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She stood within darkness so complete it hurt her eyes. She strained to see beyond the void, to see the end of it, but it was like looking into a vast tunnel. She knew instinctively that the void had physical limits. The part that scared her was that she could not see them. They were always just beyond her grasp.

The odd thing about the void was that when she held up her hands she could see them. The light on her skin was so intense she had to squint. Her own body cast a shadow which struck her as odd because when she looked up there was no source to the light. There was only the black void.

“Where was the light coming from?”

Then there were the whispers of dozens of voices. She could not tell what they were saying. The voices were insistent but their commands overlapped thus drowning out the meaning. As the voices ebbed and flowed, there was the hum. The hum was loud, mechanical and constant.

The voices grew louder and the hum approached her from behind. She began to walk away from it.

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The hum followed so she began to run until finally she was in a full sprint. Terror welled up within her and her heart pounded viscously within her chest. Any farther and her heart would explode. The terror became so complete that she began to scream.

Then there was darkness, but not complete like it had been, plus she was laying down. She struggled for breath as her mind groped for the few facts opened to it, a soft pillow, and the faint glow of the curtains, the blood-red numbers of a digital clock. Her foggy mind concluded it was a dream. The adrenaline in her system had done its work. She had awakened yet again from the nightmare of the darkness.

Her husband stirred next to her just now becoming aware that she was awake and breathing heavily.

“You OK Beth?” he asked.

She sighed in response as his voice confirmed to her that it was just a dream. “Yeah,” was all she could manage.

“Same nightmare again?” he asked with love and compassion in his voice as he rolled over to hug her tight. He knew the dream was bad. He could feel her heart racing all the way through her back. He reached his hand around to her chest. The pounding of her heart scared him with its violence.

“Same dream, only worse this time,” she said. She began to sob quietly. Every morning for two weeks at exactly 3:15am the dream had awakened her. She was getting edgy, her eating habits were becoming erratic. The dream began to press into her waking hours. Never with the fear of the nightmare, but the voices and the hum were there slowly pressing in on her. She was a wreck.

“Beth, you have to see someone about this. You’re a wreck and this is simply not healthy. If you won’t make an appointment with a someone I’ll do it for you,” he said both sternly and lovingly.

She nodded in the darkness. He was right. This was not good and she needed to do something before she was consumed by the dream. She felt desperate.

After several more nights of the dream, she had her first appointment with a psychiatrist that Mitch had found for her. He was an old army buddy named Dr. Laslo. He said he would do whatever he could to help. Mitch was grateful.

During her first session Dr. Laslo listened patiently as Beth discussed her nightmare in a somewhat haltingly way. She began to sniffle when she described the indistinct nature of the voices and their insistence that she do something.

“If you can’t discern the voices how do you know they want something?” he asked.

“I not sure,” she explained. “I just know that they are demanding something. Something important. I keep hearing the words ‘set’ and ‘free’ but what connects them together I don’t know.”

“I see,” was all he said.

“I see what?” she asked.

“Well, Beth there is the possibility that the dream is something your subconscious is demanding your conscious self do. The problem is the meaning. The words ‘set’ and ‘free’ have many meanings, but I think we can safely say that the their context is ‘set you free’. From what is the $64,000 question, isn’t it?”

Dr. Laslo then went on to explain some directed dreaming techniques and explained how to take control of the dream. “It will take patience to do it and a great deal of bravery. Always remember that you must never panic. When you feel compelled to run from the noise make every effort to turn toward it and stand you ground. It is imperative that you never run.”

Beth thanked him for his time and left. When the door to his office closed, Dr. Laslo called Mitch. “She’s ready,” was all he said and hung up.

The next night the dream returned. The blackness was complete. She examined her surroundings again. The voices were louder this time, she could tell. They were more distinct as well. “Set yourself free,” they said. She was elated that she finally understood the voices. In the midst of her joy, the hum began. She turned her head seeking its source. Fear began to well up within her. She somehow remembered Dr. Laslo’s directions – “never run.”

The fear was consuming her as she kept turning to find the noise. She was becoming dizzy. She finally stopped in the direction she was facing and screamed at the noise, “Show yourself you bastard! I’m not afraid of you! Show yourself!”

