Barney Asks Floyd to Shave Thelma Lou

Barney Asks Floyd to Shave Thelma Lou

Floyd was very surprised to see his good friend Barney dragging a handcuffed Thelma Lou into Mayberry’s only barber shop.

“Gee Barn, what’s goin’ on?” Floyd asked Barney as he finished sweeping up the day’s cuttings.

“She’s done me wrong Floyd, she’s done me wrong,” was all Barney could say as he forced the crying Thelma Lou to sit in the barber chair. Barney unlocked one of Thelma Lou’s hands from the handcuffs and quickly relocked the cuff around the decorative metal below the porcelain arm of the barbershop chair. Barney got another set of handcuffs from his black leather handcuff holder on his gun belt and handcuffed Thelma Lou’s other hand to the other arm of the chair. With the cuffing complete and the tearful Thelma Lou restrained from escape Barney turned to Floyd to explain what exactly was happening.

“I caught her in the back of the squad car with Andy, Floyd. They had just finished doing the nasty and I just couldn’t believe it, I just couldn’t believe it. Why would Thelma Lou do this to me Floyd, why, why, why, why, why?”

Floyd could see that his good friend was upset but was still wondering why Barney had brought Thelma Lou into the barbershop and handcuffed her to the chair. “Why are you here Barn, huh, why are you here?” Floyd asked Barney in his usual whispered drawl.

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“She’s gotta be punished Floyd, she’s gotta be punished. The only thing I thought of was to have you shave her head. Then Mayberry would know what a real Jezebel Thelma Lou is.”

Floyd looked at Barney as he leaned the broom up against the wall then looked back at Thelma Lou. “I don’t know Barney, I don’t know. What’s Andy goin’ to say?”

Barney almost screamed as he said, “Forget Andy, Floyd, he’s the instigator in this matter. I’ll settle up with him later. Thelma Lou was my girl. He’s got Helen. Why couldn’t he keep it at that? Are you going to help me or what Floyd?”

“I guess I got no choice Barney, you’re a good friend, a real good friend,” Floyd said and then instructed Barney to lock the door, turn the open sign over to the closed side and pull down the window shade.

Thelma Lou’s crying had lessened to a shallow groan-moan as she looked to Barney and said, “Barney, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know what was happening. Andy took me so quick. He was just too manly. I couldn’t control myself.”

“Shut up Thelma Lou! You know what you did was wrong and you know you have to be punished. Floyd get the cape on her and get started,” Barney said. Floyd did as Barney requested and put the cape around a now dejected Thelma Lou.

Floyd picked up his trademark comb and scissors and said to Barney, “I don’t know where to begin. I never even cut a woman’s hair let alone shave it to the scalp. Except when Aunt Bea asked me to set and trim up her hair when Viola over at the beauty shop got the flu when it was almost Easter.”

“Shut up Floyd, just shut up!” Barney shouted. “Start cuttin’, I don’t want to spend all day here.”

Barney watched as Floyd took up locks of Thelma Lou’s hair with his comb and then snipped them with his scissors. Snip. Snip. Snip. Floyd was actually smiling as he snipped and snipped with the scissors at Thelma Lou’s ever shortening head of hair. Soon Floyd had combed and snipped almost all of Thelma Lou’s hair to an irregular inch or so. Barney felt himself getting an erection at the sight of Thelma Lou’s cropping. She just looked so lovely sitting there with her lovely nylon stocking covered legs coming out from below the hem of the cape, her womanly figure behind the cape still showing and her lovely face. Barney was beginning to fall in love with Thelma Lou all over again and then snapped out of it.

“Time for the clippers Floyd,” Barney said.

Floyd turned to put down scissors and pick up the clippers. “Ok Barney, Ok. I’m the barber, I think I know what I’m doing.” Floyd switched on the clippers with the 1/4 inch guard and looked at them in his hand with wonderment. “Amazing thing, clippers, just amazing.”

“Floyd!” Barney shouted as Floyd snapped out of his musings.

“Okay Thelma Lou, head down I’m going to start in the back.” Thelma Lou complied, after all she knew she was wrong and also knew that she wasn’t going anywhere with the handcuffs still on her. Floyd placed the clippers at the base of Thelma Lou’s lovely neck and with a practiced hand deftly roamed them up the back and over her head, unceremoniously pushing the building hair pile into the lap of her cape-covered body. He then placed the clippers again at the base of her neck and made another pass. “Barney, what’s that thing you got sticking up in the front of your pants?” Floyd quizzed Barney as he made another pass over Thelma Lou’s head.

“Shut up Floyd, or I’ll show you what I got down there,” Barney replied.

Floyd made another pass over Thelma Lou’s head before having to shift his clippers to the side of her head. He again placed the clippers at the back of her neck, but this time ran them up and around her right ear. He then did the same thing on the left side of her head running the clippers around her left ear. When he decided that he had clipped all the hair he was going to he turned the clippers off.

“Don’t forget the shaving cream and razor Floyd,” Barney said.

“Barney, you sure she needs the full treatment? I think most of Mayberry, except for maybe Otis will know that she’s been up to something.”

“Shave her Floyd,” Barney said again.

“Barney does Floyd have to?” Thelma Lou chimed in.

“Yes Thelma Lou, yes he does,” Barney said.

