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Pair of 'Genes'

Pair of ‘Genes’

A Pair of ‘Genes’ by DPTemplar

The title, as you will soon learn, will try to make sense by the end of the tale. I would like to apologize to Stan Lee, and to anyone at Marvel c

I Don't Need It

I Don’t Need It


Tabitha woke with a start, her heart racing and her cheeks moist with tears. Feeling the soft tear drops slowly running from her blue eyes, she sighed wearily t

Dressing for Pleasure

Dressing for Pleasure


The Dressing For Pleasure gala event is held annually over a three day program commencing Friday morning and running through until departure af

Birthday Surprise

Birthday Surprise

A Birthday Surprise

“Sweetheart,” the note began. “Sorry I had to leave early. Million things to do today. Come to my place EXACTLY at 7PM for a private birthday party. No obnoxi




I have always thought that bald women were beautiful and exotic. I bought a magazine on the subject and brought it home. That night my girlfriend Terry found it in a drawer

Three's a Crowd

Three’s a Crowd

Three’s a Crowd by ‘X’

It was fast becoming apparent that Suzanne was dragging the show down. Sure, her ravishing good looks kept ratings up, but they also let her get away with

I Like to Watch

I Like to Watch

I Like To Watch by Sabrina S

I sat idly flicking through a magazine, waiting for the foil colours to activate. This time I was going blonde. I’d been red for five years before th

Gilligan's Revenge

Gilligan’s Revenge

Gilligans Revenge – Otter

The lagoon water was cool and Gilligan splashed clumsily around in it trying to put up a new pole for the solar antennae that the professor had constru

First Haircut

First Haircut

First Haircut By Deborah Wayne

The train’s click-clack, click-clack made me so excited. Imagine: my first haircut, and me sixteen. I was so surprised when Mom came up to me last