Barber Shop

Barber Shop

I was walking in the mall, and as I passed the barber shop., I noticed a woman with long shoulder length hair sitting in the barbers chair. She had the white pinstriped cape around her neck and the barber was getting ready to cut her hair. I took a seat on the bench in front of the shop. The barber took his spray bottle and wet down her hair and combed it straight. He then picked up his seven inch scissors and placed the blades into the sides of her hair, at just below her ear lobes. He closed the scissors and a large hank of hair fell to the cape. The whole time he was cutting her hair off, she was reading a book in her lap. The barber continued cutting the lady’s long hair off at the same length all around her head. The pieces of hair were falling all about her shoulders and onto the floor. The length of hair falling to the floor was about 7 inches of thick hunks of hair.

Her neck was exposed as he slashed lock after lock of hair from her head. He stood back to light a cigarette as he finished the last of the bob cut. He then combed down her bangs. The length of her bangs reached the bottom of her brows. With a squirt of the spray bottle, he wet down her bangs and picked up the scissors. He combed them one more time and then brought the scissors up to her hair and chopped a straight thick section of bangs in a rather fast chop. the lady looked up from the book and made a motion with her hands, to which they exchanged some words. The barber then recombed the bangs and cut them about 1 inch sorter then her just had. He carried on cutting her bangs around to the temple of her head. The chopped off bangs were very square looking, giving her a rather hard look. The barber then picked up the clippers and comb and back combed into her bangs at the crown of her head. Using the clippers he cut the hair, using clippers over comb. The end result was a rather punk looking bang, and upper crown of her head. The hair stood up a little, but was tapered short throughout the whole bangs. the finished look was very tapered looking. He picked up the clippers and brought them up to the back of her head and buzzed the hair on her nape right down to almost stubble. The finished effect of her neck area was one of shaved. Her long hair in back stopped just at ear lobe length giving her neck area a very clean look. I sat out in the mall with a hard on, cause watching all that hair come off her head, just did it for me. The lady stood up, as the barber removed the cape, and the hair that was just cut off, fell to the floor. The lady shook her head back and forth and her hair fell softly back in place. I knew she was happy with the finished look, just by the way she walked as she passed me in the mall…..another happy customer………… THE END


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