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Brewster's Millions

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Jason Brewster looked once again at the account balance column of his savings account passbook. Once again total disbelief took hold within him. It had now been three weeks since he received the first payment of his winnings from the NY state jackpot lotto. All you need is a dollar and a dream, he thought to himself rather smugly, as he looked at the $ 675,000 figure. This was but a small portion of the $ 23,000,000 he had won. ‘ Three weeks, and you still haven’t spent a penny of it,’ he said softly to himself. It wasn’t that he didn’t have a slew of things he wanted, but rather indecision over what he should buy first. The reality of the whole thing had not quite settled in on him completely yet.

He began going over his list once again in his mind. A new Mustang GT. A new Dodge Ram sport pickup truck with the magnum V8. Definitely a new house, a big house, with a maid to clean it. Vacations. Oh what vacations! Tahiti, Aruba, Monte Carlo, Paris, Australia. The list was long and intricate. All of his life Jason had dreamed of being wealthy. What he would do. What he would buy. All the earthly pleasures of which he would partake. Now, vaguely, somewhere in the deep recesses of his mind, the nagging, gnawing feeling sprang forth once again. He tried to delve deeper into his subconscious in an attempt to resolve what this vague feeling of incompleteness might be. For well over an hour he sat still trying to find an answer to the tortuous puzzle. Finally, feeling abstractedly forlorn, he gave up his mental quest, and decided that this was the day he would start enjoying his new found financial freedom.

Two hours later, he placed his John Hancock on the sales contract which would ensure that his jet black Ram truck would be delivered in one week with all the options he had specified. Now to the Ford dealership. It was 1:00 pm as he left the Dodge dealership, and he realized he had not yet eaten. he decided he would indulge himself with a lunch at one of the town’s finest restaurants. A $50 spot to the maitre-de got him a table even though he had no reservation, and a fine table it was too. A cozy table for two directly in front of the huge windows which encompassed the entire east side of the swank eatery. He placed his order with the very attractive waitress assigned to cater to his every need during his “dining experience” and sat gazing through the windows as he speculated as to what he should do after his visit to Ford Motor Company. His eyes fell upon a woman who had just gotten out of her car some fifty feet from where he sat. Directly across the street from the restaurant was a mini mall of some 10 shops. He watched the woman, whom he could see was extremely attractive, saunter past several of the shops, pausing to peer into the windows at various sundry items which caught her interest. he smiled to himself at the thought that he could buy each and every item that had caught the woman’s attention. After a rather long pause in front of one particular shop, the woman turned with purpose and headed directly to the second shop from the end. Jason squinted slightly to read the shops sign as the woman entered the door. ‘Hair It Is Unisex Salon.’ Recognition solidified itself in Jason’s mind like a 10,000 watt light at the end of a long dark tunnel. The vague, nagging feeling he had been having for the past three weeks finally made itself known. For years he had harboured a secret desire to cut a woman’s hair. A desire which he could never quite figure out how to fulfil. Until now that is.

The waitress appeared in front of him holding a covered plate of cuisine. He no longer felt hungry. No indeed. All that Jason desired now was the fulfilment of a long standing, unrequited desire. He politely asked for his bill, which the waitress quickly wrote up, while simultaneously apologising for any faults in the food or service. He assured her that everything was just fine, paid the bill, and left a more than generous tip for the young lady who was obviously quite unnerved by his abruptness.

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He quickly crossed the street and entered the salon. He quickly scanned the interior and found the woman he had been observing from the restaurant. Her hair had already been washed, and the stylist, who was herself a fine figure of a woman, was busily snipping one inch of the woman’s three foot long, auburn hair all the way across the back. The receptionist asked if she could help him, and he quickly and easily said no thank you, explaining that he was just waiting for his friend to get done. He sat watching the one inch snippets of hair fall to the floor, while daydreaming of severing massive amounts of the woman’s hair from her head. Soon the stylist was finished and began to blow dry the woman’s hair. Five minutes later, the woman stood less than two feet from him as she paid for her trim. She shot him a fleeting glance as she passed him on her way out the door. He rose and followed her. Just as she reached her car, he called out to her.

“Excuse me? Could I talk to you for a moment please?”

The woman looked around a bit, as though perhaps he was addressing someone else, then finally said, ” Do I know you?”

“No you don’t, but I was sitting in the restaurant across the street and I saw you, and I knew that I just had to meet you. My name is Jason.”

The woman had a half apprehensive, half flattered expression on her face. “Well it’s nice to meet you Jason. What can I do for you?”

He knew that his reference to the restaurant had had the desired effect. he knew that it had instantly conveyed to her the message that he was a man of means. The restaurant’s reputation was very well known.

“I thought perhaps you and I could go back to the restaurant and have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and get to know each other?”

