Band’s Bitch

Band's Bitch

“Boy, we really suck this year. We don’t stand a chance of beating Jefferson on Saturday.” Kelli’s voice filled the lunchroom.

“Kelli, how can you say that? You’re head cheerleader!” her friend Bambi complained. Kelli preened at the acknowledgement of her status. Bambi was such a suck-up! But useful for boosting the old ego, Kelli thought. Not that her ego needed it.

However, the truth of the matter was that Kelli embodied all the vices that people commonly associate with cheerleaders, and none of the virtues. She had no school spirit; she had sought, and won, the position of head cheerleader solely to advance her social standing. Her great beauty made things easy for her, as it always did. Barely eighteen, she had long thick blonde hair that she wore brushed straight, hanging to her waist; a trim and tanned athletic 36-24-36 build that drove the boys insane; stunningly clear blue eyes; and legs to die for. Yeah, Kelli was gorgeous—the trouble was, she knew it and used it.

Kelli decided a little gratuitous Bambi-abuse was in order. “Just because I’m head cheerleader doesn’t make me a moron, Moron. Why don’t you grow a brain?” Tears filled Bambi’s eyes, but she just lowered her head and said nothing. She was constantly being abused by Kelli; she took it because she wanted to hang out with a girl of Kelli’s popularity. Kelli smiled cruelly, observing Bambi’s whipped reaction.

“Suck I said and suck I meant,” Kelli repeated, her voice rising.” We’ve only won one game all year, and that was because the other team’s bus broke down and they had to forfeit.”

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“Why don’t you shut up?” said a small voice at the table next to Kelli’s.

“WHO SAID THAT?” Kelli shrieked.

“I did,” said Cathy Lincoln, a petite brunette who played the tuba in the marching band. “You keep cutting us down, say we suck. Why don’t you put up or shut up?”

“What do you mean?” Kelli insisted.

“If you’re so sure we’ll lose, you won’t mind a little wager. If you win the bet, I’ll quit the band and never say another word about our team.”

“Don’t, Cathy!” her friends at the lunch table pleaded. “You love playing in the band!”

“And if I lose the bet?” Kelli asked with a sneer.

“Nothing major. You just have to go to the Post-Game dance with Roger.”

Roger was spectacularly ugly. Only five feet five inches tall, he weighed 250 pounds. His acne and dandruff were legendary. Kelli looked at Roger in disgust. “That troll? I’ll bet he doesn’t even like girls!” She contemplated for a bit. “Okay, it’s a bet. Only not really, since I stand no chance at all of losing. Prepare to quit the band, Bitch.” With that, Kelli turned in a huff and stormed away, beginning her famous hip-swaying strut, the one calculatedly designed to make every man who saw it want to possess her.

The game Saturday night was unexpectedly close; Jefferson’s players were facing a determined Winston High squad. Outmanned and overmatched Winston may have been; but they played with great heart. Kelli knew none of this, of course. She was prancing around the gym floor, drawing as much attention to herself as possible. Her tight white sweater with the big red W had been re-tailored to be as revealing as possible; her red skirt had been shortened so much that she’d received a verbal warning from Mrs. O’Neill, the cheerleading coach. Kelli, impulsive as always, had already forgotten the bet. She was thinking of the Post- Game dance and her date with Gerry, the senior-class president and son of the wealthiest man in town. So having forgotten the bet, she suffered no consternation at all when Winston won the game in the final seconds with a pair of clutch free throws. She cheered listlessly, just to fit in a bit, then joined the other cheerleaders in the locker room to shower and change for the dance.

As usual, Kelli took longer than anyone else to get ready. She had to be perfect. She brushed and brushed her hair, re-applied make-up; finally even Bambi had given up on her, tossing an apologetic “See you at the dance!” over her shoulder as she left. Kelli finished up. She looked at herself in the mirror. “Gawd-DAMN!” she exclaimed with a smile. “Look out, hot stuff comin’ through!”

