Boyfriend’s Wish

Boyfriend's Wish

The Boyfriend’s Wish. by Hair-Raiser.

“John’s running late but he says to go through.” the receptionist informed Jane. Jane had been going to HairRaisers for over two years now and had never known John to be on time. He always made such a fuss of his clients’ hair. Even Jane, who would go every eight weeks for her 1″ trim. Jane looked forward to the attention and John’s flirting.

Jane walked through and was surprised to see only John and his client in the room. There were three barber’s chairs and normally at least two of the chairs had another hairdresser working. However, John had got the reputation for being a hard boss who insisted his staff promote their profession and let him style their hair. This usually meant it going shorter and shorter over the months until John had frustrated the stylist enough so that they left. It seemed this time that John had managed to upset two at once.

John wasn’t only a little behind, he was in fact only just starting with his customer, helping her into the cape. Jane started towards the bank of chairs that faced the stylist chairs but John called out, “Come over here, we can chat more easily.”

Jane went and sat in the right-hand barber’s chair while John helped his client into the centre chair. John left his client for a moment and turned Jane’s chair so that it was facing the centre chair.

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“That’s better. I promise not to be too long. You’re not in a rush are you?”

“You’ve got to be joking. I know you too well.” Jane replied.

“Well, let me introduce you two attractive ladies. Janie this is Jackie, Jackie this is Janie.”

“Hi,” the girls called out in near unison.

Jane noticed that Jackie’s hair was very similar to hers. Straight, thick and shiny, parted in the middle and past the breasts, although Jane was sure hers was slightly longer and had a thick fringe cut which Jackie did not. Jackie’s hair was jet black which is how Jane’s looked in most light, but in the bright salon light, it was clearly dark brown. John started brushing Jackie’s hair.

“Your boyfriend was certainly excited about this,” John said casually.

“Excited about what?” Jackie asked.

“Your haircut. We spent ages talking about it.”

“You talked with my boyfriend about my haircut?”

“Yes. When he came in here yesterday. I know you’re going to love the look we came up with.”

“My boyfriend came in here and chose a new look for me?”

John stopped brushing. He’d been a little suspicious when Tom had first come in and talked of his girlfriend’s desire for a new look. He’d never had that happen before. Many times the boys had accompanied their girlfriends for moral support, but certainly not a pre-meeting. When Tom had talked animatedly about how much hair Jackie was going to have cut off, John allowed his suspicions to subside, but now they were present once more.

“You mean you didn’t know?”

“No! When I booked it last week, it was for a trim. He never said anything then and I didn’t even know he’d been into town.”

“So you don’t want a new look?” John was trying not to sound too disappointed.

“No! I like the old look.”

“Well your boyfriend evidently doesn’t. Can’t you give him a call so we can sort this out?” John hoped Tom would be able to talk her around.

“No he dropped me off and has gone shopping.”

“He was certainly very excited about this. You can’t let him down can you?” John decided to give it one last go. He always liked to go fishing. Throw the bait in front of the customer, try to coax her into taking it and once hooked, land the prize and chop the hair off.

“I just can’t believe it. He always told me how much he loved my hair long.”

“Do you think he was hoping that you’d say you were getting tired of it?”

“I guess he could have. But why didn’t he just say?”

“Perhaps he didn’t want to say he thought you looked boring. I think we should do it to add the spice into the relationship that you boyfriend obviously craves.” John thought he was probably being unfair, but was desperate to find the right bait.

“He’s not going to rule my life, it’s my hair. I’ll decide how I’m going to have it and I’ll have that trim.”

“If my girlfriend really wanted me to do something, I’d do it,” John offered.

“I wouldn’t, would you?” Jackie turned to Jane for moral support.

“My boyfriend every so often tells me I should go short and I tell him I’m not ready for it. So he’s leaving it up to me. But I do love him and I think if he was bothered enough by it to pull a stunt like this, I’d probably go through with it……. But he’d owe me big!”

“I do love him and I don’t want him to get bored with me.”

“Then you should probably do it,” Jane calmly stated. She was glad it was Jackie facing the dilemma and not her. Her boyfriend had only recently encouraged her to go short and she’d given her usual refusal. Still, if Jackie agreed to go short, at least Jane would get to see how emotionally draining it would be to lose that much hair and so better decide if she would ever give in to her boyfriend’s wishes.

“Oh god. I’m going to kill him. What is the style you two decided on?”

“A pixie cut,” John stated, hardly able to contain his excitement that he’d got the fish hooked.

“What’s one of them?”

“Like Winona Ryder,” Jane chipped in. These guys must have a thing about her, Jane concluded. That was the style her boyfriend had encouraged her to go for.

“I’ve never heard of her. Is it very short?”

“Yes!” John and Jane replied in near unison.

“Shall I start?” John asked picking up his trusted 6″ shears.

Jackie stared long and hard in the mirror and then simply nodded. She had a look of stunned shock on her face and a tear tumbled down her left cheek.

