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Barberboi’s Adventures

Tess for short. I'm 32, a boi-butch dyke and I have a mobile barber service, [...]

Getting Even

Getting Even by Dr. Demento It was mid-May and the heat of summer was already unbearable. [...]

3, 2, 1, Lose it All

Caroline's hand flipped the remote again, rewind, freeze frame... Oh the look on that poor [...]

Story of Karen

The Story of Karen by Sangreal I "Jeez! Karen, your legs are pretty stubbly!" Jack was rubbing [...]

For the Little Ones

For the Little Ones By JimB Mary stood looking up at the stage. All the men [...]

Esmé’s Folly

Esmé's Folly by Theobald It was like any other shotgun wedding. The bride's father was vociferously defending [...]

Family Affair

A Family Affair by JimB. I have been going to Karen since I got out the [...]

Give You a Buzz in the Morning

Give You A Buzz In the Morning by HeadBoy "I'll be done with this stupid seminar [...]

Naughty Nurse!

The Naughty Nurse! by DPTemplar Gloria was feeling a bit sore after her workout. She had [...]

Bobbed For A Man

BOBBED FOR A MAN I had been working as a financial adviser for an international company [...]