I would like to tell you a true story about my recent college days. My name is Keith and I still can’t believe what I’m about to tell you actually happened… but it did!

I remember it all started while I was trying to concentrate on studying for a French exam a week before Spring Break was to begin. Our study group consisted of 4 guys and bodacious female called Sindy. Our lady member was smart, beautiful and half French. We all looked to her for help in getting through the last remaining semester of our college language requirement. I’m sure all the guys (I’m included) took French in the hope of being able to seduce some oo-la-la Babe in Paris sometime in the not too distant future.

After a grueling study session, the guys left and Sindy was just about to walk out the door when she asked if I had any plans for Spring Break. I told her I was going to hitch to Lauderdale and then hope to scratch up a ride back a week later. She said that she wished gals could just up and leave but they had so much to do in order to get ready for the beach.

“What do YOU have to do to get ready for the Beach? You’re gorgeous!”

“Well…,” she quickly replied “I’ve got a little overgrown since my last bikini wax so I need a little more than a touchup before I put myself in my thong.”

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I chidingly said that I hoped she had someone who could lovingly trim her to perfection and who could actually shape her pubes into an interesting shape like a little heart or other cute shape. I told her I had the tools… my trusty Oster clippers and a straight razor (I was a collegiate swimmer and shaved down occasionally to try to cut hundredths of a second off my lap times) and I could really do a beautiful job.

Sindy flipped. She shut the door to my apartment and said, “Do It!” Well, it took me about 10 seconds to run to my bedroom closet get the box with the cutting tools and return to the kitchen where Sindy was sitting on a counter stool, already taking off her panties. Well I plugged in the clippers, took a wash cloth and lovingly washed her pubes and proceeded to trim the pussy hairs of one of the most beautiful girls at the University. Once I had pared down the abundant hair I started to buzz everywhere but on her pubic bone. The buzzing of the clippers made Sindy very wet and I had to get a towel for her to sit on. Once everything was to my liking, I started on the heart. I chipped away at the remaining hair until there was a lovely little heart formed that actually fit Sindy’s personality. While making the last stroke with the straight razor on the heart I leaned in and gave her beautiful clit a quick lick and then a lingering kiss. Sindy exploded in orgasm, reached down, unzipped my jeans, grabbed me by the manhood and led me to the bedroom where we enjoyed each other through multiple pairings for the next 24 hours. Both of us knew that this was just raw sex caused by the trim and that we were never going to be a couple but real surprise was to happen the next day.

When we finally climbed out of bed Sindy said she loved her heart and asked could I also cut hair? She said that she had been thinking about going short for a while and did I know what an A-line cut was. I told her I did and asked when did she want me to cut her hair. Sindy said, “Do it,” so we returned to the kitchen and Sindy was again sitting on the kitchen stool. This time she was naked and about to let an amateur cut her long hair short. Little did she know that I was very interested in cutting women’s hair and had purchased quite a few tapes from the various internet sites showing women getting just this cut.

I proceeded to pin up her hair and sectioned off the nape and proceeded to buzz her nape with a #4 guide. I did this very slowly, trying to make my fantasy last as long as possible. I loved the sound of the clippers attacking Sindy’s long hair. I love the look of the short hair appearing as the clippers ride higher and higher up the neck. I loved the feel of the newly cut hair. I love the look of the contrast of long and short hair side by side.

Sindy was squirming and wet again and my flag was at the top of the flagpole. Once the nape was finished I started on the sides and cut the sharp angle epitomizing the A-line. I finished the first part of the cut pretty quickly and then washed Sindy’s hair to get rid of the cut hair and then finished the cut wet so it was even and the design lines were straight and looked perfect. She was thrilled with the look. She actually said, “This is freakin’ beautiful,” and said that I should go into business.

I said, “Who would come to a stranger to get their hair and pubes cut?”

She said that I could use her as a referral and that I would be surprised at the response if I was to advertise my services. She said that salon services were expensive and a lot of girls at the school would rather have the money to spend while on spring break than on a haircut and bikini wax. Sindy said she would ask around and see if she could find someone else to take advantage of my services. With that she dropped my sweatpants and gave me her payment for services rendered, swallowed every drop and left.

Two days later my phone rang and a very sexy voice on the other end asked me if I was the Pussy Barber who gave Sindy her heart. She told me her name was Natalie and she would also like to take advantage of my services. She asked if I would accept the same form of payment that Sindy had used because she was saving her cash for Cancun & Spring Break. I said I was and asked when she was available. We made arrangements to meet at my apartment within the hour so I went about laying out all the tools and lathers and capes & towels.

