Anything for My Love

Anything for My Love

It’s your birthday and I know what you want more than anything. You have been pestering me non-stop to let you get your hair cut SHORT. In fact you have wanted a buzz or even a shave. The way that I have always loved it when you wrapped your hair around my cock, I hate to give in to your desires but… Finally I have an idea.

I remembered how you like a little light domination now and then and my idea started to form. The place was a mess and you should be punished! When you came in the door I almost gave it up. You looked stunning. You were wearing a business suit with a very short skirt. Your hair was loose and shining, nearly down to your butt. How could I cut that beautiful stuff off? But I loved you and would give you anything that I could.

You looked at me and I scowled at you. “Look at this place!” I exclaimed. “It’s a mess. How many times do I have to tell you to do your job around here?”

You looked confused, then I could see the light go on. You came up to me, looking down at the floor and said, “Honey, I’m really sorry. I haven’t got an excuse and I’ll accept any punishment that you see fit.”

Great! This was working out just right. I said, “I think the excuse is that you spend so much time on that damn hair of yours that you don’t have time to keep this place up like you said you would. I think it is time that I did something about it.”

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You should have seen your face. First your eyes flew open wide with alarm then you gave me a quickly surprised grin. With lowered eyes that couldn’t hide their excitement you said, “Whatever you see fit Hon.”

I scowled more. Then, I said, “I want you to get out of that disgusting outfit and be in the bedroom naked in 3 minutes!” You bolted away.

When I got to the bedroom, you were kneeling on the floor, naked, with your beautiful hair falling around you. I quickly peeled off my clothes and walked up to you. Earlier, I had hidden the tools that I thought I would need in the end table drawer. I reached in and chose your hairbrush. I started brushing out your magnificent mane for the last time. With each stroke my excitement grew feeling the soft hair in my hands and knowing that soon it would be gone. I took a big handful, wrapped it around my cock, and started working it back and forth. God, it felt good. Soon I would be ready to come. I moved around in front of you with your hair still wrapped around me and stuck my cock into your mouth. “Suck it,” I commanded. You obeyed and soon I fed you shot after shot of my sperm.

I thought it was time to continue. I pulled my cock from your mouth and unwrapped the hair from it. Again picking up the brush, I brushed it once more to gleaming perfection. I thought that we could save your hair so we could still have my kind of fun later, so I tied it into a long thick ponytail.

Fishing the shears from the drawer I again stood in front of you. “I want you to suck my cock again and don’t stop until I tell you to,” I said and again shoved my cock into your mouth. You sure know how to suck a cock! I couldn’t believe what I was doing! Getting the best blowjob of my life, with your hair in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other getting ready to scalp you.

As you worked I slipped the shears into your hair just below your ears. Schnick! A few strands fell free. You gasped. “Keep sucking!” I yelled and again the shears went into your hair. Schnnnick! More hair came loose and you started sucking harder. Your excitement was growing by the minute. I saw a hand sneak down and start to finger your pussy. “Stop that. You’re being punished!” I commanded. “You’re not supposed to enjoy this!” With that last comment I again plunged the shears into your beautiful hair and squeezed! SCHNNNICK!! Another big clump fell free, held in place by the ponytail holder that I had tied into your hair. I was about ready to come. As you picked up speed with your sucking I started to hack at your ponytail. As it came free, I came in your mouth. I gently whipped you with the hair that had once adorned your head. The hair that I found so much a turn on. The hair that I was willing to do without for my love for you. The hair that you wanted so badly to be rid of!

Soon you had my cock hard again and your excitement was evident. I plugged in the clippers by the bed and lay down on my back. I had you climb up onto my once again hard cock. When you were mounted, I turned on the clippers to tease you a little. Suddenly, I put them behind your right ear and ran them over the top of your head. You gasped and started pumping my cock harder. Over and over I ran the greedy clippers back and forth over your steadily diminishing hair. Great clumps of it fell softly on your tits and my chest. As you came I finished the rest of it and had another climax myself.

We lay there exhausted on the bed covered with your shorn hair, wrapped in each other’s arms. I managed to whisper “Happy Birthday Hon.” into your ear before we both fell asleep.


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