Jeff had been going to the shop for nearly a year now. He stumbled across it completely by accident as he was driving around one day trying to find a friend’s new house. From the street, one might not even know the shop existed if not for the small sign reading ‘Men’s and Women’s Haircuts’ which would be easily missed by anyone driving more than 15 or 20 miles per hour. Jeff however, having a very powerful hair fetish, saw the sign as though it were made of neon. He decided the next time his hair needed cutting, he would make it a point to visit the shop.

Two weeks later he made the short drive to the shop and entered. He was instantly struck dumb by what met his eyes. His initial attraction to the shop was its location. It was on a quiet back street, and sat back behind the major portion of the house to which it was attached. This made it perfect for Jeff because he enjoyed the privacy aspect that this shop would afford while he got his hair cut. But now that he was inside he found that its location was the least of its outstanding features. Inside the shop was the quintessential old style barbershop. A throwback to the 1950s. The barber was the perfect offset to the antique atmosphere of the shop. She was tall, slender, and absolutely gorgeous with a long mane of wavy red hair which fit her green eyes and fair complexion perfectly. The very moment that he entered the shop, Jeff knew where he would be going from then on to get his more than regular haircuts.

On that first visit Jeff’s hair was a bit longer than he normally wore it. The shop he had been going to had closed its doors forever, leaving Jeff to search for a suitable place to get his bi-weekly shearings. Now as he stood just inside the doorway of this newly discovered shop, he silently thanked his former barber for going out of business.

“May I help you?” Her voice was like silk, her smile like a ray of sunshine.

“Yes, I’d like to get my hair cut.”

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“OK. Have a seat.”

He sat in the old fashioned barber’s chair and was instantly struck by how much more comfortable it was than the new styling chairs he had grown accustomed to. A tissue collar was wrapped around his neck followed in quick and efficient fashion by the striped linen cape.

“OK. What would like done today?”

“Well its grown out quite a bit from how I normally wear it. I usually keep it in a sort of short version of a regular haircut.”

“OK. Would you like to go back to that? Or are you thinking about trying something different? Just tell me what you’d like and we’ll get started.”

“Yes I’d like to go back to my normal style. its basically a men’s regular haircut, except that its just a bit shorter. Know what I mean?”

“Sure do. No problem.”

She had all the brusqueness of an old style barber, but it was tempered by a genuine warmth and charm which gave her an air of superb competence without making her customers feel like they were just another head of hair that she wanted to be done with as quickly as possible. Jeff sat mesmerized now as he watched this incredible woman shear him. There was absolutely no wasted motion. Her technique reminded Jeff of water running quickly and smoothly down a quiet country brook. With comb in one hand and clipper in the other, she started shearing the left side and worked her way around his head. Each pass of the clipper was incredibly fast, and amazingly accurate. In a flat 3 minutes, she had finished her work with the clipper. She placed it back on its hook, and snatched her scissors, moving behind Jeff and snipping in rapid fire mode, finished the top in a matter of 2 or 3 minutes.

Jeff was incredulous. He loved it. Even though it went faster than he would have liked, he looked at his hair and found it to be the most perfect haircut he had ever gotten. And it was in record time. He thanked her warmly as he paid and she invited him to return again soon. he was sure he would.

That was nearly a year ago. Today Jeff drove to the shop with one thought in mind. he could no longer contain himself. he had to let this woman take all his hair off. He simply had to feel the sensation of having this woman shave his head with that smooth efficiency he had come to love.

He walked into the shop and was shocked.

Jeff’s mind went into an instant spin as the scene before him solidified in his conscious. Standing before the huge mirror in front of the barber’s chair was Michelle. In her right hand was a pair of scissors, which in that very moment completed shearing a rather large lock of her hair from the back of her head. She heard the door open and her head snapped quickly around to see Jeff standing there. At the same instant, her left hand let fall the locks she had just shorn, adding to the considerable pile of hair that had accumulated on the floor. They stared at each other for a long moment till Michelle finally broke the silence.

“Hmmmm, I’m sorry, I thought I had locked that door.”

Jeff sensed that she was caught off guard and surprised, but did not sense that she was in the least bit embarrassed.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I’ll just come back later or tomorrow.”

“No, that’s OK. I’ll be done here in just a minute or two. Have a seat and I’ll be right with you.” A broad and warm smile spread across her face. He knew that she was well aware of the fact that he would enjoy watching her shear her own hair.

