Jon1717835: you’re sitting by a bunch of guys and their wives they are staring and you love it
Jon1717835: your friend looks like Pamela Anderson but with bigger tits
KELLI21257: squatting..laying on my stomach…top off to get rid of tan lines
Jon1717835: you rub oil on each other
Jon1717835: let’s call your big tit friend Beth
KELLI21257: giggling and jumping around…I even expose my breasts while rubbing oil…obviously quite aware the husbands and other beach people can see
Jon1717835: Beth’s big tits bounce out of suit and you both giggle
Jon1717835: the wives are getting pissed
KELLI21257: I lay back down for a while to tan my back
Jon1717835: the wives leave for a while
Jon1717835: you come over and talk to the husbands
KELLI21257: I smile and giggle…finally we start telling jokes…I turn over with laughter completely on my back…..and stay like that talking to Beth
Jon1717835: you’re both laying on backs letting everyone get a good look in the middle of six guys drinking beers
Jon1717835: after about an hour the wives come back with some bags that you think are beer
KELLI21257: she whispers something to me and I shrug and lay back on my back allowing my breasts to get some sunlight…not too much..wouldnt want them to burn
Jon1717835: well well the wives say look who’s keeping our men company
KELLI21257: we just shrug…..and ignore them…
Jon1717835: we went and got something special for you two..then the six of them grab you both
Jon1717835: you try to get away but can’t
KELLI21257: we struggle…..”what the hell? what do you think you’re doing!!!”
Jon1717835: they say “oh you girls don’t like tops ok we do”..they tie your hands behind back with tops
KELLI21257: we fight…the rest of the beach comes over to watch… interested, especially now that we can’t cover ourselves
Jon1717835: they all cheer..
Jon1717835: wow girls look at those tits
KELLI21257: I stop struggling…our pretty faces just pout with outrage
Jon1717835: they take turns pinchining your nipples
KELLI21257: we plead lke children for them to stop….getting breasts pinched publicly isn’t what we had in mind when we took off our tops
Jon1717835: you girls like everyone seeing your tits now?
Jon1717835: how about your asses? does everyone want to see their asses? everyone cheers
Jon1717835: they pull your bottoms down to your knees
Jon1717835: oh what nice asses and they slap them
Jon1717835: they tie your legs together with the bottoms
KELLI21257: we turn red..trying to turn away from the they can only see our asses
KELLI21257: we can barely stay upright…
Jon1717835: yes we bought something special for you girls…they reach in bag and pull out scissors
KELLI21257: the women hold us upright as we almost fall down……”HUH!!!???”
the crowd looks on in awe
KELLI21257: our bushes are in full view although we hold our legs shut…we are staring at the scissors in terror
Jon1717835: hey everyone should we take this hot babes down a notch? everyone
KELLI21257: we start to freak out…”what…take me down…a notch??!?!?!?” I sputter…still standing barely
Jon1717835: dont worry we won’t cut it all at once…they take two bowls out of the bag and put them on your heads
Jon1717835: everyone laughs
Jon1717835: they slap your ass until they are red..get on your knees
KELLI21257: we try to free ourselves in haste
Jon1717835: are you girls sorry? – they cut a few hairs
KELLI21257: “NOOOOO……I am not letting you give me a …hair..cut!!!!” I say
pleadingly….we are red from embarrassment….Beth is crying…beautiful blonde hair of her falls to midback… mine..except mine is curly and chestnut
KELLI21257: we fall to our knees….feeling terror as we feel our heads covered with bowls…”noo..please..” Beth and I are begging…”I am sorry…” Beth says pleadingly
Jon1717835: oh miss big tits is sorry? they cut some hair.shake your big tits for everyone
Jon1717835: she does with the bowl on her head in her eyes
Jon1717835: they cut both of your hair all around the bowl.and shave the head all the way to the bowl
KELLI21257: I cry in distress ..seeing my friend degrade herself even further..then my eyes go wide imagining myself with a bowl cut in stead of lovely mane
KELLI21257: we are not as maginificent as we once were….with the almost manly cuts..our manes are now no more then ear height..and our necks bare..humilaiting
KELLI21257: my thick reddish hair and her blonde hair still looik thick and semi-nice…our model-like looks..cut short
Jon1717835: ok girls let’s give it to them time to make them shine
KELLI21257: we plead for them to spare us
Jon1717835: they cut the falls on sand..they lather you up and shave you bald


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