Barbershop Watcher

Barbershop Watcher

Peggy was a 21-year-old college student, it was the summer time and Peggy worked at a local store in town. Peggy always ate her lunch at the same spot every day, on a bench directly across from the town barbershop. Peggy just felt very aroused by the action taking place in the shop.

Peggy had always had very curly brown hair, she had adopted a just-above-the-shoulders layered look. It looked great on her, her hair was full of volume and always looked great.

One day while she was there watching, Bill, the owner of the shop, walked over to Peggy and asked her why she was always watching his shop. Peggy was shocked, she felt embarrassed. She did not know what to say, she could not tell Bill that she was aroused by the haircuts. Peggy was silent, but she knew if she did not say something quickly her days of watching were over. After about 30 seconds Peggy said to Bill, “Don’t laugh, but I have always wondered for some reason what it would be like to get a haircut at a barbershop. I have always gone to salons, and a barbershop seems so different.” Bill just smiled and walked back to the shop. After he had taken a few steps he turned around and asked Peggy if she wanted a trim: the shop was empty, and the time would be right. Peggy, thrown back, just felt her hair and said, “Why not?”

Soon Peggy was in the chair. Bill put the tissue around her neck, then followed with the cape. Peggy’s hair, which was a mass of curls, was now in the hands of Bill the barber. Bill said to Peggy what nice hair she had, but there sure was a lot of it, then spun the chair to face the mirror, and asked her what she wanted.

Peggy said, “Just a trim.”

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Bill said, “OK, but did you ever think about bringing up the length to here?” He pointed just below her chin.

Peggy paused then said why not. Bill then proceeded to cut off about 2-3 inches of Peggy’s locks. After the cut was done, Bill spun the chair around again to show Peggy the back. Bill told Peggy that it would lay better if he cut it almost to the hairline, which would be another 1-2 inches in length. At this point another inch or two was fine with Peggy, so Bill cut the length again. Now it was almost jaw length, Peggy could not see what was going on, all she saw was curls on her lap. Bill then spun her around again and Peggy was surprised at how nice it looked. Bill asked her what she thought, and she said it looked nice.

Bill said he needed to clean up the edges a little, so he spun Peggy back again, and turned on the electric clipper and cleaned the nape up. He just got rid of the little neck hairs and then he was done. Peggy got up, and Bill told her, “On me – come back any time.”

All the way home Peggy kept feeling her nape and the part Bill cleaned with the clippers. Bill knew that Peggy had a fetish, and he knew if he got her hair to the point that he used the clippers at all she would be back. But he also did not want to scare her off.

Two months passed, and Peggy’s hair was now about chin length. She was home from college and she was in the mood to see Bill again, so off she went. Bill was happy to see her and welcomed her right away. Peggy sat in the chair and was tissued and caped, when Bill started to run his fingers through Peggy’s hair. He just kept saying, “This is a lot of hair to manage.”

Peggy just sat there for a second and then said, “You’re right.” Bill asked her if she had ever thought about short hair. Peggy said, “At times.”

“How about now,” said Bill. “Nice and blended, take off the bulk.”

Peggy said, “What are you thinking?” She was very interested in the thought of short hair.

Bill said, “Just a boy look.”

“Go for it,” said Peggy. “Just not too short.”

Bill put a guard on the clippers and went to work, taking all the bulk off in the back and sides, leaving the hair about an inch in length there and keeping the top fuller. Peggy was happy, she felt free. Bill asked her if she wanted a tapered look in the back. Peggy said, “Sure,” and with a #2 guard Bill tapered her back up.

Peggy got home and her Mom was shocked. She asked Peggy why she got her hair cut so short, then turned her around and said, “Your back looks like a man’s cut. If you want short hair, fine, but look like a woman.”

Two months later Peggy was home again and she needed a haircut. Her Mom asked her if she planned on getting a haircut while she was home, if so the salon had an opening, and her Mom stated again, “Having short hair looks great on you but let’s do it right.” Peggy did not want to argue with her so she went to the shop. The stylist cut her hair over her ears and left the back longer with some fringe. Peggy was not pleased, she wanted clippers, so she went to the barbershop.

To her surprise, Bill was not there, but at this point Peggy was determined to get a haircut. So the other barber Tom asked her what she needed. Peggy said a haircut, so up on the chair she went. Tom asked her how short. Peggy was now stuck, she could not tell him she just got a haircut, so the first thing that came out of her mouth was, “The last time I got a haircut was about 1 1/2 months ago.” Tom just said “OK,” turned her around, put her chin down and turned on the clippers and just started to clip her hair short, real short, off the hairline, high off the ears, it was a true good old-fashioned clipper cut. Peggy was in shock, what would she tell her Mom? Tom just kept on cutting and cutting. He finally stopped, took out the scissors and cut down the top short. Soon Peggy had a short clipper cut with one-inch curls on top. Tom spun Peggy around to show her the haircut and as he was doing so, Bill walked in. He walked right up to Peggy and said, “All that is left is to give the top a flattop look.” Peggy just looked at Bill and smiled, Bill spun Peggy back around and turned on the clippers.


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