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Barbershop Experience

Barbershop Experience

“Come on James, we haven’t got all day.”

Today was my monthly lunchtime get together with the girls. A tradition we only dared miss for very good reason. However with David away s

Kelli's Science Lesson

Kelli’s Science Lesson

Kelli’s Science Lesson by DPTemplar

Setting: 21st Century

Kelli was looking forward to her first day on the job, at a high-tech laboratory, to create medicines and cures for sev

Julie's Mother

Julie’s Mother

Julie’s Mother by Theobald

Jason’s parents and younger sister were away for the weekend and Julie, his fiancee, was sleeping over for the two nights. Having finalised everything

Sun Toi

Sun Toi, Part II

Sun Toi Part II by Daphne

As related in the first part of this recollection, Sun Toi was a girl who I met one night while working at my job as a bus driver. She was a petite Asi

Straight Down the Middle

Straight Down the Middle

Straight Down the Middle by Ted Morgan Tedmorgan@webtv.net

Straight down the middle of her head the clippers ran. From forehead to crown and then down over that strange hidden w

My Teacher

My Teacher

My Teacher – Deshavrr

When I went to elementary school, I had a teacher named Miss Sargent. She was beautiful! Blonde hair down to her waist, all one length. I live very close to

Without Consent

Without Consent

Without Consent by Shorthaironwomenfan

Sarah was a fifteen-year-old girl with regular shoulder length hair, with an average dull blond color. She had never really had a change i

Patty in Thailand

Patty in Thailand


Patty adjusted quickly. She had looked forward to this opportunity and was loving every minute of it. Patty was one of four American girls who had

Krystal's Day

Krystal’s Day

Krystal’s Day – J

This a true story about a close friend of mine who lives in New Hampshire. Everything is down to the last detail as it happened. Enjoy!

It was about the middl

Animal Shelter

Animal Shelter

Fifteen-year-old Lisa Smith took a deep breath before answering the phone.

“H… Hello?”

“Hello, Lisa?”

“Yes, this is she.”

“This is Dr. Newcomb from the animal shelter. I’m ca