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Found!! - Good2BBuzd A computer for Christmas! I had no idea this would eventually lead to [...]

Kim’s Cut

Somewhere in the Midwest... My sister, Kim, was three years older than me. She was sixteen [...]

Under THIS Roof

Under THIS Roof! - Joan Rathburn Laura Alexander sat awkwardly at the dinner table as her [...]

Tina’s Adventure

Tina's Adventure - THG777 It was a beautiful spring morning. Tina had just gotten out of [...]

Karen’s New Existence

Karen's New Existence by EddyZ It started in the course of Karen's junior year at college. [...]

Birthday Surprise

Birthday Surprise - Bob As I heard the captain ask the flight attendants to take their [...]


Trophies By Ransom King I wanted to celebrate making it to the big time on the [...]

Extending a Hand

Extending a Hand Even though my wife had kept her hair short while we were married, [...]

Kelli’s Day at the Races

Kelli's Day at the Races Kelli21257 & Jhbabalon A not -so-short screen play starring Kelli21257 Cast of [...]


Re-growth by Buzz (Buddy) I will try to explain what my wife had done to her [...]