She seemed to ponder for a moment then politely refused.

“Oh come on,” he implored her. “What possible harm could it do to sit with me for a few minutes in such a public place and enjoy some fine wine and stimulating conversation?”

After a few more minutes of contemplation, she accepted the offer as a broad warm smile crossed her face.

An hour later they sat sipping from their glasses of the third bottle of Château Lafitte Rothschild 58. Paula was no classless broad. She knew the approximate value of each of the bottles of wine. So far she estimated that he had spent in excess of $4,000. He was also quite charming, and an interesting conversationalist. They chatted lightly about a variety of topics, and shared many a heartfelt chuckle over some witty comment he would interject during what otherwise seemed a serious subject. Finally as the last of the third bottle of wine emptied into their glasses she demurely informed him that she would have to be going soon. He realized that it was now or never.

“Paula, I have had an absolutely lovely time with you here this afternoon, and I hope I am not spoiling the mood here, but I have a sort of business proposition I’d like to make to you.”

“Oh wait just a minute here. Do you think I’m some sort of a ?”

“NO NO NO wait, here me out!! I don’t think any such thing.”

“Then what sort of BUSINESS proposition do you mean?”

He gathered himself together, took a long deep breath, steeled himself, and with a rush of excitement and fear, let fly with his offer. A brief look of shock crossed her face. It was soon replaced by a genuine look of curiosity. Had she really just heard what she thought she just heard? It couldn’t be! She looked at him with amazement. It took her several minutes to catch her breath and answer him.

“That’s quite an offer! Tell me, how many women have you made that offer to?”

“You’re the first.”

“Why me?”

“I don’t know to be honest with you. Random chance I guess. Maybe because you’re so incredibly pretty.”

“Thank you for the compliment – and you’re serious about this?”


“And where would this event take place?”

“I don’t know. Your place, my place? Wherever you would feel comfortable with it I guess.”

“Well I can’t give you an answer right now. I have to think about this for a bit.”

“I understand. It’s a big decision.”

“Yes it is.”

“How will I know what you’ve decided?”

“Give me your number, and I call you and let you know either way.”

“Any idea when that might be?”

“God you are anxious aren’t you? No, I have no idea when it will be. Like I said I need to think about it, and maybe talk to my friend about it and see what she thinks.”

“Does that mean you might go for it?”

“Maybe. It’s certainly different, I’ll give you that much. And there’s no doubt that the money would come in VERY handy.”

“Well if you decide to do it, I’ll be more than happy to give you the money first. That way you’ll know I’m not conning you.”

“All right, give me your number, and I’ll get back to you within the next couple of days.”

He quickly scribbled his number down for her. She rose gracefully from the table and bid him a fond farewell. After she was gone he sat for a long time wondering if she would really go for it. His excitement grew at the thought that she would, and he rushed home to relieve himself of his pent-up arousal.

Paula turned away from the table where Jason sat, and a smile crossed her face. She left the restaurant, crossed the street, and unlocked the driver’s side door to her car. She took a moment to look at the sign over the hair salon where only hours before she had gotten her hair trimmed. Then on an impulse she looked back over her shoulder to see Jason looking longingly at her once again. She waved at him and got into her car.

When she got home the very first thing she did was go into the bathroom, where she spent the next hour combing her hair and pulling it back into different mock styles. She tried to imagine what it would be like to finally have short hair. Then she tried to imagine just how short she should go, if in fact she decided to take Jason up on his highly tempting offer. She gathered all off her hair into a thick tight ponytail at the crown, making sure to pull the sides as taught as possible in an attempt to see if she could assess what she would look like with extremely short hair. Her cheeks grew hot as she regarded her image in the mirror. She could tell that she would look great with super short hair. But she had known that for a very long time now. This was not the first time she stood looking into the mirror trying to decide how short to cut her hair. It was in fact only a few hours earlier that she had stood in front of the very same mirror trying to work up the courage to get a short style during her visit to the stylist with whom she had an appointment that afternoon. She began to wander aimlessly around her apartment as though in a hypnotic trance, as the events of the afternoon ran through her mind.

