Brittney’s New Cut

Brittney's New Cut

Brittney’s New Cut – Rookie14

Brittney was the typical teenage girl. She was always focused on her looks, trying hard to keep herself in tune with the latest styles to show off to the boys in her school. However, she wasn’t the typical teenage girl in one respect: she had the body of a supermodel. She stood 6’1″, and her body didn’t have an ounce of fat on it. She always stayed in shape. Her one trademark though, something that everyone knew her for, was her hair.

Brittney had the most beautiful hair in the entire school. Those long, straight, brunette strands fells to the middle of her back in a blunt cut. Her bangs were curled underneath and reached as far down as the tops of her eyelids. The light bounced off her hair, and it always seemed that there was never a hair out of place. Usually, Brittney went into the hair salon every month or so for a trim, but one Friday in late July, she decided that a change was in order. She was becoming bored with her current style. After all, she’d had it for seventeen years, and the only change that she’d experimented with were some highlights and some layers. The heat of summer and the desire for a new look led her on the pathway to a new “do”.

Late in the day, Brittney walked into the hair salon that she’d been going to since she could remember. There wasn’t anyone else there, which surprised her, especially on a Friday. She looked around for her regular stylist, John, and he finally came out of the back room. As he stepped into the lobby, he took a look at Brittney as she stood in the doorway wearing her tight leather skirt and white shirt cut off at the waist. Brittney inquired as to whether John was available for a new cut, and John stated that he was indeed available. After all, there were no customers waiting around.

Brittney was led to have her long locks washed, and afterwards, she discussed with John some styles. Finally, Brittney told him to do whatever he felt would look sleek and sexy. Taking this into account, John placed the cape over Brittney as she lifted her feet off of the ground and onto the rungs of the chair. As she lifted her legs, John noticed in the mirror that Brittney wasn’t wearing any panties. He could briefly see the thick bush around Brittney’s pink pussy. Hoping to not make Brittney aware of his discovery, John quickly snapped the cape around her neck.

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John took some clips and combs out of the drawer and set them on the shelf beside the chair. He then went into another drawer and took out clippers with some attachments. Brittney was immediately surprised, for she was curious as to what John had in store for her. She had seen the clippers used on male customers for crewcuts and such, but she’d never actually felt them against her own scalp. She was immediately anxious and ready to begin the cut.

John took out the hairdryer and began to dry some of Brittney’s hair. After that was complete, he combed out a portion of Brittney’s hair. He combed out a mass of long locks, which he pinned in place on the top of Brittney’s head, leaving the hair from the tops of Brittney’s ears down to her neckline to hang down against the back of the chair. He then went over to the shelf and put a number 1 attachment on the clippers and plugged them in. Brittney became aroused as John switched the clippers and gave a small smirk. He brought them over to the chair, and gently pushed Brittney’s chin down until it met her chest. After a few seconds, Brittney felt the cold metal of the clippers on the back of her neck. Slowly, John pushed the clippers up the nape of Brittney’s neck until it met the tops of her ears where he had combed out the longer hair pinned on top. The vibration of the clippers on Brittney’s neck gave her an immediate orgasm, and John watched as Brittney’s hand slipped under the cape. She closed her eyes and began to groan, and John assumed that she was slowly stroking her nice tight pussy. John continued with several more passes of the clippers along Brittney’s nape until the back was completely filled with a bush of short, bristly hairs that stood on end. John switched the clippers off and placed them back on the shelf.

Next, John unpinned the hair on top and let it fall down Brittney’s back. Brittney shuddered as she felt her long locks touch the short hairs on the back of her neck. It appeared to John that she was becoming more aroused as he saw some more movement under the cape. Trying to continue with the cut, John picked up a pair of scissors and a comb, and walked on over to the left side of Brittney’s chair. There, he combed out Brittney’s long hair until it was straight, and then placed the scissors at an angle from the bottom of her chin slanting upward to the back of her neck. He closed the shears and more than a foot of lovely brown hair fell to the floor. John continued the line of the cut around to the other side of Brittney’s head until she was left with a short, chin-length bob and gradually sloped upward to the back of Brittney’s head, showing off her previously clippered nape. John parted the hair at the center of Brittney’s head and went back over every hair to make sure that the cut was nice and clean. He then took her bangs and cut them slightly shorter, not even an inch shorter. After that, as Brittney continued to twiddle her tight twat, John took a straight razor and went back over Brittney’s nape, forming a nice clean line.

The cut took not even twenty minutes. John took the cape off of Brittney’s body, and allowed Brittney to play with her new short do in the mirror as she exclaimed how much she loved it. She went over to him and gave him a long hug.

“I have one more favor to ask of you John. You may not know this, but I’ve had this crush on you ever since I was thirteen. I was wondering if you’d do something for me.”

“I’d do anything for you Brittney. Name it.”

“Well, I was wondering if you could shave my pussy.”

John looked at her in amazement as she took the bottom of her skirt and lifted it up to show the tight pink pussy that John had seen before. John became excited, and agreed to the shave. He went to the back room again. There, he obtained a Schick razor and some shaving cream. When he reentered the room, Brittney was nude from the waist down. She was lying on a towel on the floor stroking her clit. John, walking at a quick pace, set the items down on the floor and got a bowl of warm water and a moist washcloth. First, John got the clippers, took the attachment off of the clippers, turned them on, and slid them along Brittney’s skin, removing the thick bush that was there minutes ago. Brittney groaned even more than before. He then placed the washcloth on her skin for a few minutes, allowing the water to seep into the skin. The then shook the shaving cream and spread it all over Brittney’s lower abdomen and around the lips of her pussy. Taking the razor in his right hand, John shaved Brittney slowly and accurately, using his other hand to move her pussy lips out of the way of the razor’s path. After a few minutes, Brittney was left with a bare pussy. In the heat of the moment, John bent down and licked the newly shaven area, sucking on her clitoris as if her were sucking a beverage through a straw. They remained in that position for an hour making love and performing oral sex on each other. After the hour, Brittney got up, pulled down her skirt, and told John that she had to go or else her mother would become curious. She paid John for his services and ran out the door, feeling the breeze as it sailed up her skirt and passed against her shaven body. John would end up seeing Brittney once a week afterwards until they finally got married a few years later.


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