it! Shave it”. I smile cruelly.
KELLI21257: I sob a little….totally dehumanized as the night’s entertainment…..everyone will be talking about seeing Kelli’s blonde bush shaved in a bar….starting to feel more docile as my bush becomes denuded
Anonimus00: I pass the clippers over your slit several times, making sure that I’ve taken as much of your hairpie as possible with the clippers. Finished, I turn off the clippers and rub your stubbly pussy. “Feels nice… but I like it smooth. What do you say guys?” The guys cheer “Smooth… smooth!”
KELLI21257: I let out a startled sob at their enjoyment….knowing they and especially you are getting a huge power trip out of this…
Anonimus00: Yeah… but you’re enjoying this too, aren’t you?
KELLI21257: I cringe…knowing the straight razor will make it “smooth” like they want.
Anonimus00: I take the can of shaving cream and squeeze out enough to cover your slit. I spread it all over and pull out the razor. I open it and start to shave your cunt completely bald.
KELLI21257: I try to stare at the ceiling…muttering “I can’t believe this…shit…I can’t believe this…”
Anonimus00: With a few swift passes, the hair comes off, and your gleaming bald pussy shines in the light. The guys in the bar cheer madly.
Anonimus00: I set up a chair in the middle of the room. “OK Kelli… it’s time for the next stage of your makeover. Come over here and sit in my barber’s chair.”
KELLI21257: I sit up…still in shock over my naked bush…”Oh No….please….don’t…its one of my best features…” as I sit up on the table….almost unaware that I am stil totally nude…
KELLI21257: I start to cry as I quickly hop off the pubic hair covered table and take a seat as requested….
Anonimus00: I pick up the scissors. “Well Kelli, what shall we do? You know, I’ve always been a 1920’s buff… I loved Louise Brooks and her flapper bob haircut!”
Anonimus00: I lift the scissors and place them at the middle of your right cheek, just under your earlobe.
KELLI21257: I am speechless…my mouth just falls open….you can see the “begging for mercy” look in my eyes as people watch me pay up
Anonimus00: Mercilessly, I close the scissors, and two feet of hair falls to the ground. I don’t stop as I’m getting excited now, and I continue to cut around to the back of your head…
Anonimus00: I cut up at a slight angle in the back, getting up to the occipital bone and exposing your lovely neck to the world for the first time since you were a child.
KELLI21257: my eyes tear as you destroy my 90’s fashionable hairstyle……the hunk’s hide grins…
Anonimus00: As your golden tresses pile up on the floor, I move around to the left side of your head and continue to cut until I reach the other cheek. Your hair is one length all the way around, falling just under your earlobes.
KELLI21257: I cry….a brunette woman watching hides a smile…as she walks up and picks up one of my long thick blonde tresses and walks away
Anonimus00: I comb your hair down completely in front, and place the scissors about an inch above your left temple. “Louise Brooks had bangs, you know!” I snip along and give you very short bangs all the way from temple to temple. The crowd cheers!
Anonimus00: I walk behind you and kiss your neck. I whisper in your ear, “This ain’t over yet, Kelli… not by a long shot! You still look good enough to fuck! Not when I’m done with you!”
KELLI21257: I gasp in shock…my mouth hanging open…my sex appeal dropping quite a bit as my long golden mane is diminished
KELLI21257: “but…but…I need to look good…I need men to get turned on by me…noo…please..” I whimper
Anonimus00: I turn to the crowd. “Do you think that her bet is paid off yet?” Almost in unison, they cry “NO!” “Well, then… what should we do next?” One big Marine gets up and yells, “Hey, give her a nice high-and-tight, like me!” You look and see his flattop with no hair on the sides.
KELLI21257: “NOOOOO…plllllleeeaase…” i whine like a baby…”I will look like a fucking dyke!”
KELLI21257: I see you considering the idea…thoughtfully
Anonimus00: I whisper in your ear, “That’s the idea, bitch. You said that my losing my hair meant that I was less of a man, so I guess turnabout is fair play.” With that I pick up the clippers and turn them on.
KELLI21257: “ohhhh…nooo…please….not my hair….that will be too short…” i stare at the Marine who is smiling….”you want me to be …less of a woman?” I say…barely audible as I hate the sound of it…
Anonimus00: I get behind you and push your head down. Without warning, I push them up your nape, mowing a two-inch wide path, leaving nothing but the faintest stubble. I continue up to your crown and let the hair fall to the ground. The guys start chanting “Butch! Butch!”
