Biker Chick

Biker Chick

The Biker Chick by DeB

Kelli slowly maneuvered her car into the last available space. Man, I hate street parking! she thought to herself. And this neighborhood really sucks! I’m glad this damned store is close by! She got out of her car and locked it carefully. Sighing, she made her way toward her destination.

The hum of neon signs assaulted her ears as she approached the shop.



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The front glass was festooned with Harley Davidson emblems. Crude bumper stickers were on display, together with an assortment of tacky biker jewelry.

Perfect, she enthused. This place should be crammed full of biker shit! She pushed the door open and stepped inside.

Not the best smell in the world…Disinfectant Central…she thought, her nose wrinkling in disgust. God…look at that guy…he’s HUGE!

Standing by the magazine rack reading a well-thumbed issue of “Easy Rider” was an immense man with long, greasy black hair and a thick black beard. He looked like some demented animal. He was bursting out of a dingy white T-shirt and filthy jeans, and a black leather vest proclaimed his status as a member of a local biker gang.

Yep…as authentic as it gets…I should be able to find what I need here…she began to browse through the shop’s wares.

It had been an inspiration—her friend John was having a costume party, and she’d decided to deck herself out as a biker chick. She’d looked this place up in the phone book. From the ad she figured she’d be able to get the most authentic gear here. It was in kind of a shitty part of town…but she really wanted to turn heads at this shindig. So what the hell?

She glanced up at the only other person in the place, the guy behind the counter. Balding, with granny glasses and a jersey with an obscene slogan on it, he was leering at her while pretending to straighten a rack of cigarette papers.

He had reason to leer. It was a hot day, and Kelli had dressed appropriately. White sneakers and socks adorned her feet. Her sleek legs were tanned, well muscled, and completely visible, because she was wearing a very short pair of denim cutoffs. A white tube top accentuated her bra-less breasts, her nipples stretching the thin cotton delightfully. Her hair, parted in the middle and gleaming sexily even in fluorescent light, flowed loose and free down past her shoulders. The clerk smiled a gappy smile at Kelli.

“Can I help you, honey? I’m Jake, by the way. I own the place.”

Kelli, affronted by Jake’s overfamiliarity, turned a withering stare on him. “You must be sooooo proud. Listen, moron…I’m NOT your honey. I’m here to pick up a biker chick costume, so just let me shop in peace, and get out of this sleazy rathole.”

The smile slipped from Jake’s face. “Hey, you rude bitch. Just because you think you’re better than us don’t mean you can come in to my place and badmouth me. Besides, you don’t have what it takes to be a biker chick. You wouldn’t last three minutes in that world.”

Deeply insulted, Kelli strode to the counter. It had been a bad day, and she was in a bitchy mood anyway; why waste it?

“Listen, you greasy lowlife. This is for a costume. How can you think for EVEN ONE MINUTE that I would want to actually BE a biker chick? That I would WANT to hang out with losers like you…” She sputtered in her anger.

So angry was Kelli, in fact, that she failed to notice Mongo slip up behind her. Suddenly she felt herself seized in a crushing bear hug.

“What the…ooooofff….hey! HEY! Let go of me, you big asshole! Take your damned hands off mmphh…mmmpphhh! MMMPPHHH!” Quick as a snake Mongo moved his massive left hand up and was covering Kelli’s protesting mouth. Kelli’s cheeks flushed red as his hand clamped tightly over her lips, reducing her strident wrath to a barely-audible mumble.

“Ha ha ha ha ha…GOTCHA!” Mongo gloated in idiot glee. Kelli struggled furiously in the huge man’s grasp, but her strength was as nothing next to his. His rank odor almost made her swoon as he held her close.

Jake took in the tableau before him with approval; then reached under the counter and drew out a vial of white powder and a glass tube. He came around from behind the register and approached the squirming babe.

“So you want to be a biker chick, do ya? I think we can accommodate you, can’t we, Mongo?” A grinning Mongo nodded his agreement. “Only one thing: no one PLAYS at being a biker’s girl. You either are, or you ain’t. This ain’t no ‘costume’ to us, angel…it’s a lifestyle.” And he inserted the glass tube into the white powder and tamped down, jamming the tube’s end with the white crystals.

“Hold her head back, Mongo.”