Floyd unpinned the cape from around Thelma Lou’s neck and shook it out sending her clipped hair to the floor. He then left the cape to rest on Thelma Lou’s arms as he turned to get a towel from the holder next to the mirror on the rear wall. Returning to Thelma Lou, with the towel draped over his arm, Floyd unbuttoned the top two buttons of her dress so that he could tuck the towel in it. Noticing that Barney was staring while he was unbuttoning her blouse, Floyd decided to be a little more daring and toy with Barney and Thelma Lou. Floyd unbuttoned the third button of Thelma Lou’s dress revealing the upper part of her slip and bra.

“See anything you like Barney?” Floyd asked.

Floyd then reached down and tugged ever so gently on Thelma Lou’s dress hem slowly revealing her lovely legs to Barney. First Thelma Lou’s knees appeared, then her thighs, and then her darker stocking tops and the garters of her girdle were revealed. Floyd could tell that Thelma Lou was excited by her increasingly heavier breathing.

“Floyd, what on earth are you doing?” Thelma Lou finally asked.

“Just sit pretty Thelma Lou,” was all that Floyd said.

Barney’s hard on was at full throttle and the pants of his patrolman’s uniform were straining to contain it. Floyd left the leg show intact and returned his attention to Thelma Lou’s breasts. He couldn’t tell whether her nipples were hard, but decided to unbutton yet another button to reveal more of her lovely cleavage. As he did so he took the liberty of letting his hands linger on her chest feeling the structure of her maidenform bra. Removing his hands Floyd returned to the business at hand and tucked the towel around her neck. Turning to the shaving cream dispenser he pushed the button down. The machine whirred to life and hot lather cascaded into Floyd’s hand. Using the fingers of his free hand to gather up shaving cream from the palm of his other hand Floyd spread the lather first around the hairline as he was accustomed to doing on his regular customers, and then on the top of Thelma Lou’s 1/4-inch-hair-covered scalp. Wiping the excess shave cream from his hand onto the towel around Thelma Lou’s neck, Floyd picked up the straight razor to strop it on the leather piece that hung from below the chair. When he felt the blade was sharp enough he released the leather and placed the razor at Thelma Lou’s sideburn area. Floyd then scraped upward with the razor revealing her lovely white scalp. He continued scraping away the lather strip by strip until there was no hair at all on her head. He pulled the towel from around her neck and used it to wipe off the excess shave cream. As he did this he looked over and noticed that the front of Barney’s pants were wet with semen. Barney quickly pulled the hat from his head and used it to cover the wet area. He then bolted to the door, unlocked it and made a hasty exit. Floyd went over to the open door, looked out and saw Barney running down the sidewalk.

Floyd shut the door and re-locked it. “I guess the excitement was just too much for Barney, Thelma Lou. Such a shame that he left. What with you still handcuffed to the barber chair and all.”

“Floyd, what are you thinking?” Thelma Lou asked as she looked down, remembering that her dress was still hiked up above her stockings.

“Floyd might be old, but he can still get it up every now and then, Thelma Lou. Besides I was thinking that we haven’t quite finished shaving you like Barney said to.

“What are you going to do Floyd? Shave my legs?” Thelma Lou asked.

“No,” said Floyd, “but I bet you’ve got some good growth down there where your legs meet.”

Thelma Lou spread her legs ever so slightly. “Wouldn’t you like to know, Floyd.”

Floyd approached the chair and placed his hands over Thelma Lou’s. He then moved them up to her dress to finish unbuttoning it. He pulled the slip and maidenform bra down forcefully revealing her luscious erect nipples. He kissed her nipples, sucking on them slightly and giving each a love bite before moving his hands to her thighs and up under her dress to the waistband of her white spandex girdle. He pulled it down over her hips, legs and feet pulling with it her stockings. Floyd’s efforts revealed a very lovely and very hairy pussy. Floyd took in the view. “Did Andy give you any head Thelma Lou? It’s a shame if he didn’t, such a lovely thing.” Floyd moved over again to the back of the barber chair. The way Thelma Lou was turned in the chair she couldn’t see what Floyd was up to. When Floyd returned with his trademark comb and scissors Thelma Lou knew what was going to happen next. Floyd snipped and snipped and snipped until her lovely longhaired pussy was reduced to a patch of short stubble. Floyd again left to go behind the chair. Thelma Lou heard a click and then the whirring of the clipper heads as Floyd returned to reveal the clippers, this time without any guard on. Floyd clipped away the stubble until it looked, but not felt, smooth. Thelma Lou moaned and groaned.

“That felt good Floyd. Kinda like my vibrator, but better, much better.”

Floyd looked up a the bald headed Thelma Lou and said, “My, My.” Floyd left for the third time. Thelma Lou heard the familiar sound of the lather dispenser and knew what she was in for next. Floyd smoothed the lather over her entire public region not wanting to miss one single hair. He used the razor to remove the lather and any remaining hair. Toweling off Thelma Lou’s pussy, Floyd couldn’t resist the temptation and dove headfirst into her crotch. Tonguing her with abandon Floyd worked his tongue deep into her pussy causing Thelma Lou to moan very loudly. Licking and sucking, Floyd soon had Thelma Lou so wet she was demanding he enter her. Floyd stood up, lifted his barber frock, unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock hard cock. He thrust his throbbing member deep into the shaved Thelma Lou causing her to moan even louder yet. She used her lower legs to pull Floyd’s cock deeper into her love tunnel. Floyd came inside her shaved snatch and then collapsed on top of Thelma Lou in ecstasy. (What will happen as the saga continues?)


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