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Teenettes - Vam This is a true story from my youth and may very well be [...]

June’s Conversion

June's Conversion by Theobald Rob and Ben took to each other from the first meeting, even [...]

Anne’s New Ways

Anne had always been pretty. People would usually give her a second look when she [...]

Mistress Anna Nicole & Slave Pamela

Mistress Anna Nicole and Slave Pamela by Ransom King I heard Mistress Anna Nicole's voice in [...]


Unbelievable I couldn't believe that I was doing this. I had kept my long hair for [...]

Barbershop Watcher

Peggy was a 21-year-old college student, it was the summer time and Peggy worked at [...]

Lynn’s Escape

Lynn's Escape by Theobald The rain had stopped but it was still too cloudy for stars [...]

Free Crewcut

A Free Crewcut by Barber Jos I am just staring at the pictures in my history [...]

Lucky Guy

Lucky Guy - Johnny I want to thank Chris and the rest of the hair community [...]

Friendly Turn

Friendly Turn - Liz Sue had known Lisa for a couple of months now. They met [...]