Caren looked in the mirror and saw that the barberette was ready with combing her dark, long and straight hair and that had she picked up her scissors ready to cut the split ends of Caren’s hair. Caren was a bit fed up with the fact that again she had not had the guts to ask the hairdresser to cut her hair short but instead she had asked for the regular trim.

One year ago she had seen a woman with very short dark hair and Caren was obsessed by her. The hair of that woman was almost shorn to her scalp. Only dark stubble less than 3 millimeters were visible. The contour of her face was incredibly beautiful. Her eyes were big and her neck was like one of a princess. Since the day Caren saw that short haired woman she started to think how short hair would fit her. She bought magazines with several short haircuts in it but couldn’t choose which haircut should fit her the most. In fact she knew what haircut she wanted but as always she was too abashed, too shy, to take that dramatic haircut! She wanted also a shorn head like the lady she saw one year ago. Caren knew that it would fit her because she had tried it several times with some “how to wear your hair today” software, for which it was only necessary to scan your photo and some clicks with your mouse, et voilà…!

“Well,” said the hairdresser, “I am ready, how does it look?”

“O its okay, nice, thanks,” said Caren and looked to ground where only some dead splits were lying on the ground. She couldn’t even find any hair on her cape. The barberette uncaped Caren and after the payment Caren left the shop, a bit depressed, a bit disappointed.

That evening Caren went upstairs to prepare herself for the party that was being given to celebrate the birthday of her new lover Jake. She had met Jake 3 weeks ago and felt in love immediately. Jake had invited her for his birthday party and Caren decided to impress him with something. “But with what?” she thought to herself. She stood in front of her mirror, still unhappy with her long hair, and picked up her beauty case. Usually she did not wear make-up, too abashed to cover her face with it but now she decided to put some on. Caren took her eyeliner and started with her eyes. She felt a bit strange when she saw that the line under her eye was a bit too long but at the same time she noticed that it gave something special to her face. She even tried to make that line a bit longer with a nice curl towards her face. “Mmmh, that’s nice,” she thought and started with the top of her eyes. “Well, well, never thought that it looked this good. Let’s see if I can also apply red and gray eye shadow faded to the sides of my eyes, like all the models have!” she thought. As a fully qualified painter she applied the eye shadow on her eyes. It looked good, she had beautiful and friendly eyes with it. She finished her eyes with some mascara… amazing!

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Caren felt even better with all that make up on. She looked better and she got more self-confidence. After she put on some blush she started with a red lip liner and filled in her lips with red lipstick. “This is really good,” she said to herself when she looked in the mirror. “Now let’s see, what to wear tonight, something special, something challenging.” She stood in front of her closet and couldn’t decide what to wear. She looked at the new white silk oversized blouse she had bought a few months ago. She hasn’t worn it since then because she felt too shy in it. It was clothes she wanted to wear but for which she had not got the guts to wear them in public. But now she felt good and decided to try them on, including a net-panty and a red shiny mini skirt.

When she was finished she looked in the mirror and was very content with what she saw. A beautiful lady with great make up and soft and shiny clothes. Even her hair… no, she had to do something with her hair. She pulled her hair in a ponytail and looked again. What if… oh my dear… no… or… mmmhh… it should look good… why not… oh my God… it should look very good… let’s see again… oh yes it would fit me… but when… I just went to the hairdresser this afternoon, she thought. Then she realized maybe she could do it herself! “Do what?” she said. “Cut my own hair,” she continued talking to herself in the mirror. “Yes, I am gonna cut my own hair, now!”

She took a pair of scissors from the drawer, opened them and placed them into her hair. Then she shivered a bit and realized what she was doing. “But what if it doesn’t suit me? What will Jake think about it? How will he react?”

“Oh come on, it’s only hair and please for once in your life do what you’ve always wanted to do,” Caren said to herself. And with no hesitation she closed her eyes and the scissors… snap! She opened her eyes and saw that she had her hair in her hand and that she had an almost bald spot on her forehead. “Wow,” she screamed. “That easy, that’s fun, that’s nice!” It seems that in a moment all of her shyness was gone and she continued cutting her own hair!

Snip! Snip! Schnapp! Snip! Lots of hair came loose and fell on her silk blouse and onto the ground. Snip, snip and snip, again more hair fell down. She did cut it real short all over her head and when she saw she missed a strand… snip, and it was gone! All the hair on top and the sides was gone, cut to less then 5mm. The hair on the back was not that easy to cut and she decided to take her electric Ladyshave and see what she could established with that. She flipped it on and brought it to her nape. The vibration of these “clippers” made her crazy and she passed the apparatus up. The hair came loose so it worked, she thought. After a few strokes she took a second mirror and looked how she had buzzed it. “Oops, it is nearly shaven,” she said. “Okay then, all my hair has to be gone, as simple as that!” And so she continued to buzz her head with the electric Ladyshave. Her whole head became lighter and lighter with only some dark stubble of less than 1 millimeter remaining! All that hair came down, down her white silk blouse to the ground!

When she was finished she looked in the mirror and felt strange. Not because she thought she had dome something stupid but because she had done something that she had always wanted to do. She felt good, superior, full of self-confidence! She felt like she had never felt before! And with that she looked great like she had never looked before. This is what she always wanted to be and look like!

She brushed the remaining hairs from her head and her blouse, took a last long look in the mirror, went downstairs, put on her coat and went to Jake’s birthday party. Arriving at Jake’s house she could hear the music already. She moved her arm to the doorbell and rang. The door was opened by Jake… it took only a few seconds that he said nothing and after that a great smile appeared on his mouth and his eyes started to twinkle!



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