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Playmate Party Crasher

The Playmate Party Crasher by 'X' Ever the party girl, Playmate Lynda Weismeier found it [...]

Balder than an Onion

"LINE UP IN FORMATION!" The sound of the prison guard's voice raged through Mary's ears. [...]

Swimming Sisters

Swimming Sisters, Part One - LadyBarber Well it had always been my long desire to [...]

Jilted Lover Revenge

Jilted Lover Revenge - [email protected] (buzz) I stood in front of the mirror, looking at [...]

Radio Waves

Radio Waves by English Rose and Sean O'Hare "And now we would like to take [...]

Nelli’s Self Shave Transformation

Nelli’s Self Shave Transformation Nelli is absolutely gorgeous and has super long silky black hair, [...]

Crewcut in Egypt

Crewcut in Egypt by barber Jos Last year I was quite alone. I was fed [...]

Linda’s Punishment

Linda's Punishment by Aragorn Prologue With a start, Linda's eyes fluttered open as she felt [...]

Bonnie’s Buzz

Bonnies' Buzz - [email protected] Bonnie typed in her nick, Sub4You, and joined her favorite irc [...]

Head and Shoulders

Head and Shoulders - Greg "...8, 9, 10!" she said as she let out a [...]