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Butterfly Nat

Butterfly Nat

Butterfly Nat – DLBARGILL

I still remember Natalie fondly, or Nat as I used to call her. I suppose my interest started the day I met her, during her freshman orientation. I mana

Prince and the Beauty - A Musical

Prince and the Beauty – A Musical

The Prince and the Beauty A Musical by EddyZ

This story contains the names of persons appearing in my story ANGEL’S HAIR. So better read that first.

Gabriela, or rather Gaby, a

Amy Takes the Chair

Amy Takes the Chair

“There’s a bump!”

“Well hold still and I’ll fix it.”

And so began the morning ritual between my mother and my older sister. Amy would ask Mom to fix her hair for the day and then

Pre-Cut Story

Pre-Cut Story

Pre-Cut Story by Debbie

Well, it’s been about 4 weeks since my last cut. The super short nape buzz I wrote about didn’t quite work out like I imagined, but that’s maybe as well.

Change in the Organisation

Change in the Organisation

A Change in the Organization by Sean O’Hare

“Good morning ladies. For those of you who haven’t met me before, my name is Virginia Richards and I’m the Chairman of the organisatio

Kelly - When Geeks Remember

Kelly – When Geeks Remember

CAUTION! This account is not for the squeamish. Read at your own risk.

Kelly, When Geeks Remember!

Kelly was a gorgeous girl, and had become an even more beautiful woman. She w

Pam's Cut

Pam’s Cut

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It was the hottest day of the summer. I couldn’t stay in the house be



Rosita by EddyZ.

A number of years ago I took over a unisex hairsalon/barbershop – in fact the only one – in a little township near the Mexican border. Being the only hairdresse

Lisa's Hair Adventure Part I

Lisa’s Hair Adventure Part I

Lisa’s Hair Adventure

I was always a bit concerned about the city neighborhood I lived in. It has a wide range of people – young, old, yuppies, and men and women with shaved head

A-1 on the Jukebox

A-1 on the Jukebox

Summer read another story on the internet, she smiled to herself, because there was nobody else around to smile for. The stories always brought a smile.

Tales of long-haired girls