During the past year, the two had become very good friends. After he had been coming to her for his bi-weekly haircuts for several months, they began chatting about anything and everything. Often these talks would go on well after she was done with his hair, and eventually evolved to the point where occasionally they would sit in the shop drinking a few beers and talking for hours. It was on one of these occasions that Michelle revealed that she knew his haircuts meant more to him than just a desire to remain well groomed at all times. When she confronted him with this knowledge, his first instinct was to laugh it off and deny any such idea. But her piercing green eyes looked straight through him, and he knew that denying it would be futile. He also feared that such a denial would offend her as an insult to her insight, and she might refuse to cut his hair any further. With his face feeling as though it were on fire, he confided to her that he was possessed of a mild hair fetish, and that getting his own hair cut was the only outlet he had. He then appologized to her if it offended her knowing that his regular shearings were a source of sexual arousal for him. Her response amazed and delighted him.

“Don’t be silly ” she said, “I’ve know for quite some time that you were enjoying your haircuts. You’re not very good at hiding it you know.” She was smiling warmly at him as she said it, and his trepidation subsided.

“I’m really not a weirdo or anything. I swear it. Its just that I have always enjoyed getting my hair cut, and I guess over the years its become, well you know, a thing for me.”

“You don’t have to explain. Believe me, I understand completely. Why do you think I went into hair styling in the first place?” It was not really a question.

“Well I’m glad you’re not offended.”

“Not at all. In fact, I’m not sure which one of us enjoys your haircuts more, you or me.”

That was a turning point in their relationship. From that time forward whenever he would come in for his bi-weekly shearing, she would cut his hair much slower, giving him ample opportunity to fully enjoy the sensations. Just then his attention was brought back to the present as he heard Michelle speaking to him.

“Hey! You with me here? I’m done.”

He looked up at her and his jaw fairly dropped to the floor. He had always considered her to be an exceptionally beautiful woman. Now with her hair cut to shoulder length, he felt that beautiful was a totally inadequate word to describe her.

“Are we cutting your hair today or what?”

“Oh, yeah, sorry.”

As he stood he realized that his shorts revealed a considerable bulge. He looked quickly at Michelle and found to his embarrassment that his erection had not gone unnoticed. he quickly made his way to the chair and sat with his legs squeezed tightly together. Michelle took on a very nonchalant attitude as though she hadn’t noticed at all. The tissue collar and cape were instantly wrapped around his neck and Michelle was saying;

“The usual?”

“Ummmm, no, actually I was thinking of trying something different today.”

“Ohhhhhh? Well your hair is pretty short. There’s not too many options available to you, you know.”

” I know. Which is why I’ve decided to have you shave it all off.”

“Well it’s about time! I’ve been wondering for about six months now when you where going to get to this point.”

“Well I was sure when I came here that I wanted it shaved. Now after having seen you cut your own hair, I want it more than ever.”

“Ohhhh, you liked that huh?”

“Are you kidding? I loved it! And it looks absolutely stunning on you.”

“Thank you. You’re so sweet.”

“You’re more than welcome.”

“I was thinking of cutting it even shorter, and still might, but I didn’t want to keep you waiting too long.”

“Ohhh god, you didn’t have to hurry on my account. I could have sat there all day and watched you cut your hair.”



“Well then I’ll tell you what. Let’s go ahead and get your head shaved nice and smooth, and when its done, you are cordially invited to sit and watch as I take my hair to the next stage. OK?”

“Very OK!! I’m not sure which one I’m looking forward to more now, getting mine shaved or watching you cut yours even shorter.”

“Well there’s only one way to find out for sure.”

Michelle reclined the chair slightly. Jeff closed his eyes in anticipation. He heard the clipper snap to life.