Grabbing her purse she swayed out of the locker room and back into the gym, a bit uneasy at being in there alone; even the janitor had left, and only the night lights were on. She was headed for the door when she noticed the lumpish figure seated in the bleachers rise and approach her. She stopped, not really afraid but concerned. As the figure came near she could see it was Roger, dressed in the worst suit Kelli had ever seen and holding a single wilted red rose. “Kelli? I’m ready. Shall we go?”

“Roger!” Kelli bellowed. Then she remembered the bet. “Oh, yes, my escort for the evening!” She began to laugh loud and hard. “My knight in shining armor! Oh, this is too rich! As if I’d be seen DEAD with you, bet or no bet! Get out of my way, you little TOAD!” Roger looked crestfallen. They stood facing each other in silence for a while. Kelli was about to launch into another tirade when she heard Roger call out, “Cathy? You were right, I’m afraid.”

The gym lights snapped on and Cathy walked around from behing the bleachers. And she wasn’t alone. Twenty band members, male and female, accompanied her. “I was afraid I would be, Roger. Denny? Keith? Grab her.”

Two big men separated from the pack and approached Kelli, who began backpedalling. “Now wait a minute, you freaks. Get the hell away from me. NO! NO!”

Denny and Keith caught up with her and each grabbed an arm and led her back to Cathy. “Help! HELP!” Kelli began calling. Cathy sighed. “There’s no one here to help you, slut, but I don’t care to hear from you now. Roger, lift that pretty mass of blonde hair out of the way, would you?” Roger stepped behind Kelli, gathered her waist-length blonde hair with both hands and piled it on top of her head. It took both hands to hold the silky spill of golden locks. Cathy approached Kelli with a huge red ballgag and squeezed Kelli’s jaw hard until Kelli gasped in pain and her mouth popped open . Cathy began wedging the huge red rubber ball into Kelli’s resisting mouth. “Open wide, Bitch!” Cathy commanded as she pinched Kelli’s nose closed. Kelli was forced to open her mouth wide to breathe; as soon as she did, Cathy crammed the ballgag in and buckled it tightly behind the blonde’s head. Breath whistled through Kelli’s nostrils. “MMMMMpppppphhhhh! Ammmmmmphhh mmmmmmmph!” she protested unintelligibly. Suddenly Cathy’s hand lashed out. Whap! She slapped Kelli hard across the face, a red handprint appearing briefly on the flawless skin. “Shut up, whore.” She turned to her band cohorts. “Cissy, Denise, Gabrielle, Dawn, hold her down.”

The four girls sprang into action, each grabbing a limb as they dragged the struggling Kelli to the gym floor and stretched her out. Cathy reached into a pocket and pulled out a pair of heavy duty scissors. She began to cut away Kelli’s exquisite party dress. “Look, braless.” she said when she was finished. She grabbed Kelli’s chin and shook the helpless girl’s head. “I knew you were a tramp. This confirms it. Isn’t wiggling your perfect ass in everyone’s face enough for you? You fucking cocktease. Well, it’s payback time, cunt. And speaking of cunts…”

She smiled and moved the scissors down to Kelli’s panties, snipping twice to remove them and reveal Kelli’s thick blonde bush. Cathy then cut off or removed all the rest of Kelli’s clothing and jewelry, leaving her completely naked on the gym floor. She stood up and turned to the band members. “All right, you guys, you know the deal. We haven’t…changed…her yet; she’s still the gorgeous creature you all lust after. This is your chance to fuck her, but it’ll cost you two dollars each. Line up on the left and have your money ready.”

Kelli sobbed uncontrollably and began to struggle in earnest as the thirteen male members of the band lined up, the jilted Roger first. Roger began to hand Cathy his two dollars, but she stopped him. “I figure she owes you a freebie, Rog.” Roger grinned and pulled down his pants. He had an enormous cock, which was already rock-hard from gazing at Kelli’s plight. He knelt between her legs and rammed himself into her. Kelli screamed into the ballgag; she thought she might be torn asunder. But Roger was done all too soon, to be replaced by the next eager band member. Cathy took up position on the floor by Kelli’s head and began stroking her long soft hair. “Now I can say that I know a two-dollar whore. How does it feel? To be had for a couple of bucks? To sell your body to a stranger for the price of a cheap sandwich?”