John didn’t wait for Jackie to change her mind and quickly slid the point of the shears under her hair just below the centre parting. He lifted the shears up, raising the hair resting on them. He slid the comb under and pulled out the shears. Pulling the comb 2″ away from the parting he then chopped along the comb sending a narrow 3′ section of hair sliding down the cape, plunging to the floor. Jackie’s body visibly stiffened and more tears rolled down her face. John quickly repeated the process and started getting a rhythm going. Soon hair was tumbling all over the place forming a thick covering on the floor, Jackie’s lap and her shoulders. Jane’s heart went out to Jackie. It was clear that Jackie was not ready for this change and Jane renewed her resolve that she wasn’t going to give in to her boyfriend’s suggestion to get her hair cut short. Finally John stepped back and put his comb and scissors down and stared at Jackie’s reflection. He had a satisfied smile on his face and Jackie’s tears had subsided. Jackie’s once thick, lustrous, long locks had been reduced to 2″ clumps of hair all over her head. Jackie looked down at the hair on her shoulders and lap, another flood of tears tumbled down her face.

John undid the cape letting the hair fall to the floor, he then refastened it and turned the chair around and laid it back so that Jackie’s head was in the sink. After washing her hair, John returned Jackie to the upright position and towel dried her hair. He combed it out in a matter of seconds and Jackie looked a lot calmer as her hair gathered some semblance of normality. The look of calm dissipated when John picked up his cut throat razor. John moved to the front of Jackie so that her face was close to his chest. He pulled a section of hair with the comb and fingers until there was 1″ held in his left hand. He then ran the razor over the hair which made a quiet rasping noise and strands came free in his hand, which he then preceded to flick in front of Jackie’s face.

After 15 minutes of this, John had razored all of Jackie’s hair. He applied some mousse and blow-dried it. He stood back and admired his work.

“Winona Ryder II,” he declared. John then noticed the huge mound of hair on the floor. “Oh my god. Your boyfriend is going to kill me. He asked me to save him the pony tail.” John dove on the floor and collected an armful of hair. “I’ll be back in a minute or two.”

Jane stared at Jackie, who was only looking slightly happier now that it was all over.

“So what do you think?” Jane asked innocently.

Slowly more tears formed in Jackie’s eyes. “I hate it!”

Jane leapt to her feet and went over to Jackie’s chair to comfort her. She stood behind the chair and put her hands on Jackie’s shoulders.

“Don’t cry. It’s just the shock. It does really look great. And your boyfriend is going to love it so much and you’re going to have the best sex tonight.”

“Do you think so?”

“I know so!”

“Boo!” Jane jumped straight up and turned around as someone had crept up behind her and prodded her side. She faced a tall well built man who suddenly turned bright red.

“Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry. I thought you were someone else.”

“And just who……” Jane was about to launch in to a full verbiage assault when Jackie interrupted.


“Oh there you are. Oh my god, what have you done to your hair?”

“I got it cut like you told John.” Jackie looked like she was about to start crying again, but this time she kept the tears at bay.

“I didn’t tell anyone anything. You know I love your hair long. How could you let them butcher it like this?”

“Here it is!” John emerged triumphantly holding the nearly 3′ long ponytail tied with a red ribbon.

“Did you cut my girlfriend’s hair?” David demanded angrily.

“I cut Jackie’s hair like I was asked by her boyfriend.”

“I’m her boyfriend!”

“Well, her other boyfriend then.”

Everyone turned to Jackie and stared. She started sobbing once more. “I don’t have another boyfriend.”

John stormed over to the reception desk to get the appointment book, closely followed by David, Jackie and Jane.

“See! I wrote it down just after I spoke to him. ‘3:15. Pixie cut requested by Tom.'”

“Who the hell is Tom?” demanded David beginning to get worried that perhaps Jackie had indeed been two-timing him.

“Er, I think 3:15 was my appointment,” offered Jane.

“Yes. I was 2:45. You were late,” added Jackie.

“And Tom is my boyfriend,” whispered Jane, but everyone heard.

“You blithering idiot. You’re going to be hearing from us.” David put his arm around Jackie and led her to the door.

“It was an honest mistake,” John called out. “Hey, Would you like this?” He held out the ponytail. David gave John a withering stare and left with Jackie in tow. John was tempted to ask for payment but felt under the circumstances it might be him paying them at a later date, so kept silent. John, Jane and the receptionist were left alone staring at each other.

“Oh dear.” The receptionist broke the silence and had a big smile on her face. John and Jane started laughing.

“So Tom’s your boyfriend and he wants you to have a pixie cut.”

Jane sobered up quickly. “It appears so.”

“What were you saying earlier? ‘If my boyfriend pulled a stunt like that, I’d probably do it.'”

“Yes, but that was then.”

“Janie, Janie, Janie.” John put his arm around her and started slowly leading her to the chair. “You know if you hadn’t said that, Jackie would still have her long hair.”


“You know we’ve got to do it, don’t you? You owe it to Jackie and to Tom.”

Silence. They arrived at the chair.

“Come on. Get yourself comfy.” Jane meekly climbed into the chair. John picked up the cape and threw it around Jane’s shoulders. He couldn’t help but notice the look of disbelief on her face, similar to the look on Jackie’s face when she realized that she was going to lose all of her hair. John wondered if she was going to cry. He feared that he was indeed going to hear from Jackie and David again, but that was another day. Today had been great and it was just about to get better. He picked up his cut throat razor.

“Here we go, Winona Ryder III.”


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