With his right hand the behemoth gathered up Kelli’s long blonde hair and yanked back. Kelli emitted a muffled shriek as her head was inexorably forced backwards. Her eyes bulged in fear as Jake approached her face with the glass tube, placed the packed end into Kelli’s left nostril, and blew the white powder into her nose. My god, they’re trying to kill me with an overdose of cocaine! Kelli’s mind jabbered. Seeing her rampant terror, Jake paused to explain. “Never fear, pet…horse tranquilizer…keeps you nice and still while we finish up with you.” He tamped the tube full again and blasted more of the potent drug into Kelli’s right nostril.

Kelli’s mind whirled as the strong powder took effect. She could feel her limbs becoming numb…her struggles subsiding…her ability to focus, to concentrate, slipping away from her. She became essentially an inert mass, incapable of action or speech, fully conscious and fully aware of her surroundings and predicament but powerless to change anything. Jake smiled as he watched Kelli’s taut, tanned body come to rest, her face slack and expressionless but her eyes dancing with panic.

“Bring her to the back room, man,” Jake commanded. “I’m all set up back there.” Mongo released his left hand from Kelli’s mouth and held her up suspended by her hair. Her arms and legs hung impotently as her body swayed in the monster’s grip. He dragged her limp form by the hair into the back room.

The luckless blonde was hauled into the back room and held up by the hair while Jake stripped her naked, throwing her clothes into the garbage. Then she was dumped unceremoniously on what looked to be a gynecologist’s examination table. The two degenerates positioned her with care, fastening her arms down by her sides and locking her feet in the stirrups, securing her legs far apart. They took a moment to leer at their conquest.

“Man…she sure is hot…too bad she’s such a bitch,” Jake opined.

“Look at her bush, Jake,” Mingo said almost reverently as he stroked her nether fur lovingly, stroking her like a pet.

“Yeah, beautiful…and she’s a natural blonde, too…not that that will matter in a minute!”

Jake got a wicked idea. “Hey, Mongo…before we start on her, watch this!” And he began fingering Kelli’s spread pussy…finger-fucking her, slowly at first, then with increasing vigor…diddling her clit furiously. Kelli’s cunt began to lubricate freely, dewdrops of moisture signalling her arousal, her readiness to be entered…she remained absolutely motionless.

“See? She’s getting real wet. Her slit’s ready to be fucked…but because of the drug she can’t feel any pleasure! Cool, huh?”

“Well!” he continued. “Enough parlor tricks! Hand me that red notebook over there.” As his huge companion fetched the notebook Jake slithered over to Kelli’s head and began stroking her long blonde hair lovingly. Her eyes, unable to close due to the tranquilizer, watered copiously, tears flowing down her still, lovely face.

“You see, honey,” he explained, “all the local biker clubs bring their girls in here to be worked on. Some just get an identifying tattoo…some get piercings…but there’s ONE club…whew. They go all out. After we finish one of their sluts she ain’t good for nothin’ else. Well, you wanted to be a biker chick…I’m gonna make sure you get the full ride.”

Mongo handed him the book. He flipped through the pages with a practiced hand. “Mmmmm…here it is. The Dark Lords.” He silently read down the list. “Man, this is gonna take a while. But it’s not like you got anywhere to go.” He smiled an evil smile.

“You see, the Dark Lords are Satanists. They treat all their women like shit…but they really hate blondes. They believe that fair hair means an angelic disposition, and that infuriates them. So the only way they’ll take a blonde into their gang is if she’s extensively…modified…and even then she fills the lowest rung on their social ladder…I hear the only thing they feed their blondes is come, gallons of come…”

Kelli’s eyes bulged in fear as Jake described her demise. She listened in horror as Jake picked up the phone and called the leader of the Dark Lords.

“Hey, Asmodeus, this here’s Jake…listen: I got a girl for you. You interested? Same price as before?…Yeah, she’s a blonde, unfortunately…yeah, I’ll take care of it before I bring her over. Deal? Okay, I’ll get started on her. Thanks. Yeah, Beelzebub’s blessings on you, too. Good bye.”

“All right! Let’s get on with it! First we gotta get rid of that gorgeous bush, bitch. Mongo? Hand me the clippers, will ya?”

