Kelli’s heart swelled with pride as she looked at her brother’s excited, hopeful face. She was driving him upstate for his induction into the Academy, the most prestigious military school in the country. It was very hard to get into the Academy, and she was thrilled when her brother told her that he’d made it. She’d kidded him a little, too – the Academy had been in the news lately for refusing to admit women. After a prolonged court battle the school had been forced to change its policy and let women in, and Kelli jokingly told Kevin that his only dates during his college life would be with massive, ugly, masculine women who’d undoubtedly applied to the Academy as a desperate, last-ditch effort to meet men. He took the ribbing good-naturedly.

“So! Kevin!” Kelli bubbled. “Almost there! Soon you’ll be in the barber’s chair…the clippers coming nearer…BZZZZ! BZZZZ!” she teased. “What is it they call new inductees?”

“Knobs,” Kevin replied, grinning sheepishly, referring to the fact that all new recruits had their heads shaved upon admittance. Kelli had heard on the news that exceptions had been made for the new women recruits – they’d be required to adopt a short hairstyle, but their heads wouldn’t be shaved.

Kelli drove past the huge wrought iron gates and up the long, long driveway. It was a glorious day, the sky a deep rich blue and not a cloud in the sky. She parked near the auditorium entrance and followed Kevin inside.

Kelli sat beside her brother in the great hall. She couldn’t help but notice the female cadets huddled all together, looking uniformly unhappy, segregated from the rest of the student body. She was surprised – they looked like normal girls, not masculine at all! What could possess them to apply here? Kelli could feel her respect for these pioneers growing.

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A man dressed in military attire strode up to the podium. “Good morning, Cadets. I am Colonel Witherspoon.” Kelli suppressed a smile. According to the news reports, Witherspoon had been the most vehemently opposed to the entry of women into “his” Academy. This must really burn his bacon, Kelli thought. Witherspoon continued his address. “Before we begin, would all the…ladies…” He said the word as if it hurt his mouth.”…please rise and follow Cadet Lieutenant Briggs.” All heads turned to the rear of the room where a very cruel-looking young man stood at parade-rest, a heartless smile on his face. The women cadets all rose and filed out behind him. Kelli’s attention returned to Colonel Witherspoon, who blathered on about honor and duty and the next four years…

Kelli began shifting uncomfortably in her chair. Eventually she realized that she wasn’t just incredibly bored – she needed to pee. Touching Kevin’s arm to get his attention, she whispered, “Back in a minute. Bathroom break.” Kevin nodded his acknowledgement absently, his mind focused on the Colonel’s speech.

Kelli made her way down the aisle and out of the auditorium. She looked up and down the length of the vestibule and saw no ladies room. Typical of men, she thought wryly. She poked her head back into the auditorium and asked the guard, “Excuse me: where do the ladies go…”

“Up the stairs, end of the hall, to the right, Ma’am.” the guard replied militarily.

“Thanks…” Kelli muttered.

Climbing the stairs, Kelli could hear yelling coming from what was supposed to be the ladies room. Cautiously she pushed the door open and stepped inside.

All the Academy’s female cadets were lined up at attention, rigid—clad only in their bras and panties, their clothes piled up on chairs behind them! Standing at the front of the room, his face red with rage, was Cadet Lieutenant Briggs, flanked by two of the biggest, meanest-looking men Kelli had ever seen. “Errr…excuse me…” Kelli began.

“Ah! Another cunt! Get in here double-time, Cunt—you’re late! Get those fucking clothes off NOW!”

“Wait a minute…I’m not a cadet, I’m just looking for the bathroom…”

“BULLSHIT!” Briggs roared. “I’m supposed to have twelve dykes in here, and twelve dykes I have. Now heave to, Cadet! Strip and get your ass in formation!”

“Do it!” one of the cadets whispered fearfully to Kelli. “He’s crazy! Do it or we’re all in deep shit!”

