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Hell No

Hell No, We Won’t Go

Hell No, We Won’t Go – Franklin Farmer

The judge looked down from his bench at the and sternly read the sentence, his cold steel grey eyes stared into each girl’s eyes. “Disturbi

Chuck's Birthday Surprise

Chuck’s Birthday Surprise

Chuck’s Birthday Surprise by DP Templar

Chuck was back home for his birthday. He knew that Jodi had something big in store for him. He could never forget her birthday, and how sh

Duty Calls

Duty Calls

Duty Calls – Mr Snip

There I was getting ready to watch my usual Monday night television schedule. A little wresting with a little history channel.

Then my wife came in and sai

South American Jail

South American Jail

South American Jail – Shearingly

My name is Alan. I’m the manufacterer’s representative for a heavy equipment company. I’m stationed in a small South American country (which I wo

Just A Trim

Just A Trim

Just a Trim by Sean O’Hare

“I know you don’t want me to cut my hair, James. But it really does need a trim. That’s all – just a trim.”

James is acting a bit precious once again

Dream Coming True

Dream Coming True

A Dream Coming True by EddyZ.

When I am brushing my long wavy hair this morning I realize that it might be the last time that I’m doing this for a long time. The latter half of m


Christina, Jessica and Billie

Christina, Jessica And Billie by EddyZ

Do you know what happened to Britney Spears? You can read it in “Britney’s cut”, in which Xphile666 describes how Britney was kidnapped an

Sticky Babysitting Job

Sticky Babysitting Job

A story embellished from the true experience of a friend.

A Sticky Babysitting Job – PT Cutter

I have a babysitting story to relate. It was more years ago than I wish to discus

Lesson in Obedience

Lesson in Obedience

A Lesson in Obedience – KUGuy

I call you at work in a panic one day because we have no power. You call the company to see what is wrong and you call me back saying, “Well Jodi, t