“Ah, Jake, do we have to? It’s so soft and thick…”

“Yeah, brother, we got to. They won’t take her like this.” And Jake took the clippers from Mongo and snapped them on deftly. He ran fingers gently through Kelli’s plush shag one last time; then he pressed the blades of the clippers against her belly and mowed down into the luxuriant growth. Kelli sobbed inwardly as she looked at her pussy in the ceiling-mounted mirror…saw the small fine hairs slide down her smooth legs as her bush was clippered away. Jake made pass after pass with the electric shears, each swipe exposing more of Kelli’s bare flesh…the clippers buzzing angrily as they denuded Kelli’s crotch. Soon only the barest stubble covered Kelli’s mons. Then Jake brought out a jar of smelly blue cream and began rubbing it vigorously into the stubble. He paused a second to explain. “This is my own invention…permanently kills the hair roots so it never grows back.” He let the cream set for two minutes, then he wiped it away with a white towel.

Kelli examined herself in the mirror. Her crotch was as hairless as a prepubescent girl’s.

“Now…the next step happens because you’re a blonde. The Dark Lords want to make sure you don’t have any fun in their service, so I have to remove your clit. Brunettes get to keep theirs. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt a bit, but I’m afraid your days of getting any enjoyment from sex are gone forever.”

Kelli’s blank stare and expressionless, immobile face belied the turmoil inside her frantically active mind. M-my clit?!? Nooooooooo…please….I’m sorry…….

Jake was true to his word; Kelli felt nothing as her love trigger was snipped from her body, and the wound dressed. Her mind reeled as she contemplated the consequences of that simple act. No more orgasms…ever…now my pussy’s just a sperm receptacle…only good for the pleasure of men…

The final debasement of Kelli’s sex was the piercing of her labia, and the placement of two thick, stainless steel rings in each pussy lip. Then a large padlock was slipped through the rings, and with a click Kelli’s pussy was locked tightly shut.

“Hey Mongo, you big oaf. Don’t just sit there. Help me! Plug in that branding iron over there and set it to ‘High”, okay?” Branding iron?!? Kelli’s mind jabbered. But she was given no time to think about that. Jake had started caressing her nipples. Against her will she felt them swelling…engorging…that’s when she saw the needle. Jake brandished it before her frightened eyes; then deftly bent and expertly pierced her right nipple. In the mirror over her head Kelli could see the small drop of blood roll down the smooth curve of her breast; then watched in despair as her left nipple, too, was pierced. Jake put the needle down and held up two large stainless-steel rings for her inspection. Kelli noted that these were not delicate, graceful rings; these were not jewelry, not adornments; these were utilitarian, heavy-duty rings meant for the control of an animal. She shuddered in humiliation as the rings were fixed to her nipples.

Jake tugged on them, hard. Kelli’s breasts stretched out, then snapped back when he released them. Jake laughed at her plight. “Hey, man, is the iron about ready?”

“Yeah, Jake…it’s glowin’ real good…”

“Well, let’s have it.” Mongo handed the iron over to Jake.

He held it up to the mirror so Kelli could read the reversed letters.




And with a wicked leer Jake inverted the iron and pressed the glowing red metal deep into Kelli’s left breast, just over the newly-pierced nipple!

Blessedly, Kelli felt nothing; but she could smell the pungent aroma of burning flesh…a smell like cooking meat…heard the sizzle as her tender breast flesh was seared…her perfect tit defaced forever…

After an interminable time Jake pulled the iron from her skin (it had penetrated quite deeply) and moved it over to her right breast. Without preamble he thrust the iron down again, branding the hateful message into Kelli’s other orb. Despite the heavy drugging a sigh was wrung from Kelli’s mutilated body as she contemplated the destruction of her beautiful breasts…once a source of attraction for men…now just an advertisement of her new status in life. As the iron was removed from her right tit Kelli looked in horror at her chest…now splayed with angry red letters marking her as a whore for life…her lovely breasts ruined forever…

Jake directed Mongo to clip off Kelli’s fingernails and toenails as he moved up to her head. Mongo with characteristic lack of gentleness practically ripped them out…leaving them very ragged and short…looking as if they’d been chewed off.

Meanwhile, Jake took his piercing needle out again. With workmanlike efficiency he pierced the septum of Kelli’s nose and inserted a huge, black-iron bull ring. Then he reached behind him and brought forth a gleaming set of dental jaw spreaders. He carefully inserted the device in Kelli’s slack mouth and jacked her jaws apart. Kelli heard her face creak as her mouth was locked open to its widest aperture. Then Jake took out a strange-looking clamp and gripped her tongue firmly, pulling it as far out of her mouth as he could. Then he eased the piercing needle through her tongue!