Anxiously Kelli began peeling off her clothes and placing them on the empty chair behind her. She was soon reduced to her bra and panties, like the other women, and trembling she took her place in line. “AT ATTENTION!” Briggs shrieked at her. Kelli straightened as much as she could, but apparently not enough for Briggs. He stormed over to her and leaned into her face. His voice became dangerously quiet. “Head high.” He grabbed a fistful of Kelli’s thick, chin-length dark-blonde hair and yanked back, forcing her face up. “Shoulders straight…tits out…stomach sucked in…” He slapped, in order, her shoulders, tits, and stomach. “Legs together…I know that one’s hard for a whore like you, but do the best you can.” He squeezed Kelli’s legs together with his knees, his crotch coming briefly in contact with hers. A sick smile spread across his face. “You’re my favorite,” he whispered luridly. “First late. Then you maintain that you don’t belong here – NONE of you bitches belongs here! Why the fuck did you cunts enlist? Couldn’t hack it on the outside? Well, I know what you heard, but this ain’t no afternoon tea, Ladies! The Academy’s governing board granted you exemptions from some of our most cherished traditions,” he said in a voice rich with contempt. “I hereby REVOKE those exemptions!” And he strode over to a white sheet draped over a large shape in the middle of the room and ripped said sheet aside, revealing an old-fashioned barber’s chair!

Kelli felt her arms being grabbed by Briggs’ two massive cohorts. Briggs returned to her side. He began stroking her thick blonde mane. “So soft…” He lifted a lock and held it to his nose, inhaling deeply. “So sweet-smelling…” He stepped back and jerked a thumb toward the barber’s chair. “And so gone. A knob is born! It’s a wonderful thing!” The two brutes began dragging Kelli to the chair! She struggled ferociously, the thought of losing her crowning glory driving her to new heights of frenzy; but her struggles proved fruitless. The two behemoths effortlessly tossed her into the chair and fastened her arms and legs down with the attached leather straps. Her body having been rendered useless, Kelli tried to extricate herself from her predicament with her voice.

“Please! Please, not my hair! You’re making a mistake, I’m here with my brother! I’m not a cadummmph…mmmppphh…mmmppphhh!” Kelli gagged as a huge wadded-up cloth was shoved into her mouth and taped into place—now she couldn’t even plead! “Thanks!” Briggs said to his henchmen. “I thought she’d never shut up. NOW!” He turned to Kelli and stroked her long, soft hair sensually. Under other circumstances Kelli would have enjoyed the feeling, but now…

Briggs produced a hairbrush and brushed Kelli’s thick mane forward, over her face. Kelli’s vision was obscured by the heavy blonde curtain, and her nostrils filled with the sweet, faintly fruity scent of her favorite shampoo. From behind her head Kelli heard a loud CLICK!, followed by an angry buzzing noise. Clippers! NO! She twisted frantically in her bonds, desperately trying to escape. She felt the sharp blades of the clippers being pushed into the nape of her neck, felt the vibrations of the electric monster as it waited, poised, to shear her! Briggs paused a moment, sensing her terror, sadistically savoring it to the fullest. Then he slowly pushed the clippers down the middle of Kelli’s head, mowing off a swath of hair! Tears filled Kelli’s eyes as she watched large tufts of her shining, fragrant mane float gently down to her lap, leaving a half-inch stubble!

Humming to himself, the Lieutenant continued to run the clippers all over Kelli’s helpless head. Her hair dropped in waves onto her lap; with his free hand he tousled the long, soft blonde strands before feeding them into the maw of his electric razor. Kelli sobbed as strip after strip was sheared away from her, leaving her with only the shortest stubble. Briggs finished and ran his hand over Kelli’s bristly pate.

