“At last,” she said aloud as she finished the last of the marking. “That’s the end of all the students’ term work until the end of next term.”

She brushed the lock of hair away from her eyes. It had always irritated her but just lately it had really begun to get to her. “That’s it – I’ve had enough,” she thought. “I’ll have to get this cut, it’s time I had a new style or maybe a complete makeover,” she thought. “Mmm, I’ll think about that later.”

Later that evening as she fired up her PC to do an email check the thought struck her: she’d find a hairstyle on the net probably without too much trouble. She retrieved her mail and then clicked on one of the search engines and typed in “haircuts”. 15 seconds later there was a long list of sites. “Wow,” she thought, “What a lot of places and information there are on haircuts.” She slowly scrolled through the list and then stopped at one: “”. “Mmm,” she thought, “this looks promising.” She then double-clicked on the link and away the browser went. The homepage of haircut net loaded and she looked at all the choices: Message Board, Chat Room, Links, Today’s News, etc. She started at Today’s News and was amazed at what she found: a group of haircut enthusiasts with a web site. What’s more there was news from all over the world – its seems there were people all over the world into hair, only this group seemed to be only interested in short hair and the cutting and shaving of hair. “Wow,” she thought, “this looks interesting.” As she read through all the details in the news she got more interested in what she was reading. She finished with the news and went to the message board site,

She slowly read through all the messages and got more interested in the content. There were all sorts of messages there, from guys seeking girls to cut their hair, girls seeking pictures of various haircuts, news items, site updates and more. As she read these messages she found herself getting slowly excited. “Getting” ideas for a haircut for herself was going to be more fun than she had thought.

After she had been on line for over an hour looking at stills from the video section she only had a little idea of what sort of cut she wanted. She knew it had to be short, but how short? What sort of style? Colour? She just wasn’t sure but she knew one thing: she found herself to be very aroused. She knew it wasn’t the pictures of the other female models that was turning her on, it was the thought of having her hair cut that was doing it and she couldn’t help but give herself a little rub every now and then, just bringing herself to the brink of climax and then backing down. By now she knew she had to have it, she had to have one of the haircuts she’d seen. She didn’t know which one but she wanted it badly. She went to bed that night and had vivid dreams of having her hair cut off with clippers, shears or just scissors.

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She didn’t know or care how many wet dreams she’d had that night but she was exhausted when she finally got up the next day.

Alex spent quite a few hours the next day browsing the various hair-related sites on the web and it all came back to the same thing: she knew she had to have a haircut and a very short haircut at that, but as to the style, she liked them all! Crops, bobs, urchins, boyish cuts but not shaved bald! Well at least not yet. She spent the whole day incredibly turned on. At last she decided she was going to go for the chilli bowl cut – it was not too short, not too long, partly shaved and it would remove the long strands that kept getting in her eyes when she bent her head forwards and save her from tucking the offending hair behind her ears.

She’d seen some pictures while browsing but there didn’t seem to be too many to chose from. Well, the answer to that was to post a message on the message board asking other people if they’d send her pictures of bowl cuts.

Alex got a few replies some from the weirdoes suggesting all sorts of things and replies from other bowlcut fans with different pictures. One guy really got to her, in his emails to her he seemed to be really nice and very interested in her intentions. He gave her a lot of encouragement over the next few days, they even chatted together in the chat room at times, he was really keen for her to get the right haircut and offered to hold her hand while she had her haircut but she wasn’t sure about that. He seemed OK but you never know. He’d given her his phone number and mobile number if she wanted to chat personally and he’d recommended his barber to do the cut for her and pay for it himself. She’d even driven past the barber’s in question and got so excited at the thought of just walking in there and then and having it done she found it hard to concentrate on her driving, but the shop was empty, as he’d said it would be at that time of day as the barber was at lunch.

That night Alex mailed him. She’d made up her mind, she was going to have the bowlcut with a shaved nape. How short at the nape, she didn’t know. She picked out a few of her favourite pics and mailed them back to him for his recommendation. He replied with his favourite pic. She wanted to know how short he’d cut it if he did it for her. He told her it was up to her, he’d only do what she wanted, he wouldn’t take liberties. She couldn’t resist – she now wanted him to do the cut. Then she cooled, she didn’t want him to do the cut. She asked her closest friend what she should do. “It’s your hair. If you feel you can trust him go ahead with it then. If not, back out now.”