The darkness was gone. There was light. A pleasant muted light from the glow of many candles. There she stood in the middle of her own family room completely naked. She was somehow aware of an odd coolness on her head. She turned to see the familiar face of her husband. His face warm and loving. She reflexively reached to push the hair out her eyes only to discover there was nothing to push. Her hand brushed over her hairless scalp. The fear began again with crushing intensity. It welled up from within and possessed her so completely she had to run. She turned from Mitch and ran to the bathroom. The lights were out and she fumbled for the switch. She knew it was there but she could not find it. She panicked and her heart began to race. She was utterly terrified. She screamed.

Mitch was holding her. No, that’s not right she realized. He was shaking her. Her eyes flew wide open, their whites painfully evident to Mitch. He was terrified for her. He had found her standing naked in their family room screaming. He pulled her tightly to him and tried to soothe her, “Sssh there honey. It’s OK, I’m here,” he repeated over and over as she sobbed and trembled.

After a time, she had calmed down. She was still trembling, but Mitch was there for her and she felt better. He gave her a small glass of brandy to help calm her nerves. He begged her to describe what had happened.

For the first time since her ordeal began three weeks before, she told Mitch about the dream. She described it in detail as best she could remember. Mitch listened patiently, holding her tight as she told her story.

“So let me understand this,” he asked. “You did exactly what Dr. Laslo asked but when you touched your scalp you panicked? Why would that terrify you so?”

“First it was the surprise of it. You don’t exactly expect feel a smooth scalp you know. But then it was because I thought you would think me ugly,” she said as she began to cry again.

Mitch gave her head fun little rub with his knuckles and chuckled. “Listen babe, you are a gorgeous woman. Strong and powerful. “Why would you think that would repulse me? In fact, I think you would look pretty God-dammed sexy if you asked me,” Mitch said as he began to stroke her hair, tugging it lightly and combing it through his fingers.

She began to relax then asked, “What do you mean I would look sexy?”

Here it was. All of Mitch’s efforts relied on his response.

Beth didn’t know a lot about his past, his time in the Army. She had asked but Mitch always said what he did was mostly classified work, which of course was true. However, what Mitch did for the US Army was in special psychological warfare unit attached to the CIA. He and Dr. Laslo (Mitch also had a Ph.D.) had developed a subliminal post-hypnotic suggestion system to help “patriots” who were on the fence to choose sides. They had tried on several occasions to create assassins with the systems but had failed repeatedly. What they did discover was that from that effort that no system of post-hypnotic suggestion could overcome a person’s innate sense of right and wrong.

What the system could do was help those who had not yet committed to helping the CIA get through the decision process. They had already made a decision but had yet to act out fear, remorse or other factors. The system of audio cues given while in REM sleep forced a decision in a person’s subconscious. In effect they were “shown the way”. It just happened to be the American way. If their doubts persisted through the process, or if they were trying to be double agent, they simply had a psychotic meltdown that removed them from circulation. Brutal though it was it had saved many lives in the long run, or so Mitch kept telling himself.

In Beth’s case, Mitch had found she harbored a secret fetish. Therefore, he decided to help her through it. He had to enlist Dr. Laslo’s help when Beth began to show the symptoms of a meltdown. She was so close to asking Mitch to shave her. It was now up to Mitch to allay her fears.

“Well, you have gorgeous hair, hon. But, I got to tell you, the thought has crossed my mind now and again, of what you would look like bald. Remember last month? That amazing bit of sex we had here on the sofa?” he asked trying to sound all ‘ah shucks’ and embarrassed.

Beth blushed. “Yes.”

“When I did that thing you like so much I was fantasizing about you shaving your head,” Mitch explained. “Now come on back to bed and try to get some sleep, please?” he pleaded.

Mitch led Beth back upstairs. Tomorrow night he would run the last of the CDs in the series. He had made it clear that to her that she had nothing to fear from him. Tomorrow would be all or nothing. She would either awaken from the best night’s sleep in almost a month, or Dr. Laslo would have to commit her.

The next night, at exactly 3:00a.m. the CD player kicked on.

The dream began in a different spot this time. Rather than in total darkness it began in the muted candle light of the family room. Beth stood naked with the coolness on her head. Mitch stood in front her with a huge smile.

