Beauty School

Beauty School

It was my first day out of beauty school. The last 4 months have been hell on my pants, and body if you know what I mean. I always wanted to be a hairdresser and the thought of someday cutting and curling women’s hair has always turned me on. Well I took my papers and got dressed up neatly and went out to apply to different shops for a job. Well the first one I went to was a unisex shop and the people and shop layout were not that pleasing, so I continued on. I went to the older part of the city and saw a shop that was called The Hair Do’s and Don’ts. Well I entered the shop and there were people running all over the place. The smell of perming solution filled my lungs and there was chopped off hair laying all over the floors near the work stations. Right there and then I knew this was the shop for me. They hired me on the spot and said that this was one of the busiest days of the year. The local high schools were having their Grad day tonight and a lot of the graduating 17-year-olds would be coming in to get their hair done for the dance. Well they assigned me the cube in the back near the sinks and dryers.

The shop provided everything I needed at my cubicle. So I spent the next 20 minutes looking around the shop. They had mirrors on all the walls and it provided me with a 360 degree look around the shop at any angle I stood. Debbie came over to me and said that my first customer was at the reception area and I proceeded up to the front of the shop.

There was this mother of one sitting in the chair with medium length brown hair with a 4-year-old sitting on her lap. Also there was this young lady about 17 or 18 with middle of her back long blonde wavy hair. I said who’s next, and to my disappointment the mother stood up and said she was ready for her wash and set. Rats I thought to myself but I helped her to the back of the shop and had her sit in the shampoo chair.

We chatted for a while as I shampooed her hair. The feel of her hair all soapy and the look of her with her hair all pulled back started to twinge me. I liked the feeling but just when it was starting to get noticeable, the wash was over and I put her wet hair up in a white towel. I helped her over to the stylist chair and pulled the towel from her wet head. The smell of the shampoo and conditioner drifted up into my nose and, along with the smell of the perming agent of the 16 year old in the cubicle across from me, started to excite me again. The women had her little child on her lap and the little guy was a pain. His mother reached over to my work station and handed him some clips and comb to keep him amused. I was busy detangling her hair and I thought I noticed her looking into my crotch. We had polite chat as little junior was playing with my instruments. Neither of us noticed him as we talked and she explained about other hair styles she had had over the years.

Well all of a sudden little Harry turned on the battery operated clipper/edgers he was holding and lifted them up to his mothers side burn area. He was quick and about one inch of her temple hair was buzzed off down to a length of about one quarter of a inch. She screamed, I jumped and little Harry got thrown off his now very pissed-off mother.

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The owner came running over to calm the mother down and I just stepped back shaking my head as if to say I never did nothing.

Well after much talk every one calmed down and the owner asked me if I could come up with a style to fix her now lack of hair. I said yes and we started to discuss it while little Harry sat at the front of the store. I suggested that we taper her hair close on the sides and leave the back long. She said no but how about a short one-sided clip cut and leave the other side long with it tapered close over the other ear. I said that I thought that would look nice and I set out to comb her hair down on all sides.

The recent clipper cut and the talk of different hair styles had taken their toll on me and I was soon getting hard, which was not going unnoticed by my first customer. I don’t think she intentionally let her hand brush my crotch….that is the first time it happened but I tend to think the second time she did it on purpose. We were talking about the fact that she was a single mother and also about the stories of hairdressers being gay. Well we even discussed about hair fetishes and I suggested that there was something sexy about being able to cut and style women’s hair and that I really enjoyed hairstyling if she knows what I mean.

She asked that maybe I could come to her house tonight and finish the haircut there, and that there would be no charge. I pointed out that the owner said that this cut was free of charge and she said thanks but that she’d rather it just curled and If I could come over later she would then have decided what style she wanted, since the excitement of little Harry and all the busy people made it to confusing for her to make up her mind. I said yes and she gave me her address. She tipped me 10 dollars and out the door she went.

At seven o’clock that night with all my hair tools in a black bag I arrived at her house. The door opened and this strikingly sexy women with makeup on and her hair in a towel answered the door. She said that she need a personal hairdresser to help her…you see she said that when she was getting ready for my visit she tried to straighten out the hair cut she received from her son today and had accidentally cut her bangs too short and she needed professional help. I followed her into the bedroom where she had her mirrors all set up for me. She told me her brother had her son and that she was ready for the cut of her life. I had such a hard on that there was no holding either of us back. I stripped and climbed on top of her and she pulled her gown up and we joined.

While we were going at it, she reached over her head and pulled out a pair of clippers from under the pillow. Turning them on she said that today she noticed how hard I was when they were used that she wanted me just as hard. She pushed the cutting edge into her side burn area and revealed a bald patch. I can’t describe the feeling I got watching her cut her hair, she said now let’s see you fix that and with that she screwed my ass off……..


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