Natalie arrived 15 minutes after she hung up the phone. She came through the door and you could see she was very nervous. Her eyes burrowed into the carpet and she wouldn’t make eye contact. Well I was making eye contact with two of the most outstanding feature I’ve ever seen on a college girl. Tits that would make Anna-Nicole Smith have another boob job and thick shiny black hair that looked too perfect to be real… except it… WAS REAL. And it was long, reaching almost to the top of the curve of her ass. I walked over, took her chin in my hand raised her face so she was looking at me and said that there was no reason to be afraid or nervous. We didn’t have to do anything if she didn’t want to and I would be amenable to any sort of payment she thought appropriate for the services rendered. With that she relaxed a little – her shoulders loosened up and she started to smile. The smile transformed her face! I was now looking at the girl I knew I going to marry. For me it was love at first sight.

Natalie asked how she should be dressed for me to clip her privates and I said I had a robe hanging in my bedroom that she could get into after removing her clothes and then we would get started. She took off her outfit and again came out very nervously. I said, “This doesn’t seem to be working and maybe another woman at a salon would better serve you.”

“No, no,” she said. “I saw Sindy’s heart and she said how careful you were in trimming her. I wonder if you could trim my pussy hair in the form of a maple leaf. I’m Canadian and thought that would be fun.”

I said OK and I brought her over to the barstool at the counter where all my cutting tools were.

Natalie sat down on the stool and spread her legs to allow me access. My God had blessed me! A face of an angel and now in front of me was a vision. I was looking at the pussy lips I have been dreaming of since my first wet dream. Of course they were covered by a massive amount of pubic hair but nevertheless she was beautiful. I got one of those testosterone instant hard-ons that leave you a little woozy, cause all the blood in your system is instantly flowing to your dick. Natalie apologized for her abundant hair and said she had never before trimmed it. She led a rather sheltered life and had very strict religious parents. She was very shy, very naïve. Still I was here to trim her pussy hair, she had screwed up her courage for this, so let’s see what happens!

I told her pussy was exquisite and I thought she should shave completely. I said something this beautiful really shouldn’t have to compete with another design. She still wanted the leaf. I got started by using the scissors to remove the bulk of her hair. All the while Natalie’s breathing was getting deeper and quicker and her eyelids started closing and her mouth parted and she unconsciously started licking her lips. I picked up the clippers, turned them on and was surprised by hearing a deep moan escape the mouth of this woman/child seated in front of me. As soon as I touched the inside of her thigh she erupted in orgasm that seemed to last for a good two minutes. I’m not sure if it was one or many but I can’t remember ever seeing one last that long. After she calmed down a little, I asked her if she popped like that a lot. Natalie said that that was her very first orgasm and the real reason she had come to me was because Sindy told her I had given her a very powerful orgasm while trimming her bush and she wanted to experience one for herself. She said she’d tried masturbating but her upbringing wouldn’t let her let go enough to come. I asked her if she liked what she had just experienced and she said, “Of course I did, and it is something I’m going to do a lot of from now on.”

I clipper-shaved all her pubic hair except the bush on her mons. This took about15 minutes because Natalie just kept having orgasms. This was one hot lady. After getting everything cleaned up I just leaned over and started licking her meaty and bright pink labia. I stuck my tongue in as far as it could go and lapped up a brew of Natalie Juice: intoxicating on the taste buds and the psyche. I then concentrated my attention on the exposed bud of her clit and instantly had her experiencing a string of orgasms that lasted well over ten minutes and had her begging me to stop. I teased her by continuing to lightly lick her clit with my tongue and lips and it was enough to keep her coming to the point she almost passed out.

Justas she was returning from the heights of her climax from somewhere deep in her throat and in the sexiest voice I’ve ever heard she said, “Do you have protection? Fuck me, please fuck me… Please fuck me… I want you in me… Fill me up quick…. ooooh I’m soooo horny. Hurry please.” All the while she was rubbing herself and diddling her clit.

I ran to the bedroom and ran back unwrapping a condom. I was about to put it on when Natalie said she wanted to do it and she took the condom from my hand and started to yank my pants off. She grabbed my dick, which was pointing straight up at the ceiling and started to suck on the tip. I told her, “Not now,” and helped her put on the rubber. We started kissing and I said I had one more thing to do before I fucked her. I took the clipper and removed all the remaining hair from her pussy. I then gave her clit a couple of licks, picked her up in my arms and carried her to the bed.