Beth’s hand reached up and rubbed her smooth scalp. She asked Mitch, “Do you like it?”

Mitch came over to her and gave her a huge hug. “You have never looked lovelier,” he said as he kissed her neck beneath her left ear. He knelt in front of her and kissed her belly above her clean-shaven sex. “I love this too.” He picked her up, set her on the sofa, and began to do that thing Beth so loved with his tongue and teeth. Beth closed her eyes and let the sensations of her husband’s head between her legs wash over her.

“Weather this morning is expected to bright and clear starting with a temperature of 45 for the morning rush and increasing to a high of 70. Continued weather and traffic after this….” It was the clock radio, she realized. She had awakened to the clock radio for the first time in almost month.

She felt renewed and invigorated. She actually jumped out of bed, which awakened Mitch who just mumbled, “What the hell you doin'”

Beth felt simply wonderful. Mitch was actually relieved. He remembered the 150 Iraqi officers who they had released after Gulf War, all of them shattered men who could barely eat solid food. He shivered at the thought. This is what his associate, Dr. Laslo, would call a positive outcome.

Beth’s day at work was uneventful. Her boss noticed her dramatic change. Beth commented on how good she felt, how relaxed. She knew the dream would never return because tonight she would insure that it never would.

On her way home she stopped at one of the larger chain drug stores and made some very specific purchases. Among the items were some scented candles. She knew Mitch would be late coming home. He had to fly to a customer site near Washington DC. What she did not know was that Mitch’s one and only customer was the CIA and that he had gone to Langley to present new findings on the efficacy of his subliminal techniques. He knew that Beth would prove the changes in the technique viable, that the technique was now more reliable and had more lasting long-term effects. It was also safer.

When Beth got home she drew a very hot bath and tossed in some of her favorite scented lotion. As she washed her legs and pubic area, she wondered at the power of the dream. She wondered how and why she had ever let such a thing possess her so completely. Never again would she let such phantoms control her.

She spread the shaving cream on her legs and began to shave them as she always did working from the ankle to the top of her thighs. This time she went farther. She had trimmed her pubic hair very close with Mitch’s beard trimmer/razor before getting into the tub. She spread a fresh glob of cream on her close-cropped pubes and carefully began the process of shaving her crotch.

She found it a bit difficult to see and hold her labia lips with her slick fingers. What made this more difficult was that she was wet inside and the act of touching herself to pull the skin the taut was arousing her. When she was done, she rubbed some refreshing lotion on her now bald pubic area. She couldn’t resist any longer and began to finger herself. Visions of the next step in her transformation flashed into her mind. As they did so her arousal increased until she let out a guttural growl when the orgasm hit her.

She lay back in the tub and felt warm and secure. After a time she stood and dried herself off. As she stood before the full-length mirror, she examined herself carefully. Her shaved pussy looked good. Why had she not done this before? There was bit of a razor burn but it was mild and not entirely unpleasant She liked the way she looked. She was very fit with just a hint of six pack to her abs. The smoothness of her clean-shaven legs and crotch only heightened the athleticism of her body.

She then blow-dried her hair for the last time. She would miss it, but she had to set herself free of the dream. Besides, Mitch had said he had fantasized about it. If it didn’t work out she would just grow her hair out. She smiled at the thought of how simple the decision really was.

She combed her hair and picked up the clippers she had bought. She had thought about using scissors to cut the hair short but, she decided that she would get her hand-eye coordination screwed up by working the scissors in front of the mirror. No, the clippers were the easiest way to do this. Just to make things fun she left the big guard on. That way she would do this twice.

With a purposeful flick of her thumb she turned on the clippers. They snapped to life and surprised her a little. They had an angry hum to them. As they ran angrily in her hand they felt somehow alive. She stared at them. Never again would their angry growl scare her. She would possess them as they had almost possessed her.

She decided to stand for this part. She stood naked in front of the mirror, and placed the clippers to her forehead, and slowly pushed them back over her head. Long skeins of hair fell over her shoulders and briefly obscured her face. She never flinched as she kept the clippers moving. She observed herself on the mirror. An odd bare stripe ran over her head surrounded by luxuriously thick auburn hair. She felt very alive.