Alex debated to herself the pros and cons. Should she? Shouldn’t she? The excitement got her wound up so much she was very wet and the relief she got when she climaxed settled it for her, she was going to get him to do it!

She wrote him a short story about a girl who had to get her hair cut into chilli bowl and how she imagined the girl felt. He liked that so much he then wrote her a short story about how he would cut her hair. She was so turned on by this she felt there was no going back. He told her that the day would be soon and she should prepare herself for an exciting time, no drinking as he wanted her to savour every moment of the cut and have a fantastic climax at the very end. “The climax is what you’re seeking,” he’d told her, “so you need to be very aware of what’s going on to remember it for a long time after.”

A few days later they finally met in a pub. They had a few drinks and a chat. She was quite at ease: he was a few years older than her but what he was telling her really turned her on.

Two days later she drove to where he lived. As instructed, she wore a low-cut top and skirt and she also took with her her makeup bag as he’d promised to take photographs before, during and after cutting her hair.

She pulled up outside his house. He met her at the door, showed her inside and led her to the lounge where there was a chair set up in the middle of the room. He then told her to sit down while he took some photos of her hair from different angles. He then told her to go to the bathroom and to wash her hair and they’d begin. She washed her hair and with a towel wrapped around her head entered the lounge and sat down in the seat. He wrapped a cape around her neck and shoulders and tucked a piece of tissue in around her neck.

She could feel herself getting excited and wet. He told her he didn’t mind if she made herself “comfortable” at anytime during the cut but to try to hold off during any critical stage. He combed her hair down all around her head then made a parting from about 1/2 an inch above the top of her ear on the left side all around to 1/2 an inch above the top of her right ear. Then, taking all the hair above the parting, he clipped it all up onto the top of her head with grips. He then combed the hair below the parting straight down and taking a pair of scissors he slowly began to cut all the hair to about 1/2 an inch in length using scissor-over-comb cutting.

He asked her if she’d like to feel what he’d done so far. She reached up and felt the 1/2-inch brush that was left. “You will cut it shorter, won’t you?” she said.

“Yes,” he said. “We’ll be taking it down in stages”

By now she was thoroughly wet through and had been touching herself all the while the cutting had been going on. He took out a pair of clippers and putting on a No. 2 guide slowly placed the clippers at the base of her neck. She shivered and trembled with delight as he slowly began to run the clippers up the back of her head, nibbling away her hair to 1/4 of an inch. He steadily worked his way from front to back running the clippers up to the parting and stopping.

He told her she could feel again and she did, slowly savouring the sensation of long bristles brushing against her fingertips and again she climaxed. He told her to remove her hand and he’d go over it again, this time with a No. 1 guide. By now she was giddy with delight and felt as though she was floating on a wave of sensation. The clippers with the No. 1 guide touched the base of her now highly sensitive nape and began to shear away the remaining hair. From the front to the back the clippers worked until all there was left was a shadow of fine hair with the scalp showing through all white – she was in heaven! She’d never had sensations like this before in her life. She reached up and touched, she felt it like an electric shock running though her. She rubbed her hands all around the back and sides stroking with her fingertips the remains of her hair. The stubble felt terribly erotic and she couldn’t stop herself from climaxing again.

She calmed down. Now she felt drained and the haircut was only half over! How would she be by the end? “Shorter,” she said.

“No,” he said. “Next time we’ll go shorter. Any more and you’ll have a pleasure overload and you may not be able to handle that much all at once.”

He ran his fingertips up the back of her head to the parting and she shivered with pleasure. Then he removed the grips holding the rest of her hair up on top and combed the hair down. Taking his scissors he began cutting the hair in a straight line all around her head from ear to ear, carefully making sure all the ends were matching and precise. He cut the fringe straight across, 1 1/2 inches above her eyebrows angling down slightly to a slight point in the middle of her forehead.

He then blow-dried her hair until it was as smooth as he could get it, a perfect cap. He took out a razor and cleaned up all around her hairline.

He removed the cape and lightly sprayed her hair with finishing spray and then held a mirror up for her to see. She was amazed to see the difference it made to her features: her eyes now looked sparkling and you could now see her cheekbones. “Can I?” she asked. He nodded. Taking her hand he led her to a couch and, leaving her alone, he went out of the room,.

Once alone she touched her nape and couldn’t believe the sensations she was feeling, she now felt so alive! She lay back and proceeded to pleasure herself rubbing the sides and back of her clipped head. When she’d finished she walked towards the door. It was now time to give him his reward for showing her how much she’d been missing all this time.

The end.

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