Against His Wishes

Against His Wishes

“But honey, you know how much I like your hair the way it is” Bill said, same as every other time Beth asked his opinion. “You know you can’t cut it. It’s perfect, and I won’t have you change for no reason.”

Liked it the way it is..or was, as it had been in the same long straight style since high school, almost 10 years ago, thought Beth as she absentmindedly played with a blonde strand of her hair. Her mother had never really cut her hair as a little girl, just trimmed it for neatness, and apart from a near-disaster with a home permanent at 13, she had never done anything else to her hair….her same old hair.

It was pretty enough as far as that went, shiny and gold in its blonde fall, nearly to the small of her back. But she was tired of it now, same as ever, and Bill was being no help in choosing a new look.

As a matter of fact he was starting to annoy her, acting like he took her and her hair for granted. Beth, always there for him, always looking the same. Then when he started this “I won’t have it” stuff she started to feel a new desire for independence and freedom in herself, a desire for growth and change…and to be her own person. Sure she loved him, but he didn’t own her – even though he occasionally acted like he did.

So one day Beth decided to cut it shorter, and went to a local shop and emerged with her hair just brushing her shoulders….long enough to still frame her face, but a lot lighter and more comfortable. Beth was happy and couldn’t wait to show Bill her new look.

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She was shocked at how badly he behaved when he saw her! He yelled at her, told her that she went against his wishes, and Beth lost her temper with him too …….

Beth told the story again as she sat on the couch in Linda’s apartment drinking a cold beer. Linda and Beth had been friends for a long time, even though Linda was a little on the wild side. Beth had quickly pulled what was left of her shoulder-length hair back into a ponytail, which she played with her free hand.

“What a creep,” Linda said as she sat down across the table. Her jet black hair was pulled back into a tight braid, revealing the several piercings her ears had been put through.

“Yeah, but it’s just the way he is,” Beth told her. “I just have to find a way to show him that he doesn’t run my life, no matter how much he thinks he does. Beth stopped talking when she saw Linda’s face light up, a sure sign that she had gotten a great idea, er, at least a good idea by her standards, which were far more liberal than Beth’s.

“I have to make a quick call,” Linda said as she jumped up from her chair and left the room. Beth was left to sit on the couch and wonder what her friend was up to. She pulled the scrunchy out of her hair and ran her fingers through the thick tresses, wondering if she had done the right thing. Linda didn’t give her time to think as she ran in with their jackets and tossed Beth’s at her. “Come on, let’s go.”

“Where are we going?” Beth asked as Linda pulled her from the couch.

“I know the perfect way to get back at Bill,” she said as she pulled Beth from her apartment.

“OK .. I agree I gotta do something, but where are we going?” Beth asked as she and Linda walked up the front steps of an apartment building. The street was dark and damp, and reminded Beth of one of those grisly, futuristic movies from the early ’80’s.

“To my friend’s apartment,” Linda said.

“What for?” Beth asked. She was worried and a little scared about being in a neighborhood like this at this time of night.

“Don’t worry,” Linda assured Beth as she knocked on the door to one of the apartments.

The door swung open, revealing a man that Beth immediately thought should be in the outback hunting kangaroos. He wore one of those hats that had one side folded up, a white T-shirt, and some jeans. His boots were made of a thick leather, and, this is what scared Beth most, he had a very sharp-looking knife hanging around his waist.

As the young women walked into the apartment, Beth felt extremely uncomfortable about the way the man was looking at her. Linda motioned that they should sit on a moldy old couch that sat across from the TV. Across from them was a broken down chair, which was the only other piece of furniture besides the TV in the room. A Red Dog beer, half of it gone, sat on the floor next to the chair.

“That’s my friend, Gator,” Linda told Beth. “Gator, this is the one I told you about, Beth.”

Gator didn’t say a word, didn’t respond to Beth’s “hi.” He nudged Beth’s chin up so that she looked into his eyes, only he wasn’t looking into hers. Then she noticed that under his hat, he was shaven bald. “Think she can pull it off?” he asked in a thick Australian accent, not bothering to clarify just who he was talking to.

“Of course she can, she’s got great eyes,” Linda responded with a smile.

“What’s going on?’ Beth asked, immersed in confusion.

“Bring her in the other room,” Gator told Linda as he left the room.

“Just trust me,” Linda told her friend as she practically dragged Beth into the other room. This one was even scarier than the other, with only a stool, a small mirror on the floor, and what looked like a workbench next to the wall. Gator pointed to the stool, and Linda led her friend to it and told her to sit down.