She put the clippers to her head again and ran them up and over a second time. This time she went faster as she became more familiar with the power of the clippers. The third pass overlapped the second and so on until the eighth pass left the entire top of her head covered in a quarter-inch stubble. She worked around her ears slowly, tugging them out of the way so she get closer.

The back was more difficult. She had to work blind and by feel. It was slow going, but finally she was done. She vigorously rubbed her stubbly head. She looked funny with a burr haircut. She really wanted to get this done. She wanted to feel the smoothness of her scalp as she had felt it in the dream.

She removed the guard from the clippers and began to run them over her head again the same way she did before. This time she noticed she could not go as fast or the clippers would bog down and begin to pull hair rather than cut it. Having learned her painful lesson, she went slowly pass after pass. As she did so, her scalp began to show. It was an intense white with dark stubble.

“Damn,” she thought. “I thought it would be like the rest of my skin.” She resolved to get to her tanning salon the next day, she looked like a ghost!

Once again, the back was the hard part. Without the guard, the leading edge of the clippers was very sharp. She had to be very careful not to jab herself. Other than that, she loved the way the clippers felt and sounded as they ran over head. They were warm, a bit loud, but most importantly she was finding nerves she didn’t know she had. “What glorious feeling,” she said aloud.

When she was done with clippers, she again examined herself in the mirror. Now this was the effect she was going for. Smooth legs and crotch and soon to be smooth scalp. She felt taller somehow. She noted that her neck looked very long and her eyes were just huge. She knew she would have to alter her makeup style to enhance her new look. “My eyebrows are a bit thick now aren’t they?” she thought. Well a bit of tweezing will take care of that.

She went back to the bathroom and soaked a towel in hot water, as hot as she could stand. She wrapped the towel around her head. The intensity of the heat was quite a shock. She actually made herself jump.

Having left the towel on for ten minutes, she spread a thick layer of shaving cream over her entire head. She grabbed a fresh razor and began to shave at the very front. Even though the clippers had done their work well the going was slow and the razor tugged often. It took ten minutes to go over the entire top of her head from ear to ear. She smiled at her reflection. She liked the way she looked.

“Oh, getting the back is just a bitch!” she said. But, she was persistent and worked at it until she was done. She rubbed her head again. She was surprised, but not surprised, that there was a faint bit of stubble. She got another hot towel and soaked her head again.

Another layer of cream and the shaving was very easy now. The razor glided this time. She was able to use long strokes and make several passes in the same spot. She watched herself in the mirror as she worked the razor back and forth. She loved the image of herself, shaving cream over part of her head and a razor in one hand. “Mitch was right, this is erotic as hell,” she thought.

Her task now done, she wiped her head with the towel. The coolness of the air on her head was exciting. Her head was smooth and almost had a glow to it. A little oil would help provide the glossy luster she wanted.

She stood before the mirror and marveled at how good she looked. “Wow, Mitch is going to come in his pants!” she squealed.

She went to the family room and set out the scented candles she had purchased. She lit them and tuned off all the lights. The glow in the room was warm and inviting. The shadows on the walls wavered with the flickering of the candles. “How could this have ever of frightened me,” she wondered.

As she looked around the room she heard the familiar sound of Mitch’s car pull into the garage followed by his keys in the lock. When he walked in, he was greeted with an incredible vision. Standing before him was his lovely wife, hairless except for her eyebrows. Mitch gasped at the sight.

Beth rubbed her head. “Do you like it?” she asked.

“Hon, you are a vision. I love it!” he replied. He closed the two steps between them very quickly and grabbed her. He hoisted her up and gave her massive hug. Very quickly, she was on her back on the couch with Mitch’s head between her legs.

The rest of the night was as intense a sexual experience as she had ever had. Mitch had made love to her three times. He had spent a very long time between he legs bringing her to shattering climax after climax. After several hours they went to bed and fell a sleep spooned together. The dream did not come that night and Beth awakened reborn. She had conquered the dream.

The next day, Colonel Mitch Sladen contacted Dr. Laslo. “Worked like a charm Doc.”

“Good. I’m glad she’s OK.”

“Me too. She’s primed for more. She understands how to direct the dreams.”

“Well, Colonel what do you have in mind now?”

“Doc, I think pierced nipples would be a nice addition.”

“OK, Mitch,” he laughed. “I’ll get right on it.”


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