Kelli watched in disbelief as Jake fastened a huge metal stud in Kelli’s tongue. W-why?…why did he pierce my tongue? Jake must have seen the question in her eyes. “Because I can, bitch. Because I can.”

He then brought out a gray spray can with a long nozzle, slipped the tube down Kelli’s unresisting throat, and emptied its contents. “Just a little something I picked up from a doctor friend. Gradually erodes your vocal chords…’cause no one really cares what you have to say anymore, bitch. Teach you not to shoot your fuckin’ mouth off when you shouldn’t.” At this last, Mongo smiled. Yeah, he thought in that slow way of his. Let’s hear you call us names now!

Jake fiddled with the table and Kelli felt her head being lowered until she was staring straight up at her reflection. Jake retrieved the blue cream and smeared two large dollops over her eyebrows, then began rubbing the noxious chemicals into her skin. As he waited for the cream to take effect, Jake grabbed Kelli’s hairbrush from her purse and began smoothing her long blonde mane, running the brush sensuously through the silky golden locks, delighting in their softness, their sweet scent… Then he gathered her hair up and fastened it into a tight ponytail at the crown of her head, letting it drop heavily.

He took a towel and carefully wiped Kelli’s eyebrows off.

Kelli gazed at herself, almost detachedly. I look so strange…my face looks so naked and bizarre…I had no idea eyebrows were so important…now mine are gone forever…

She was aroused from her reverie by a loud SNAP! and an angry buzzzzzzz. Jake held the large electric clippers in front of her despairing eyes. God…please…not my hair…don’t cut off my hair…please…I’m sooooo sorry I sassed you…don’t steal my crowning glory…

“Now, it’s important that I gather up all your hair as I cut it off,” Jake explained. “You see, there’s a place down the street that buys human hair, and they pay by the length. Yours should fetch a kick-ass price…so shiny and blonde…” And he gripped her ponytail, laid the blades of the clippers at her hairline, and mowed deeply into Kelli’s mane. Kelli stared in horror as a large swath of her shimmering hair disappeared into the maw of the clippers. Jake made pass after pass with the shears…denuding more and more of Kelli’s pate… pulling gently on her rapidly-loosening pony-tail, making sure it stayed together…then, pulling her head up by the hair, he began clearing out the back. He worked slowly and thoroughly. Kelli lay helpless as she was sheared like a sheep…her golden hair, years in the growing, destined to be sold for this bastard’s profit…

Finally the ponytail came free. Jake took the hair and placed it lovingly in a plastic ziplock bag. Kelli examined her newly shorn pate. Only the barest stubble remained. She knew what was next, and it wasn’t long in coming: the blue cream was rubbed thoroughly into her scalp.

N-n-no…no…I don’t want to be bald forever…at least give me a chance…let it grow again…it’ll take years, isn’t that punishment enough?…please…not forever…

Jake gazed deeply into her eyes as her hair roots died forever…relishing her despair…her anguish…as she realized that she was a former blonde…bald for all time…hairless…freakish…Humming to himself, he took his towels and wiped her scalp clean. It glistened unnaturally in the fluorescent light.

“Excuse me, precious…gotta make a call.”

Kelli overheard the conversation. “Yeah, Asmodeus…she’s almost ready…yeah, she’s ‘clean’ now…we took care of the blondeness. I just need to know what her number is, okay?…Mmm-hmmm…yeah…got it. Thanks. Be over in a couple of hours. Bye.”

He returned to Kelli’s side, wheeling over a metal tray. On it were tattooing implements, and Kelli’s purse. He made a show of cleaning out her wallet. He held her license before her.

“See this? This is who you used to be.” He read her license. “Kelli…pretty name you used to have.” He tore her license to bits and threw it in the garbage with her clothes. He picked up his tattooing needle and began applying it to her mons, just over her sex. She strained as much as she could to see what he was doing, what letters he was carving into her, but his body blocked her view. Finally, after two hours, he rose and unveiled her crotch.



“This is who you are now. This is all you are now. You’re a biker chick. Congratulations. Welcome to your new life, bitch.” He released Kelli from her bonds and covered her in a filthy blanket. “Mongo? Pick her up and carry her to the car, man. We gotta deliver this cunt to the Dark Lords.” He smiled at Kelli. “They’re waiting to…initiate…her.”


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