Man after man used Kelli’s helpless body; the thirteenth looked at her petulantly. “I want a blowjob,” he whined.

“No,” Cathy responded. “I don’t feel like ungagging her. Why don’t you just jerk off and come all over her face? Ladies?” The four women holding Kelli down now pulled her into a seated position as Number Thirteen stroked his dick. He quickly reached a crescendo, and spurted his hot goo all over Kelli’s gagged face. Cathy took Kelli’s party dress and wiped her clean. “And now the fun begins,” she announced. “Get her on her feet, girls. Guys, thanks for your…contributions. Why don’t you watch from the bleachers as we take care of your little prostitute?”

Smiling and strutting, the thirteen boys ambled over to the bleachers to watch as the seven girl band members surrounded Kelli. “Ah, she’s all sweaty from her hard night’s work. Towel her off while I fix her hair.” Two of the girls began to towel Kelli dry as Cathy brushed Kelli’s long hair; Kelli was too shaken and cum-filled to seriously resist. She felt herself being groomed, like a prize animal. Kelli could feel Cathy fiddling with her mane; what was going on? Cathy brushed Kelli’s hair smooth, and then using a rubber band fastened it into a pony tail right at the top of Kelli’s head. She produced a thin but sturdy rope and tied it tightly at the base of the pony tail, then began winding the rope around the thick golden skein of hair, pausing every so often along its length to knot the rope again. “Okay, girls, tie her up.”

The girls jumped enthusiastically to their task. Kelli’s hands were soon tightly bound palm-to-palm behind her back; another rope joined her elbows together, making her sweet breasts jut forward. A spreader bar was fastened to her one ankle at a time; she found her feet a yard and a half apart, with no way to close them. She imagined that she could feel twelve loads of cum ooze out her pussy and down her legs. Then the girls lifted Kelli up and carried her underneath one of the basketball hoops. Cathy took the length of rope that hung from Kelli’s hair bondage and tossed it through the hoop. “Two points!” she crowed.

“Maybe you can guess what happens now, Bitch. Maybe not” She pulled on the rope and Kelli felt her body become taut as she was drawn up on her tip-toes. But Cathy didn’t stop there. Kelli felt an unbelievable pain in her scalp. Her eyes bulged; she made wild incoherent sounds through her ballgag; and she thrashed as much as her bondage would allow as she was slowly lifted off the floor by her hair! Cathy pulled until Kelli hung about four feet off the gym floor, then fastened the rope to a stanchion nearby. She then waited for Kelli to stop swinging.

“We have plans for you, Bitch. You’re going to change. You’re going to BE changed. We’ve decided to make you the living embodiment of school spirit. It all will start with a conscious, voluntary act on your part. We won’t touch you until YOU take the first step, make the first sacrifice. The process will begin with you cutting your hair off.”

Kelli goggled. Cut her hair? NEVER! If they were waiting for that, she was safe. Oh, sure, she was in great pain from bearing her 118 pounds on her hair; but she could take it, if it meant saving her crowning glory.

“We won’t touch you,” Cathy emphasized. “But the spreader bar, that’s a different story.” She and another girl picked up a fifty-pound weight and clipped it to the spreader bar holding Kelli’s legs apart. Then looking Kelli right in the eyes she let go of the weight. “MMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHHH!!!!” Kelli cried as her neck stretched further, the tendons straining to accomodate the increased load. “MMMMPPHHH! ‘MMMMMPPPPPPHHHHH!” Tears streamed down her smooth cheeks and her teeth sunk deeply into the huge red rubber ball filling her mouth. Cathy looked up at her.