Anonimus00: I shave several passes up the back of your head. That being sufficiently denuded, I move to the right side of your head, place the clippers by your ear, and proceed to shave you up to your temple.
KELLI21257: I cry in horror…eyes wide…gasping with each passing buzz…
Anonimus00: The bulge in my pants is getting enormous as I finish the right side of your head. I quickly move to the left side, and repeat the process.
KELLI21257: You can see that that losing my blonde hood….and my femininity is really taking me down a peg…so used to being able to manipulate men….it’s like a bird having its wings clipped
Anonimus00: I switch the clippers off, and pass my hand over the shaved portion of your head. “Nice”, I say. I reach into my bag, and pull out a 1/2 inch attachment for the clippers. I place it on, and turn them on again.
KELLI21257: I wince as I feel “air” on my head….and your horrible hand reminding me what has been done…
Anonimus00: I put the clippers at your forehead and pull back, reaping the last of your mane and shearing you down to 1/2 inch on the top of your head. The buzzcut looks thick compared to the shaved sides and back of your head. With just a few passes, I’m done.
Anonimus00: I turn to the crowd… “Am I done yet?” Again… “NO!” “Are you saying I should shave this stuck-up bitch completely bald?” “YES” The die is cast, Kelli… your fate is sealed… I remove the attachment from the clipper and…
KELLI21257: I am in total shock….realizing I must look dykish now….a military look….I whimper softly
Anonimus00: attack the 1/2 inch brush cut, sending little tufts of hair into the air. As I shave you down, I say, “This’ll be the last time a guy looks at you… for at least a month, since you have to come back to me EVERY DAY for that long. I’ll do this to you every night to teach you that losing hair is no laughing matter.”
KELLI21257: I give a barely audible “noooo…completely bald?!?….but…I am a blonde” I wince….knowing I am doomed….it’ll take years to recover from this.
Anonimus00: Even though I shaved all your hair off, I keep running the clippers over your head… just because I enjoy it.
Anonimus00: I turn the clippers off, and reach for the can of shaving cream. I squeeze out a handful and rub it all over your stubbly head. I wipe off my hands and reach for the straight razor. I hold it up for the crowd to see, and the chant starts again: “SHAVE HER… SHAVE HER” Your adoring public is calling…
KELLI21257: I cry miserably
Anonimus00: I run the razor from your forehead back, and the rasp as I shave you smooth is audible. I repeat the motion to the left… then the right… and soon the top of your head is shiny smooth. I work quickly, as I’m really excited. I scrape the lather off the left side of your head… then the right… leaving the back for last…
Anonimus00: PRESTO… YOU’RE BALD! The crowd cheers and I hold up my hands in triumph!
KELLI21257: I look up…no longer the sassy look on my face I used to have……feeling totally defeated..
Anonimus00: But you’re not done yet. I turn to you and say, “Now, for the last part of the bet. It’s time for do to do something to me, isn’t it Kelli?”
KELLI21257: I cringe…”ok” I say…feeling helpless
Anonimus00: I unzip my pants and pull out my cock… it’s completely erect, being excited from shaving you top and bottom. “On your knees… NOW!”
KELLI21257: I fall off the chair onto my knees and take your long cock into my mouth and suck you off….obediently
Anonimus00: As you suck me off, I stroke your bald head. It makes me hotter as I feel your lipstick on my dipstick.
Anonimus00: The guys in the bar are completely stunned… they’ve never seen a woman blow a guy in a bar like this before. I’m enjoying all of it thoroughly… the blow job… the winning the bet… the merciless shearing of a bitchy blonde…
KELLI21257: I bob on it…sucking you hard…totally aware that everyone can watch my lips and mouth work…no long blonde hair to hide me…my blonde mane now decorating the hard bar floor and no longer adorning my head.
KELLI21257: I continue sucking…no longer even crying…totally docile now…
Anonimus00: “Faster”, I yell, “go faster!”
KELLI21257: I speed up…my lips moving quicker
Anonimus00: “Yes…. yes…. YES!!!” I come hard, sending an ocean of hot come down your throat.
KELLI21257: I attempt to swallow it all…
Anonimus00: I get up, pull up my pants, and walk toward the door, unlocking it. I look back at you. “Kelli, I hope you’ve learned something from this. It’s not what’s on top that matters! See you tomorrow for a little freshening up.” I walk out the door, leaving you on the floor, naked, demoralized, and completely bald. All the guys walk away from you, wanting nothing more to do with you.
KELLI21257: I cry…gathering up my golden hair to go home….


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