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Why Don’t I Cut It Off..?

Why donīt I cut it off...? - Vanessa Parker It was one of this very [...]


Bahia is a hellish place to spend a summer holiday. I had missed carnival and [...]


Doors by Sally Megans "Not again Sally. I'm getting bored with this continual obsession with [...]

Smooth for the Swim Meet

Smooth For The Swim Meet Ashley tossed her kickboard onto the pool deck. She tugged [...]


The Will - Ann Sully We all came home 1 month after our mother had [...]

Deepest Sensuality

The following narrative depicts a forced haircut and violent head shaving. It plays on the [...]

Nurse Brooks’ Barber Shop Part III – The Birthday Party

The following story contains a forced female head shaving, spanking, and forced infantilism. It is [...]

London Tales IV

London Tales IV - LondonHair The late eighties, early nineties saw the rebirth of the [...]


Kati - Lela Doris stood by her haircutting station, patiently sipping a cup of coffee. [...]

Darling Nikki

Darling Nikki by HeadBoy She had green eyes, and walked in with a smile and [...]