“Well?” Kelli lowered her eyes to look at Cathy and, with an agonized expression, shook her head No. “Ah, the bitch has guts. We’ll have to up the ante. Shelley?” the same girl who’d helped her with the weight before did so again. Two more fifty-pound weights were added to the spreader bar. Kelli’s hair-suspended body was now stretched by 268 pounds. Kelli could take no more. She could feel her neck and spine creak under her load. If she didn’t capitulate, she’d die. With a whipped expression, she shook her head yes. “Good!” Cathy exclaimed as the other girls removed the weights. Kelli was then lowered until she was on tip-toes again; at least the ungodly pulling at her head had stopped. Cathy took a knife and cut Kelli’s arms and hands free, then handed Kelli the scissors she’d used to strip off Kelli’s clothes.

“Good thing these are heavy-duty shears; they’re going to have to be, to saw through that thick pony tail. Go on, do it.” Kelli raised her sore arms as high as she could, trying to find a spot as high up on the pony tail as she could reach. She wanted to save as much of her hair as possible. “No, Bitch, no…You know better than that. You need to cut right here.” She took hold of Kelli’s hand and guided the scissors to the base of the pony tail. “Cut. Now.”

With a muffled sob Kelli began to cut. It was hard, sawing through the thick locks; Kelli could hear the shears crunching through. With a final “Snick!” the shears cut through the last hairs and Kelli with a shriek pitched forward onto her face.

She rolled over and looked up to see a three-foot hank of hair hanging from the hoop, shining under the bright gym lights, taunting her. “Okay, girls, she’s begun. Lets finish for her.” Cathy and the seven other band members surrounded her again. One girl removed the spreader bar, while Cathy pulled the ballgag out. It took some effort to do so. Kelli worked her jaw, suddenly free. “My….you cut off…my hair…why….” Cathy’s hand lashed out to slap Kelli. “No, Bitch, YOU did! Remember that. You CHOSE to shear yourself.” She grabbed Kelli’s chin and turned her head to the left and right. “And a very poor job you’ve done of it, too. This will never do, we’ll have to clean this mess up. Dawn?” Kelli heard a “Click!” and then a loud buzzing noise. She wheeled around to see Dawn, an immensely fat brunette, approach her with what turned out to be clippers. “Dawn wants your hair, Bitch. Both what’s hanging up there, and what’s still attached to your head. I think she wants to make a wig for herself.” The girls all laughed. Dawn raised the clippers and began to shear off Kelli’s chopped-up hair, reducing it to an eighth of an inch as Kelli wept helplessly. Then Gabrielle brought over shaving cream and a straight razor, and Dawn removed all traces of hair from Kelli’s head. She even shaved off the eyebrows and, with tweezers, pulled out the long sexy eyelashes! Kelli despaired, knowing her head looked freakishly naked. Her beauty had been stripped from her by these insane women.

Then they leaned her backwards over a gymnastics pommel horse and turned their attention to her pussy. She was once again held down firmly as Cathy examined her, stroking Kelli’s furry pussy again and again, running her fingers through the blonde down. “Pretty kitty!” she said as she stroked. “It’s a shame to do this, but we can’t stop now. Dawn?”

Damnable Dawn returned with the clippers. But this time Kelli was not shaved smooth. All traces of hair were removed from her pubes EXCEPT for a carefully-trimmed “W” of blonde hair they left on her mons. Cathy looked on sadly.

Then Kelli heard a loud wheeling noise and looked up in time to see a large vat being rolled into the gym. The girls picked her up and Kelli actually found the strength to struggle. Cathy slapped her again and again until she stopped struggling. “This is GONNA happen, Bitch. Easy or hard, this is gonna happen.” They carried the poor cheerleader to the vat and eased her in. The vat was filled with a thick white fluid, and Kelli was concerned to see all the girls donning rubber gloves. “Put this in your mouth,” Cathy commanded, handing Kelli a snorkel. A snorkel? Kelli obeyed tearfully. “Now dunk yourself down in there all the way and don’t you dare come up until you feel me tapping on your egg-shaped head.”

