All For a Good Cause

All For a Good Cause

With the click of the remote control, the picture on the television set shrunk to a small white dot in the middle of the screen. Jim and George just stared at the fading dot, like victims of a hypnotic trance.

“Well George, what do we do now?” quipped Jim. The pair had just finished watching their favorite video, for the umpteenth time. It was the one that showed several young ladies losing their locks, and going smooth, through the courtesy of clippers, razor, and shaving cream.

“I don’t know about you Jim, but every time I see that redhead on the tape, I can’t help but think of Janet.” George replied. Janet, George’s wife, had lovely red hair that reached below her shoulders.

“Yup, been there, buddy, the blond one keeps me dreamin’ of Beth.” Jim agreed.

Beth was a gorgeous little ash blonde with hair near down to her cute little derrière. By sure chance Jim and George were neighbors, and when they discovered they both had the same hair fetish, they became close friends. Yes it was George’s basement den, that was their little retreat into their fantasy, a refuge in an otherwise hairy female world.

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“Wouldn’t it be great if we could convince the girls to take the plunge.” George fantasized.

“Oh would I love to run a clipper with an 0000 right down the center of Beth’s scalp.” replied Jim.

Liken to their male spouses, Beth and Janet had bonded also. Their common ground happened to be husbands with a hair fetish. Individually the ladies might have succumbed before to their respective husbands’ constant pestering, but together they formed a united front for the preservation of their long locks.

“I wonder how the ladies are doing over at the Hospital Charity Fund Raising meeting?” George inquired.

“I don’t know, Beth tells me that things are pretty slow.” “She even suggested that I come up with some kind of publicity gimmick to raise money.” Jim answered. Jim reached over to a stack papers from George’s collection of “Bald Women” memorabilia. He picked up an old paper, a British tabloid, and stared at the cover. All of a sudden his eyes lit up, and he started to smile, one of those flashes of inspiration that light up the brain. He held the old paper up so George could see, and said, “Well George, I think I’ve come up with a gimmick for the Hospital Fund Raiser, and the answer to our mutual prayers.”

George seeing the page shook his head in agreement and said, “Reading you loud and clear, good buddy!”

Jim’s mind was already working out the details, and replied, “I’ll start on it first thing in the morning at work.” The boys then headed upstairs for a brewsky to celebrate their little scheme.

Jim was in the office of the local television station, Channel 10, bright and early the next morning. As director of advertising and promotion Jim was the perfect person to engineer their little conspiracy. Soon he was in the office of the station manager, Mr. Weber, filling him in on the details. Mr. Weber approved, and Jim spent the rest of the day on the phone putting together the details. Near the end of the day Jim gave his friend George a call.

“Plan ‘A’ complete my friend.”

“And I’ve taken care of Plan ‘B’.” Geroge answered. “I told Janet that we would have lunch with them tomorrow, at ‘El Chateau’, and that they should dress the part.”

“If we pull this one off, we’ll take them anywhere they want to go.” returned Jim.

“You mean it will end up costing us just about everything we own.” George corrected.

“Yeah, but it will be worth it!.” reminded Jim.

Beth and Janet were over Janet’s house getting ready to go out. They were just finishing up getting dressed. The both ladies were stunning. Their hair, makeup, and dress reflected the beauty inherent in these young women.

“I wonder why the guys are taking us to lunch?” wondered Beth.

“My intuition says that they’re up to something.” replied Janet.

A ring of the phone interrupted the girls’ train of thought, and Janet went to answer it. She came back into the room and said, “That was George, he said that their car broke down, and that we should pick them up at 4th and Main.”

The girls looked at each other with a slight look of puzzlement, and got ready to leave the house. They walked out of the house, and were met with a wall of summer heat and humidity. They quickly got into the car, and Janet said, “Air Conditioning please!!!!!!”

Beth replied, “I know what you mean, this summer has just started, and it’s unbearable already!”

“You know, for 2 cents I’d let Jim shave me bald, like he always wanted to.” Janet answered, “It would be cooler, if our husbands turned us into a pair of skinheads.”

The two girls looked at each other for a second, and in unison replied, “NOT!” They chuckled, and drove off.

The ladies were driving down Main street when they spotted the Channel 10 news truck parked on the street. There was a crowd of people on the side walk in front of Fraiser’s Barber Shop. As they got closer they could see Jim and George standing there also. The girls parked the car, got out, and started walking towards their husbands. As they got closer, they noticed that husbands were carrying on a conversation with Mrs. Ella Vandenberg!

“What are those guys talking to Mrs. Vandenberg for?” questioned Beth. Mrs. Ella Vandenbeg was the richest woman in town, and the head of the Hospital Fund Raising Drive. Beth and Janet had been trying get to know the woman for years.

“I hope they aren’t saying anything stupid, as usual.” quipped Janet.

As they approached closer, Mrs. Vandenberg came up, and started to address them.

“Why if it isn’t our little celebrities, Janet and Beth.”

The girls just looked at each other with a confused look. Mrs. Vandenberg continued, “I didn’t think you girls had in you to make such a sacrifice for our fund raiser. Imagine agreeing to have your heads shaved bald, in order to raise money for our cause. Your husband Jim is a genius with publicity, we’ve already raised a bunch from the corporate sponsors he has lined up, and the publicity from this little event will bring in even more.”

The two girls turned and stared at their husbands, who were standing there trying to look innocent. However with the looks the girls were giving, the cunning husbands realized that they were going have to pay dearly for their little escapade.

“Well girls, the chairs are waiting.” beckoned Mrs. Vanderberg. Their husbands came over and took their respective wife’s hands and the couples walked into the barbershop.

On the way in though the crowds of reporters and media people the girls were smiling, but through their teeth they were whispering to their husbands.