Like a thousand times before, she had left her apartment earlier that day fully intending to march into the salon and firmly telling the stylist to ‘whack it all off, I want it short!’. But when the moment of truth finally did arrive, the best she could manage was a feeble, whimpering request for a trim. Then, out of nowhere comes this guy who offers her a tidy sum of cash to let him do the very thing that she had been wanting so desperately to do for so very long. She wanted so much to accept his offer on the spot, but as she opened her mouth to accept, fear gripped her like it had so many times before. ‘Why can’t I just do it and get it over with already?’ she thought to herself. She grabbed her purse and fished around for the number that she had gotten from Jason. She looked up at the clock and was surprised to see that nearly four hours had somehow managed to slip by. The scrap of paper seemed to get warmer and warmer, until she felt as though it were burning a hole in her hand. She crumpled it up into a small white ball, and threw it towards the garbage can. “There! That solves that problem! Now I can’t call!” she said out loud to nobody. She turned on the television in a desperate effort to distract herself from the thoughts that echoed through her mind. No good. No matter how hard she tried to distract herself, or simply drive the thoughts from her brain, she kept coming back to the same conclusion. She just couldn’t let an opportunity like this slide by. As if in a dream, she walked to the trash can and retrieved the scrap of paper. “This is it,” she told herself. ” I’m gonna finally do it.”

It was 7 pm. She uncrumpled the slip of paper, picked up the phone, and dialed the number.

” Hello?” came the now familiar voice.

” Hi. It’s Paula.”

Jason’s heart skipped a beat. He certainly didn’t think he’d be hearing from her so soon. He experienced a fleeting moment of anxiety as the thought that she may have decided to refuse his offer crossed his mind. “I guess you’ve decided to pass on my offer?”

“What makes you say that?”

“Well you said you had to think about it and talk to your friend, and I just figured that you must have decided against it in order to be calling me so soon.”

“Actually, hmmmmmmm. God I can’t believe I’m doing this, but. I think I want to take you up on your offer.”

“Great!!” His heart fairly leapt into his throat. Trying to remain calm he said, “So when and where would you like to do it?”

“Well, as for the where, I think I’d be more comfortable doing it here at my place, rather than yours or a motel room or something.”

“That’s perfectly all right with me. Like I said, wherever you’re most comfortable.”

“Good. Now as for the when, I was hoping we could do it as soon as possible before I change my mind and chicken out.”

“Hey, that’s fine by me too. We could do it right now if you’d like to.”

“You can lay your hands on that kind of money at this time of the night?”

“Actually, I have enough money here with me right now.”

“How do you know? I mean how do you know how much you’ll need?”

“I don’t really. But the way I figure it, I have enough money right now that I can afford to pay you no matter how short you end up letting me cut it.”

“And you’ll give me the money first, right?”

“Sure will!”

“Ok. Then here’s my address.”

Jason drove to the address she gave him as though he were in a grand prix race. As fate would have it, she only lived a scant 5 miles from him, and the trip took him all of seven minutes to make. Paula, thinking it would take some time for him to arrive, was caught completely off gaurd when she heard the knock on her door. She assumed it was a friend or relative paying a social visit, and her mind went into a spin trying to think of some excuse to get rid of whoever it was so as not to spoil the plans she had already made. Clad only in a pair of lace panties, she threw on a bathrobe, and headed for the door. A mixture of shock and arousal slapped her hard in the face as she opened the door to see Jason standing there.

“My god!! Do you have a rocket up your ass or something?” she said with a smile on her face.

“Actually, I only live a few miles away. If you’re not ready yet, I can leave and come back whenever you say.”

“NO NO! That’s ok. I’m just surprised that’s all. I thought you might be someone else. But you’re here now, and I’m as ready as I’ll ever be, so you might as well come in.”

She led the way to her kitchen, and Jason placed the smallish suitcase he was carrying on the table. Opening it, she could see a comb, scissors, clipper, and several small stacks of money.

“Uhh hmmmm. I don’t think you’ll be needing that,” she said pointing to the clipper. Jason’s hope sank a bit, but he realized he never really expected to get any use out of the machine this evening.

“Ok. Well then, why don’t you give me some idea of how short you’re willing to let me cut it, and I’ll give you your money as promised?”

“Ooooooook. I think the shortest I’m willing to go is collar length. I’ll let you cut it straight across that short. That way I can go tomorrow and get it styled so that it looks like something.”

“Sounds good to me. How many inches do you figure that is?”

“Well I measured it out a little while ago, and the way I figure it, that’ll make about 33 inches you’ll be cutting off.”

“Fair enough. 33 inches at $100 an inch, makes $3,300 I owe you.”

He extracted two of the small packs of bills from the case and began counting out loud as he laid the bills in front of her on the table. Paula looked at his face while he counted and found herself thinking how attractive he was. She decided that he was definitely someone she would go out with. She briefly wished they had met under different circumstances. Thoughts of their sweaty bodies tangled together in lustful bliss filled her mind. Vaguely she heard him saying, “Thirty two ninety five, thirty three. Thirty three hundred dollars. You can count it again if you like.”

