Angela, Why did you Wait?


I have known Angela most of my life. She was a friend of my older sister, Lisa. And I had always had a big time crush on Angela. But I thought she never took me seriously.

Angela was always over to our house. Having dinner with the family, slumber parties with my sister and their other girlfriends. In general, Angela was like a member of the family, like another sister.

As I grew older, I seemed to have a “gift” at cutting and styling hair. At first it was just my sisters. Then some of their friends. Then some of the girls that were in my class at school found out. Then all of a sudden I had paying customers for my “gift.”

It seemed like all the girls would let me cut their hair. I was even getting some male customers to. But, there was one person who would not let me cut her hair, and that was Angela.

For years I had begged Angela to at least let me trim the ends of her dirty blonde colored shoulder-length hair. She was always polite about saying no, but I could tell that there was more to it than that. And I would get answer to this question before long.

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Angela came over to my house one day in the summer. I was 18 by then and she was 20 and a junior in college. No one else was home at the time except me. I jokingly asked her if she had come over for a trim. She just smiled at me and said that the only man who would ever be allowed to cut her hair would have to be her lover for life. I shook my head and said I understood and I said that I would not ask to cut her hair ever again.

In a way I was crushed. I had always hoped and dreamed that someday Angela and I would fall in love. But, it looked now that this would never happen and that I would just have to get on with my life and find a real love of my own.

Angela was not the most beautiful woman in the world. She stood 6’1″ tall. She was full-figured. What some people might call pleasantly plump. She had a full round face, crowned with that lovely long dirty blonde colored hair. Her eyes were big and wide and light brown. And when she smiled she just melted my heart. There was just something special about her. But, I had to put her out of my mind. And I did.

I went to New York where I studied hair styling at some of the finest schools and salon in the world. Later I went to Paris to further my studies. As the time past, so did my longing for Angela.

I was now 22 and I had returned to my hometown, to open my own salon. It was hard work. Trying to find qualified stylists, support staff, and to build our reputation and client list. But, after two hard years we had made it. We appeared in every local and regional publication stating that my salon was the place where you went to have your hair styled and to be seen by the “right” people.

Late one Saturday afternoon business was slow and I decided to close the salon early. I let the staff leave and I put out the closed sign, but for some reason I forgot to lock the door.

I headed into my office to get the deposit ready for the bank and to get done whatever other paperwork that needed to be finished. Then I heard a noise that sounded like the door in the salon opening. I then heard a voice call out, “Hello Tom, are you here?” I thought it was one of staff who had forgotten something. I yelled, “Yes, in the office, come on back.”

I heard the door swing open behind and voice saying to me, “There you are my little bear.” I sat in my chair stunned for a moment. No one had called me “little bear” in years. I turned and standing there in the doorway was Angela. I had not seen her in over six years, but she still looked the same. She had not changed one little bit. Still tall, full figured, and with that same trademark hair.

She smiled at me and said in a soft loving voice, “Long time no see. Don’t you know how to use a phone to call your old friend Angela.” I smiled and fumbled for words for an apology. She just smiled and said, “Do you have some time for me?”

“Yes, I do! I would always have time for you!” At that moment all my old hidden feelings for Angela came rushing back to me. I was becoming hot and aroused just talking to her and she could tell!

I ask Angela to sit down. She did and we started chatting about the past. Small talk at first, but I could tell that she wanted to ask me something important. She finally did.

“Tom, I see that you are the best stylist in the midwest, if not one of the best in the whole country.”

I gave Angela a shy little smile and said, “That’s what they say.”

Angela gave me this look of wanting to say something. “You have sure turned into one handsome man.” I blushed when she said that. “Tell me, would you still be willing to cut my hair?” I looked at her in shock, but somehow I was able to shake my head yes. “So let’s get started little bear.”

We went into the salon and she sat down in one of the chairs. I got a cape to cover her and said, “Don’t want to leave any stray hair on you.”

She smiled and said, “Let’s get started.”

“Ok, Angela, just a trim of those nasty split ends, right?”

“No, my little bear, I want you to cut it short – really short.” With that she pulled out a copy of Mode magazine and showed me pictures of a makeover from long to really short.

I said, “Are you sure about this? It would be quite a change! How about a nice pageboy then you can think about it some more.”

She smiled at me and reached out from under the cape grabbing my crotch very gently stroking it and repeating herself. “I want you to cut it like that!”

The style she wanted was very short indeed. It was over the ears with a shaved nape. Clippers were used to style most of the hair. And there were longish bangs in front. There was no question that Angela would look FANTASTIC with this cut. But, she would never let me trim her hair before, now she was going to let me cut most of her hair off. What was she up to?

“Let’s get started, time is wasting,” she said as I was wetting down her hair. I pulled out a pair of large shears to cut her long hair off . She looked at me and said, “Turn the chair to face the mirror. I want to make sure it is short enough.”

I turned the chair to face the mirror and got started. I pulled her long hair up into a ponytail and I began to cut her thick long tresses off. With a few quick snips her hair fell to the floor. Angela let out a very sensual moan when it happened.

I now got a pair of scissors to thin her thick hair out before using the clippers. With each snip of the scissors a moan was let out . Soft and sensual was the sound. I was turning her on by cutting her hair. And she was doing the same to me by letting me cut her hair and the moaning she made with each snip.

Finally I grabbed the clippers and placed a no. 2 guard on them. I turned the clippers on and I started to buzz Angela’s head with them. The moaning now had become uncontrollable. I could tell that she was masturbating under the cape.

I kept buzzing her hair off and she kept right on moaning. The more I buzzed the more pleasure she seem to find in it. When I shaved her neck clean she seemed to have reached orgasm.

I finally finished with the clipper. Angela’s hair lay deep on the floor. I got my smaller scissors to finish the cut, by trimming her bangs. I stepped in front of her to get started. Then her hands shot out from under the cape. She reached for the zipper of my pants and pulled it down. She placed her hands into my pants and found that I was very wet and hard.

She whispered very softly and sensually, to please finish. “I need to get to some important business.” I started to snip and style her bangs. With every snip of the scissors she stroked my manhood gently. I was almost uncontrollable by the time I had finished. I leaned over to her mouth and we kissed. It was a long and wet romantic kiss that only lovers do.

When the kiss was finished, she smiled and said, “I must get on with my business.” I removed the cape. Angela stood up from the chair. She looked at her new very short sexy haircut. To me she looked like the most beautiful woman in the whole world. Totally different, a totally hot and sexy woman! I was waiting for her to say, “How much do I owe you?” But, instead I heard coming from her lips something else. “You probably do not remember when I told you that I would only let my lover cut my hair do you?” I said I didn’t. “Well who just cut my hair?”

“I did Angela, who else!”

“Well, lover, you are my business now and we must close this deal! What do you have to say?”

I looked her, with her new short sexy cut, and started to tell her that I had always wanted her and that I could not believe that she now finally after all these years felt the same. “Well, little bear, I have always felt the same way for you. I just wanted to wait for you to grow up and for you to make it on your own. You did and now you can have your treasure and reward, ME!”

Angela and I have now been married for five years. She still wears her hair short and I am the only one who cuts it. It was worth all the work to get what you want in the end, the love of your life.


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