Kelli squatted down into the thick white liquid until it covered her over. She found that she could actually sit down on the bottom of the vat and still the snorkel fed her air. She sat there in wonder and terror. What was this? What more could they possibly want? They’d made her ugly; why didn’t they let her go?

It was fifteen minutes before Kelli felt the tap on her head. She slowly stood up and felt the thick fluid stream down her face and chest. Looking around she could see that the band members had spread dropcloths all over the floor, and had wheeled in another vat. She was lifted up and placed in this new vat, which she was pleased to find contained pure water. She luxuriated in the unexpected bath, eager to rinse the white fluid from her body. She needed no prompting to dunk herself this time. She stood up and began waving her arms. Something was wrong. The whiteness wasn’t rinsing away. She looked down at her body, felt her neck and face. Her eyes snapped up in horror to see Cathy grinning at her. “Yep. Permanent dye. Industrial strength.” At a nod from Cathy the girls lifted her from the vat and dried her from bald head to white foot. Cathy hauled out a full-length mirror and held it for Kelli; Kelli gazed at herself in horror. She was completely hairless, save for her pussy’s “W”, and her entire body had been dyed a brilliant white!

“I’m…a freak….” Kelli murmured.

“That’s a great name for you! You’ve named yourself! Good girl, that’s the spirit! From now on, you’re the Winston Freak! But we’re not done yet. Guys?” At her prompting four of the larger guys came over and each grabbed one of Kelli’s limbs. Dawn approached with a small jar and a paintbrush. She held the jar in front of Kelli. It contained a bright-red liquid. “Hair dye”, she said, and proceeded to dye Kelli’s pussy “W” crimson red. It now stood out like a beacon from her white, white body.

“We’re almost done.One more thing.” She held up one of the band’s leather tunics and turned it so Kelli could see the back. “Property of Winston High School Band” was stamped or engraved on the leather. “Ever wonder how we do this? I’ll show you.” From behind her back she pulled an electric branding iron and smiled. Kelli went wild, struggling with all her might against the grips of her captors, as Cathy plugged in the iron. As it heated, Kelli tired and finally was still, exhausted. The iron was soon glowing red-hot.

Cathy grabbed it and sauntered over to Kelli. “After this you’ll be school property. You won’t have a social life any more. You’ll live in a closet on the school grounds, and when there’s a game we’ll stuff that whore’s body of yours into a skimpy thong bikini and parade you in front of the crowd.” She grabbed and held Kelli’s left breast. “I’m afraid this will sting a little.”

She pressed the iron into Kelli’s tit flesh and Kelli screamed as her flesh seared and she was permanently branded! The iron finished its fiery job, then went on to her right tit, burning deeply and cleanly. Three more times the searing iron was plunged into Kelli’s skin, once above her mons and once in each butt cheek. “See?” Cathy said. “Even your ass belongs to us!”

Kelli sagged, spent, in the grips of the four behemoths. They released her and she sank to the floor. Cathy leaned down and fastened a collar around Kelli’s neck, then snapped a leash onto the collar. “Tomorrow I’ll have a dog tag engraved with your new name on it, Freak. But now I think you’d like to see your new home.” She led Kelli crawling on all fours to a utility closet that the band had fixed up for her. Hay was spread out on the floor, there was newspaper spread in the corner, and a water and food bowl combination was by the door. “FREAK” had been written on the bowl in indelible marker. “Open wide, Freak,” Cathy commanded. Kelli, her looks gone and her spirit shattered, complied. Cathy produced an aerosol can and sprayed a thick coating of fluid into Kelli’s gaping mouth. Kelli choked and gasped. “Just something Sid whipped up in Chem Lab. Try to speak!” Kelli opened her mouth, but could produce only a whispered croak. “You’ll be sprayed daily to keep you quiet. No one ever comes down here, anyway, but we don’t want to take any chances, now, do we? Goodnight, Freak. Enjoy your new life.” Kelli could only sob silently as Cathy turned out the light and locked the closet door. She was a freak, she thought brokenly, ruined forever.


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