“What’s going on?” Beth asked nervously as Gator walked over to her with a couple of small cans, which looked like spray paint bottles, and a small, white towel. He pulled the scrunchy out of her hair, letting it spill across her shoulders and into her face. He ran his rough fingers through it a few times before speaking. “Nice hair. Why does she want to do this?”

“It’s a revenge thing,” Linda answered. She leaned up against the workbench with a sly smile across her face.

“What do you mean why do I want to do this?” Beth asked. Her nerves calmed down a bit as Gator began to pull her hair back into its original ponytail.

“Trust me,” Linda said with a can’t-lose smile, the one that had lured Beth into trouble so many times before.

Beth wanted to respond, but before she could, the sound of a knife against leather permeated the room as Gator unsheathed his knife. Beth’s voice disappeared when she heard this, and she almost peed herself in fright. Gator unceremoniously began to slice through her hair with his knife. Beth heard each hair break away as the blade slid through her tresses. She wanted to scream, but couldn’t, everything she wanted to say — and yet, she wanted him to go on. Locks of her hair fell in front of her eyes after her ponytail was cut off, and she brushed them away from her face. Gator tossed her long hair to the floor as he walked around in front of the young girl, and she looked at it lying there. The golden tresses began to curl at the ends, it was really beautiful. She thought back to when those same curls had reached all the way down her back, and for the first time she regretted cutting her gorgeous mane at all.

She was brought back to reality as Linda handed her the scrunchy, saying, “You won’t be needing this for a long while.”

“What?” Beth managed to ask. “How – How short?” she whimpered.

Gator, holding a cluster of the short curls left hanging in front of Beth’s eyes in his one hand, smiled for the first time and tilted his hat up, revealing his shaved scalp. Beth took that as his answer.

“Oh god,” she coughed., but she sat still, waiting.

Gator brought the knife up, and sliced off another cluster of Beth’s curls, again dropping them to the ground. Tears began to well up in Beth’s eyes as more and more of her hair was tossed to the ground.

“Oh, come on,” Linda groaned, “You’ll get used to it.” As if to rub it in, Linda undid her long braid, allowing her thick, curly dark hair to fall down over her breasts. “I’ve been thinking of having it done myself.”

After what seemed like an eternity, Gator cut off the last of Beth’s hair. He began to fiddle around at his workbench, and Linda took the chance to grab a mirror and show Beth, only Gator stopped her before she could. “Only gets to see the finished job,” he said.

“Aren’t you done?” Beth asked in a low voice. Fear had taken over. She was petrified of this man, so much so she couldn’t get up the courage to save her hair, and she was scared of how Bill would react when she got home. Oh god, what would he say……but still …… she sat back waiting.

He picked up one of his cans and, holding it above her head, began to spray some foamy stuff on her. After getting up a good-sized pile he spread it over her head. Beth felt his coarse fingers smoothing whatever he was spreading across her head. Then he pulled out his knife again. Her heart leapt into her throat, but there was nothing she could do as Gator pulled the blade back across her scalp. The rasping sound was horrible, and the sight of the golden hair mixed with the foam when he wiped off the blade of his knife was worse. The tears came faster now, She was going to be bald!! Oh how she wanted her long hair back,no matter how heavy or how much work it was, she wanted it to fall down her slender back now more than ever, but as the rasping continued, she knew that it was way too late for that. After several more runs of the knife across her head Gator stepped in front of Beth and nudged her chin upward again. He ran his callused fingers across her sensitive head, causing her to wince. He stood and admired his work for several seconds before nodding to Linda and leaving the room. Linda enthusiastically held the mirror up to Beth, who had to force herself to look in it. Her worst fear ever had been realized, she was completely bald. Her hands flew across her scalp, looking for any signs of her once long mane, but none was left. One would think she never had hair. “It looks great,” Linda told her as she put the mirror down. “Let’s go.”

Beth slid off of the stool and followed Linda. She didn’t feel like talking, she didn’t know if she could. Her pride and joy had been shorn, stolen from her. She glanced back into the room as she passed through the doorway. The floor around the stool was covered with her golden hair – both long and short locks. Seeing her thick ponytail hurt most, for it would no longer be swinging behind her with every turn of her head, now nothing would be behind her, not for a long time.

But one good thing was….she would now finally learn if Bill loved her or her hair…….


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