“This haircut will be the most expensive you’ve ever paid for, Jim.” whispered Beth.

Jim replied, “I know, that dream vacation you always wanted is already arranged.”

“That will do for starters, my dear.” Beth replied sarcastically.

The smiling girls were then interviewed by Ted Baxter the Channel 10 Roving Reporter. They put up a great front saying that they believed in the Hospital fund so much, that they would sacrifice their beautiful hair for the cause. In the meantime, Jim and George donned white barber’s shirts and got ready for the shearing. After the interview both girls were led over to two barber’s chairs, and their waiting husbands. Beth and Janet put on a marvelous show for the cameras, as they sat in the chairs Beth said to Jim jokingly, “A little off the top please.” Jim nodded. Jim and George then tied capes on their wives and a little piece of tissue around their necks.

Jim took hold of Beth’s long ash blond hair, and draped it over the back of the barber’s chair. Everyone was in awe of its luster and length. As Jim carefully combed it, the TV camera panned over the last glorious moments of this beautiful blond mane. Jim switched on the clippers, and the room fell silent except for the buzz of the machine. The audience was transfixed by the impending transformation, the nervous energy was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Jim brought the clippers ever closer to the front of Beth’s hairline. She had been smiling for the cameras the whole time, but when Jim’s clippers made contact with her scalp, she grimaced slightly. There were a few gasps from the audience, as the first hair started to fall, for they realized that this lovely girl would soon be balder than a cue ball. As in his fantasy, Jim, with a slow and steady motion, fed the clippers across the top of Beth’s head. As the clippers moved, rivulets of lovely ash blond hair fell, like streamer, on to the floor. Jim paused at the back by the crown and turned to George. On that cue, George started to comb out Janet’s gorgeous fiery red mane. The camera once again captured the true glory of this girl’s incredible hair. As the electricity surged through George’s clippers, the audience once again would witness the de-tressing of another beautiful lady. George now brought the clippers to Janet’s head, and within a moment it began to rain glistening red hair upon the floor. Janet with a half smile, was stoic, as her crowning glory was parted from her scalp, leaving behind a faint tinge of red stubble.

As George’s clippers finished the first path at the back of the crown, he paused and looked up, nodding to Jim. At that point both gentlemen continued their clipping in earnest. Pass after pass with the clippers left two piles of hair on the floor, one of light ash blonde, and the other fiery red fleece. More and more of the ladies’ scalps were now visible, and one could now easily picture in one’s mind what the girls would soon look like, sans their lovely hair.

There was an amazing flow of energy, as both men moved their clippers across their wives heads. It was almost like watching the movement of a ballet, as these two carefully moved their clippers almost in sync. The whole scene of course was being recorded by the four network cameras that were taping the event.

Finally having finished almost simultaneously, Jim and George both looked up, and switched off their clippers at the same time. Both men had a smile on their face, as they admired their handiwork. With a slight pause in the action it was the girls’ turn to look at the results of their transformation. Beth was the first, as she carefully studied her newly liberated scalp. She moved her head from side to side. She had a beautifully shaped smooth head with graceful lines. As she studied her reflection, she thought to herself, “this actually looks quite good on me, I’m quite pretty without all that hair.”

Janet studied herself a little longer. At first she was almost frozen by the drastic nature of the change, but as she looked at her reflection she, too, got used to this new look. She thought, “Wow, my eyes look huge, and gorgeous! I won’t even have to make them up as much. I bet this will look even better once George shaves off the stubble.”

Jim and George now placed some hot moist towels around their wives’ heads in preparation for shaving. The large piles of hair were carefully swept up, and placed in clear plastic containers. The towels were removed from the heads of the ladies, who were now ready for the final shave. Jim and George were now enjoying themselves with the hot lather machine, and lathering up the heads of their lovely wives. They then proceeded to shave those lovely scalps smooth with disposable safety razors. Each husband worked slowly and carefully. Gentile short strokes of the razors left their spouse’s heads smooth and clean. When the last of lather was gone, they carefully checked the results. They wiped off the heads, and massaged in some moisturizer, to keep their lovely ladies’ heads from getting dried out. The capes finally came off, and the audience had a look at the transformed women. Beth immediately brought her hands to her scalp and rubbed her smoothness, she had a big smile, and said, “Am I a smoothie or what? I’m bald and beautiful!” Janet then ran her finger tips across the top of her naked head and said in a low voice, “Sexxxy!”

There were a few photographs in the chairs but soon they both moved over to a large sign advertising the Hospital Fund Drive. Standing next to the sign, and holding the containers with their hair, they posed for more photographs. Ted Baxter then did a post shearing interview with the girls, who of course were totally charming.

After the interview, Mrs. Vanderberg came up to the girls and said, “Ladies you were splendid, I thank you, and more important the Hospital thanks you. I have one more favor to ask of you two. Since your little ‘haircuts’ have become such an important part of our fund raiser, I want you girls to make appearances all summer at certain media events. This means of course that you will have to keep your heads shaved smooth the entire summer.”

Beth and Janet paused for a second and looked at each other, smiled, and said in unison, “Not a problem.”

Everyone else except the two couples had left. Jim and George walked over to their wives. Jim said, “Channel 10 News, a network spot on national news, two wire services, and three newspapers from this state. Not bad for an two-bit promoter. I’d say you ladies are famous.”

“And balder than cue balls.” answered Janet.

“Bald and beautiful.” corrected George, as he planted a kiss on top of Janet’s smooth scalp.

Beth turned to Jim and placed her arms around him and said, “I can just imagine what our little transformation has done to the two of these guy’s libidos. My guess is that maybe we all should go home, and see just how turned on we can get these gentleman”

With that the two couples left and drove home.


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