Time For A Change

Debbie and Claire

Debbie and Claire

Debbie and Claire by Bigtone

Claire and Debbie co-owned a unisex salon near Manchester in Northern England. They had known each other since school but were both now 25, having o

Sisters 'T'

Sisters ‘T’

The sisters “T” by Jim B.

John and Mary Thomson had two daughters. The oldest was named Tammy Theresa, the youngest named Terri Tina. Over the years of their childhood, they bec

Ex-Boyfriend's Revenge

Ex-Boyfriend’s Revenge

Ex-Boyfriend’s Revenge – Beowulf

You and some friends are at a bar, and you see your ex and some of his friends. Everyone knows everyone, and everyone is talking. But you notice

Story of my Life

Story of my Life

The Story Of My Life – Allyson

I just discovered this website and I have a story that not only fits here but one that is true. My name is Allyson and I’m now 24 years old. I am 5

Blonde Bombshell Surprise

Blonde Bombshell Surprise

Blonde Bomb Shell Surprise by Shannon

Well I did it. I went blonde today. I dropped my husband off at the airport this morning and he asked me why I was in such a good mood. I to

Unusual Storyn

Unusual Story…n

This is an unusual but true story! It sort of mixes a true story, with my thoughts I have about female hair and haircutting

I made the long drive to the salon that I visit every

Office Shave

Office Shave


The Lynstrom business partners, Steve, Joe, Rick, and Cheryl, were meeting in the Conference Room to discuss the status of the company and their vision of where they

HC - You Will Graduate

HC – You Will Graduate

HC – You Will Graduate! by Shearingly

She walked through the front door, glanced around the noisy room, hardly seeing anyone or anything and slumped down on the couch. I was a qu

True Story

True Story

True Story

When my second wife was killed I didn’t want to get remarried but our 4-year-old son was shopping in the Christmas catalogue for a new mommy instead of toys and that

Following My Son's Footsteps

Following My Son’s Footsteps

Following My Son’s Footsteps By Barbera

My son, Joshua, has always had wonderful thick hair that any mother would love. I’d encouraged him to keep it long and the back was down w