She snapped out of her reverie and said, “No, not necessary. I saw you count it out, I know it’s all there.” A subdued sense of panic gripped her as she realized that there was nothing left to be said, and nothing left to be done except the haircut itself. Her heart began pounding so hard she thought surely it would explode. her ears burned as though a match was being held under them. She struggled to suppress her fears, wishing she could let the eroticism of the moment take hold and make this experience everything she had always hoped it would be. As fast as she could, she pulled a chair to the center of the room, sat herself in it, and forced the words from deep inside her dry achy throat, “PLEASE!! DO IT QUICK BEFORE I FREAK AND CHICKEN OUT!!!!”

Caught completely by surprise by her sudden burst of movement and her seemingly angry outburst, Jason hesitated momentarily. His hands were shaking uncontrollably with nervousness and excitement. He looked at her, and noticed that her sudden movement had caused her robe to open just enough to allow an ample view of her perky, champagne glass shaped breasts. Simultaneously, he grabbed a huge lock of her auburn hair from in front of her right ear with his left hand, and the scissors with his right. he placed the jaws of the shears at her right ear, and quickly slid them down to the level of her collar. her chest was heaving with her labored breathing, her breasts rising and falling in rapid succession. The scissors made a loud, steady crunching sound as the first 33 inch lock of hair came loose in his hand. Holding this for a second in disbelief, his hand wandered out and away from him, until the lock dangled in all its glory directly in front of her face. Her eyes went wide for a second at the sight of her hair hanging in front of her, no longer attached to her head. Reality settled in. It was started. Finally after all these years, she was getting her hair cut off. With that realization, all fear left her. A wash of warmth spead through her entire body. Unaware of her own actions, her left hand wound itself into the robe and began caressing her nipples, while her right hand slipped under the end of the robe and began massaging her clit. Jason couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It was as though she was completely unaware of his presence. He lifted a second long thick lock from just behind her right ear. Her fingers sped up significantly under the robe as he inserted the scissors into the lock. The slicing crunching sound began anew and a second large lock of her tresses came free in his hand. Her head slumped backward, eyes closed she began to moan with pleasure as he lifted a third clump of hair in the back. All inhibition had left her, and she groaned, “Shorter. Please cut it shorter.”

Jason let go of the lock he had, and going back to the front of her right ear, took her hair between his fingers and placed the blades of the scissors at her earlobe. Two rapid slices freed the lock from her head. Her hips began to move up and down rhythmically and she fairly shouted, “SHORTER!” The cold blades surrounded the hair in front of her right ear all the way up to the hairline. Quickly he began slicing away at her hair, working his way across the top of her right ear, and without hesitating, continued on towards the back. Her entire body was heaving up and down at this point, making it difficult to make a straight line. Ragged edges developed half way up the back of her head as he plowed his way through the thick tresses. Once again she shouted, “SHORTER!” He moved to his right until he was standing directly in front of her. The blades were placed firmly against her scalp in the center of her forehead. Her body stiffened as the shears reduced a quarter inch swath of her hair on top to stubble. And still she called out to him to cut it shorter. A scant few seconds later, she heard a loud pop as the clipper sprang to life. She screamed with ecstasy as she felt the hair eating machine slip into the hair on her forehead and glide backwards, and the most powerful orgasm of her life wracked her body. Again and again she felt the clipper slip into her hair and move back across her head, as wave after wave of the mind numbing orgasm rushed through her. She could feel her hair sliding down over her shoulders and thighs, and as the final earth shattering wave of orgasm shook her to her very bones, so too did the last of her hair fall away and land with a soft thud on the floor.

It was several minutes before she came back to earth and realized what had just happened. Her hand went to her head and stroked the stubble where only moments before 36 inches of hair existed. Slowly she opened her eyes to see Jason standing before her counting out more money. Her eyes swept the floor in an arc, drinking in the sight of all her gorgeous hair which seemed to cry out in protest. Faintly she realized Jason was talking to her.

“I’m making it an even $5,000. Does that sound fair to you?”

“Fair? If it wasn’t for the fact that I really need the money, I’d make it free.”

“That was incredible. More than I could have ever hoped for.”

“And more than I’d have ever thought I’d do.”

“Regret it now?”

“No way. I guess you figured out that I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time by now,”

“Yeah, you were pretty obvious about it.”

“God I’m so embarrassed.”

“Don’t be. It only means that you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

An awkward silence followed, until finally Paula got an idea.

“Listen! How would you feel about getting a bite to eat with me? It would be the perfect opportunity for me to show off the new Paula.”

“I’d like that.”

“Good. Let me hop in the shower quick to get the hair off me and we’ll be on our way. It’ll be fast, no blowdrying needed.” They both laughed heartily over the quip. “There’s just one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“After dinner, you have to come back here with me, and finish the job. I’ve come this far, I might as well go all the way.”

“No Charge?”

“Not in cash anyway.”

The End

Billd (Clipper)

If thy hair offends thee, cut it off.


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