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Jennifer's First Job

Jennifer’s First Job

Jennifer’s First Job by NCWriter1 (comments to ncvirgo@aol.com)

Copyright 1998

5/5/95 Friday

Dear diary,

Mama and Daddy gave you to me for my 18th birthday, today!

Only with

Balded on a Dare

Balded on a Dare

I do not know how it all got started but I do know what set it off. You see my girlfriend and I have always taken great pride in and good care of our waist length hair. Our hair wa

She Asked For It

She Asked For It

She Asked For It! Written and Contributed by CullyFerg

It’s always on those quiet, uneventful days that something will happen to you to make a definite turn in your life. Like w

Crewcut in Egypt

Crewcut in Egypt

Crewcut in Egypt by barber Jos

Last year I was quite alone. I was fed up with the boy that determined too much in my life.

He was always ashamed and too much telling me how to

Silent Client

Silent Client

Silent Client – K Locks

Bonnie has been my customer for many years now. One day Bonnie mentioned to me she wanted shorter hair from her shoulder-blade-length straight hairstyle.

Home Again

Home Again

Home Again – Jim B.

I turned the TV on to catch the news when I came into the hotel room.

New England was having its worst blizzard of the year. Freezing cold and bitter winds.

Linda's Punishment

Linda’s Punishment

Linda’s Punishment by Aragorn


With a start, Linda’s eyes fluttered open as she felt her head being jerked up off the pillow. For a second, the sleep she had been enjoy

Blank Slate

Blank Slate

Blank Slate By Lela

If you like this story, hate this story, or want to see b&a pics of the real Cate, e-mail htf130@yahoo.com

The ritual only took Cate a few seconds longer th

Kristen's Conversion

Kristen’s Conversion

Kristen’s Conversion – Shearingly

“When it came to the shaving, I savored the moment as long as possible. Jamie was thrilled with my work, and so was I. But soon it was over. Jam