Knowing full well how short his hair already was, Jeff was pleasantly surprised to see so much hair rolling down the cape and settling in his lap. He felt the wonderful vibration of the clipper as it ran over his head again and again. He felt the bulge in his shorts grow larger and harder. He glanced into the mirror and caught a glimpse of Michelle who seemed to be enjoying his shearing almost as much as he was. He closed his eyes again intent on enjoying this as much as he possibly could. All too soon however, the shearing was over. His eyes remained shut as he waited for the cape to be removed. Suddenly he heard a strange spitting gurgling sound coming from his left side. He opened his eyes to see Michelle dispensing a sizeable dollop of shaving cream into her hand from a hot lather machine. Once again he closed his eyes in anticipation of what was to come. He felt the warm lather touch his head and shivered slightly with excitement. Michelle’s long fingers smoothed the lather into his scalp gently. He watched her intently as she picked up a straight razor and began to hone it on the leather strop attached to the side of the chair. Her left hand lightly touched his forehead, tilting his head back slightly. The razor touched his forehead, then ran straight back. Michelle wiped the stubble filled lather on a towel she had draped across his shoulder. Again and again the razor scraped across his head, leaving behind smoothly shaven scalp wherever it passed. With a final long stroke of the razor Jeff’s head was completely shaven.

The cape slipped from his shoulders and for the first time he regarded his visage in the mirror. He found himself now regretting that he had waited so long to go this far. Michelle’s hand was on his head, rubbing it lightly. She was saying;

“You look great! I love a shaved head on a man, and you have a perfectly shaped head for it.”

“Thanks! I really like it. I didn’t know you were gonna shave it smooth, but I am very, very happy that you did. Thank you.”

“Oh you’re very, very welcome. Now I believe I promised you you could watch as I took my own hair to the next level, right?”

“Yes you did.”

“Well I’ve changed my mind.”

Jeff was instantly disappointed, but could understand why she wouldn’t want to go any shorter with her hair. It was after all gorgeous. Thick wavy, red, and now perfectly blunt cut to her shoulders.

“I understand. But hey if you ever do decide to go shorter with it will you let me know ahead of time and let me watch?”

“Hahahahahahahahaha. You misunderstand me. I didn’t change my mind about cutting it shorter, I changed my mind about letting you watch.”

Jeff felt as though she was playing a cruel joke on him. He didn’t understand what he could have possibly done wrong. Just then he watched her walk over to the counter and after some thought, snap an attachment onto the clipper. She walked back over to him, grabbed his right hand and placed the clipper into it. She then walked to the front of the chair, and placing her knees on the seat, rested her chest across the back, letting her head hang over the back of the chair.

“Like I said, I changed my mind. I’m not going to let you watch me cut my hair shorter, I’m going to let you cut my hair shorter.”

Her head dropped down lower as her hand swept behind her head and began brushing all her hair forward with her fingers. When all of her hair was brushed forward she simply said ” Do it Jeff.”

He snapped the clipper with the number 2 attachment on it on, and laid in gently on the back of her neck. He began moving it across the back of her head very slowly waiting for her to tell him at what distance up the back she wished him to stop. Higher and higher the clipper went up the back with no word from Michelle. It reached the top of her head, and still no word came from her to stop. he let it slip over the crown and begin gliding across the top. Finally she spoke;

“Too late to turn back now.”

The clipper slid forward slowly, inching its way towards her bangs. When it got to about a half inch from her bangs, she lifted her head in an arc so as to feed the last half inch of her hair into the clipper. As the clipper completed its first pass over her head a literal sea of hair fell to the floor. Jeff looked at the strip he had just made up the back and across the top of her head. Soft red stubble, 3/8s of an inch long, and 1 and 1/2 inches wide stood straight up in a jagged row. Their eyes met and locked for a moment. Michelle smiled broadly and said;

“I want you to buzz the rest of it as quick as you can.”

Jeff didn’t need to be asked twice. He put the clipper to the back of her head again and pushed it fiercely up and over her head. Again and again the clipper streaked across her head, the pile of red hair growing on the floor. Within 1 minute he made the final pass with the clipper. Michelle got out of the chair and turned to look in the mirror.

” I have wanted you to do that since the day we had that conversation about your fetish.”

“God. You have no idea how much I have wanted to do that too.”

“Well then. I think we should make a pact to do this each and every time you come in to get your hair cut. Sound good to you?”

“Are you kidding? That sounds like heaven to me!”

“Good then it’s done. And maybe one of these times I’ll go as far as you have.”

“Now that would be fantastic.”

“Then I’ll see you in two weeks right?”

“Maybe sooner than that.”

“Well then, I guess I better start thinking about going even shorter, shouldn’t I?”

As Jeff walked out the door he turned to catch one last glimpse of the beauty he had just clipped. Michelle saw him turn to look at her and she picked the razor up and put it to her head. Her mouth forrmed the words;


The end


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