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Nurse Brooks’ Barber Shop Part II – The Shaving

The following story contains a forced female head shaving, whipping, and mouth scrubbing. It is [...]


Slagged - DeB. The hovercar descended gently to the pavement, making its characteristic soft whooossshh. [...]

Mistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity By DeCutter It was a beautiful summer Saturday morning as Roberta Jolene Walcott [...]

Crop Circle

This story is dedicated to Redcrop. As a thank you for her wonderful true life [...]

New Life

A New Life - BigPapa1 At Home The smell of perfume floats through the air [...]


This is a little story of a girlfriend who sees a few photographs of her [...]

Friendly Game of ‘Truth or Dare’

A Friendly Game of "Truth or Dare" by Chilli TNG (c) 2002, Chilli TNG Jane [...]

Women’s Barber Shop

Woman's Barber Shop - Mindspring I have often wondered where the women in the town [...]

Getting Even

Getting Even by Dr. Demento It was mid-May and the heat of summer was already [...]

Karen’s New Existence

Karen's New Existence by EddyZ It started in the course of Karen's junior year at [...]