“Oooooh…scratchy…” Briggs crooned. “We’ll take care of that.” And to her horror Kelli felt something warm and creamy being smeared on the back of her head—she was being lathered up! Briggs rubbed the shaving cream all over Kelli’s down-covered head and produced a straight razor. “Welcome to the Academy, Miss,” he said sarcastically. “I hope you enjoy it.” And he began scraping away the little hair Kelli had left. He shaved her first one way, then the other, ensuring that each and every hair was removed. He then rubbed some lather into her eyebrows and shaved those away! Kelli tried to blink away the tears as she thought about how freakish she must look—a former blonde—no hair on her head at all!

Briggs washed her head clean and dried it carefully, then to Kelli’s further humiliation he polished her scalp to an unnatural gloss with car wax. His cohorts laughed hysterically as he buffed out her pate. Then he leaned over and faced Kelli. “One of the traditions at the Academy which only its cadets know about is the ritual tattooing. Rodney?”

One of Briggs’ henchmen began to unbuckle his belt and pulled down his trousers. He then lowered his underwear. Kelli gasped. His pubic area was completely hairless, and tattooed on the man’s rather large dick were the words, “Property Of The Academy”! Kelli writhed and yanked and shook, trying to break free. She started screaming in earnest, and some of the sounds actually made it through her gag.

“Oops! Looks like we need a more effective mouth-packing,” Briggs said. He smiled at her then, an evil, twisted smile. He ripped the tape from her lips and extricated the now-sodden cloth. But before Kelli could work up a good scream for help, Briggs reached into her lap, snatched a handful of her golden hair, and stuffed it in her mouth! Kelli almost choked as her own hair was used to gag her. Briggs rammed more and more of her locks into her bulging mouth; Kelli could feel her cheeks puff out. There was so much hair in her lap, and it seemed he was trying to force it all in! But he soon decided that no more would fit, and he re-taped her mouth tightly shut. Kelli squirmed in humiliation.

Without further comment Briggs cut off her panties and began stroking her soft bush. “Ahhhh,” he moaned in pleasure. “You gotta feel this, guys, while you still can.” And one by one his underlings came up and stroked Kelli’s pussy, almost respectfully, commenting on her abundant nether growth. It was, they assured each other, the softest, thickest bush they had ever seen.

“Oh, well!” Briggs sighed as he snapped the clippers on. “All good things must end.” And he sheared Kelli’s bush down to the shortest stubble. To her dismay Kelli felt herself becoming aroused by the vibration of the electric razor, and then further turned on when Briggs lathered her up and began razoring away the stubble. It took five minutes of focused effort, but soon Kelli’s pussy was denuded of all hair. She was as naked as a little girl. “Now, the denouement,” Briggs announced. “The tattoo. You have no dick to inscribe, of course…” he mused aloud, “so we’ll have to find somewhere equally prominent.” He knelt between Kelli’s legs and accepted the tattooing needle from Rodney. Kelli was too wrung out to struggle as Briggs began tattooing her mons. She could not see him work, but she could tell from the widely-spread needle pricks that it was going to be quite a large tattoo.

And it was. He worked for almost an hour, covering Kelli’s pubic region with bright red ink. Not only had he permanently etched “Property Of The Academy” onto her body, but he’d also tattooed a panoramic view of the school on her, with her gaping pussy as the doors! Then he stood up and held a full-length mirror in front of her.

Kelli beheld herself and sobbed. Her head was egg-naked, and shining with unnatural intensity. Her pussy was bald as a little girl’s, and an angry red tattoo defaced her smooth pubic region. She wept, realizing that she was marked forever…

A loud banging on the door interrupted her sorrowful thoughts. Briggs and his companions fled the room through a side entrance. One of the terrified female cadets raced to the door and threw it open, as members of the Academy’s board stormed in. Three of the other cadets dashed to Kelli’s aid. They untied her arms and legs, untaped her mouth and removed the masses of hair, and covered her shameful nakedness. In the furore that followed, dire things were promised for Briggs and his buddies; but none of them was ever seen again.


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