Actual Accountn

Actual Accountn

I had the first appointment of the day, so the shop was empty other than the receptionist, the stylist and myself. Her first comment upon feeling my hair as she washed it was: “Wow! Your hair has grown a lot, even feels thicker.” I explained that I had been taking some concentrated protein (have lost 86″ in 14wks). “It must be working,” she said as she toweled the shaggy locks. Stepping over to the cutting station, I was draped with a soft black cloth. Black shows the blond locks sooooo well! I smiled, thinking of them falling. The first step was the clippers to the nape, using the same guard as last time. I mentioned it didn’t matter to me if she even wanted to take it shorter, but she continued with the #6 guard. Oh, how I love the feel of them shearing off the locks, tingling the neck, roaring up behind the ear!

Next was the cutting of the blunt line just above the occipital bone. Chunks of honey-colored, blondish brown hair fell to the dark black cape. I watched as she chattered on and kept cutting. The bangs were next, slicing them off to mid-forehead. Next was a new step. She combed the top layers of the top portion of the hair up and fastened them in place as she used thinning shears to chunk the under layers of top portion.

“I am texturing this layer as your hair seems to be getting thicker and it will lay better,” she explained.

“Whatever you think is best,” I replied, shocked at my boldness compared to a year ago.

She chunked more. Unfastening the top layers she scissored them down. This didn’t take very long at all. I was already preparing my mind that this experience was nearly over for the month, but then….

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“I think this will just look better and lay better if I take it shorter back here,” she stated matter-of-factly as I watched her change guards on the clippers. The buzzing began before I could draw a breath. Not being familiar with the clipper guard sizes, I had no idea how short she was or was not buzzing it, but I could feel the teeth of the guard comb scraping my scalp.

I took a long slow breath and said to myself, ‘This is it, a good buzzing!’

Roaming up and down the nape and up behind my ears the clippers hummed, again and again. It felt as if she took them a bit higher than before! Next she used the scissors again, working on that blunt line. Then smaller trimming clippers in hand, she pushed my head farther forward and edged around the nape and shaved the neck, taking them gently over any stray or stubborn hairs across the nape. My eyes watched every movement in the mirror yet were unable to see just what was being done.

“All done,” she said. She gave it a touch of mousse, some slight scrunching on top and a gentle wisp of blow drying. She removed the cape and the clumps of blond fell to the floor. Several chunks were attached to the soft V-necked yellow sweater, they looked incredibly darker against the bright yellow.

Walking in the door at home, only a couple minutes from the shop, I went straight to the bathroom, grabbed the hand mirror and turned to view the back. “Oh my god! I did get a buzz this time!” I spoke aloud to myself, feeling my white satin panties get wet as I viewed the “damage”. The length in back was a scant 1/8″, leaving a dark brown, almost black velvety burr-like cut. It was higher than before too! Just slightly above the occipital rather than just to it. “Oh my god,” my mind raced. “It’s really buzzed off!” I rubbed it over and over, feeling the prickly softness, trying to grab it between my fingers to see how long it wasn’t!

Taking the time to blow it dry completely, I then curled the top layers, making them appear even shorter, but so fringey and sexy. I turned again to the mirror to view the contrast of the blunt blond ledge against the dark brown buzz.

Laying the mirror down, I logged online, to find my “buzz buddy”. In a matter of minutes he was on the phone and we shared the final release of this cut.

……………Until the next trip to shop….


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