Natalie laid back on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging over and spread for me as I approached her. Her eyes were full of liquid, almost like she was about to cry. I moved forward, knowing that my penis was about to go places no male member had ever been. Natalie helped guide me to the opening of her vagina put her ankles on either side of my head and I gently pushed until I penetrated her about 3 inches. I waited for her vaginal ring to relax before I got to the breaking of her hymen. I need not have worried. With the agility of an Indonesian whore Natalie thrust forward and impaled herself on my manhood all the way. She started crying and she bucked wildly for a while and I couldn’t get into any sort of rhythm with her going wild so I stopped thrusting. I asked this incredibly beautiful sex mad woman under me if she would like get on top. I told her to slow down, feel each stroke both ways and slowly build the act to climax. I thought it would be better if she had a sense of controlling the action. I slowly pulled out, plumped a couple of pillows under my head and shoulders and watched as this until recently virginal woman threw one leg over me and guided my meat into her very wet quim. She started bucking again ….there were just too many pleasurable things happening for her to control. I had to slow her down by putting my hands on her hips and showing her the proper rhythm and motion. Natalie was a fast learner and we soon got into a mutually enjoyable fuck. I loved the face-to-face position and being able to play with her firm 38DD breasts and large nipples with quarter-size pink aureoles. Just nipping or pinching her nipples would cause her vagina to spasm and grip my dick even tighter. I was in heaven. I went for about 5 minutes and exploded. Funny thing though, Natalie’s pussy started a series of squeezes that never allowed me to get soft. So she kept banging away till she literally was out of breath and slowing down. It was then that I pulled out, got her on all fours and proceeded to give it one last hard and fast fuck that had Natalie asking me to “Please stop,” followed by “Please don’t stop,” and finishing with, “If you stop I’ll cut your dick off.” We finished together and collapsed into each other’s arms and said nothing for a while.

Natalie started crying and said, “Thank you. Is it always that good?”

I said “It’s never bad but that was the best I ever experienced.”

Natalie said she wanted to do it again soon and I asked kiddingly if she’d like to move in with me permanently. She said yes, and she would move her stuff in as soon as I cut her hair.

“Your hair?”

“Yes, my hair. It’s too long and since I’ve become a newly liberated chick I want a new style. Something a lot shorter. What’s your favorite haircut?”

I told her to sit back, relax and trust me. I would make her beautiful.

We went back to the kitchen naked as babies and she sat back down on the bar stool. I brushed her hair out and picked up the clippers. The pop when they started caused Natalie to jump but it only was the sound… she was committed to letting me cut her hair. I took off the guard and proceeded to carve out an angled bob from mid cheek and mid ear on the sides to just above the occipital ridge in the back. I then put on a #4 guard and buzzed her nape. Natalie had one of those incredible hair growth patterns on her lower nape: a tail in the middle with beautiful swirls of growth on either side so I buzzed that a little closer with a #2 guard instead of shaving straight across. The back had real volume and body so the longer hair on the weight line stood way out from the head and the contrast between the two lengths looked fabulous. After another fuck in the shower while I was washing out all the cut hairs from her new do, I cleaned up the cut, blow-dried the new do and was finished.

She finally looked at herself in the mirror and jumped in my arms and started kissing me passionately. “Well, I’m a new person and Keith, if you ever look at another girl sexually I’ll track you and kill you.” We were a couple from that moment on.

We got her moved in 2 days later. I think my old apartment still smells of sex. It turns out that Sindy was the matchmaker here. She knew everything about Natalie’s troubled family life and had set up the earlier haircuts and encounter just to see if I was as gentle and nice as I seemed. Natalie had told her she was going to give herself to one of the beasts from the football team who was always hitting on her. She didn’t want to be a virgin anymore so what did it matter who she lost it to. Sindy convinced her that she would be better off with me. I would be gentle and respectful and caring.

We’ve been together 2 years now. We both have great jobs in Atlanta and next week Sindy comes in to act as maid of honor at our wedding. I can’t remember a day since then when we’ve been together that we haven’t made love. Natalie continues to be multiple orgasmic (I’m in awe that I can give her so much pleasure).

I just trimmed up Natalie’s hair (she’s back to the angled bob after a spell with a boyish crop) and pubes for the wedding.


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